Chapter 436: Blood Jade Obtained


“It has so many benefits!” Chen Feng was shocked. Although he knew that the Intrinsic Blood Jade was not some ordinary object, he did not know much about its functions.

“I only know part of it. There should be other functions. Amongst the spiritual objects, the Intrinsic Blood Jade can already be considered a high-grade item. Things like jade cores can hardly hold a candle to it,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“In that case, I must buy it. However, I fear that the price will be too high.” Chen Feng nodded. After hearing Jian Xiaotian’s words, Chen Feng grew interested in the Intrinsic Blood Jade.

Next up, the auctioneer began introducing the Intrinsic Blood Jade. As expected, it was as Jian Xiaotian had said. However, the auctioneer’s description of it was more comprehensive. For example, the Intrinsic Blood Jade could also solidify and strengthen the soul. It could also nurture sword intent and martial soul. Additionally, it could also help refine magic treasures.

“The starting bid is set at 1 million Prized crystals,” the auctioneer said in the end.

“Thankfully, its price is lower compared to the Spear of Carnage.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Although he possessed a considerable number of spirit stones, the consumption of spirit stones involved in buying just a few items would lead to his spirit stones reserve going empty.

“Ha ha ha! I want this Intrinsic Blood Jade! 1.5 million Prized crystals,” a rough voice rang out from a private room.

Eh? Another fellow has appeared. This fellow had never made a single bid before this. The same thought appeared within the minds of Chen Feng and many other bidders.

I wonder how strong this expert is? Chen Feng thought.

“1.6 million.” Someone else made a bid. It was Young Master Tian Leizi.

“1.7 million.” Young Master Wu Qing spoke up.

“He he! In addition to this blood jade, there are still one Sky-tier medicinal pill and one Sky-tier cultivation technique. The competition will surely become fiercer. Tian Leizi and Wu Qing are not to be trifled with. Huo Sheng, you must support me later,” Young Master Wan Xie said with a chuckle.

“Of course. However, other than the two of them, there are still others that we are unable to figure out. The one who made the first bid for this blood jade and the one who bought the stone earlier. They must surely have some background,” Huo Sheng said.

“2 million.” Chen Feng finally began bidding. After having figured out the value of this Intrinsic Blood Jade, Chen Feng was determined to obtain it.

“As expected, that fellow cannot hold back anymore. Judging by his voice, he should be very young. I wonder what his background is. Could he be a disciple from one of the great sects?” Young Master Wan Xie guessed.

“Even amongst the core disciples from the great sects, only few could possess this level of wealth,” Huo Sheng said.

“Do not underestimate the Ten Great Sects of the Northern Plains. They have existed for tens of thousands of years. To be able to occupy leading positions within the Northern Plains all this time, they are existences with quite the abilities. We are still in no position to fight against those immortal dao sects,” Young Master Wan Xie said smilingly.

“Yes. However, if it really comes down to a fight, we, the hidden sects are not afraid of those immortal dao sects. When you think about it, your Myriad Heresy Sect and our Ardent Flame Sect are also old sects with a history spanning tens of thousands of years. Had it not been for some accidents along the way, the might of our sects would have surpassed those sects. Not even the Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace combined can be a match for us,” Huo Sheng said, a look of arrogance etched on his face.

“Naturally. However, the time will soon come. Our Sect Masters will be emerging soon. A great storm will rise within all of the Northern Plains. Ha ha! I have been waiting for this for a long time. I really want to see for myself the various young talents from the great sects of the Northern Plains.” Young Master Wan Xie snickered with a devilish grin.

“2.5 million.” Young Master Wu Qing shouted another bid.

“It’s time we bid.” Young Master Wan Xie said.

“3 million!”

The price of the Intrinsic Blood Jade kept rising and even the cultivators watching the proceedings grew excited.

Once again, the ones competing for it were the VIP cultivators within the various private rooms.

“Looks like I’ll have to bleed this time.” Chen Feng laughed.

“3.1 million.” Young Master Wu Qing bid again.

“3.2 million.” Young Master Tian Leizi followed.

“3.5 million.” Young Master Wan Xie appeared more imposing.

“4 million.” Once again, the rough voice spoke up.

With a thought, Chen Feng mobilized the Longevity Tower’s power to scan all the private rooms. Soon enough, everything within the private rooms was clearly shown within Chen Feng’s mind.

These young cultivators are not to be underestimated. Their cultivation bases are all far above mine. They must be from some great sects and families, Chen Feng thought.


“What happened?”

Uncle Wang, who was beside Young Master Tian Leizi, frowned. He felt as though something had happened earlier. However, after sensing his surroundings in detail, he was incapable of finding anything.

“What is it, Uncle Wang?” Young Master Tian Leizi asked, feeling curious.

“I feel as though someone was spying on us earlier. However, I cannot sense anything. Perhaps I was mistaken.” Uncle Wang shook his head.

In the private room used by Young Master Wan Xie and Huo Sheng, a bodyguard in black clothes suddenly appeared. As he was completely garbed in black, there was no way to see his face. He was like a block of ice, one without a heartbeat or blood flow. If he hadn’t spoken up, everyone would have thought of him as a corpse.

“What is it?” Seeing the appearance of the man in black, Young Master Wan Xie raised his brows.

“Earlier, it felt as though someone was spying on us,” the man in black said.

“Who?” Young Master Wan Xie straightened himself.

“The other party’s strength is very strong and I was incapable of grasping their aura and position. However, they are certainly inside this auction house.” After saying that, the man in black’s figure blurred and turned invisible once more.

“Inside this auction house? Is it Tian Leizi? Or Wu Qing? No. Those two should not have anyone with this level of strength. Is it, that room?”

A wicked light shone within Young Master Wan Xie’s eyes. He was referring to Chen Feng’s room.

“In the beginning, all of us utilized our soul powers to probe the room only to have our soul powers dispersed in the end. The other party is very mysterious and powerful. If someone did spy on us earlier, I believe it must be the cultivator from that private room,” Young Master Wan Xie said.

Huo Sheng nodded his head, agreeing with Young Master Wan Xie.

At that moment, a middle-aged bodyguard had suddenly appeared within Young Master Wu Qing’s room. However, the bodyguard did not say anything before quickly concealing himself.

“Heh! These young masters are all not to be underestimated. They all have bodyguards beside them.” Chen Feng chortled.

The final private room was the one where the rough voice had come from.


Chen Feng’s soul power silently scanned the private room and was able to clearly see two muscular men inside.

Tsk, tsk. So, they are acquaintances of ours. No wonder the voice sounded familiar. Chen Feng suddenly broke into a smile.

“What is it?” Seeing the expression on Chen Feng’s face, Jian Xiaotian felt puzzled.

“It’s the two Lei Brothers, Lei Zhentian and Lei Shihu,” Chen Feng said with a grin [1].

“Them? Why are they here?” Jian Xiaotian was surprised.

“Ha ha! There is no need for us to worry so much about it. Let’s just get the Intrinsic Blood Jade,” Chen Feng said.

“4.2 million,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“4.5 million.” Lei Shihu spoke up again.

“Ha ha! These two brothers are quite rich. I really feel like robbing them after we leave this place.” Jian Xiaotian smirked.

“5 million.” Chen Feng spoke up again.

Since Chen Feng used his soul power to scan the rooms, Young Master Wan Xie and the others had surprisingly remained quiet. None of them made anymore bids. It would appear they were fearful. Or perhaps, they were preserving their financial power. 

Lei Shihu, who still wanted to up his bid, was stopped by Lei Zhentian.

“What is it, Big Bro?” Lei Shihu felt puzzled.

“Stop bidding. Keep it to buy the next items. This Intrinsic Blood Jade is simply not worth this much money.” Lei Zhentian shook his head.

As no one else was bidding, Chen Feng ended up buying the Intrinsic Blood Jade for 5 million Prized crystals.


After receiving the Intrinsic Blood Jade, Chen Feng waved his hand and a sword beam flashed out. Next, the Intrinsic Blood Jade was cut into two. The smaller half was given to Jian Xiaotian.

Jian Xiaotian did not reject Chen Feng’s offer. Given their friendship, rejecting was a redundant action.

“This is a good item. With this blood jade, my blood energy will rise by a notch, resulting in a stronger fleshly body. My cultivation rate will also grow.” Jian Xiaotian smiled.

After collecting the Intrinsic Blood Jade, Chen Feng turned his attention to the next auction item. It did not take long for a medicinal bottle carved from top-grade jade to be placed on a table in the middle of the auction hall.

“The next treasure to be auctioned is a Sky-tier medicinal pill!” the auctioneer shouted loudly.


Once again, the entire auction hall was in an uproar. More than half of the cultivators there reflexively got to their feet.

“What? It’s really a Sky-tier medicinal pill? Did I hear that right?”

“A Sky-tier medicinal pill! That is something that only Human Immortals get to take. I didn’t think that this auction house could play such a big hand this time!”

“Though, I wonder what kind of medicinal pill that is? Ha ha! I, Old Wang, have cultivated for over 100 years, but I have yet to lay my eyes on a Sky-tier medicinal pill before!”

“Isn’t that the same for everyone? This time’s auction is an eye-opener. First, we got to see a Sacred artefact. Now, we get to see a Sky-tier medicinal pill!”

“A Sky-tier medicinal pill is something that Human Immortals take. It can already be considered as an immortal pill!”

“Ha ha ha! What do you know? For cultivators like us, it is indeed an immortal pill. However, for the Human Immortal experts, it is just an ordinary medicinal pill!”

“A Sky-tier medicinal pill!” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances. Although Chen Feng also possessed some Sky-tier medicinal pills, that did not stop him from feeling surprised. Generally speaking, for a city of this level to auction Prized artefacts and low-grade medicinal pills was already the mark of a fairly good auction house. However, this auction house had auctioned off a Sacred artefact earlier and was now auctioning a Sky-tier medicinal pill. It can already be considered a top-tier auction house. 

The auctioneer stretched a finger out to point at the medicinal bottle. Immediately, the jade medicinal bottle grew transparent, allowing everyone to clearly see a smooth and round medicinal pill inside it.

The medicinal pill was only the size of a fingernail, several times smaller compared to ordinary medicinal pills. Cyan in colour, it possessed a crystalline, gem-like appearance. It did not look like a medicinal pill. Rather, it looked more like a gem. However, there were three blood-red patterns on its surface. It looked like three red lines wrapping the surface of the medicinal pill.

“This is a Three Lines Cyanspirit Pill. I believe everyone here must have heard of it before, right?” the auctioneer said smilingly.

“Three Lines Cyanspirit Pill!”

“So, it’s this medicinal pill. I have only heard of it in the past. This is my first time seeing it.”

As expected, many of the cultivators there exclaimed. It would appear that they had heard of this medicinal pill before.

“So, it’s this pill.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian nodded their heads at the same time. They were both from great and famous sects. Although they did not know how to concoct medicinal pills, they were still knowledgeable in such matters.

 1 Lei Zhentian first appeared in Chapter 377 and Lei Shihu first appeared in Chapter 386.

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