Chapter 439: Demonic Windwolf


“That hammer technique is pretty good. It should be a Sky-tier technique. In a head-on battle, I will likely be incapable of holding on for even one breath’s worth of time,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“With this, the mysterious cultivator should be showing his hand.” Chen Feng stared intently, wanting to look through the clump of black energy enveloping the mysterious cultivator.

“Brother Jian. Don’t you think there is something familiar about the black energy around the mysterious cultivator?” Chen Feng’s heart suddenly gave a thump.

“You mean, it’s demonic energy?” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes lit up.

“It does feel a little like demonic energy. However, it’s somewhat different. It is possible that this mysterious cultivator is cultivating some heretical cultivation technique!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The mysterious cultivator swung the Spear of Carnage non-stop to create a stretch of spear silhouettes to take on the sky-encompassing hammer silhouettes. One collision was followed by another and one spear silhouette and one hammer silhouette would disappear, again and again. Finally, all of them disappeared without a trace.

The two sides were evenly matched.

However, there was more than one person on Lei Zhentian’s side. Lei Shihu, who was beside him, was preparing his killer move.

“Attack together! 18 Sky Quaking Hammers!” Lei Zhentian attacked again.

“36 Earth Cracking Staffs!” Lei Shihu, too, unleashed his killer move. Waves of staff silhouettes became like a dragon, swirling forward to cause the ground to crack. The two brothers attacked, one from the top and one from the bottom, enveloping the mysterious cultivator with their attacks.

“Two Sacred artefacts suppress the one Sacred artefact. If he doesn’t use his killer moves, he’ll be killed!” 

“I wonder what his trump card is.”

Bang! Bang!

The attacks threw the mysterious cultivator backwards and the black energy swirling around him dissipated considerably. Even so, it was still not possible to make out his facial features.

“Ha ha ha! Masked fellow, are you still not going to show your face? Let me see if you are a human or a ghost!” Lei Shihu laughed.

“Humph! You fellows have angered me. The consequences of doing so is terrible.” A trace of killing intent seeped out from the mysterious cultivator’s body.

“Ha ha ha! It seems you still haven’t realized your current predicament. Whatever! I will sober you up!” Lei Shihu said, swinging the staff in his hand, which grew bigger. It grew to a length of 10 zhang and was so thick it would require two people to hug it. It looked like a pillar from a great palace. Next, the staff smashed down against the mysterious cultivator’s head. It would appear that Lei Shihu intended on smashing the mysterious cultivator into minced meat.

The mysterious cultivator did not attempt to evade the attack. Instead, he simply watched as the giant staff smashed down upon him.

“What is going on? Did the guy get scared to the point of becoming silly? No! Something is wrong! Shihu, careful!” Lei Zhentian quickly shouted.

“Ha ha! Don’t worry. Just watch as I flatten him with one staff strike!” Lei Shihu simply laughed. The staff in his hand abruptly sped up to smash heavily against the mysterious cultivator’s body.


A loud booming sound rang out. Next, Lei Shihu became dumbfounded. Lei Zhentian was also dumbfounded. Even Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, who were observing the fight from afar, were dumbfounded.

Unlike what they had expected, the mysterious cultivator was neither flattened nor sent flying. 

A palm, shining with metallic lustre, held the giant staff that Lei Shihu had sent smashing down earlier.

“What? He could so easily stop it? How is this possible?” Lei Shihu and Lei Zhentian were stunned.

“Argh, die! Savage Hammer!” Lei Zhentian clenched his teeth and charged forward, the Skyquake Hammer in his hand rapidly growing in size. Finally, it became as big as a water tank and it whistled through the air to smash against the mysterious cultivator.


Another metallic palm emerged to easily block Lei Zhentian’s attack.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

With the mysterious cultivator’s position as their point of origin, cracks began spreading out across the ground. Like spiderwebs, the cracks kept spreading out until it covered a radius of over 100 zhang.

“He must be a creature from the Demon Plane. Hurry, or else the Lei Brothers will die!” After saying that, Chen Feng flew forward as fast as he could, his figure transforming into a stream of light through the sky. In just the blink of an eye, Chen Feng was already hundreds of metres ahead.

“You two are the ones looking for death. Do not blame me,” the mysterious cultivator said and the black energy swirling around him roiled about violently. At the same time, his figure quickly expanded. To the Lei Brothers’ surprise, a one-zhang-tall creature appeared before them.


The creature raised its head upwards and roared. Immediately, strong winds blew and dust swirled about. Instantly, the Lei Brothers saw that the sky had turned dark as the sun was completely blocked.

“What monster is this? Is it a wolf yao?” asked a shocked Lei Shihu.

The creature before them truly looked like a bipedal wolf. Sharp fangs, bloodthirsty eyes, pointy ears, thick limbs and a body covered with armour, dazzling with a metallic lustre. More importantly, the intense aura of carnage radiating out from its body gave the Lei Brothers a foreboding sensation.

“This is bad! Run!” Lei Zhentian cried out in shock as he attempted to pull his hammer back.

“Just die.” Two beams of black light shot out from the creature’s claws, striking and sending the Skyquake Hammer and Earthcracker Staff flying. At the same time, the Lei Brothers screamed out wretchedly as their figures were also thrown backwards. The sounds of their bones breaking could be heard. Even the Body Shielding Talismans on their bodies were shattered.



After falling to the ground, the two of them coughed out a mouthful of blood each. Struggling for a bit, they realized that they could not get up.

With just one move, the creature had left the two of them grievously wounded. Death hovered before them.

“How is this possible? Just what are you? Are you a yao beast? No, the aura from your body is not yao energy!” Lei Zhentian shouted, wanting to buy time so that they could heal up their wounds. However, he found that the black energy invading his body was eroding his vitality. Due to that, he could not even mobilize his primary energy. To Lei Zhentian’s horror, he realized that the streams of black energy were making their way towards his sea of wisdom. Should they reach his sea of wisdom, his soul would be eroded away.

“Enough. I don’t have time to waste with nonsensical words. You only have yourselves to blame for provoking me. Now, I will be sending you fellows off.” The wolf-like creature raised its tough claws, intending on killing off the Lei Brothers.


A beam of blood-coloured light pierced through the sky, stabbing towards the head of the wolf-like creature. It was Chen Feng. Realizing he could not arrive in time, he had hurled Bloody Soul out from afar.

“Eh? Someone else is here.” The wolf-like creature casually waved its hand to knock Bloody Soul away.

Sou! Sou!

First, it was Chen Feng. Next, it was Jian Xiaotian. The two of them landed before the wolf-like creature.

“Two more suicidal fellows.” A bloodthirsty light glinted across the wolf-like creature’s eyes.

“Creature from the Demon Plane,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, killing intent glinted across the wolf-like creature’s eyes. It suddenly swung and light flared out from its claws. Five beams of black light shot towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s figure moved rapidly, brandishing Bloody Soul to create a stretch of light. It was one of the Longevity Lance’s techniques. A series of colliding sounds rang out as the shield of light blocked the five black beams.

So powerful!   Chen Feng was secretly shocked.

Jian Xiaotian grabbed the Lei Brothers and swiftly flew far away. A battle was about to go down. Due to their injuries, it was easy for the aftermath of the battle to affect the Lei Brothers.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The wolf-like creature moved to bypass Chen Feng, wanting to give chase.

“Your opponent is me.” Chen Feng sent two Longevity Chains out from his body to quickly bind and obstruct the wolf-like creature.


Bang! Bang!

Two booming sounds rang out and the Longevity Chains Chen Feng sent out were broken into pieces. However, Chen Feng’s attack had already arrived. He thrust with Bloody Soul, which pierced the air, becoming like a red line to stab the wolf-like creature’s head.

“Humph! You are courting death! In that case, I will finish you off first!” The wolf-like creature did not attempt to evade Chen Feng’s attack. Instead, it allowed Bloody Soul to strike its head. 


It sounded as though his attack had struck metal. However, the attack only caused the wolf-like creature to stagger slightly. It had failed to even pierce through its scalp.

What an impressive level of defence! Chen Feng was shocked.

“Demonic artefact! Kid, to think that you possess a demonic artefact.” A look of shock flashed across the wolf-like creature’s eyes.

“Unfortunately, it’s grade is too low. It cannot even break my outer skin!”

“You really are a creature from the Demon Plane. You should be at the Great Demon stage. What kind of demonic creature are you?” Chen Feng asked, putting his guard up.

“Human, looks like you know quite a bit about our Demon Plane. If so, it is even more imperative that you die today. Before you die, be sure to remember, the one who killed you is the Demonic Windwolf from the Demon Plane.” After saying that, the wolf-like creature disappeared from sight. Like a gust of wind, it arrived before Chen Feng before performing a casual swipe aimed at Chen Feng.

Even though it appeared like a casual move, Chen Feng could sense the violent killing intent surging towards his sea of wisdom. At the same time, a wave of power, both sharp and heavy, charged at him.

There was no time for Chen Feng to feel surprised and he brandished Bloody Soul, stabbing the Demonic Windwolf’s eyes with it. He had ignored the Demonic Windwolf’s attack. It was a mutually destructive move.


Chen Feng felt a painful sensation erupt from his chest and his whole body shook. It was as though a mountain had smashed against him. Next, his figure flew like the wind, blasting backwards.

His figure blasted across a distance of around 100 metres before falling to the ground. His blood energy churned and his chest ached. Lowering his head, Chen Feng saw that the chest part of his clothes had been torn apart and five one-chi-long cuts could be seen there. Strands of black energy were eroding the wounds. At the same time, Chen Feng could feel the black energy invading his body through the wounds, desirous of destroying the vitality within him.

This is demonic energy, genuine demonic energy. Having come to that line of thought, Chen Feng channelled the Demonic Heavengorging Art. After circulating the technique, the strands of demonic energy infecting his wounds were all devoured. All of them transformed into strands of pure energy to meld with his primary energy.

The Demonic Heavengorging Art is truly the counter to those from the Demon Plane, Chen Feng thought.

“How could you be fine?” Seeing Chen Feng alive, the Demonic Windwolf revealed a somewhat flabbergasted look. That attack it unleashed earlier could have easily killed even a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator. And yet, it had only knocked Chen Feng some distance away.

Feeling about, the Demonic Windwolf then found a bloody cut on its face. Thus, the killing intent radiating from the Demonic Windwolf grew even stronger. Although it had managed to beat Chen Feng back in the earlier confrontation, Chen Feng had still managed to utilize Bloody Soul to leave a wound on it. As expected of a demonic artefact, Bloody Soul had absorbed a small portion of the Demonic Windwolf’s blood the instant it drew blood. However, the amount of blood absorbed was too small. It could not affect the Demonic Windwolf’s combat powers by much. All it could do was to further enrage it.

“Looks like you are not the only one with a strong level of defence. It is also impossible for you to break through my defence,” Chen Feng said with a smirk.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

1 chi = 0.333 m

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