Chapter 437: End of the Auction


The Three Lines Cyanspirit Pill’s actual name was Cyanspirit Pill. However, its grade and effects were determined by the number of lines on its surface. One to two lines meant it was an Earthen-tier medicinal pill, three to five lines meant it was a Sky-tier medicinal pill, six to nine lines meant it was a Sacred-tier medicinal pill. This pill only had three lines, meaning it was the lowest-grade Sky-tier Cyanspirit Pill.

The Cyanspirit Pill only had one effect. It would eject impurities out from its user’s body to improve his or her constitution. However, that one effect was enough for countless cultivators to try to concoct and compete for it.

Any cultivator would understand how potent the medicinal pill was. By ejecting the impurities within one’s body, one’s cultivation rate would rise. It could even improve one’s cultivation talent.

“Starting bid is set at 2 million Prized crystals,” the auctioneer said.

“Incredible! This pill is even more expensive compared to the Intrinsic Blood Jade we bought,” said Chen Feng, who laughed.

“This is a Sky-tier medicinal pill we are talking about. However, the price is indeed on the higher side. I wonder how high up the price can get,” Jian Xiaotian wondered.

“No matter how high it gets, I will not be bidding for it. Brother Jian. If you are interested, I can help you,” Chen Feng said. 

“Forget it. I am unwilling to waste so many spirit stones. Let’s just watch for fun.” Jian Xiaotian waved Chen Feng off.

“I bid 2 million Prized crystals,” Young Master Tian Leizi was the first to bid.

“2.2 million.” Young Master Wan Xie directly increased the price by 0.2 million Prized crystals.

Speaking of which, the reason Young Master Tian Leizi came to this auction house was for the final few auction items. While he could give up on the Intrinsic Blood Jade, this medicinal pill and the final cultivation technique were items he must never give up on.

“3 million.” Young Master Wu Qing was even more forceful.

“4 million.” Lei Shihu roared wildly, his loud voice shocking the cultivators within the auction hall.

“Ha ha, this fellow. Did he think that others will not compete with him if he shouts loudly?” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances and immediately smiled.

“Humph! 4.1 million.” Young Master Tian Leizi’s voice turned cold.

“4.2 million!”

“4.5 million!”

“5 million!”

“5.1 million!”

The price of the Three Lines Cyanspirit Pill kept rising. Although there were only a few bidders, the rate at which the price was rising left Chen Feng dumbfounded.

Even so, Chen Feng did not bid for it.

“Too insane! Do these fellows all have spirit mines?” Jian Xiaotian said with a wry grin. He was a disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction, after all. However, his wealth could not be put on the same pedestal as those bidders.

“Looks like these young masters are not ordinary disciples. They are likely the most important juniors from great families,” Chen Feng said.

“5.5 million!”

“5.6 million!”

The price was still rising non-stop as none of the bidders took a step back. The competition between them were so intense that all the cultivators in the auction hall had stopped breathing. Their eyes were wide open as they listened to the rising price of the Three Lines Cyanspirit Pill. As for the auctioneer, he was inwardly overjoyed. The items auctioned off this time around were all treasures and they had gained a high number of spirit stones. His commission would surely be considerable. Not to mention, he might even get a promotion.

“6 million!” Lei Shihu bellowed another bid, his eyes having turned slightly red.

“6.5 million.” Young Master Wu Qing said coolly. At the same, the thought to himself, This will be my last bid. My objective is the final Sky-tier cultivation scroll!

“6.6 million.” As expected, the price was once again raised by Young Master Wan Xie.

“Humph! You fellows can compete for it. I’ll back off,” Young Master Wu Qing said scornfully.

“7 million.” This time, it was Lei Zhentian who spoke up.

“7.1 million.” Young Master Tian Leizi followed.

“Let’s quit.” Lei Zhentian waved his hand, no longer willing to continue bidding.

“Humph! Wait until we’re out of this auction house. I will kill them all and snatch away their items,” Lei Shihu said, killing intent billowing out from his body.

Likewise, killing intent glinted across Lei Zhentian’s eyes. “Do not be impulsive. We need to figure out their level of strength first.”

The two brothers, Lei Zhentian and Lei Shihu, were not some goody-two-shoes. They would engage in acts of killing and plunder quite often. As they had a backer, they were not even fearful of disciples from the great sects. At that very moment, the two brothers were planning their next move.

Finally, only Young Master Tian Leizi and Young Master Wan Xie remained. The two of them appeared to be giving it their all, neither side willing to give up.

“I bid 8 million.” Already, killing intent could be sensed within Young Master Tian Leizi’s voice, which had turned icy.

“8.1 million.” Young Master Wan Xie bid, a smile on his face.

“8.5 million.” Young Master Tian Leizi scowled.

“8.6 million.”

“9 million.”

“9.1 million.”

“Courting death! This fellow is a dead man!” Young Master Tian Leizi was so enraged, he slapped his palm down. Lightning flashed out and the table made from expensive wood was reduced to wooden chips.

Young Master Tian Leizi gave up and the Three Lines Cyanspirit Pill fell into Young Master Wan Xie’s hands.

“Ha ha ha! Thankfully, I brought enough spirit stones with me this time, otherwise I would have been in a bind.” Young Master Wan Xie laughed.

“It will still be quite problematic,” Huo Sheng said.

“You mean Young Master Tian Leizi would attack? Humph! As if I am afraid of him.” Young Master Wan Xie sneered.

The last auction item was finally taken out. A Sky-tier cultivation scroll. A somewhat dilapidated scroll, made from the skin of some unknown creature, was placed on the table. If it had appeared anywhere else, it would have seemed inconspicuous. At that moment, however, it had attracted the eyes of all the cultivators present.

“On this scroll is a Sky-tier cultivation technique. However, it only contains the first half,” the auctioneer said.

“What? Only the first half?”

“Hey, hey! Only the first half is good enough. If you can cultivate it, not only will your strength rise greatly, there is also hope for you to rise up to the Human Immortal stage!”

“Yes. Forget half, even one or two sentences will be endlessly beneficial for us!”

“Half a Sky-tier cultivation technique. I wonder what kind of cultivation technique that is. A Sky-tier cultivation technique. The one who wrote that must be at least a Human Immortal,” Chen Feng said.

“The scroll contains an offensive technique known as the Seal of Mountains and Rivers. There is a total of eight moves. This scroll only records the first four moves,” the auctioneer said.

“So, it is an offensive technique.” Even Chen Feng was feeling tempted. Although Chen Feng was cultivating the Longevity Scripture, there weren’t actually any formidable techniques that he could learn at his cultivation level.

“The Seal of Mountains and Rivers. It has quite the good name. Why don’t we buy it?” Jian Xiaotian suggested.

“Humph! To think that you would be interested in this pile of shit. Kid, what are you so anxious about? Once you have overcome Lightning Tribulation, there is an endless number of techniques within the Longevity Scripture waiting for you. You won’t be able to even finish learning all of them,” Tower said with a disdainful tone.

“He he! I just want to learn a little from it. Besides, no matter how powerful the Longevity Scripture may be, it cannot include all the techniques,” Chen Feng replied with a chuckle.

“Heh! Are you thinking about learning every skill there is? Even if you grow 100 more heads, you will still be incapable of doing that.” Tower sneered.

Chen Feng chose not to argue with Tower and instead turned his attention towards the auction hall.

“The starting bid is set at 10 million Prized crystals. Every bid increment is set at 0.1 million Prized crystals.” After just a brief introduction, the auctioneer started the auction. The auctioneer was not feeling concerned. This was a Sky-tier cultivation technique, after all. Even without much introductions, there will be people who would compete for it.

As expected, he had only just finished speaking when someone made a bid. The first to bid was Young Master Tian Leizi, at 10 million.

“Tsk, tsk. 10 million.” Jian Xiaotian shook his head, at a loss for words.

“11 million.” Young Master Wan Xie bid with a smile on his face. This was a treasure that everyone was determined to obtain. Thus, they went all out right from the start.

“12 million.” Young Master Wu Qing said coolly.

“13 million!”

“14 million!”

“Looks like the three of them are fighting for the Sky-tier cultivation technique. However, I wonder who will get it in the end,” Chen Feng said.

When the price rose up to 18 million, Young Master Wu Qing gave up. Once again, it was between Young Master Wan Xie and Young Master Tian Leizi.

“20 million.” Young Master Tian Leizi put forth all the spirit stones he possessed.

“Huo Sheng, how many Prized crystals do you have?” Young Master Wan Xie asked.

“Nearly 10 million.”

“If so, I can rest easy.” Young Master Wan Xie smiled.

“21 million!”

“Humph! 22 million,” Young Master Tian Leizi said, gnashing his teeth.

“Young master, you do not have that many spirit stones,” Uncle Wang hastily said. 

“I still have some Prized artefacts on me. I must get this Seal of Mountains and Rivers.” In this auction, Young Master Tian Leizi had failed to buy anything thus far. The rage he felt from that now erupted and no one could stop him.

“25 million.” Young Master Wan Xie increased the price drastically.

“26 million.” Young Master Tian Leizi clenched his teeth. He was beginning to lose ground.

“30 million.” Young Master Wan Xie bid again.


Young Master Tian Leizi fell back on his chair, not uttering a single word. However, bolts of lightning kept flashing out from his body to signal that the suppressed anger within him had reached its limits.

Finally, the Seal of Mountains and Rivers scroll ended up with Young Master Wan Xie.

“Tsk, tsk. I managed to buy a Sky-tier cultivation technique for just 30 million. When I bring this back, I will surely be rewarded.” Young Master Wan Xie was feeling somewhat pleased with himself.

After the auction was over, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian stayed in Starcloud City for another 10 days before leaving.

After travelling through less than 50 kilometres away from Starcloud City, Chen Feng smiled. “There is an ambush up ahead. It is likely meant for us.”

“Did someone find our whereabouts?” Jian Xiaotian grew wary.

“It’s uncertain. However, we’ll find out soon enough.” After saying that, Chen Feng abruptly sped up. With a swing of his hand, a large and invisible palm silhouette roared forward before exploding somewhere tens of li up in the sky.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tens of cultivators emerged from the void. After emerging, the cultivators spared no time speaking. Instead, they immediately unleashed their attacks at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“You guys have a death wish.” Sword light flared out from every part of Jian Xiaotian’s body and he sped up even as he was charging towards the attacks they sent.

As for Chen Feng, he unfurled his domain. When the attacks entered his domain, they were instantly slowed. Next, Chen Feng rushed forward. Both his hands swung about ceaselessly and the attacks were all broken.


Jian Xiaotian’s sword beam cleaved a cultivator into two. Jian Xiaotian’s will to fight soared and he displayed his Hegemon Sword Technique to fight the cultivators.

Chen Feng spread his domain to its limits. At the same time, he brought out Bloody Soul to attack the cultivator closest to him. 

1 li = 0.5 km

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