Chapter 420: Cultivating in the Lightning Pool


“All right, head into the lightning pool,” Tower said. It would appear that the cultivation method was a very simple one, utilize the lightning powers to temper his body.

Chen Feng nodded, striding into the lightning pool.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

After Chen Feng entered the lightning pool, the lightning powers inside the lightning pool instantly churned as all of them swept towards Chen Feng.


Chen Feng’s entire body gave a shudder and he swiftly sucked in a breath of air as countless lightning powers flowed into his body. The muscles on his pair of legs kept twitching and popping sounds could be heard coming from his bones. Every nerve in his body was punched open and Chen Feng had to clench his teeth so hard, sounds could be heard.

“He he! How do you feel, kid?” Tower asked, gleefully watching the suffering Chen Feng.

“Very good.” Chen Feng gritted his teeth and took a few more steps forward. His entire body was thus submerged within the lightning pool. Bolt after bolt of lightning powers became like agile snakes, scouring their way through Chen Feng’s fleshly body. Chen Feng loosened his defence and countless lightning powers flowed into Chen Feng’s body again, moving towards his internal organs to wreak havoc and destruction.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Flesh and tissue burst without cease and Chen Feng swiftly channelled the Longevity Scripture to repair the wounds, which were constantly appearing on his body. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Every article of clothing on Chen Feng’s person had been torn apart and he stood naked within the lightning pool to endure the assaults from the lightning powers without respite. Before entering the lightning pool, Chen Feng had wanted to devour the lightning powers. At that very moment, however, Chen Feng understood that it was not as easy as he had imagined.

Gazhi! Gazhi!

Chen Feng felt as though his teeth would crack from all the gritting. Every one of his muscles were jumping about and some skin with less primary energy were struck by the lightning powers until both the interior portion and the exterior portion had become charred.

“Kid, if you can’t endure, be sure to shout,” Tower said amusedly.


He had only just spoken when Chen Feng suddenly threw his head upwards to release a roar. A formidable soundwave charged out to blast the surrounding lightning powers, causing them to splash about chaotically. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Tears began appearing on Chen Feng’s body and blood – filled with life force – began flowing out.


Chen Feng grunted. He could feel strands of lightning power flowing into his body to assail his sea of wisdom.

“Ha ha ha! These are not the ordinary lightning powers that you are used to cultivating with. These are the lightning powers from the Heavenly Tribulation that cultivators must face in order to become Human Immortals. Thankfully, it’s you. The average cultivator would have died to a single one of the lightning powers.

“Soul Anchor Mantra!” Chen Feng utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra to condense his soul power into a singular clump to defend against the assaults from the lightning powers.

Although staying inside the lightning pool was extremely unbearable for Chen Feng, every part of his body that was torn by the lightning powers and repaired by his longevity-type primary energy would become more durable. Some of the putrid impurities within his body would either be removed by the lightning powers or refined, causing his fleshly body to become even stronger and more perfect.

As Chen Feng was cultivating himself inside the Longevity Tower with peace of mind, Jian Xiaotian and the others were also constantly improving themselves. And thus, the days went by.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunder rumbled and dark clouds began surging about within the Minor Dimension. Someone was about to undergo Lightning Tribulation.

“It’s my Lightning Tribulation! Ha ha ha! I am going to assail level 3 of the Sky Human stage!” Sage Beastdrive laughed loudly.

After spending all this time cultivating, absorbing so much immortal energy, Sage Beastdrive had finally begun breaking through.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A pillar of lightning shot towards Sage Beastdrive, who was in the midst of laughing loudly, sending him tumbling about.

The Lightning Tribulation caused quite a scene and many of the creatures living within the Minor Dimension were alarmed by it. That was especially true for some of the yao beasts which couldn’t assume human forms. They revealed looks of envy. Due to the governing laws here, it was difficult for them to assume human forms.

In the end, Sage Beastdrive’s entire body was covered with wounds due to the bolts of lightning. Even so, he managed to overcome his Lightning Tribulation. His flesh grew in density and his soul grew stronger. He had successfully broken through to level 3 of the Sky Human stage.

Ten days later, tribulation lightning thundered across the sky once more. This time, it was Jian Xiaotian’s Lightning Tribulation. Finally, Jian Xiaotian, too, successfully rose to level 3 of the Sky Human stage. His cultivation base rose greatly and his strength grew to a more formidable level.

As the others were constantly growing stronger, Chen Feng continued to cultivate himself inside the lightning pool. By then, Chen Feng had already grown accustomed to the assaults from the surrounding lightning powers. Every muscle on his body palpitated following a certain rhythm, his blood energy churned and his blood surged like a great river. At that very moment, lightning powers were constantly moving through his blood, his primary energy, his flesh and even his bones.


Chen Feng casually performed a palm strike. Bolts of lightning surged continuously across his palm.

“Good! The Longevity Scripture contains the cultivation method for a Lightning Palm attack. Looks like I will be able to practice that soon.” Chen Feng felt overjoyed. He jumped out from the lightning pool. Stretching his body, the body armour on the floor immediately flew up to meld into his body. 

Chen Feng, who had only just put on a new set of clothes, saw Tower standing before him, a smile on his face. Seeing the dazzling smile on Tower’s face, Chen Feng reflexively felt a chill flowing down his spine.

“Tsk, tsk. Kid, although your rate of cultivation is not fast, this show of desperation is quite good,” Tower said smilingly, looking at Chen Feng.

“A pity. I still cannot sense the other insight acupoints,” Chen Feng replied, shaking his head.

“He he! I’ve been saying this for quite awhile now, but you sure are quite lucky, kid. The divine sense that I sent out actually found something interesting,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Oh, something interesting? What is it?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“I sensed some life and death energies inside this space,” Tower said.

“What? Life and death energies?” Chen Feng’s eyes promptly widened. He had already opened up his Life and Death acupoints. Thus, he needed to absorb those two types of energy.

“Where is it?” Chen Feng said, moving out of the Longevity Tower.

“Just follow the directions I give you,” Tower said.

Next, Chen Feng quickly followed Tower’s guidance and flew forward. He flew over 500 kilometres before finally slowing down.

“Tsk, tsk. The space here is truly vast. I wonder what grade this Immortal artefact is at?” Chen Feng wondered.

“Humph, it is just an ordinary Immortal artefact,” Tower answered scornfully.

“What about the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain that we entered in the past?” Chen Feng asked again.

Tower considered it for a moment before replying, “Driftcloud Immortal Mountain? Hmm, that Immortal artefact is quite good. It should be a high-grade Immortal artefact.”

“That’s not right. Back then, I had entered Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Although the spiritual energy there is high, there is no immortal energy inside it. On the other hand, Pot Mountain and this Minor Dimension that we are currently staying in has plenty of immortal energy. Just by comparing this aspect, we should already be able to see which is the superior one, no?” Chen Feng countered.

“Ha ha ha ha! That is not it. Firstly, the space within Driftcloud Immortal Mountain is not something that the other two could match up against. Also, Driftcloud Immortal Mountain has humans staying inside it. The yao beasts and animals there could also assume human forms. Although it could not be compared to a cultivation world, it could already be put on the same pedestal as some smaller worlds,” Tower said.

“However, since it is an Immortal artefact, why isn’t there any immortal energy inside it?” Chen Feng asked again.

“That is a puzzling matter to me as well. However, back then, my powers were insufficient and I could not figure it out. If we can enter Driftcloud Immortal Mountain again, I will be able to check it out. All right, we are here,” Tower said.

Right before Chen Feng was a seemingly ordinary, 100-zhang-radius pool of water. However, there was no way to figure out how deep the pool was. Slowly, Chen Feng made his way down the pool. Instantly, he felt strands of chilling energy rising out from the pool.

As expected, there are traces of death energy inside. Chen Feng’s face revealed a look of joy and his figure hovered above the pool of water, not moving at all.

“It’s here. The life and death energies are coming from below,” Tower said.

“Very well. I will go down and check it out.” First, Chen Feng released a stream of soul power down to investigate what was below. Then, his whole body slowly descended into the lake.

One zhang.

Two zhang.

Five zhang.

Ten zhang.

Even after making his way 100 zhang down the pool, all Chen Feng could see was darkness. There was no sign of him reaching the bottom at all.

Strange, why is this pool so deep? By then, Chen Feng was already extending his soul power by another tens of zhang down into the depths of the pool. All he could sense with it was cold water.

Silence reigned all around him and not a single fish or prawn could be seen. If it were not for the constant streams of life energy flowing around him, Chen Feng would have assumed this to be a dead zone.

As Chen Feng was thinking about continuing his descent, a hint of alarm surged into Chen Feng’s mind. Next, his soul power swiftly expanded and he quickly detected a massive creature swimming towards him from below at a rapid pace.

Whoa! It’s a wyrm! Chen Feng’s soul power was better able to view the creature compared to his eyes. One sweep of his soul power allowed him to clearly see the appearance of the wyrm.

At least 10 zhang long, its entire body shone with a black, glossy shine. Its eyes – the size of lanterns – kept radiating a ferocious light.

A single horn – over one zhang in length – grew out from its head. Massive, tough and powerful, it kept charging through the waters and its velocity rose even higher.

“He he, it’s a little wyrm.” Tower snickered.

“Tower! You knew that this wyrm is here right from the start, didn’t you?” Chen Feng was infuriated and he swiftly dashed upwards.

“Hey, hey, but of course! This wyrm’s original body is very average. However, after absorbing the life and death energies here, it has undergone a transformation. It is of a higher level compared to that Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm. The way I see it, there is no need for you to run. Just fight this wyrm. This is the time to put your strength to the test,” Tower said with a chortle.


Chen Feng had only just risen by ten plus zhang when a formidable force smashed against his body. A white horn punched through the waters to arrive before Chen Feng.

Incredible! It’s so fast. It is also much stronger than Purplebolt. Chen Feng was greatly shocked and both his hands swung forward to block the attack.


The waters shook furiously and Chen Feng felt both his hands going numb. His figure shot upwards, punching through the waters to finally form a pillar of water, with the force of a tidal wave. Next, Chen Feng’s figure – wrapped in water – burst out from the pool.

Chen Feng was astounded and he cried out bitterly to himself. There had been a distance of tens of zhang between the surface and his position earlier. And yet, one smash from the wyrm had forced him out.

What a formidable force! The force behind this wyrm’s attack is at least half a million kilogrammes! Chen Feng hurriedly spurred his blood energy to recover from the feeling of numbness in his arms.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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