Chapter 440: Fierce Battle


“Is that so? Then, I will show you my true power.” After saying that, the Demonic Windwolf raised its head skywards and roared. The roar spread through a radius of 50 kilometres and thick waves of demonic energy spread out from its body. As the demonic energy grew in intensity, so too did the power of the Demonic Windwolf’s aura.

What a powerful aura! It is at least the equivalent of a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator. Additionally, its offensive and defensive powers are far superior compared to humans. No wonder it could grievously wound the Lei Brothers with just one move, Chen Feng thought.

By then, Jian Xiaotian, who was carrying the Lei Brothers away, was already 5 kilometres away from Chen Feng and the Demonic Windwolf. After they landed, the Lei Brothers quickly thanked Jian Xiaotian.

“No need to rush the thanks. You fellows should focus on healing your wounds,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Blade Storm!”

Finally, the Demonic Windwolf attacked. Its two thick arms swung rapidly and one wind blade after another shot forward, slicing space as they flew towards Chen Feng, leaving spatial ripples in their wake.

This was the Demonic Windwolf’s innate skill. It was also its killer move. The wind blades were formed using demonic energy and the power of wind. They were extremely fast and capable of cleaving a small mountain. The power behind this move was several times higher compared to its previous claw attack. Even someone with a cultivation base that was several levels higher than the Demonic Windwolf would die to this move.

“So fast!”

The attack appeared as a blur before Chen Feng’s eyes and he felt all his hairs standing on end. He knew that he could not allow the attack to make contact, otherwise he would end up getting wounded, even with the protection of his body armour.

Hua! Hua!

The primary energy within his body flowed four times faster than normal and both his legs abruptly kicked, causing the ground to erupt as his figure became like a meteor, blasting backwards. In one tenth the time it took to blink, Chen Feng was already over 100 metres behind his earlier position. However, the first wind blade had arrived before him. It even managed to slice open Chen Feng’s energy shield.

“Domain power!”

A tangible and substantive ripple of power spread out from Chen Feng’s body. The power of the five elements and his domain power were superimposed together. This was the first time Chen Feng had unleashed all of his newly-gained power. The results shocked him. 

“Longevity Shield!”

With a thought, a thick shield appeared before him. Next, the Longevity Furnace appeared before him as well. At that moment, the gears in Chen Feng’s mind were spinning rapidly. Several thoughts would appear in the time it normally took one to appear. He was going through all the techniques in his disposal to deal with the incoming attack.


Chen Feng’s domain was sliced open. The first wind blade appeared completely unaffected by it as it continued to shoot towards Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

Two loud booming sounds rang out as the Longevity Shield and Longevity Furnace were both shattered at almost the same time. However, they did manage to slow down the first wind blade.


Chen Feng unleashed a punch with lightning-like speed to smash the first wind blade to break it. With a cracking sound, the wind blade shattered like a piece of crystal. 

However, before Chen Feng could take a breather, another wind blade arrived before him. Chen Feng did not even have the time to raise his fist when the wind blade furiously struck his chest. 


Blood scattered about and the rate at which Chen Feng was flying backwards rose sharply. His longevity-type primary energy was circulating over eight times faster than normal. This was Chen Feng’s limit. The streams of primary energy flowing within him felt like wyrms, roaring as they swam forward to quickly heal up his wounds. 

Puchi! Puchi!

Two more wind blades struck Chen Feng’s body, one from the left and one from the right, resulting in bloody wounds on his body. Blood spread out like blossoming flowers and streams of demonic energy flowed into Chen Feng’s body like vipers. 


Chen Feng’s figure smashed heavily against the ground and blood kept gushing out uncontrollably from his mouth. His whole body was wracked with pain, a pain that reached his soul. Thankfully, Chen Feng had already tempered his body using tribulation lightning before. He had already tempered his nerves to a highly durable level. That was how he was able to endure the unending waves of pain. An ordinary cultivator would have fainted by now.

This was no ordinary attack. Demonic energy was constantly eroding his flesh and nerves.

Chen Feng activated the Demonic Heavengorging Art and a small vortex appeared within his body. Instantly, all the strands of demonic energy entering his body were devoured by it.

The pain was reduced by 99%.

Chen Feng then stood up and sucked in a breath of air. There was a total of three wounds on his body. His chest, his arm and his ribs. Every one of the wounds was one-chi-long and so deep that they exposed his bones. Spiderlike cracks could be seen on the bones around the wounds.

However, Chen Feng’s fleshly body was truly formidable. The cracks and wounds were healing up at a visible rate. Chen Feng would be able to quickly recover from the wounds.

It’s been a long time since I’ve suffered from such a severe level of injuries. If I hadn’t trained myself inside the lightning pool to strengthen my fleshly body several times, one attack is probably enough to cut my waist, Chen Feng thought, feeling shocked. Although his fleshly body was powerful, the body armour he wore had already blocked off 80 % of the attacks’ power. Even so, the attacks had nearly cut open his stomach. Chen Feng secretly linked up with the Longevity Tower and a strand of immortal energy flowed into his body to hasten his recovery process.


Seeing Chen Feng get up, the Demonic Windwolf was incapable of hiding its look of shock. The Demonic Windwolf had assumed that, once it utilized the Blade Storm technique, its opponent would surely be cut into pieces. Unexpectedly, its opponent had managed to block it.

This kid is not to be underestimated. He must be wearing a body armour, otherwise he could not have blocked my Blade Storm attack. Additionally, it would appear that my demonic energy is not effective at all. I had wanted to just kill this kid off. Now, though, it seems I will have to capture him and interrogate him, the Demonic Windwolf thought. The streams of demonic energy radiating from its body rapidly condensed to quickly form a massive palm silhouette. It was at least 100 zhang long. Its five fingers were outstretched as it moved to capture Chen Feng.

A demonic energy attack? I don’t have to worry about it, then. Chen Feng did not resist and simply allowed the massive palm silhouette to capture him. At the same time, he channelled the Demonic Heavengorging Art to swiftly devour the demonic energy around him.

“Eh? My demonic energy is weakening? He is actually absorbing my demonic energy! What kind of technique is this?” the Demonic Windwolf cried out in shock.

“Kid, come over here. I want to see what mysteries you have on you.” The Demonic Windwolf beckoned with its hand and the palm silhouette brought Chen Feng’s figure before it.

“This is bad! Your partner is caught!” Lei Zhentian, who was healing himself, cried out in shock.

“Don’t worry,” Jian Xiaotian said, a faint smile on his face.

“Kid? How can you absorb my demonic energy? What kind of cultivation technique are you practicing?” The Demonic Windwolf stared at Chen Feng. The reddish and bloodthirsty look in its eyes could send a shiver down the spine of others.

Chen Feng did not reply. He kept devouring the demonic energy around him and the palm silhouette gripping him was quickly growing faint as a result. It seemed he would be breaking free quickly.

“Humph! Since you are unwilling to answer, I will just search your soul and figure everything out myself,” the Demonic Windwolf said and a black beam of light radiated from its eyes to enter Chen Feng’s body. Next, it shot towards Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

The black beam was the Demonic Windwolf’s soul power.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!”

Chen Feng promptly utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra and the stream of soul power was shattered before it could even reach Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Next, the remnants of the soul power were utterly devoured.

“Soul Lock Mantra!”

A stream of light, composed of countless talismans, swiftly penetrated the Demonic Windwolf’s head to reach its sea of wisdom unobstructed. Immediately, the Demonic Windwolf could feel its soul getting locked. It felt as though it had become frozen. Even its sea of wisdom had grown stiff.

What is going on? The Demonic Windwolf was shocked. The stream of soul power it sent forward earlier had been shattered. Before it could even figure out what happened, it had fallen to Chen Feng’s move.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

After unleashing the Soul Subduing Mantra, Chen Feng brought out Bloody Soul to attack the Demonic Windwolf. In a flash, over 100 attacks had landed on the Demonic Windwolf’s body.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of sparks burst out as Chen Feng’s attacks left white marks on the surface of the Demonic Windwolf’s armour. The attacks had failed to even break through the Demonic Windwolf’s outermost defence.

What a formidable defensive power! Bloody Soul is now a grade 3 Prized artefact. And yet, it still cannot pierce through this demonic beast’s armour. Do all the creatures from the Demon Plane possess such a high defensive power? Chen Feng thought.

“Humph! Die!” The Demonic Windwolf finally recovered. It unleashed a furious punch at Chen Feng. Its thick arm rushed out, causing explosive sounds to ring out in its wake.

Chen Feng dared not be careless. He too, swiftly sent out a punch. He wanted to try and take on the power of the Demonic Windwolf.


Two fists – one big and one small – collided. It was as though two mountains had smashed against one another. The earth shook and the ground beneath their feet exploded to create a large crater, spanning a radius of 100 metres. The Demonic Windwolf was thrown over 1,000 metres back while Chen Feng simply disappeared from sight.


The ground exploded and Chen Feng’s figure jumped out. He shook his aching arm for a bit and thought to himself. I could even send a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator flying with a punch. However, this demonic beast is too strong. The might of its fleshly body is one notch higher than mine. I cannot face it head on!

“I want to see how many of my attacks you can take!”

The Demonic Windwolf stopped utilizing demonic energy to attack. Instead, like a gust of wind, it charged up into the sky before diving down at Chen Feng with a kick. It wanted to flatten Chen Feng with this kick.


The ground exploded once again as yet another large crater appeared. As for Chen Feng, his figure flipped as he dodged the attack. 

“Ha ha ha! Human, do you only know how to dodge?” The Demonic Windwolf was a wind-type demonic beast. Thus, it possessed a high level of speed. Before Chen Feng could steady his position, the Demonic Windwolf’s figure flashed forward to re-appear before Chen Feng. Then, it unleashed a lightning-fast punch at Chen Feng.

“So fast!”

Demonic Heavengorging Art!

Having no other choice, Chen Feng unleashed his own punch while activating the Demonic Heavengorging Art. A vortex could be seen spinning on the surface of Chen Feng’s fist.

Once again, Chen Feng was blown back by the attack. However, the Demonic Windwolf faltered slightly. When their two fists made contact earlier, a portion of the power that the Demonic Windwolf sent out had been mysteriously absorbed away. Due to that, Chen Feng was only lightly wounded.

“Friend, you should go help.” Lei Zhentian said to Jian Xiaotian. Everyone could clearly see that Chen Feng was in a disadvantageous position.

“Brother Jian, take the Lei Brothers farther away. I want to use my magic treasure!” Chen Feng’s voice suddenly entered Jian Xiaotian’s ear.

“All right!”

Reaching out with his hand, Jian Xiaotian grabbed the two Lei Brothers and quickly flew far away, only stopping after having flown over 50 kilometres.

After a lengthy battle, Chen Feng had finally decided on utilizing the power of the Longevity Tower.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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