Chapter 419: Minor Dimension


As Chen Feng was about to attack Ling Kong, the situation changed. The gigantic armour from Azuremist Mountain had been broken and it completely fell apart.

Most importantly, however, was that the giant hologram did not disappear.

“Not good! Hurry up and back away!”

Sage Enigma Flame swiftly pulled Chen Feng, placing him behind him. Even before Chen Feng could respond, the attack from the hologram was already upon them. With a light blow from the hologram, Sage Enigma Flame was sent flying.

As for Chen Feng, it felt as though a great mountain had collapsed right before his eyes and an overpowering atmosphere swept through the sky as it bore down on him.

Longevity Tower!

With a thought, Chen Feng linked up with the Longevity Tower and Sage Enigma Flame, who was coughing out blood, was sucked into the Longevity Tower.

Chen Feng had wanted to bring Mu Sheng and the others into the Longevity Tower as well when the giant hologram up in the sky began turning transparent. Finally, its body began breaking down.

Despite that, the hologram slowly raised its palm to slap down against the Beast King and the others, who were still wounded.

“Let’s fight!” Mu Sheng and the others sprayed out a stream of blood essence and they furiously burned their primary energies. They were utilizing a secret technique to increase their strength.

“Tower, attack!” Chen Feng swiftly said.


Tower did not take action directly. Instead, he sent a stream of power into Chen Feng’s body, causing him to bellow loudly. Next, he became like a Heavenly God clad in golden armour as he unleashed an unprecedented level of might.

A swirling wave shot out from his palm at an incredible speed. In just a flash, it had appeared before the hologram.

The attacks from Mu Sheng and the others arrived simultaneously to smash the palm of the giant hologram.

A furious collision.

A resounding boom.

Chen Feng’s figure immediately flew backwards. Due to the immense power of the collision, the Beast King and the others were sent flying backwards as well. As for the hologram, it disappeared completely.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Suddenly, Kuang Feng and Ling Kong laughed loudly as they walked forward. Next, they began accumulating their power. The situation had changed once again.

“Minor Dimension, open!” Mu Sheng and the others shouted as they formed certain hand seals.

Instantly, the entire Azuremist Mountain and the space above it began shaking violently as a massive crease appeared up in the sky. Next, the crease split open to become a crack. Formidable streams of aura flowed out from the crack and a strong wind blew to immediately sweep Kuang Feng and Ling Kong away.

“So, there is actually a pocket dimension here. Humph! No wonder you fellows from Azuremist Mountain could put on such a display of arrogance. However, now that you fellows have exposed it, you can just wait for us to take it away!” Kuang Feng’s voice spread towards them from the distance.

Kuang Feng cultivated the power of wind. Thus, the attack did not inflict much injuries on him. At that moment, he was swiftly leaving Azuremist Mountain together with Ling Kong. They were going back to their sect to get reinforcements.

“Let’s enter!”

Mu Sheng beckoned Chen Feng. Immediately, a soft yet formidable power brought Chen Feng forward and into the crack.

After entering the crack, Chen Feng immediately felt as though he had entered another world. The spiritual energy around him was thick and the governing laws of the surrounding space felt different.

After sensing just that, Chen Feng said, “This feels like the interior of an Immortal artefact.”

Mu Sheng looked at Chen Feng in surprise before saying, “Eh? Kid, you have quite the discerning eyes. We are indeed inside an Immortal artefact. This is also Azuremist Mountain’s greatest secret.”

With a thought, Chen Feng brought Sage Enigma Flame out from the Longevity Tower. Sage Enigma Flame coughed out several mouthfuls of blood the moment he emerged. Mu Sheng and the others exchanged glances. All of them looked worse for wear and the urge to smile bitterly came to their minds.

“I didn’t think that the holographic projection of a high-level Human Immortal could be so powerful. It could even break apart the armoured puppet of our Minor Dimension,” Mu Sheng said.

“Right now, what I am most worried about is that Nine Firmaments Palace and the other two Palaces will send stronger Human Immortals to take action. When that happens, we will be incapable of even defending this Minor Dimension,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

“He he! Dear apprentice, come! I will explain it to you briefly. This Minor Dimension is something that we discovered when we were exploring about. Later on, we inadvertently acquired the means to enter it. As time went by, we also came to understand more and found out that this is an Immortal artefact. 

“However, we don’t even know the name of this Immortal artefact. Later on, as this place has a big enough space for it to be considered a world of its own, we eventually named it Minor Dimension.” Despite only uttering a few words, Sage Enigma Flame ended up panting furiously. It was clear that the earlier fight had seriously wounded him.

“All right. Master, fellow seniors, you are all seriously wounded. You should quickly focus on healing your wounds,” Chen Feng was quick to say.

“Very well. My dear apprentice, you may go look around. Although there is quite a number of yao beasts here, their levels are low. There is no danger. You can stay here with peace of mind,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! There is actually another Immortal artefact here! To think that I couldn’t even detect it. Good! Good! This Immortal artefact must be of a higher grade compared to that Pot Mountain. If I devour it, I will definitely be able to restore some more of my powers.” Tower suddenly laughed out.

“Tower, don’t! You cannot make a move on this Immortal artefact!” Chen Feng quickly said.

“He he! Absorbing some of its immortal energy will not cause any issues.” Tower snickered before spreading out waves of divine sense to investigate the pocket dimension.

Chen Feng then brought out the Pot Brothers and the others.

“Eh? Where are we? What a high level of spiritual energy!”

“No, this is no ordinary spiritual energy. This is the same type of energy that we absorbed back in Pot Mountain, immortal energy!”

“This is a good cultivation spot. Immortal energy! The immortal energy here is even thicker compared to the immortal energy from Pot Mountain!”

“He he. Brother Jian, we can cultivate here with peace of mind. With such a cultivation environment, I believe we can break through again,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Next up, Chen Feng began absorbing the streams of surrounding immortal energy while venturing about aimlessly. With the Longevity Tower by his side and what Sage Enigma Flame said back then about the place, there was nothing that Chen Feng had to feel worried about.

Chen Feng moved about leisurely. He sensed the governing laws and the power of the pocket dimension as he carefully examined his surroundings.

With the exception of the spiritual energy in the air, the other aspects of the pocket dimension were fairly similar to that of the outside world. There were mountains and waters, flowers and grasses, yao beasts and birds. The only thing it did not have was humans. Along the way, Chen Feng had also encountered some Great Yaos with some Lightning Tribulations under their belts. To his surprise, not a single one of those Great Yaos possessed the ability to assume human form. More accurately, they could not do so. 

“This is nothing to be surprised about. The governing laws here are different compared to that of the outside world. In order to assume human forms, the creatures here require a higher cultivation level,” Tower said.

“Just this aspect alone proves that this Immortal artefact is at least one or two grades higher compared to Pot Mountain,” Tower continued.

Time flew and 10 days passed in the blink of an eye.

Although Sage Enigma Flame and the others had access to immortal energy for their recuperation, their wounds were too severe. Thus, they were still in the process of silently healing their wounds.

However, Jian Xiaotian and the others were filled with passion. Every single one of them knew that they could not miss out on this opportunity. Thus, they practically put their lives on the line to cultivate themselves. Their zeal for cultivation put even Chen Feng to shame.

On this very day, Chen Feng sensed that the power within his body had reached a threshold. No matter how hard he tried to cultivate, he could not take even a single step further. Chen Feng knew, he had reached a bottleneck. He had to figure a way to make another breakthrough.

However, since opening up the Life and Death acupoints, he had been incapable of finding any clues regarding the other insight acupoints for level 9 of the Concealed stage.

“Tower, the Longevity Scripture that I am practicing is a peerless cultivation technique, right?” Chen Feng asked.

“Naturally!” There was pride in Tower’s voice.

“Can a cultivator face a bottleneck when practicing a peerless cultivation technique?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Err, about that. The problem doesn’t lie with the cultivation technique. Rather, it lies with the cultivator’s cultivation talent,” replied Tower, who then gave a dry laugh.

“In other words, my cultivation talent is bad.” Chen Feng too, laughed.

“That’s right! That’s what I meant. You have reached a bottleneck now. Hey, hey! If you want to take another step forward, you will have to cultivate inside the Longevity Tower. I have already prepared everything, come on in!” After Tower said that, Chen Feng’s figure appeared inside the Longevity Tower.

“How should I cultivate myself?” Chen Feng already knew what Tower intended to do. However, he asked anyways.

“Naturally, you must utilize the power of Heavenly Tribulation to cultivate yourself. Ke ke ke! By doing so, you can experience the might of Heavenly Tribulation in advance. It will be easier for you to overcome your Lightning Tribulation in the future,” Tower said with a chuckle. 

“I am currently only at the Concealed stage. There is a considerable distance between the present me and the Sky Human stage. I will definitely be incapable of taking on Heavenly Tribulation.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Don’t worry. I have already thought this through,” Tower said.

Next, Chen Feng felt a power acting upon him. His body gave a shudder and a body armour emerged from his skin before falling tidily on the floor.

The body armour was none other than the grade 9 Prized artefact forged using the scales of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. Tower had utilized a certain move to take it down to improve the efficiency of Chen Feng’s training.

“Now, let’s start with Lightning Tribulation.” Tower transformed into his human form to appear before Chen Feng.

Seeing Tower’s human form, Chen Feng was once again visited by an awkward sensation. However, he did not let it show. At any rate, Chen Feng wanted to know how exactly Tower planned on helping him cultivate.

Seemingly having read Chen Feng’s mind, Tower snickered and said, “The cultivation process is very simple.”

Tower waved his hand and a pool appeared before them. The pool was not big, only around 10 metres wide. However, the pool did not contain water. Rather, it contained lightning bolts, thunderous lightning bolts.

“These are the lightning powers I collected during the Heavenly Tribulation. He he! However, I have already diluted these lightning powers by 100 times. They are the equivalent to 1 % of the tribulation lightning that cultivators must face to become a Human Immortal. I believe that you will be able to handle them,” Tower said with a smirk.

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