Chapter 438: Encountering a Raid Outside the City



Blood-coloured light flashed out and the cultivator was pierced by Chen Feng’s attack. With a flick of Chen Feng’s hand, the cultivator’s body was ripped apart.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three sword beams and a dazzling gold rope shot towards Chen Feng at the same time. All three sword beams contained the luminescence of Sky Lightning. One glance was enough to tell that the ones attacking were Sky Human stage cultivators. As for the dazzling gold rope, it had a more profound appearance. It swirled around as it shot forward and ripples appeared in the sky. Immediately, Chen Feng sensed that the sky had become more viscous and waves of restraining power were locking down on him.


Bloody Soul transformed into a beam of blood-coloured light to thrust at the rope even as Chen Feng’s domain abruptly twisted to condense out three palm silhouettes to block the three sword beams.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three sword beams exploded, but Bloody Soul struck empty air. Next, Chen Feng felt a sense of tightness enveloping his body. The rope had firmly bound him.

“Ha ha ha ha! Kid, and here I was wondering just how strong are you. In the end, though, you ended up getting caught by me!” The cultivator who used the rope laughed.

“Who are you fellows and why are you ambushing us?” Chen Feng did not immediately resist. Instead, he asked coolly.

“Ha ha ha! You only have yourselves to blame for being too ostentatious back in Starcloud City. Enough! Cough out your storage-type magic treasures and I can let you fellows live,” the cultivator said smugly.

“So, this is about that.” Chen Feng nodded. It would appear that the other party was simply here to rob them. Their identities were not exposed.


A sword beam charged into the sky and another cultivator was killed.

“Guys, send some help over here. This kid is too hard to handle.” The faces of the cultivators surrounding Jian Xiaotian sank terribly and they shouted. In their earlier confrontation, three cultivators from their side had died to Jian Xiaotian. And yet, Jian Xiaotian was not injured at all.

“Just hold on for a bit. I have already captured this kid!” the rope-wielding cultivator said with a smile.

“Is that so? You think you’ve captured me?” A peculiar smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Next, his whole body lashed out and a force beyond one million kilogrammes burst forward. The rope binding him instantly shone brightly.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out and the Prized-tier rope was ripped apart before Chen Feng’s colossal might.

“What? How is this possible?” The cultivator was utterly shocked.

The rope was his lifebound magic treasure, a grade 3 Prized artefact. He had captured more than 10 Sky Human stage cultivators with the rope. At that moment, however, a youngster had used brute force to break it. He found it impossible to accept.

As he was panicking, however, Chen Feng arrived before him. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng’s domain power condensed out a fist, which pummelled the cultivator’s body, bashing it into smithereens.

Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and Bloody Soul flew back into his grasp. Next, it transformed into a stretch of lance silhouettes and two more cultivators were blasted backwards, blood spraying out from their mouths while their bodies began withering.

While Chen Feng was unleashing a furious wave of attacks, Jian Xiaotian was leisurely killing off his opponents. After every few breaths, a cultivator would die under Jian Xiaotian’s sword.

After six of them had fallen to Chen Feng and eight of them had fallen to Jian Xiaotian, the remaining cultivators turned fearful. They abandoned their desire to target Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian and swiftly fled far away.

“Forget it. Don’t give chase. If my guess is right, those fellows are working under someone else’s orders,” said Chen Feng, who waved his hand. Next, the storage-type magic treasures belonging to the killed cultivators flew into his grasp.

After using his soul power to inspect the magic treasures, Chen Feng was quick to shake his head. “Just a punch of poor sods!”

“It must be the cultivators from the other private rooms.” Jian Xiaotian analysed the situation.

Chen Feng nodded. Next, his soul power spread out furiously into their surroundings to scan for movements.

100 zhang.

200 zhang.

500 zhang.

800 zhang.

1,000 zhang.

3,000 zhang.

Finally, Chen Feng’s soul power reached its limit and it slowly retracted.

“How is it? Did you discover anything?” Jian Xiaotian asked.

“No. It is possible that the other party is using something like the Invisibility Talisman. A pity, my soul power is still too weak.” Chen Feng shook his head.

Next, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian rode their swords to swiftly fly away.

Ten breaths after Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian disappeared, the figures of Young Master Wan Xie and Huo Sheng were suddenly unveiled there.

“See that? Those two are not to be underestimated,” said a smiling Young Master Wan Xie.

“Their level of strength is average. The two of us are strong enough to capture them. However, it is possible that they are protected by an expert,” Huo Sheng said.

“I am worried about that as well,” Young Master Wan Xie said.

“Someone else is coming. It’s Tian Leizi.” Huo Sheng suddenly raised his head to peer into the distance.

“He he. It couldn’t have been easy for him to hold it in for so long. Very well. Let me witness Tian Leizi’s might.” Young Master Wan Xie laughed.

Rumble! Rumble!

A one-zhang-long palm silhouette charged through the sky, causing crackling bolts of lightning to surge forward in its wake.

“Heavenly Spirit Hand!”

“This guy. He is attacking right from the start. Looks like the auction had really triggered him,” Young Master Wan Xie said with a grin. Unknowingly, an ink-like, dark-black fan had suddenly appeared in his grasp. When he spread open the fan, dark clouds roiled forward and sinister winds blew. Ghastly wails, capable of striking dread deep into the hearts of others, could be heard. 

“Swirling Sinister Clouds!”


The two attacks collided and space itself turned blurry. The shockwaves spread to the ground, eroding out large holes there.

“Young Master Wan Xie, hand over the Seal of Mountains and Rivers!” Young Master Tian Leizi’s figure pierced through the sky, bolts of lightning enveloping his body. He was like a God of Thunder descending upon the world.

“Ha ha ha! That would depend on whether or not you have the ability,” Young Master Wan Xie replied scornfully.

Moving away from their fight, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian had already flown far away from the spot. At that moment, the two of them were on a small mountain, observing a battle transpiring some tens of li away from their location.

“It’s the Lei Brothers,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“The other party is the mysterious cultivator who bought the Spear of Carnage.” Chen Feng’s eyes focused and the tens of li between them became seemingly non-existent.

Indeed, the one fighting against the Lei Brothers was the cultivator who had bought the Spear of Carnage. At that moment, his entire figure was shrouded by black energy, making it impossible for others to determine his appearance and cultivation state.

“The Lei Brothers have quite the ability. To think that they would be able to find the mysterious cultivator. However, this fellow is not to be underestimated. It seems the Lei Brothers are in for a loss this time,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes. Although the Lei Brothers are strong, one at level 6 of the Sky Human stage and the other at level 5 of the Sky Human stage, this mysterious cultivator has yet to reveal his killer moves. He appears to be having an easy time dealing with this situation.” Jian Xiaotian, too, was able to assess the situation.

“Hmm?” Chen Feng suddenly felt his heart thumping. He had sensed something about the mysterious cultivator.

Strange. What was that earlier? It seems this mysterious cultivator is truly not to be trifled with. Chen Feng was surprised. Earlier, the Demonic Heavengorging Art that he cultivated had automatically activated on its own. Although Chen Feng had managed to suppress it, the technique had indeed stirred earlier.

“Hey, hey!” Tower chuckled and said nothing else.

“Fellows, you two are no match for me. Why bother?” A hoarse and somewhat insidious voice rang out from within the clump of black energy.

“Ha ha ha ha! As long as you hand over the Spear of Carnage, we brothers can let you go!” Lei Shihu laughed.

“Very well. Since you fellows want to die, don’t blame me. You want the Spear of Carnage? I’ll give it to you now,” said the mysterious cultivator, who swung his hand. The Spear of Carnage charged towards Lei Shihu. Instantly, a formidable aura of carnage enveloped Lei Shihu.

Even before the attack made contact, the aura radiating from it had thrown Lei Shihu into a state of dread.

“Not good! Body Shielding Talisman!”


A clump of gentle light suddenly flared out from Lei Shihu’s chest. Although it did not appear particularly powerful, it managed to block the Spear of Carnage’s attack.


Lei Shihu’s figure blasted over 100 metres backwards before smashing wretchedly against the ground. The front part of his body armour had been utterly torn open. However, he remained unharmed.

“Eh?” Seeing his attack fail to kill Lei Shihu, the mysterious cultivator was surprised as well. Although he could not unleash the Spear of Carnage’s full power, that attack should have been enough to instantly kill off a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator.

“A top-grade Prized-tier Body Shielding Talisman. The Lei Brothers sure have some good items on them!” said a shocked Jian Xiaotian. 

“If they only have those items to protect themselves, the Lei Brothers are likely going to face a disaster today,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes. Disregarding the fact that the Spear of Carnage is a Sacred artefact with an incomparable level of offensive power, the mysterious cultivator must have his own trump card.” Jian Xiaotian nodded his head.


Lei Zhentian was also blasted away by a spear thrust. Like Lei Shihu, Lei Zhentian was also protected by a Body Shielding Talisman, allowing him to block the enemy’s attack.

“Skyquake Hammer, unseal!”

“Earthcracker Staff, unseal!”

The Lei Brothers suddenly bellowed, spraying blood on the weapons they were holding. Promptly, the Skyquake Hammer and Earthcracker Staff grew several notches bigger and a formidable aura broke free to rush up into the sky. The clouds in the sky were dispersed and even the strong winds that were blowing 10,000 metres up in the sky were easily punched away.

“What a powerful aura! So, the weapons they are holding are actually Sacred artefacts. However, their powers were sealed. When you look at it that way, the two brothers’ backer is quite the character,” Chen Feng said.

“At the very least, that person must be a Human Immortal. Additionally, it is not an ordinary Human Immortal.” Jian Xiaotian nodded in agreement.

“What?” The mysterious cultivator was shocked as well. He did not expect his opponents to possess such a trump card.

“Ha ha ha ha!  It would have been over if you had just handed over the Spear of Carnage. Now, just wait for us to beat you up into minced meat!” Lei Zhentian laughed loudly. The Skyquake Hammer in his hand kept unleashing bursts of lightning powers, appearing like the legendary hammer belonging to the God of Thunder.

“Humph! It is still unclear who will be the one to die. You fellows should not be too happy just yet.” The mysterious cultivator recollected himself and the black energy swirling around him grew thicker.

“You have a hard mouth. Then, die! 18 Sky Quaking Hammers!” Lei Zhentian roared and the Skyquake Hammer in his hand flashed forward. Sky-encompassing hammer silhouettes then charged towards the mysterious cultivator.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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