Chapter 435: Intrinsic Blood Jade


“Sure enough, someone from the auction house has taken action,” Jian Xiaotian said with a smile.

“Both Old Monster Blackfiend and the white-bearded old man have overcome 8 Lightning Tribulations. However, the white-bearded old man is actually suppressing Old Monster Blackfiend.” Borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power, Chen Feng was able to quickly assess the situation. The other cultivators could not even make out their silhouettes. The rate at which the two of them were moving was simply too fast.


Old Monster Blackfiend was struck and his face turned red as he nearly sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

“Hurry up and do it!” Old Monster Blackfiend could not stop himself from shouting.

Rumble! Rumble!

The space in the centre of the auction hall exploded and a faint, gold-coloured hand silhouette appeared there. Next, it swiftly moved to grasp the Spear of Carnage. Lightning flashed out from it and any cultivator in its path would be knocked away.

“It’s the Heavenly Spirit Hand from our Heavenly Spirit Sect!” Young Master Tian Leizi abruptly got to his feet, light flashing within his eyes.

“It really is the Heavenly Spirit Hand! Additionally, its power is higher than mine. Could it be an expert from our sect?” Uncle Wang was shocked as well.


The big hand shot forward to quickly grab hold of the Spear of Carnage. However, just as it was about to leave, a sword beam sliced open space to strike down heavily against the big hand.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out and the ferocious and seemingly incomparable hand silhouette began cracking. Finally, it shattered with a booming sound, its fragments shooting out all around the place.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Countless energy fragments shot into the surrounding area and several cultivators were struck and killed.


Chen Feng swiftly took action to grab one of the energy fragments. However, his figure flinched and he found that a bloody mark had appeared on his palm.

“Incredible! I wonder who is it this time?” uttered a shocked Chen Feng.

A young sword cultivator in blue suddenly appeared beside the Spear of Carnage. His figure was upright, like a sharp sword and his pair of eyes were focused as they swept his surroundings. He simply stood guard over the Spear of Carnage; he did not chase after the enemies.

9 Lightning Tribulations! This fellow is powerful! Chen Feng was secretly shocked. Although he was already mobilizing the Longevity Tower’s power, he could still feel a faint stabbing pain in his eyes. The pain was due to the sword intent radiating from the cultivator’s body.


Seemingly having sensed the atmosphere radiating out from the young sword cultivator, the Spear of Carnage inserted into the floor trembled slightly and streams of carnage energy spread out into its surroundings.

“The spear must have taken its fair share of lives,” Jian Xiaotian said.


All of a sudden, another big and thunderous palm silhouette appeared. This time, it was faster and even more ferocious than before. Like a bolt of lightning, it charged towards the young sword cultivator.


The young sword cultivator uttered one word, Next, a sword beam flashed out. This time, the big and ferocious palm silhouette met an even more tragic fate compared to the previous one. It was instantly shattered. At the same time, the young sword cultivator took a step forward and a sword suddenly shot forward from his mouth, disappearing into the void of space.


When the sword returned, the cultivators present could clearly see that there was blood staining the sword. No questions were needed to know that the attacker hiding in the dark had been wounded.


After grasping his sword again, the young sword cultivator slashed at Old Monster Blackfiend, who was fighting nearby. The slash was like a charging bolt of lightning and Old Monster Blackfiend was immediately wounded.

Old Monster Blackfiend was already in a disadvantageous spot to begin with. Now that another expert had joined the fight against him, he immediately crumbled. The earlier fight had left him with three wounds, which broke some of his bones. And now, this slash ended up severing one of his arms. Sensing the looming threat of death, Old Monster Blackfiend subconsciously howled.

“Old Monster Blackfiend! Since you came to our Starcloud Auction House to raise a ruckus, you can forget about leaving. Just consider your life as a loss incurred here in our auction house!” the white-bearded old man shouted.

“You want to put me down? You think you have what it takes? Burn, my blood essence!”

Black energy seeped out from every part of Old Monster Blackfiend’s body and blood sprayed out from every pore. That was especially so for his severed arm. Blood was practically gushing out from the wound and a formidable and fiendish blood energy erupted from Old Monster Blackfiend’s body.

Sou! Bang!

One of the walls of the auction house was smashed, creating a large hole as a result. Meanwhile, Old Monster Blackfiend’s figure had transformed into a bloody beam of light, which charged through the wall to flee into the distance.

“You want to flee? Not so fast!” the young sword cultivator said, opening his mouth to send a white beam of light out. The white beam shot towards the fleeing Old Monster Blackfiend.

“Argh! My arm!” Old Monster Blackfiend, who had already fled through a distance of ten plus li, ended up losing another arm to the white beam of light.

“Lifebound sword energy, this fellow is powerful.” As a fellow sword cultivator, Jian Xiaotian was able to see just how powerful that ‘spitting sword energy from the mouth’ move was.

“This time, even if Old Monster Blackfiend manages to stay alive, he will still end up suffering horribly,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

Although the two attackers had failed to steal away the Spear of Carnage, they did wreck the auction hall. After a round of discussion, the auction house finally decided to end the auction and continue it three days later.

This time, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian did not stay in an inn. Instead, they stayed in a deluxe private courtyard that Starcloud Auction House had specially arranged for them. Firstly, this was a treatment for VIPs. Even more so, however, was the fact that they wanted to recruit Chen Feng. At any rate, the fact that he could bring out five Prized artefacts to auction off proved that he was no ordinary character. 

For the next three days, neither Chen Feng nor Jian Xiaotian left the courtyard. The two of them focused on their cultivation. Additionally, the two of them were cultivating in the same manner: Refining and absorbing the Five Elemental Liquid Metal.

Eh? The Five Elemental Liquid Metal is truly wondrous. This one drop of Five Elemental Liquid Metal is the equivalent of me refining and absorbing 100 days’ worth of metal-type energy. Sensing the changes within his body, Chen Feng felt shocked and overjoyed.

After spending the entire three days to refine one drop of the Five Elemental Liquid Metal, Chen Feng could feel that the Metal acupoint within his body had become the strongest amongst the Five Elemental acupoints. Strands of metal-type energy were rampaging about within his Metal acupoint. They were like a metal tempest, capable of shredding everything apart.

Chen Feng stretched his palm forward and his five fingers began turning golden in colour and they shone with a dazzling lustre. In the end, even his palm became a dazzling gold colour, seemingly moulded from gold.

His other hand brought out the Thunder Sword to slash his golden palm. Sparks scattered, but Chen Feng’s palm was surprisingly unharmed. Chen Feng had not utilized the power of the body armour. This was purely due to his fleshly body.

If I absorb a few more drops of the Five Elemental Liquid Metal, won’t I become impervious to weapons? Chen Feng felt pleasantly surprised.

Chen Feng managed to refine and absorb one drop of the Five Elemental Liquid Metal whereas Jian Xiaotian only managed to absorb one third of a drop. Even so, Chen Feng could still sense that the sword energy radiating from Jian Xiaotian had grown sharper.

Three days later, the auction resumed. The entire auction hall was repaired and restored to its original shape. Once again, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were staying in the same VIP private room.

As this auction was a continuation of the last one, there were only four items left for the auction. The first item was the Spear of Carnage, which had nearly been snatched away last time.

“This Sacred artefact, the Spear of Carnage. I have already introduced it last time, so I won’t be introducing it again this time around. The starting price is set at 5 million Prized crystals. Every bid increment is set at 0.1 million Prized crystals. All right. Now, the bidding begins!” the auctioneer said.

“5 million Prized crystals? Unbelievable! Even a medium-small sect could not scrape up this amount of Prized crystals!” uttered a shocked Chen Feng.

“If it is an intact Sacred artefact, it would be at least 100 million Prized crystals. No, that kind of item can no longer be valued using Prized crystals anymore,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“I bid 5 million.” There was almost no pause before someone made a bid. The bidder was from one of the private rooms.

“I bid 5.1 million!”

“5.2 million!”

“Ha ha ha! This is a Sacred artefact! I bid 6 million!”

“Humph! I bid 6.2 million!”

The price kept rising. However, the bidders were all cultivators from the private rooms. The cultivators sitting in the auction hall were seemingly only there to watch the show.

“6.3 million!”

“6.5 million!”

The price rose quickly and it did not take long for it to reach 10 million. When it reached 10 million, the rate at which the bidders bid for it began slowing down.

“10 million Prized crystals are already enough for Sky Human stage cultivators to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage,” Jian Xiaotian said, his heart stirring.

“He he! The spear is worthy of such a price.” Chen Feng chortled. Indeed, for a cultivator who could use it, a good magic treasure was priceless.

Originally, Chen Feng had assumed that he had enough Prized crystals on him. However, listening to the increasingly high bids, Chen Feng could not stop himself from shaking his head.

“These fellows are too crazy,” Chen Feng said.

“10.1 million!”

“10.2 million!”

The number of bidders decreased and the margin between each bid decreased as well. When the bidding price reached 11 million, only two competing bidders were left.

One of them was Young Master Wu Qing while the other was a mysterious fellow in black. 

“12 million,” Young Master Wu Qing said, gritting his teeth.

“He he! It sounds like Wu Qing is at his limit,” Young Master Tian Leizi snickered.

“I wonder who the other bidder is?”

“12.2 million.” The mysterious fellow’s voice was somewhat hoarse yet calm.

“Humph!” As expected, Young Master Wu Qing gave up. Finally, the Spear of Carnage was delivered to the mysterious fellow.

After obtaining the Spear of Carnage, the mysterious fellow did not stay. Instead, he simply left the auction house.

“It’s that mysterious man in black clothes,” Uncle Wang said.

“Is he alone?” Young Master Tian Leizi asked.

“Yes. Young Master, I am unable to determine his cultivation state. I think we should not offend him,” Uncle Wang said, his voice hesitant.

“No worries. I believe there are others who will attack. When the time comes, we can just come in from behind.” Young Master Tian Leizi smiled.

“The next auction item is a 10,000-year-old jade.” The auctioneer waved his hand and a beautiful female cultivator brought a jade plate forward.

After pulling away the black cloth on the jade plate, a fist-sized, blood-red jade stone appeared before them all.

“So, it’s an Intrinsic Blood Jade! That is a good item,” a cultivator who knew what it was quickly cried out in shock.

“Intrinsic Blood Jade? Surely not. The Intrinsic Blood Jade is a divine object!” Chen Feng was shocked as well.

“He he! There are good and bad grades even for the Intrinsic Blood Jade. While this Intrinsic Blood Jade is indeed a naturally-forming object, it is far from qualified to be called a divine object. Naturally, for Sky Human stage cultivators, this Intrinsic Blood Jade can already be considered as a rare treasure,” Tower said. 

“The Intrinsic Blood Jade. Wearing it during cultivation allows the cultivator to ward off cultivation deviation. It can also be used as an ingredient for pill concoction to concoct high-tier medicinal pills. One can also just absorb the intrinsic blood essence within for cultivation, strengthening blood energy and bones, transforming ones’ constitution and solidifying primary energy. This is a good item. You must buy it,” Jian Xiaotian said, feeling somewhat excited. 

1 li = 0.5 km

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