Chapter 434: Spear of Carnage


“Eh?” Chen Feng’s palm lurched. It was just his soul form, after all. The dark-gold water droplet had nearly fallen through his palm.

“He he! How is it?” Tower grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth.

“Just one droplet weighs 5,000 kilogrammes. How is this possible?” Shocked, Chen Feng inspected the water droplet on his palm. Finally, however, he was incapable of discovering anything.


Tower swung his hand and his palm slapped down upon the surface of the stone. Instantly, the stone broke apart, causing stone fragments to scatter about haphazardly. Next, a sphere of dark-gold liquid – the size of two heads – appeared on his palm.

“Not bad. There should be 10,000 droplets of Five Elemental Liquid Metal here,” said Tower, who tossed the sphere up and down.

“Sii! 10,000 droplets! Each droplet weighs 5,000 kilogrammes! When you look at it that way, this sphere weighs 50 million kilogrammes!” Chen Feng sucked in a breath of air. Forget his soul form, even his true body – after exerting all his might – would be incapable of lifting the sphere.

“Yes.” Tower chuckled.

“Then, what can the Five Elemental Liquid Metal be used for?” Chen Feng felt a need to get more details about it.

“Hey, hey! It has many uses! Kid, look here,’ Tower said and a small clump of the liquid metal suddenly emerged from the sphere in his hand. Given Chen Feng’s eye power, he could see that the clump consisted of around 100 droplets of the Five Elemental Liquid Metal.


The clump of Five Elemental Liquid Metal struck the wall of the Longevity Tower and flowed into the wall, disappearing from sight. Next, Chen Feng could clearly sense several small cracks outside the tower slowly disappearing. Finally, the cracked surface became a smooth surface. At the same time, Chen Feng could sense that the Longevity Tower’s essence aura was both changing and improving.

“It can repair the broken parts of the tower. This is truly a good thing!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“A pity, this amount is too little. If only there is more.” Even as Tower spoke, the sphere containing the Five Elemental Liquid Metal slowly shrank as its contents fused into the Longevity Tower’s body. As the amount of Five Elemental Liquid Metal decreased, Chen Feng could feel the Longevity Tower’s body growing stronger.

“All right. The remaining 100 droplets are yours.” When there was only a clump of the Five Elemental Liquid Metal left, Tower tossed it over to Chen Feng.

The 100 droplets weighed up to half a million kilogrammes. Knowing that his soul form could not lift it, Chen Feng utilized the Longevity Tower’s power to condense out a great hand to catch the clump of Five Elemental Liquid Metal.

“Since it can help you recover your powers, you should use all of it,” Chen Feng said.

“Humph! Kid, don’t be so amateurish. If even I can use it, then how much better would it be for you? Didn’t you open your Five Elemental acupoints already? The Metal acupoint needs this metal energy. After you have refined some of it, you will know the benefits that it can bring. Besides, it can also allow your magic treasures to level up. There are various other uses for it. You can slowly figure it out in the future,” Tower said.

“Five Elemental Liquid Metal. Jian Xiaotian is a pure sword cultivator. He should be able to use it.” Chen Feng returned his attention to his body outside. Then, bringing out a droplet of the Five Elemental Liquid Metal, he flicked it towards Jian Xiaotian’s palm.

Jian Xiaotian’s body staggered as a result. Then, he cried out in excitement as he looked at the droplet of liquid on his palm, “This is Five Elemental Liquid Metal!”

“Shh, lower your voice! Do you want them to rush over and snatch it from us?” Chen Feng whispered.

Jian Xiaotian immediately lowered his voice. However, he was still feeling very excited. “Did this come from inside the stone you just bought?”

“Yes. There was a total of 10,000 droplets in there. Right now, there are still 100 droplets. For 4 million Prized crystals, would you not say it is worth it?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“Worth it! Absolutely worth it! Wait, 10,000 droplets? So many?” Jian Xiaotian nearly jumped to his feet.

“All of it were obtained from the stone. Still, it sounds like Brother Jian has seen this Five Elemental Liquid Metal before?” Chen Feng asked.

“I had seen it before back in the sect. Five Elemental Liquid Metal is either extremely expensive or scarce. For those cultivating metal-type magics, no matter how much they have to spend on it, it will still be worth it,” Jian Xiaotian said solemnly as he regarded the droplet of Five Elemental Liquid Metal on his palm.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four more droplets of Five Elemental Liquid Metal flew out to land on Jian Xiaotian’s body, causing him to stagger a few more times.

“One droplet weighs 5,000 kilogrammes. Just one droplet is enough for my cultivation base to break through again. Brother Chen, you should keep the remaining four droplets. They are too precious,” Jian Xiaotian said, taking a deep breath.

“Ha ha ha! Brother Jian, is there a need for such words between us? Besides, I still have a lot with me. If you do not have enough, just ask me,” Chen Feng said, laughing.

“I was being unreasonable.” Jian Xiaotian smiled. Next, he carefully collected the five droplets of Five Elemental Liquid Metal.

“Look, the auction is getting heated again.” Chen Feng suddenly noticed that the atmosphere within the auction hall had grown fiery once again. Many of the cultivators there stood up. Soul powers were even coming out from the various VIP private rooms. This was an unprecedented level of excitement. 

“It’s a Sacred artefact. I didn’t think that this auction house could actually bring out a Sacred artefact for its auction,” said a shocked Jian Xiaotian.

“Didn’t they say the final item is a Sky-tier cultivation technique? To think that they are even bringing out a Sacred artefact. This is truly a surprise,” Chen Feng said as well.

“Everyone, quiet. Quiet!” The auctioneer shouted a few times before the uproar subsided. However, many people were still discussing in hushed tones.

A spear, covered in rust stains, was erected in the middle of the auction hall. It was not only covered in rust. There were also nicks and cracks on its body. Even so, they could not cover the strands of shockingly sharp aura radiating from it. In fact, if it weren’t for the overly terrifying aura, the cultivators in the auction house would have thought that this spear was just a piece of scrap iron.

“A good item!”

“It really is a Sacred artefact!”

“One glance is all it takes to tell that it is a terrifying weapon! I wonder how many people had died to it?”

“At the very least, it is a weapon that a Human Immortal had once used. All right! I must buy it! With this, my combat power will rise by several levels!”

Seeing the spear, some of the more powerful cultivators revealed inflamed expressions. Some could barely hold themselves back from rushing forward to snatch it.

“This Sacred artefact’s name is the Spear of Carnage. A senior from our auction house had obtained this from the Planar Battlefield. It is four metres long and forged using Five Elemental Metalcore. According to the assessment made by a senior from our auction house, this Spear of Carnage is a grade 3 Sacred artefact. Its former owner should be a mid-level Human Immortal,” the auctioneer said.

“A weapon used by a mid-level Human Immortal? When you put it that way, even a Human Immortal would be moved by it!”

“Braggart! I think the auction house is just exaggerating!”

“The way I see it, this spear is not to be underestimated. It is definitely a Sacred artefact. However, I am incapable of determining its grade. Even so, the aura it exudes is very strong. If I can acquire it, I will be able to kill off enemies that are of a higher level than me!”

“You? Ha ha! Let’s just keep quiet and watch the show!”

“Tower, how is the spear?” Chen Feng asked.

“Nothing special about it. It’s nearing the end of its lifespan and will be breaking soon. However, the spear spirit and atmosphere of carnage it contains is quite good,” Tower said coolly.

“In other words, it is just a broken Sacred artefact. However, it is still a Sacred artefact. It must contain the imprints left by Human Immortals. If Sky Human stage cultivators acquire it, they can study it in detail to save themselves from a great deal of detours,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Suddenly, a loud laughter erupted within the auction house. The laughter was like thunder and its soundwaves rumbled outwards. The chairs and furniture within the auction house were all shattered to bits and many of the cultivators present were quaked by the soundwaves, resulting in blood flowing out from their seven orifices. Some with lesser cultivation bases were simply knocked unconscious.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Popping sounds could be heard within Chen Feng’s private room. That was the sound of the seals on the private room breaking apart.

“Strong! An expert is actually here to cause trouble!” Chen Feng blurted. With a wave of his hand, a stream of power surged out from the Longevity Tower to envelop the whole private room. After that, the room returned to its calm state.

“Is it a Human Immortal?” Jian Xiaotian said, feeling somewhat shocked.

“Who dares raise a ruckus in our Starcloud Auction House? Are you tired of living?” The auctioneer shouted. However, he stopped at shouting. He dared not step forward. At any rate, the power displayed by the other party was something that he could not contest.

“Eh? This person looks familiar,” Jian Xiaotian suddenly said.

“It’s Old Monster Blackfiend!” Chen Feng exclaimed. Back when Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun had just fled from Extreme Celestial Sect, they were ambushed by Old Monster Blackfiend. However, as Chen Feng possessed a Sacred artefact, Old Monster Blackfiend had not only failed to capture them, he was instead wounded and forced to flee. Unexpectedly, he would appear now.

“It’s Old Monster Blackfiend!” By then, some of the cultivators within the auction house had also recognized Old Monster Blackfiend.

“Ha ha ha! This spear is mine. Anyone who tries to stop me will die!” Old Monster Blackfiend stretched his hand out to swing downwards and tens of cultivators were instantly killed by the resulting palm blast. Thus, the entire auction hall fell into a state of chaos.

Next, Chen Feng saw Old Monster Blackfiend’s black silhouette flash forward to arrive at the centre of the auction hall. The black silhouette extended a hand to grasp the spear.

“Old Monster Blackfiend, you are courting death here! You should know the powers backing our Starcloud Auction House!” the auctioneer shouted.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four formidable guards darted forward from the corners of the auction hall to attack Old Monster Blackfiend simultaneously. All four guards had overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations each and their attacks complemented one another. Four roiling blasts of energy converged upon one another like erupting volcanoes while Old Monster Blackfiend was in the middle, pincered by the four energy blasts.


Old Monster Blackfiend bellowed and a wave of black energy erupted throughout the auction hall. In the face of the black energy wave, the four guards puked out blood as their figures hurtled backwards to slam against the walls. It was unknown if they were dead or alive.

“Impressive! The combined might displayed by the four cultivators is enough for them to fight even a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. However, Old Monster Blackfiend finished them off so quickly,” said a shocked Jian Xiaotian.

“There is too big of a difference. Without utilizing Sacred artefacts, the two of us would be instantly killed if we attack him,” Chen Feng said.

“Will Old Monster Blackfiend end up snatching the spear away?” Jian Xiaotian said, watching as Old Monster Blackfiend’s outstretched hand moved towards the spear.

“Probably not. Since this auction house has the guts to bring out a Sacred artefact for its auction, it must have some experts to defend the place,” Chen Feng said.

As the two of them were chatting, something happened. Just as Old Monster Blackfiend’s hand was about to grasp the Spear of Carnage, a short old man with white beard appeared out of nowhere before darting forward to fight Old Monster Blackfiend. After just a few exchanges, this newcomer had put Old Monster Blackfiend in a disadvantageous position.

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