Chapter 441: Flying-type Magic Treasure


As Chen Feng knew little about the situation of the Demon Plane, he wanted to utilize the Longevity Tower to capture this Demonic Windwolf. Besides, his circumstance was not too good either. Thus, he wanted to utilize some soul techniques to turn this Demonic Windwolf into a combat puppet to help protect him.

Suddenly, a change happened to the Demonic Windwolf’s body. A spike – gleaming with a dark metallic lustre – protruded out from its incomparably tough fist. A gentle swing of the spike caused a grating sound to ring through the air.

How dreadful! Its offensive power has gotten even stronger. If I get hit this time, I would likely end up with bloody holes on my body, no? Chen Feng felt a shiver running down his heart. The Longevity Tower, which was residing in his Heavenly Origin acupoint, began spinning. Strands of power flowed out from it to link up with every part of Chen Feng’s body; the Longevity Tower’s aura enveloped his fleshly body and even his sea of wisdom, causing his combat power to double and grow stronger.

As Chen Feng was waiting for the Demonic Windwolf to make its move, a change suddenly happened. The Demonic Windwolf crouched down, its blood-red eyes contracting. Next, a tearing sound rang out as a pair of wings unfurled from its back. The wings were wide and powerful and black energy wriggled across the surface of the wings, which flashed with runes.

“Eh?” Chen Feng revealed a look of surprise.


Contrary to Chen Feng’s expectations, the Demonic Windwolf did not attack Chen Feng. It instead vaulted up into the sky. Next, its pair of wings beat violently and it punched through the clouds, flying tens of li away in but the blink of an eye.

So fast! So, this is its real speed. Strange. It had the upper hand. Why did it suddenly choose to escape? Chen Feng was puzzled.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng was feeling puzzled, three cultivators swiftly flew towards him from the sky above. By the time Chen Feng raised his head, the three cultivators had landed before him.

They consisted of two young men and one middle-aged man. As Chen Feng was already utilizing the Longevity Tower’s power, he could clearly determine their cultivation states.

All three were experts with 8 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. Chen Feng was secretly shocked to realize that.

Additionally, they were fast, faster than anything Chen Feng could imagine. Chen Feng secretly put his guard up as he observed them. 

“Indeed. There is demonic energy here.” The three revealed grim looks on their faces. After checking their surroundings for a moment, they turned to look at Chen Feng.

“Eh? A Concealed stage cultivator?” One of the young cultivators exclaimed.

Although Chen Feng’s Soul and Anima had solidified, this person’s cultivation base was far higher than Chen Feng’s cultivation base. Thus, he was able to easily determine Chen Feng’s strength.

“Greetings, seniors,” Chen Feng said.

“You were the one fighting earlier?” the middle-aged cultivator asked, staring at Chen Feng.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

“Do you know who you were fighting against?” the middle-aged cultivator continued.

“It should be a creature from the Demon Plane. It was very strong. Had you three seniors not come when you did, I would have died,” Chen Feng said, a look of gratitude appearing on his face.

The middle-aged cultivator pondered for a moment before asking, “You know quite a bit. Which sect are you from?”

“Junior is a core disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect,” Chen Feng said respectfully.

“So, you are a disciple from Extreme Celestial sect.” The three of them regarded Chen Feng from head to toe. Finally, they leapt into the sky and chased after the disappeared Demonic Windwolf. 

Phew! Looks like those three are hunting the Demonic Windwolf. I wonder who they are? Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Without the Longevity Tower, any one of the three could have killed him off.

When Chen Feng met up with Jian Xiaotian and the Lei Brothers, he saw that the Lei Brothers were still in the process of healing their wounds. The wounds were one issue. However, the hardest issue was the streams of demonic energy invading their bodies. Although they had taken some medicinal pills, they were still incapable of completely clearing away the demonic energy within them.

Chen Feng watched them for a moment before waving his hand. Strands of black energy flowed out from the Lei Brothers’ bodies and into his palm.


After the demonic energy disappeared from their bodies, Lei Zhentian and Lei Shihu exhaled lengthily at the same time. Next, they got up to thank Chen Feng.

“Eh? It’s you?” Lei Zhentian’s face suddenly flickered. He had recognized Chen Feng.

Chen Feng felt his chin and found that the earlier fight had revealed his true face.

“Yes. I didn’t think we’d meet each other again,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Lei Zhentian’s face flickered for a moment before calming down. “No matter what, you have saved us brothers. If there are any issues in the future, just tell us about it!”

Chen Feng shook his head and told them what happened earlier. “It’s strange. Why would the creatures from the Demon Plane come to our world? Additionally, those three earlier were clearly after the demonic beast.”

“I know that. The three fellows must be demon hunters,” Lei Zhentian suddenly said.

“Demon hunters?” Chen Feng felt surprised.

“As their name implies, demon hunters are cultivators specializing in hunting demonic beasts. They could be loose cultivators or members from various great sects. Perhaps they are simply after a bounty, or perhaps they are doing so for their own goals. It is also possible that they are doing this for world peace. At any rate, due to various reasons, this group of cultivators was born,” Lei Zhentian.

“I know about that as well. Our Eternal World doesn’t just have yao beasts. It also has a considerable number of demonic beasts. I am myself uncertain about the origins of the demonic beasts. It is possible that there are some rifts connecting our world and the Demon Plane,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Speaking of which, these demonic beasts are truly powerful. They possess near limitless might and a shocking defensive power. Moreover, there is also the corrosive demonic energy, which is difficult to defend against.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

Two hours later, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian bade farewell to the Lei Brothers. They planned on leaving to continue their journey.

“You two need to be careful. At present, there are countless cultivators from the Northern Plains out searching for you fellows. Additionally, your performance in the auction house has also offended some people. I think Young Master Wan Xie and some others might be waiting up ahead to attack you two,” Lei Zhentian warned them.

After bidding farewell to the Lei Brothers, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian left.

“I thought you would kill them. They did recognize us, after all. If they are to leak this matter out, we will be in for a world of trouble,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Although I have killed quite a lot of people, I am not someone who likes killing. Besides, there is no deep grudges between us. Also, I don’t think they’ll leak our whereabouts,” Chen Feng said.

“Sounds logical. For the past few days, I have been thinking. If we can assume some identities that are solid enough, can we just mingle our way out of the Northern Plains?” Jian Xiaotian said.

Chen Feng considered it for a moment and said, “A solid identity. If so, we’ll have to disguise as disciples from other sects. However, neither of us have cultivated high-level face-changing techniques. It will likely be hard to deceive the others.”

“We can give it a shot. If we can join the demon hunter team or some bounty hunters, the chances of our identities getting exposed should be much lower,” Jian Xiaotian said.

They spent the next three days moving forward, stopping for a bit on occasions. Thus, they were able to cover another 25,000 kilometres. However, they inadvertently heard some bad news. A piece of information had spread across the world of cultivation. Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian had changed their appearances and appeared in Starcloud City. According to the divination of some cultivators, the two of them were heading towards the Central Plains.

When they heard that, their faces turned somewhat contorted.

“I wonder who released this information,” Jian Xiaotian said, gnashing his teeth.

“The only ones who know our identities are the Starcloud City Lord and the Lei Brothers. I don’t know if they can actually get any benefits from leaking out this information,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Humph! If I find out who did it, I will definitely settle this account with them,” Jian Xiaotian said icily.

“By the way, Brother Jian, how far are we from the Central Plains now?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

Jian Xiaotian checked his map and said, “There should still be around 15 million kilometres.”

“So far.” Chen Feng frowned. Even if there were no unexpected incidents along the way, flying forward at their fastest possible speed would still take them one or two years. Additionally, they would also need to rest along the way and recover their primary energies.

“Looks like we will still need a large-scale teleportation array if we want to reach the Central Plains,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes. Back then, I had come here with the help of the large-scale teleportation array of our Heavenly Sword Faction. That one teleportation sent me 10 million kilometres forward. After that, I utilized the teleportation arrays in the large cities many times to come here. This is also the reason why I don’t have many spirit stones on me,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Teleporting through 10 million kilometres. That can already be considered a super teleportation array.” Chen Feng was shocked.

“A pity, we cannot enter the big cities, otherwise we would be able to reach the Central Plains just by teleporting a few times.” Jian Xiaotian nodded.

“We’ll have to find a way to mingle in. Next, let’s go kill ourselves some disciples from great sects and test this out,” Chen Feng suggested.

As the two of them were discussing the issue, a massive flying-type magic treasure swiftly flew forward from afar. It was moving straight towards Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“A flying-type magic treasure.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances and their figures moved aside.

To their surprise, when the flying-type magic treasure’s pilot noticed them, it slowed down. Finally, it flew alongside Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

This flying-type magic treasure was different from the Skysoar Shuttle that cultivators would generally use. It actually had the shape of a wyrm. A single horn, scales and a sleek body that was at least 100 zhang long. Looking at it from below, one would actually think that a wyrm was flying through the sky.

“Eh? It’s coming after us!” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances again and they immediately assumed defensive stances.

“Did our identities get exposed so quickly?”

Instantly, the two of them stopped flying to hover in mid-air. Likewise, the wyrm-shaped flying magic treasure stopped as well. At the same time, a voice rang out from the shuttle. “Don’t worry. We mean you no harm!”

The voice was gentle, charming, mellow and pleasant to the ears. It was a woman.

“A female cultivator.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s heart gave a thump.

“Who are you people and why are you following us? What are you planning?” Jian Xiaotian said coldly.

“We are cultivators from Heavenly Origin Trade Association. We just happen to be passing by. We have no intentions of getting into a fight with you two.” The gentle voice rang out once again, seemingly containing a charming effect.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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