Chapter 442: Not Harbouring Good Intentions


“Heavenly Origin Trade Association?” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were surprised.

“Brother Jian. This Heavenly Origin Trade Association should be Starcloud Auction House’s backer, no?” Chen Feng secretly asked. He knew of this Heavenly Origin Trade Association. It was simply too famous of an existence. Headquartered in the Central Plains, it had branches in almost every part of Eternal World. Its true power was not inferior compared to sects like Nine Firmaments Palace. The only difference was its route of development.

“Most likely. This trade association is not to be underestimated. It has connections with the various great sects. If we are to really get into the details, Heavenly Origin Trade Association’s overall power is even stronger compared to your Extreme Celestial Sect, much stronger,” Jian Xiaotian was quick to reply.

“I wonder why they are looking for us,” Chen Feng wondered.

“Let’s just watch how this develops. It might be a good opportunity for us,” Jian Xiaotian said, a pondering look on his face.

“You mean?” Chen Feng was quick to understand what Jian Xiaotian meant. He could not stop his heart from palpitating.

“Ha ha! If so, why did you fellows stop? Surely, you don’t just want to exchange a few words with us?” Chen Feng said with a laugh. 

“Little brother, you sure know how to jest. Not far ahead is the Starsea Region. There are plenty of bandits along the way, making this journey one fraught with dangers. I noticed that you two are not too strong. Thus, I had stopped by to ask if you want to fly in our flying-type magic treasure. You should know, we represent the Heavenly Origin Trade Association. Most bandits would stay far away when they see us,” the tempting voice rang out again.

“So good?” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian revealed looks of suspicion.

“Ha ha! Naturally, it is not for free. There is a fee of 1,000 Prized crystals per person. We will take you across the Starsea Region!”

“The Starsea Region, covering a distance of 150,000 kilometres from south to north and over 100,000 kilometres from east to west. Yao beasts roam the place and countless cultivators would venture about there. There are also some nameless forbidden zones there. It would not be an exaggeration to say that dangers and death traps await us every step of the way. If they can really take us across the Starsea Region, 1,000 Prized crystals per person is indeed not much,” Jian Xiaotian secretly communicated with Chen Feng.

“I am only concerned that they might not have good intentions,” Chen Feng said with a smirk.

“They definitely do not have good intentions. If we refuse them now, it is possible that they would attack us immediately,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“In that case, we’ll agree to them first. Let’s see what kind of play they have in mind. At any rate, we will not be having a peaceful journey even if we go ahead like this,” Chen Feng said.

“Have you two come to a decision?” The alluring voice rang out once again, a voice which made Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian feel less wary. 

What a powerful alluring technique! She can lower our guard by using her voice, Chen Feng thought.

“Ha ha! If so, we’ll have to thank you. It just so happens that we brothers want to journey across the Starsea Region,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“If so, please come in.” After that, a door appeared on the hull of the wyrm-shaped flying magic treasure.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian nodded. One after another, they flew in.

Entering the flying-type magic treasure, they immediately saw a sultry and enchanting young woman who smiled as she looked at them.

She had a slender body, long legs, beautifully-shaped eyebrows and limpid eyes. A charming impression faintly surged into Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s hearts.

“Greetings, little brothers. My name is Ling Long. May I have your esteemed names?” As the woman spoke, she moved her body slightly and Chen Feng could feel a thick fragrance assailing him.

“Ha ha! My name is Chen Lin. This is my brother, Chen Mu. Here are 2,000 Prized crystals,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Immediately, a pile of Prized crystals appeared on the floor. Each of the smooth Prized crystals shone with crystalline lustre and a soft stream of spiritual energy wafted out.

“Yes. These are indeed 2,000 Prized crystals,” said Ling Long, who collected them all with a wave of her hand.

“He he! Where did you two come from?” Ling Long said, leaning closer towards them.

“We are loose cultivators with no fixed residence.” Chen Feng discreetly took a few steps back to put some distance between himself and Ling Long.

“So, you two are loose cultivators. The way I see it, you two have decent cultivation bases. I wonder, would you two be interested in joining our Heavenly Origin Trade Association?” Ling Long asked with a smile.

“Ha ha! Our cultivation bases are low and even some medium-small sects are unwilling to accept us as disciples. Miss Ling Long, you sure know how to jest,” Chen Feng replied with a chuckle.

The words ‘Ms Ling Long’ caused Ling Long to smile. She kept moving forward to talk with Chen Feng. As for Chen Feng, he had to deal with her while feeling helpless. If only he had known, he would have left the talking to Jian Xiaotian.

This flying-type magic treasure was even bigger than Lin Shaokun’s Skysoar Shuttle. The interior space was also partitioned into several rooms. Soon enough, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were led to a two zhang square room. Tables and chairs were placed neatly within the room. There were even two paintings hanging on the walls of the room, making the flying magic treasure look like a mobile inn.

“Please rest here. If there is anything, just press the gemstone button on the wall.” After saying that, Ling Long walked out of the room.

After Ling Long had left, Jian Xiaotian swiftly set up a layer of barrier before sending a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng. “Brother Chen, what do you think?” 

“There is a problem,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“There is indeed a problem. However, I am unable to figure out the details,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“If I am not mistaken, this flying-type magic treasure should be a Sacred artefact and that Ling Long’s cultivation base is at level 5 of the Sky Human stage. The members of Heavenly Origin Trade Association, capable of driving a Sacred artefact, would actually be so kind as to let some strangers they meet along the way to come aboard for a measly 2,000 Prized crystals? Tsk, tsk. I don’t buy it.” Chen Feng snickered.

“Additionally, when that Ling Long woman was talking to me earlier, did you smell that thick fragrance?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Yes, I did. Is there a problem with it?” asked Jian Xiaotian, who began checking his body. “There is no problem.”

“This move of hers is very good. She nearly managed to trick me,” Chen Feng said, extending his palm out. Immediately, a yellow wisp of energy appeared on the surface of his palm.

“Earlier, this had penetrated its way into our bodies. However, I do not know what it does,” Chen Feng said.

Jian Xiaotian’s face sank. Once again, he channelled his cultivation technique to check his body. Unfortunately, he was incapable of finding anything.

Chen Feng stepped forward and pressed his palm against Jian Xiaotian’s body. When he retracted his palm, another yellow wisp of energy could be seen on his palm.

“What the hell is that? I was actually incapable of detecting it. Looks like they are truly not harbouring good intentions.” There was shock on Jian Xiaotian’s face.

“We’ll watch how this develops,” Chen Feng said and the yellow energy seeped into his body. It did not require even one circulation of his longevity-type primary energy to refine the yellow energy into pure energy, which then melded with his longevity-type primary energy.

Next, the two of them sat down cross-legged on the floor to rest. They had flown over 5,000 kilometres earlier and had exhausted a portion of their primary energy. This was a good opportunity for them to recover their strength.

“Tower, what grade is this flying-type magic treasure at?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“Just a grade 1 Sacred artefact. It only has the flying function. It has to be the bottommost existence amongst Sacred artefacts,” Tower said disparagingly.

Chen Feng nodded. Next, he mobilized the Longevity Tower’s power, melding it with his soul power before slowly spreading it out. It did not take long for his soul power to envelop the entire flying-type magic treasure.

“There is a total of 999 rooms. There is even a big hall. It is quite large. Including me and Brother Jian, there is a total of 83 people inside this flying-type magic treasure. Amongst them, close to 50 are likely the same as us, cultivators who were lured in by them.” After melding with the Longevity Tower’s power, Chen Feng’s scanning ability grew 10 times stronger. Even though he was continuously scanning the flying-type magic treasure, no one realized it.

Next, Chen Feng found the enchanting Ling Long. At that moment, the coquettish woman was in a room with four other people. They were discussing something. There was even a thick layer of soul barrier enveloping the room. If someone’s soul power were to attempt to probe the room, they would be able to immediately notice it.

Chen Feng focused and was able to easily and secretly bypass the soul barrier. He could clearly detect every action made by the five people inside.

Of the four people besides Ling Long, one was a bald and savage-looking muscleman, the second was an insidious-looking middle-aged man with triangular eyes, the third was a scholarly-looking middle-aged man with a hand fan in his hand and the last was a young sword cultivator who was not saying anything.

After making contact with them, Chen Feng was able to figure out that they were not kind-hearted fellows simply through the fleeting air of brutality emanating out from their bodies. This was clearly a sign that they had killed a lot of people before. Additionally, it was highly likely that those kills were done secretly.

Ling Long, the bald muscleman and the young sword cultivator are at level 5 of the Sky Human stage. The insidious-looking middle-aged man and the middle-aged scholar are stronger, both at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. Chen Feng was able to determine their cultivation states.

“Ling Long, are the two fellows earlier fat sheep?” the bald muscleman asked with a grin.

“I don’t know if they are fat sheep. However, they have already handed over 2,000 Prized crystals,” said Ling Long, who winked at the bald muscleman.

“In other words, the two of them should possess some items. Ling Long, did you figure out their details?” the middle-aged scholar asked, his hand still holding onto the hand fan.

“The two of them appear young. However, they are very slippery and very tight-lipped. They put a lot of effort into beating around the bush with me. Even their names are fake. However, they have already fallen prey to my Hidden Soul Fragrance. They can forget about escaping from my grasp,” Ling Long said with a derisive grin.

“We should not be careless. Later, go probe them again. We don’t want to have the tables turned against us,” the middle-aged scholar said.

As expected, they are bad people. I wonder how they plan on dealing with us later? Chen Feng thought.

“No need. Truth be told, I have already figured out their identities,” Ling Long suddenly said, a smile on her face.

“Oh, is that so? Are they the disciples from some great sects? If that is the case, it will be even better. The wealth that disciples from great sects have is not something that loose cultivators can hope to match up against,” the bald muscleman said with a grin.

“They really are disciples from great sects. Additionally, they are very famous. You fellows will surely be shocked once I tell you about it,” Ling Long said smilingly.

Did she really recognize us? Yes. Brother Jian and I did not change our facial features. It is only normal for her to recognize us, Chen Feng thought.

“Enough, Ling Long. Stop with the nonsense. Who are they?” The insidious-looking middle-aged man with triangular eyes spoke up.  

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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