Chapter 425: Thousand Limb Monster


“Do not worry! This is just a small Thousand Limb Monster.” Two cultivators attacked simultaneously, firing several sword and blade beams out to bombard the Thousand Limb Monster, which was whipping around with its tentacles, into pieces.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Immediately after that, one thick tentacle after another emerged from beneath the lake. The tentacles were large, thick and soft. However, spikes lined the surface area of the tentacles and a putrid stench kept seeping out from them.

There was no telling how long those tentacles were, but all of them began attacking the cultivators on the ship.

“Incredible! Looks like this is not a small one,” Jian Xiaotian said, light flaring out from the great sword in his hand as he sliced the tentacle attacking him into bits.


The staff in Lin Shaokun’s hand shot out swiftly and two tentacles were split into two each and an incomparably putrid stench sprayed out from the torn areas.

As the other cultivators were not as capable as Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun, the tentacles were able to constantly snatch up the cultivators there. After that, the spikes on the tentacles would pierce into the cultivators’ bodies, injecting poison into their system. Instantly, the cultivators would start shaking. After just a brief struggle, death claimed them. 

In just the blink of an eye, over 10 cultivators had been killed. Naturally, some of the cultivators – joining forces – were able to cut off some of the tentacles.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two tentacles dove towards Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. The strong winds created in their wake caused popping sounds to ring out in the air.

Chen Feng was quick to respond. Both his hands shot out to grab the tentacles. Then, using all his strength, he pulled with both hands. This move from him contained a force of over half a million kilogrammes. It was capable of ripping out a small mountain.

This show of force from Chen feng caused the surface of the lake to quake and its waters screamed. The big ship began rocking about violently.

“Get out here!”

Both of Chen Feng’s hands tugged once again and a massive water monster was jerked out from the lake, its figure flying into the sky. The water monster had the appearance of a squid and tentacles grew out from every part of its body. Every tentacle was tens of zhang long. A high number of tentacles whipped about in the sky, making it hard to determine its appearance.

“What a massive Thousand Limb Monster! It must have overcome at least 6 Lightning Tribulations!” one of the cultivators on the ship shouted.

“That youngster is incredibly powerful! He could actually pull out such a massive Thousand Limb Monster out from the lake!”

“Sii! Such a big Thousand Limb Monster is strong enough to kill off every cultivator on this ship. Thankfully, these three fellows appeared. However, there is still no telling which side is more powerful. I think we should quickly make a run for it!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng did not release his grip on the two tentacles. Thus, the Thousand Limb Monster began attacking. Countless tentacles shot forward, smashing or swirling towards Chen Feng.

“Attack! Domain power!” Chen Feng bellowed and his domain unfurled to instantly hold the tentacles in place. At the same time, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun swiftly flew upwards. They unleashed their killer moves against the Thousand Limb Monster.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

One by one, the thick tentacles were cut down and the Thousand Limb Monster roared out furiously. It exerted such a forceful might that the two tentacles that Chen Feng was holding were ripped apart. Next, its tentacles flailed about madly and Chen Feng’s domain began breaking.

“What power!” Chen Feng was shocked. Then, he rushed forward. The Death Sword appeared in his grasp to draw arcing lines of sword energy in the sky. Wherever the lines appeared, the tentacles – even those that had yet to lash out – would be reduced to chunky bits. At the same time, the tentacle bits would wither into dried-up squid skin before falling into the lake.

“Roar! Humans, you are courting death! I will kill every last one of you!” The Thousand Limb Monster roared out in the human tongue and its remaining tentacles lashed out without respite. The surface of the lake stirred violently and large pillars of water shot high into the sky. The big ship was finally incapable of enduring the shockwaves and was overturned. After that, it slowly sank. As for the cultivators on the ship, they had all vaulted up into the sky where they would either hover by riding on their flying swords or utilize their primary energies to envelop their bodies to keep them afloat in the sky. Naturally, there were also some courageous cultivators who chose to unleash their killer moves against the Thousand Limb Monster hovering in the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Pillars of water blasted up into the sky and several cultivators instantly coughed out blood before falling into the lake. After that, the water monsters hiding beneath the lake rushed forward to tear their bodies apart.

“If you don’t want to die, stay away!” Chen Feng shouted.

Next, without any overt actions from the Thousand Limb Monster, a large stretch of black slime descended from the sky, like dark clouds. The black slime moved to envelop Chen Feng’s team of three, eroding the air with a sizzling sound as it did.

“Be careful, this is poison!” Chen Feng said. Next, the sword in his hand radiated to form a sword trail above them.

Upon contact with the sword trail, the poison immediately vaporized, disappearing completely.


A blast of primary energy the size of a head smashed against the sword trail that Chen Feng created and exploded. The massive force of the explosion broke the sword trail and Chen Feng’s figure flew into the lake like an artillery blast.

After Chen Feng fell into the lake, several water monsters promptly rushed towards Chen Feng to bite him. However, Chen Feng brandished the Death Sword and killed them all. A thick death energy emanated out as a result, covering a radius of 1,000 zhang around Chen Feng and causing the other water monsters within the area to run away.

Although the Thousand Limb Monster was already grievously wounded, it was still a fierce opponent. It did not reveal the slightest desire to retreat. Rather, it unleashed attacks that were even more ferocious against Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

“Still not running? Looks like you want to die,” Chen Feng said, the Death Sword in his hand flashing with lightning. Chen Feng had been using tribulation lightning to temper his body. Thus, some of the tribulation lightning had already melded with his body. This lightning power he spurred out was even stronger than the average Lightning Tribulation. At any rate, the tribulation lightning that Chen Feng absorbed and refined were the tribulation lightning for breaking through to the Human Immortal stage. 

Chen Feng moved with incredible velocity, arriving before the Thousand Limb Monster in the blink of an eye. Lightning flashed and flesh was immediately scorched.

“What level is this lightning power at? Why is it so powerful?!” After getting wounded again, the Thousand Limb Monster finally became afraid. It quickly shrank its body as it descended into the lake.  

“Trying to leave now? Too late!” Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun blocked the Thousand Limb Monster’s path, unleashing an unending stream of attacks against it. They instantly knocked the Thousand Limb Monster back up.

By then, Chen Feng – with the Death Sword in hand – was already charging towards it.

After a few savage confrontations, which caused the surface of the lake to explode, the Thousand Limb Monster finally fell to Chen Feng’s team of three. A smooth and round yao core flew into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Our recent cultivation efforts have greatly increased our cultivation base. To think that we could even kill off a Great Yao of this level,” said a laughing Jian Xiaotian.

“I didn’t think that Stormwave Lake could play host to such yao beasts,” Chen Feng said.

“This is nothing. No matter how you cut it, Stormwave Lake is one of the ten biggest lakes in the Northern Plains. There are even Yao Kings living inside the lake, let alone a Great Yao,” Lin Shaokun said.

“Our fight caused quite a scene. Let’s hurry up and leave,” Chen Feng said.

“Very well. I wonder how my master is doing. I want to hurry back as soon as possible,” said Lin Shaokun, who brought out his Skysoar Shuttle. The three of them got in. Then, combusting some spirit stones, the Skysoar Shuttle transformed into a line of light before disappearing into the sky.

“Did you guys see that?”

“I see it. It’s Chen Feng and the other two fugitives!”

“Good! This is a great contribution. We got lucky. It’s still not too late. Let’s hurry to Nine Firmaments Palace. Just this piece of information will be worth a lot of money!”

“Yes, yes. Let’s leave right now!”

Not long after Chen Feng’s team left, a few cultivators swiftly flew out of Stormwave Lake. They were none other than the loose cultivators aboard the big ship earlier. They had recognized Chen Feng’s team.

The Skysoar Shuttle was very fast. It did not take long for it to fly out from Stormwave Lake. Next, it stopped at an uninhabited spot.

“Fellow brothers, I will have to split ways with you two now,” said Lin Shaokun after a moment’s consideration.

“Brother Lin, are you heading back right now?” Chen Feng was quick to ask.

“I am sorry. Without my master’s permission, I cannot bring anyone back,” Lin Shaokun said apologetically.

“Ha ha! We understand.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian smiled.

Next, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian brought out the yao cores in their possession and gave them to Lin Shaokun. The injuries afflicting Lin Shaokun’s master were peculiar, requiring a high number of yao cores to heal.

“Very well, brothers. Let’s meet again in the future.” Finally, Lin Shaokun clasped his hands and bowed. Then, he drove the Skysoar Shuttle to swiftly fly high up into the sky.

“Let’s go. I fear that every cultivator from the Northern Plains is after us now. The only option for me now is to follow you to the Central Plains,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Ha ha! The Central Plains is the most prosperous and competitive place in all of Eternal World. The overall strength of the cultivators there is one notch higher compared to the Northern Plains. Brother Chen, the Central Plains is where we will be able to display our strengths,” Jian Xiaotian said, laughing loudly.

“I just fear we might not be able to reach it,” said a smiling Chen Feng.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian spent the next three days riding flying swords as they flew forward. When their primary energies were depleted, they would land to rest and recover their strength. 

On the fourth day, some cultivators finally appeared to stop them.

There was a total of three cultivators, all of whom had overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations. Judging by the attires they were wearing, they were members of Star Assembly Sect.

“As expected, since this is Star Assembly Sect’s territory, they were the ones to find us first,” Chen Feng said.

“You two are quite fast. We had to waste a few Divine Movement Talismans to catch up to you. Now, will you come in quietly or should we fight?” A highly arrogant middle-aged cultivator suddenly spoke up, a scornful look on his face.

“They really have a death wish,” Chen Feng said, swiftly unfurling his domain to envelop the three cultivators.

“Ha ha ha! A minor Concealed stage cultivator wants to deal with us using his domain! How funny!”

“Do they take us for idiots from Nine Firmaments Palace? Watch as I capture them!”

“Eh, what is going on?”

Even before the three of them were done talking, they had sensed that something was amiss. A viscous force had restrained the three of them. At the same time, lightning bolts, blazing fire and various attacks surrounded the three of them. Jian Xiaotian simply entered Chen Feng’s domain, where he utilized the power of mountains for cover to unleash furious attacks at them.


One of the cultivators, who had yet to recollect himself, had his chest pierced by a sword beam. The savage sword beam pierced right through the cultivator’s body while instantly destroying all the vitality within him.

“Palm of Mountains and Lakes!”

A great palm silhouette, formed using the power of mountains and lakes, swiftly smashed another cultivator into pieces.

The final cultivator was instantly thrown into a state of panic and he screamed, “We are disciples from Star Assembly Sect! You dare kill us? This is a crime punishable by death! Death!” 

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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