Chapter 433: Five Elemental Liquid Metal


“I bid 0.5 million!” 

Jian Xiaotian had only just uttered those words when someone began bidding. Moreover, the one who started the bid was one of the cultivators in the auction hall.

“Erlp-” Due to his emotions, Jian Xiaotian accidentally swallowed the grape that he had only just placed into his mouth.

“There must be something wacky going on here. Someone is actually bidding for it. Is there something wrong with this fellow’s head?” Jian Xiaotian said.

“0.6 million!”

“I bid 0.7 million!”

“0.8 million!”

Yet again, Jian Xiaotian had only just spoken up when the price of the stone rose to 0.8 million Prized crystals. The price caused most of the cultivators there to feel shocked. Such a high price would be normal if that was truly a treasure. At that moment, however, nobody knew what the stone was. And yet, they were madly raising its price. Do they have too much spirit stones? Do they have nothing else to do with their money?

“I bid 1 million.” Chen Feng, too, spoke up.

Hearing Chen Feng’s bid, Jian Xiaotian’s eyes widened. Finally, while still in a dazed state, he asked, “Brother Chen, did you figure out that this stone is some kind of treasure?” 

“No. I am just suddenly feeling interested. I’ll buy it and play around with it,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Play around with it? Stop kidding! This is 1 million Prized crystals we are talking about here, not Magic crystals or some crappy stones. 1 million Prized crystals are enough for a cultivator to overcome several Lightning Tribulations within a short period of time. It is not impossible to buy a top-grade Prized artefact with that amount of money either,” Jian Xiaotian said, his voice somewhat emotional.

One million Prized crystals was no small sum. Not to mention, the thing he was buying was a piece of unknown stone.

“We’ll talk again once I’ve bought it.” Chen Feng nodded. Truth be told, Chen Feng himself did not know what the stone was.

Hearing someone from the VIP room bid 1 million for it, the auction hall fell silent. Some gave up on bidding.

“He he, I bid 1.01 million,” said a smiling old man with scarlet-red hair.

“It’s Loose Sage Scarlet Fire. It is said that he has overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations. Additionally, he recently ventured into a danger zone and obtained some treasures from it. He now has the imposing atmosphere of the rich!”

“It’s actually Loose Sage Scarlet Fire! Why didn’t he go to a private room?”

“He he! Maybe he likes this type of atmosphere?”

“Ha ha ha! Old Scarlet Fire, you are too stingy. I bid 1.2 million Prized crystals.” Suddenly, a middle-aged man clad in white clothes laughed.

“It’s a guy in demonic-looking clothes. I hear he is from the Demon Order. I wonder if it’s true?”

“Humph!” Loose Sage Scarlet Fire was somewhat displeased. Truth be told, he did not have a lot of spirit stones with him. Additionally, the reason he came to this auction was for the Sky-tier cultivation technique. 1.01 million Prized crystals were already his limit. Thus, after giving a cold harrumph, Loose Sage Scarlet Fire stopped bidding.

“Looks like there are some variables,” whispered the arrogant-looking young master from the private room who had spoken to Uncle Wang earlier.

“Whatever! I’ll bid once. If I cannot get it, then so be it!”

“1.5 million.” A youngster’s calm voice echoed throughout the auction hall.

Did someone else notice the value of this stone? Chen Feng subconsciously thought.

“Hey, hey! I am not trying to brag here, but even most Human Immortals would be incapable of figuring out what this stone is.” Tower snickered.

“If so, there is no need for me to worry.” Chen Feng nodded. What he feared at the moment was unexpected variables. Since no one else managed to figure out the value of this stone, the bidders were simply curious cultivators with money to spend.

“However, 1.5 million is indeed a high price,” Chen Feng said.

“Heh! What do you know, kid? Forget 1.5 million Prized crystals, even 1.5 million Immortal crystals will not be enough to match this stone’s value,” Tower said coldly.

“Sii! So valuable?” Chen Feng was absolutely astounded.

“Heh heh! It looks like this stone will end up in Young Master’s hand,” Uncle Wang, who was beside the young master, said with a chuckle.

“Spending 1.5 million Prized crystals for a stone of unknown value. I don’t think there are many such people in the Northern Plains.” The Young Master was feeling somewhat pleased with himself.

“1.6 million!”

Suddenly, another voice rang out from another private room to ‘slap’ the Young Master’s smug face.

“Humph! It’s that Wan Xie.” Killing intent glinted across the young master’s eyes.

“Ha ha! What do you think, Huo Sheng? Is that Tian Leizi throwing a fit right now?” Young Master Wan Xie released a devilish snicker.

“Probably. However, Tian Leizi is someone from Heavenly Spirit Sect, after all. He is not easy to deal with. Provoking him is not worth our time,” Huo Sheng said with a smirk.

“This cannot count as a provocation. I just can’t stand his smug face.” Young Master Wan Xie laughed.

“1.7 million.” Young Master Tian Leizi gritted his teeth and made another bid. He was gritting his teeth not because he felt pained at having to bid a higher price. Rather, it was because he was furious that someone dared oppose him.

“1.8 million.” Young Master Wan Xie snapped his fingers.

“Tsk, tsk! It sounds like Tian Leizi and Wan Xie are duking it out. In that case, I will not be taking part in this. It is just a stone with unknown value. Besides, if this stone is truly a rare treasure, I can just go snatch it.” The other fellow, Young Master Wu Qing, also had his own plans. However, it would appear that he simply did not view the other two young masters as a threat.

“Remarkable! The price has risen to such a high level!” Seeing the price rise continuously, Chen Feng felt somewhat shocked. However, there was no way he would give up.

“2 million.” By then, Young Master Tian Leizi’s bid had reached 2 million.

“Young Master, let’s stop here. We still have to compete for other items. Do not forget that we are here for that Sky-tier cultivation scroll.” Uncle Wang advised.

“Uncle Wang, don’t say anything. Wan Xie is clearly provoking me. I will not take this lying down!” Young Master Tian Leizi said, gritting his teeth.

“3 million.” Suddenly, someone else made a bid. Furthermore, the price offered shocked the entire auction house. Even Young Master Tian Leizi’s eyelids twitched when he heard that.

“Who is that?” Many of the cultivators within private rooms turned to inspect the private room where the voice had originated from.

“Brother Chen, isn’t this bid of yours a little too much? Earlier, you sold five Prized artefacts only to obtain around 6 plus million Prized crystals. Could this stone be worth so much Prized crystals?” asked a shocked Jian Xiaotian.

The earlier bid had come from Chen Feng. Since Tower had mentioned that it was valuable, it must surely be valuable. Chen Feng had never doubted Tower.

“It’s value for money,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

In a flash, tens of streams of soul power pierced through the protective shield enveloping their private room before moving to envelop Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“Humph! Courting death!” Chen Feng scoffed. Immediately, he brought the Longevity Tower’s power to bear and a semi-transparent silhouette of a nine-storey pagoda tower appeared around Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.


Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

The Longevity Tower’s silhouette gave a gentle pulse and all the streams of soul power that had made their way into the room shattered.




The cultivators who sent out their soul powers to investigate Chen Feng grunted. Some whose cultivation bases were insufficient ended up with blood trickling down the corner of their mouths.

“What power! It instantly struck down my soul power’s probing attempt. Could it be a Human Immortal in there?” Uncle Wang, who remained beside Young Master Tian Leizi, frowned.

The stream of soul power that Uncle Wang sent out earlier was easily shattered and not a single scrap could be recovered. Again, Uncle Wang was someone with 8 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. To be able to easily destroy the soul power of a cultivator with 8 Lightning Tribulations under his belt, that person must be at least twice as strong as Uncle Wang.

“Unexpectedly, there is a hidden expert here,” Young Master Wu Qing whispered.

“Huo Sheng, this is bad. The other party is an expert. I hope we didn’t offend the other party just now.” Despite saying that, Young Master Wan Xie had a nonchalant expression on his face.

“Ha ha! If the other party is a Human Immortal, killing all of us in one move is possible if he or she becomes enraged. Then, we can only blame luck.” Again, Huo Sheng maintained that sunny smile on his face.

 “I seriously suspect whether or not you are actually from Ardent Flame Sect. Do all the cultivators from Ardent Flame Sect have this kind of attitude?” Young Master Wan Xie could not stop himself from chuckling.

“Those fellows are going to be honest now,” Chen Feng said. Then, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower transformed into a stream of light before flowing into his body.

“3 million! Are there any other bidders? Are there any other bidders?” The auctioneer shouted gleefully. The fact that this stone could be sold at such a price was beyond his expectations.

“3.5 million.” Suddenly, Young Master Wan Xie made another bid.

“Wan Xie, have you gone nuts?” The smile on Huo Sheng’s face diminished somewhat.

“He he! I just want to try one more time.” Young Master Wan Xie laughed.

“4 million.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out after that.

“Forget it. Although I know there is something up with this stone, I can no longer keep this up. After the auction is over, I want to see just who the other party is,” Young Master Wan Xie said with a grin.

This time, no one else tried competing against Chen Feng. Soon, the sizable stone was sent into Chen Feng’s room. At the same time, Chen Feng handed over the spirit stones as payment.


Chen Feng instantly kept the stone into the Longevity Tower.

“Ha ha! It is as I had expected!” Tower suddenly laughed out, a trace of smugness in his voice.

“Tower, just what is it?” Chen Feng could not hold back and he secretly asked. At the same time, he utilized a soul technique to condense out a soul body inside the Longevity Tower. However, it was blurry and seemingly transparent, far inferior compared to the body that Tower had formed.

“Naturally, it is something good. There is Five Elemental Liquid Metal inside this stone,” Tower said with a smile.

“Five Elemental Liquid Metal?” Chen Feng felt somewhat puzzled. He had never heard of it before.

“I have heard of Five Elemental Metalcore, but what is this Five Elemental Liquid Metal? Is it some kind of iron essence?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Not iron essence, but metal essence. The essence of metal.” After saying that, Tower’s human form extended a finger to tap the stone. With a cracking sound, a circular hole appeared on the surface of the stone.

Next, Tower stretched his palm out to exert a suction force and a dark-gold water droplet flew into his palm.

“This is the Five Elemental Liquid Metal?” Chen Feng wondered.

“Yes, come check it out.” After saying that, Tower waved his hand and the water droplet floated over to Chen Feng.

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