Chapter 429: Shadow


“Second Lu Bro was killed!”

Some of the surrounding cultivators rubbed their eyes, unable to believe what they had just witnessed. 

“It’s true. Second Lu Bro has been killed. Looks like these two outsiders have brought upon themselves a great disaster. Don’t they know that the Lu Family has a Human Immortal? Even the big immortal dao sects dare not casually offend them!”

“Hey, hey! The way I see it, these two fellows must have a powerful background. They possess such powerful cultivation bases at such a young age. Not to mention, their actions are very ruthless. These two are not to be underestimated. Perhaps, the Lu Brothers have kicked an iron plate this time around.”

“Stop talking! Let’s observe what happens next!”

Since opening his Soul and Anima acupoints, Chen Feng’s aura had converged sharply and practically no aura would leak out. Even Sky Human stage cultivators would be incapable of determining Chen Feng’s cultivation state. Thus, everyone there had assumed that Chen Feng was cultivating a magic technique which allowed him to conceal his aura.

“Second Bro!”

“Second Bro!”

The eyes of the other two Lu Brothers turned red. Although the three of them acted in an overbearing manner to oppress the good folks, they had grown up together. Thus, the relationship between them was very good. Seeing their fellow clan brother killed, Big Lu Bro and Third Lu Bro lost control over themselves. First, their bodies trembled. Then, they howled as they charged towards Chen Feng.

Anger had messed up their ability to think. However, their attacks were in no way messy. On the contrary, their attacks grew even stronger.

A palm blast, capable of rearranging the mountains and overturning the seas, shot towards Chen Feng. The hard surface of the street cracked open as a result and some cultivators who were too near them fell backwards as they were nearly pulled into the range of the attack. Accompanying the palm blast was a sword beam, which looked like a raging waterfall. Like a spiral galaxy, the palm blast and the sword beam swirled towards Chen Feng. The two Lu Brothers gritted their teeth, seemingly wanting to tear Chen Feng to pieces.

Despite facing such a fierce attack, Chen Feng maintained a calm demeanour. Once again, he reached out with his hand to perform a grasping motion. The palm blast dissipated and the sword beam shattered. He had casually unravelled the two attacks.

“Too weak,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head. Chen Feng could sense that the Three Lu Brothers were the weakest amongst those on the same cultivation level as them.

Impressive! Brother Chen is so strong? Jian Xiaotian, who was beside him, was shocked again.

While Jian Xiaotian could also easily kill off the Three Lu Brothers, he would not be able to display the same look of ease as Chen Feng did. Chen Feng’s actions had been very clean, as though it was truly nothing for him.

Bang! Bang!

Two more lightning-fast palms shot out and Big Lu Bro and Third Lu Bro’s figures flew up as they met the same fate as Second Lu Bro.

After cleanly killing off the three of them, Chen Feng simply sighed to himself. Without saying a word, he glanced around and the surrounding onlookers dispersed. Next, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian leisurely made their way forward.

After hearing the news, a group of soldiers had rushed over. Originally, they had wanted to make an arrest. However, after seeing the dead corpses of the Three Lu Brothers, the soldiers fell silent, allowing Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian to leave.

Don’t joke around! These fellows dared to even kill off the overbearing Lu Brothers of Starcloud City, let alone minor soldiers that had yet to reach the Sky Human stage like them.

“What do we do?”

“What else can we do? This is not something we can get involved in. Just report this to the higher-ups!”

Today, Starcloud City finally had a topic of discussion. That topic was none other than the deaths of the Three Lu Brothers.

On the other hand, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian appeared unperturbed as they stayed in a restaurant, drinking wine while enjoying the scenery beyond the restaurant’s window.

After gulping down a cup of wine, Chen Feng said, “I didn’t think that we would end up getting into trouble right after entering this city.”

“Hey, hey! Are the troubles we face any smaller than this?” Jian Xiaotian replied smilingly.

“I am just worried that this minor incident would expose our identities. Additionally, it would appear that those fellows have quite the background.” Despite saying that, Chen Feng did not appear concerned.

“If so, why did you attack?” Jian Xiaotian said, pouring himself another cup of wine.

“He he! We have even killed off the guys from Nine Firmaments Palace. Could their backers be even stronger than Nine Firmaments Palace?” Chen Feng reflexively chortled.

“Yes. Although this Starcloud City is pretty decent, I don’t think there are any powerful characters here,” Jian Xiaotian said. He had successfully evaded Nine Firmaments Palace’s attempts to kill and capture him time and again. Additionally, his cultivation base had recently risen to a higher level. Thus, his level of arrogance, too, grew higher.

“Humph! What boastful words!” A cold harrumph rang out beside Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s ears.

Turning around, Chen Feng saw a cyan silhouette flashing by. His eyes lit up. Next, his figure flashed forward to pursue the silhouette.

“Senior!” Chen Feng called out loudly, his voice spreading through half of Starcloud City.

However, after chasing all the way out of Starcloud City, Chen Feng was still incapable of catching up to the other party. Unwilling, Chen Feng had wanted to continue the chase when a voice quickly flowed into his ears.

“Little fellow, don’t bother chasing anymore. I am already more than 500 kilometres away. Ha ha! How unexpected! After just such a short time, you have managed to cultivate up to this level. Moreover, you even stirred up such a storm. Ha ha ha! Looks like my eyes did not deceive me back then!”

It was the voice of the cyan-robed man. Back then, a bowl of wine from the cyan-robed man had allowed Chen Feng’s cultivation base to rise by 100 years. No matter what his reasons may be, Chen Feng felt very grateful towards the cyan-robed man [1].

“Senior! Senior!” Chen Feng continued to shout loudly. He had no other thoughts except to say thanks to him in person.

“Be careful, this Starcloud City has some experts. It looks like you fellows are thinking about heading to the Central Plains. How about this? You want to meet me, right? I will be waiting for you in the Central Plains.” Every single one of the words were clearly transmitted into Chen Feng’s ears. After that, no matter how much Chen Feng called out, he received no response.


Jian Xiaotian quickly caught up to him. “Brother Chen, what happened just now?”

“I met an acquaintance. A pity, I failed to catch up to him.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“That person must surely be an expert. Earlier, I was only able to hear his voice. I had failed to see anything,” Jian Xiaotian said. Truth be told, Jian Xiaotian was feeling very shocked. To think that there was such an expert right beside him earlier. The two of them had actually failed to notice it.

By the time Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian returned to Starcloud City, the sky had turned dark. Thus, the two of them simply found an inn to stay in.

Starcloud City…

Inside the City Lord Residence, the City Lord was listening to the report from his subordinate.

“The Three Lu Brothers were killed?” The City Lord was first taken aback. However, he was quick to recollect himself.

Next, one of his soldiers produced a piece of jade stone. Light shone out from the jade stone to create a projection of Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

After giving them just one glance, the City Lord nodded and said, “These two fellows should be outsiders.”

“No! These two have changed their facial appearances!” The City Lord’s eyes promptly shone with light and the projection hovering in the air dissipated away.

“The Lu Brothers hail from the Lu Family. While it is nothing concerning, it will still be better to send some men to investigate those two fellows so as to reduce any unnecessary troubles. If they do not have any backgrounds, just kill them off,” the City Lord said coolly.


After the City Lord said that, two black shadows suddenly appeared behind the City Lord. It was unknown just how the two shadows had appeared. No ripples could be sensed in the air and there was no way to clearly see what those two shadows were. Rather, it looked as though those two shadows were actually part of the City Lord’s shadow.

“You two, go investigate.” The City Lord waved his hand and the two shadows instantly disappeared into thin air. It was as though they had never appeared.


Chen Feng gently slid down from his bed and his eyes abruptly shone. It was as though there were two lightning bolts flashing out and the entire room was illuminated. There in front of Chen Feng was a black shadow, a human figure clad in black.

Not good! He discovered me! The black shadow was greatly shocked. Next, his figure transformed into a stream of light as he darted out the window.


Chen Feng swiftly grasped out with his palm and the window sills burst outwards. It wasn’t just the window sills that were shattered, even the surrounding walls were corroded by a notch.


A grunt could be heard as the black shadow disappeared.

“How slippery.” Chen Feng did not give chase. He had not detected any killing intent from the other party, otherwise he would not have allowed the black shadow to flee from him so easily.


Suddenly, sword light flashed out from the adjacent courtyard. Next, Jian Xiaotian’s figure dashed into Chen Feng’s building to appear before him.

“Someone was spying on me earlier, but I beat him back. Still, it would appear that the person did not hold any ill intentions,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“The same thing happened to me. It must be due to what happened during the day.” Chen Feng nodded.

It did not take long for the two black shadows to re-appear before the City Lord. Again, they did not reveal their true forms and faces. However, the City Lord frowned.

“You two are injured!”

“We are incompetent. We were discovered by them,” both shadows said at the same time.

The City Lord raised his brows. He had carefully trained these two shadows himself. Although they were only at level 3 of the Sky Human stage, they were very proficient at stealth and assassinations. If the other party was careless, even a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator would find it hard to discover them. 

“What did you discover?” the City Lord asked.

“One of them is a young level 3 Sky Human stage sword cultivator. His body is brimming with sword intent and his sword energy is both sharp and forceful. Most of the core disciples from Sword Hall would be no match for him.”

“The other fellow appeared younger. However, I could not determine his cultivation state.”

“If we are not mistaken, they should be the ones whose names are ringing loudly within the world of cultivation of late, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian!”

Hearing that, the City Lord’s eyes flashed with light again.

“Very well. You two head back and heal up.” The City Lord waved his hand and the two black shadows immediately disappeared.

These two fellows actually came to Starcloud City. What should I do? Should I capture them and hand them over to Nine Firmaments Palace? That was the first thought to emerge within the City Lord’s mind. However, he swiftly rejected the idea.

No! It has been a long time since Nine Firmaments Palace mobilized practically all of the Northern Plains for this. And yet, they could not deal with these two fellows. This proves that these two fellows are not to be underestimated. If I can capture them by taking action, then everything would be fine. However, if something unexpected happens, it will likely cause problems for Starcloud City. At any rate, there is no need for me to please Nine Firmaments Palace. The City Lord of Starcloud City walked back and forth, but was unable to come to a decision.

“Forget it! I should go check it out myself. These two fellows have recently kicked up a storm within the world of cultivation. Let’s see what kind of abilities they have,” said the City Lord, whose figure slowly turned faint. Finally, he disappeared into thin air.

This time, Chen Feng did not sense anyone approaching him. At any rate, no matter how powerful he may be, he was still just a Concealed stage cultivator. There was too big of a difference between him and the City Lord of Starcloud City. However, that did not matter as he possessed the Longevity Tower, which was hidden within him.

“He he! Kiddo, someone else is here.” Tower chortled.


 1 The cyan-robed man appeared in Chapter 168.

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