Chapter 422: Twin Swords of Life and Death


And so, Chen Feng would fight the black wyrm and stop, repeating the process again and again. It did not take long for six months to go by. Chen Feng could feel his cultivation base becoming more stable and refined. His rate of reaction and speed had increased as well. A portion of his potential had been squeezed out again.

Sure enough, cultivating in the face of immense pressure and constant struggles will indeed bring about faster results, Chen Feng thought.

On this very day, Chen Feng had only just arrived at the pool when the black wyrm emerged from the pool again. It did not hurry to unleash its attack. Instead, it stared at Chen Feng before uttering out in shock, “Your cultivation base has increased again!”

Truth be told, after fighting Chen Feng a few times, the black wyrm had understood Chen Feng’s intentions. In the beginning, it was thoroughly enraged. However, as Chen Feng’s strength gradually rose, the black wyrm would occasionally look upon Chen Feng with looks of respect.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Come on then. Let’s see how long you can endure today,” the black wyrm said, a black glow radiating off its body as it prepared to attack.

“Wait!” Chen Feng waved his hand to stop the black wyrm.

“What is it? Do you have something to say?” The black wyrm was surprised.

“I don’t want to fight you today. I came here for something else,” Chen Feng said.

The black wyrm grunted. It understood what Chen Feng meant. Thus, it sneered and said, “If you want the life and death energies, you must first defeat me!”

“He he! It is actually very simple for me to get the life and death energies beneath the pool. However, seeing as how you have been helping me with my cultivation all this time, I do not intend on using my hidden card to deal with you. How about this? I will promise you one thing in return for the life and death energies beneath this pool,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“I believe you should be aware of how precious these life and death energies are. What will you use in exchange for them?” The black wyrm sneered again. It did not believe Chen Feng’s words.

“It’s simple. I will do only one thing, bring you out from this Minor Dimension,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“What? You can leave this place?” A passionate light flashed across the black wyrm’s eyes.

“Judging by your current level of strength, you should have been able to assume human form long ago. However, the laws here keep suppressing you. Thus, not only are you incapable of assuming human form, your rate of cultivation is also gradually slowing down. Am I wrong?” Chen Feng suddenly changed the topic of discussion.

“Yes, it is true. Truth be told, given my current level of strength, I should have already cultivated up to the Yao King stage in the outside world. Although the spiritual energy here is high, the power of the laws here is too strong. It is suppressing me, causing my rate of cultivation to become increasingly slow. Can you really leave this place?” The black wyrm finally asked. Clearly, this black wyrm had been stuck inside for quite some time.

“Naturally. There is no need for you to doubt that. Since I can enter, it is only natural that I can exit this place,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

After hearing Chen Feng’s words, the black wyrm’s eyes kept flashing about. Clearly, it was pondering the veracity of Chen Feng’s words.

After pondering the issue for some time, the black wyrm finally asked, “How can I trust you?” 

“I do not need you to believe me. You just need to know that killing you is as easy as raising a hand for me,” said Chen Feng, who released a strand of the Longevity Tower’s aura. The scales on the black wyrm’s body reacted by releasing crackling sounds as its body grew tense and wary.

“What will it be?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Very well. If so, I will believe you. The life and death energies reside beneath the pool. You may enter to absorb them.” The black wyrm nodded its head in agreement.

“In that case, I won’t be holding back,” Chen Feng said, darting forward before disappearing into the pool.


The black wyrm sighed before lying down beside the pool. Then, it closed its eyes and got some rest.

This time, Chen Feng simply utilized the Longevity Tower’s power. Thus, the speed at which he was descending grew. As he was descending, Chen Feng could sense that the life and death energies around him were growing ever thicker.

After descending through 1,000 zhang, Chen Feng finally came to a halt. Both his feet stepped upon a thick and viscous clump of spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy formed through the amalgamation of the life and death energies. With a thought, Chen Feng then loosened his body and channelled his cultivation technique to absorb the spiritual energy.

Strands of the spiritual energy entered Chen Feng’s body. Then, each of them split up into two different streams. One stream flowed into his Life acupoint while the other stream flowed into his Death acupoint.

The streams of spiritual energy surged into Chen Feng’s body with the force of a tidal wave. Although Chen Feng’s capacity for energy had grown bigger, the amount of life and death energies around him was too great. Thus, after cultivating for just one hour, Chen Feng had to stop. 

“Huh! My cultivation base has improved again,” Chen Feng said slowly.

“Tower, collect all the life and death energies here. I will slowly refine them up in the future,” Chen Feng said.

“He he! There is no need to go through all that trouble. Look what is beneath you,” Tower said with a snicker. Next, Chen Feng felt the Longevity Tower releasing a pulse and a spiralling blast of energy drilled out from his body to heavily strike a certain spot beneath him.


The spiralling blast kept drilling down and the ground beneath him became like snow, melting before the might of a blazing fire. It did not take long for a black hole with a radius of one metre to appear before them. Thick life and death energies were constantly gushing out from the black hole. To Chen Feng’s surprise, it would appear that there was an invisible force blocking the surface of the black hole, which stopped the waters above from flowing inside.

“This is…” Chen Feng was surprised.

“You’ll understand after going down,” Tower said smilingly. 

Showing no hesitation, Chen Feng instantly jumped down. There was only a distance of around ten zhang between the opening and the bottom part of the hole. After landing, Chen Feng’s eyes shone to illuminate the interior of the hole and he was able to clearly see everything inside.

The interior of the hole had smooth walls, as smooth as a mirror. There in the centre was a circular stone platform, half black and half white. Two swords had been inserted into the middle part of the stone platform. Again, one was black and one was white. The vigorous streams of life and death energies were coming from the two swords.

Chen Feng reflexively stepped forward. However, when there were still three metres between him and the two swords, an invisible force blocked his advance. Soft, yet overbearing, it was a power that could strike fear into others with just a glance. However, Chen Feng refused to relent. Mobilizing all the power within him, he moved to take a stride forward. He believed that, even if the thing before him was a mountain, he could still create a path forward.

However, Chen Feng was swiftly disappointed. No matter how hard Chen Feng tried, no matter how much power he poured out, despite even utilizing the power of the body armour he was wearing, he was incapable of taking another stop forward.

“Tsk, tsk! Kid, you really are lucky. The white sword contains life energy while the black sword contains death energy. Right now, they are grade 6 Sacred artefacts. I really feel like devouring them for myself,” Tower said with a chuckle. 

“Grade 6 Sacred artefacts!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. They were at the same grade as the Demon Sealing Sword.

However, Chen Feng was quick to ask, “Earlier, you said ‘right now’. Is there some kind of secret here?” 

“Of course!” said Tower, who released a grand and quaint aura. The aura was deeply profound, transcendental and unattainable. It felt like the aura of a universal overlord.

Feeling the aura, the two swords immediately trembled. Next, a sense of dread and submission spread out from the two swords.

Sou! Sou!

The two swords transformed into a black and white stream of light each before flowing into the Longevity Tower. With a thought, Chen Feng, too, moved into the Longevity Tower. There, he saw the two swords flying about within the Longevity Tower while radiating rays of criss-crossing sword light.

“These two swords should have been at the Dao artefact tier. However, a certain power is suppressing them. Thus, each of them can only display the might of a grade 6 Sacred artefact,” Tower said.

Hearing Tower’s words, the two swords immediately halted.

“Dao artefact!” Chen Feng was stunned.

“The Dao artefact is directly above the Sacred artefact,” Tower said, not going further into the details.

“I didn’t think that I could actually obtain two Dao artefacts,” said Chen Feng, who stretched his palm out. Instantly, the twin black and white swords fell into his grasp. A friendly impression flowed into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Life Sword, Death Sword. They are truly spiritual objects,” Chen Feng said.

“Whatever! You have already opened up your Life and Death acupoints while I too, managed to recover some of my powers. I will now insert these two swords into your Life and Death acupoints.”

After saying that, Tower sent out two beams of light to envelop the two swords. Next, the Twin Swords of Life and Death trembled again and again. Finally, they transformed into two streams of light, one white and one black. They then flowed into Chen Feng’s body before finally occupying his Life and Death acupoints.

Chen Feng’s body gave a shudder. Originally, his Life and Death acupoints had been like roiling seas. At that moment, however, the two swords had seemingly become sea-calming Gods, suppressing his Life and Death acupoints.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng’s aura soared and his power rose rapidly.

“Ha ha ha! Presently, you have yet to undergo Lightning Tribulation. And yet, you have already refined two Dao artefacts into your body. Although you cannot fully unleash their powers, just speaking about this would shock others to their deaths,” Tower said, laughing.

As the sound of Tower’s laughter was still reverberating about, another beam of light struck the Demon Sealing Sword. Next, the Demon Sealing Sword, too, transformed into a stream of light before flowing into Chen Feng’s body. In the end, it came to occupy Chen Feng’s Heavenly Origin acupoint. As for the Overwhelming Astral Sword, which was inside, it flew out before moving into the Twin Magnetic acupoints, where it shared lodgings with the Thunder Sword.

Incredible! Another Sacred artefact has entered my body. If not for the Acupoint Aegis Art that I am practicing and the Longevity Tower’s suppression, the auras from these three Sacred artefacts would be enough to blow me up, Chen Feng thought.

“Let’s go!”

By collecting the Twin Swords of Life and Death, Chen Feng had achieved his objective. He flew out from the pool. The black wyrm was still outside, waiting for Chen Feng. 

The life and death energies below have disappeared? The black wyrm felt puzzled.

“Let’s do this. I will first put you inside a magic treasure. After I leave this place, you will be able to follow me out,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. A formidable power then enveloped the black wyrm.

The black wyrm had wanted to struggle against the power, but found instead that it had become powerless. Absolute dread assailed its heart. With a flash, it then found itself inside the Longevity Tower.

“What is this place?” The black wyrm looked around in shock. That feeling of powerlessness had been carved deep into the black wyrm’s soul.

“This is my magic treasure. Don’t worry. Since I have promised to take you out, I will definitely keep my promise. The spiritual energy inside is high enough for your cultivation needs. When I leave this Minor Dimension, I will release you,” Chen Feng said.

The black wyrm checked its surroundings for a moment before quickly calming down. It had a feeling that it could not leave this place, not with its own powers. Since it had come to this, it would have to stay here quietly.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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