Chapter 418: Heavenly Immortal Technique


The three Human Immortals were incredibly formidable and they attacked right after declaring their intentions. Like tidal waves, the aura of Human Immortals roiled forward, seemingly capable of smashing even a 1,000-zhang-tall mountain to pieces.

“Wood Growth!”

Both of Mu Sheng’s hands kept moving at an extreme rate to form shining hand seals without respite. Next, following a change in the hand seal that Mu Sheng had formed, the thriving great trees from beneath them rose up, growing again as they did. The durable branches grew thicker while twisting about to form a stretch of branches. In the blink of an eye, a world of greenery was formed. Moreover, thick branches also shot out from the trees to attack Lei Ming and the other two cultivators from every direction.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The aura of Human Immortals smashed against the world of wood that Mu Sheng had created. Like a meteorite smashing against the earth, the collision immediately gave rise to a massive shockwave. A high number of trees was torn to shreds. Just the aura from the three Human Immortals had been capable of destroying a major portion of the world of wood.


A bolt of lightning flashed out and all the attacks that Mu Sheng sent out earlier were ripped apart by the lightning bolt.

“Just someone who has recently reached the Human Immortal stage. Too weak.” A lightning sword, flashing with lightning bolts, had appeared in Lei Ming’s hand. That was a genuine Sacred artefact. After the lightning sword appeared, bolts of lightning began rampaging about in the sky. It was as though a Lightning Tribulation had descended and all of them shot towards Mu Sheng and Old Freak Ming.

All the trees that Mu Sheng spurred out blew up in the face of the lightning bolts.

“Kid, back up a little.” Strands of chilling energy seeped out from Old Freak Ming’s body to instantly elicit a shiver from Chen Feng. It felt as though strands of chilling energy had flowed through his pores and into his heart to nearly stop his heart from beating.

“Incredible, it’s so cold.” Chen Feng hurriedly backed away, putting a distance of over one kilometre between him and Old Freak Ming.


It was then that the Beast King flew over. He grabbed Chen Feng and swung. Like the wind, Chen Feng’s figure flew uncontrollably far away. When Chen Feng was finally able to steady himself, he saw Sage Enigma Flame sitting quietly before him, comprehending the immortal dao laws while healing up his wounds.

“Darkfiend energy, Infinite Abyssal Frost!”

Following Old Freak Ming’s voice, the strands of chilling energy soared to quickly engulf the valley to form a deathly cold world.

“Great Cycle of Wood Growth!” Mu Sheng too, unleashed his killer move again.

“Fist of the Beast King!” The Beast King attacked as well.

“Ha ha ha ha! Insignificant tricks!” Lei Ming’s laughter spread over. Next, Chen Feng felt space vibrating fiercely and a sensation – capable of causing his heart to tremble – surged into his sea of wisdom.

Dangerous, terrifying, heart-biting iciness. Various adverse impressions entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Soul Subduing Mantra, Guarding the One!” Chen Feng hastily utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra to stabilize his mind and suppress all those unfavourable thoughts.


A loud booming sound spread out and the whole of Azuremist Mountain shook. The small valley that Chen Feng and the others had been staying in was completely flattened as a result.

“Lei Ming, you have a death wish! You dare provoke Azuremist Mountain? In the future, I will stamp however many cultivators from Nine, Purple and Transcendent Firmaments Palace that I see!”

The Yao Kings residing within Azuremist Mountain had finally appeared. They revealed their true forms the moment they appeared and displayed a Heaven-gorging, Earth-encompassing technique to attack Lei Ming’s team of three. 

Three Yao Kings had appeared all at once. Adding Mu Sheng into the mix, Azuremist Mountain was now fielding a total of four Yao Kings. This was the greatest power that Azuremist Mountain could field.

After adding the Beast King and Old Freak Ming, they held a numerical advantage against Lei Ming’s team of three.

“Ha ha ha ha! You fellows no longer have the chance to do so, because your Azuremist Mountain will be annihilated today. Behold, the combined skill of our three sects, the Heavenly Immortal Technique!”

“Heavenly Origin Palm!”

The attacks from Lei Ming, Kuang Feng and Ling Kong merged as one to swiftly form a massive palm silhouette. It looked as though a Heavenly God was the one performing the attack. With just a swat, it shattered the attacks from the three Yao Kings. After that, without diminishing in the slightest, the palm silhouette continued moving forward and Mu Sheng and the others were all swept away by the palm silhouette.


An entire stretch of the forest was flattened by the palm silhouette and Azuremist Mountain quaked. Its rivers ended up flowing in reverse and mountain rocks tumbled about chaotically. It was as though there was a mighty earthquake rocking the place.

This is bad! How are they so powerful? Although Chen Feng was incapable of seeing the fight, he could still feel that Mu Sheng and the others were in a disadvantageous position.

“The other party is using an immortal combo technique.” Tower suddenly spoke up.

“What is an immortal combo technique?” Chen Feng asked.

“To put it plainly, an immortal technique was split into three parts, thereby requiring the combined efforts of three person in order to unleash. This minor immortal technique is quite interesting. If nothing unexpected happens, Azuremist Mountain’s side will lose today,” Tower said confidently.

“Those three Human Immortals are so powerful?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“He he, each of them has a slightly higher cultivation base compared to Mu Sheng. At present, they are utilizing a decent immortal technique. Barring any accidents, their victory should be quite a sure thing,” Tower said.



As Chen Feng was conversing with Tower, Old Freak Ming and the others were all grievously wounded. The one to suffer the most was the Beast King. His cultivation base was the lowest amongst them all, not even at the Human Immortal stage. Thus, his figure was blasted tens of li away before smashing heavily against the ground.

“Tower, hurry up and do something!” Chen Feng said apprehensively.

“All right. Eh? Hold up, a variable has appeared!” Tower, who had wanted to take action, suddenly spoke up.


Sage Enigma Flame opened his eyes and two flaming light shone from them, shocking Chen Feng off his feet.

“Master, you’ve successfully become a Human Immortal?” asked a shocked Chen Feng, who sensed a faint immortal energy radiating out from Sage Enigma Flame’s body.  

“Yes. Master has become a Human Immortal. Unfortunately, I still cannot turn the situation around. Even so, I must go all out!” Even as he was speaking, Sage Enigma Flame was already observing the battle unfolding far in the distance. 


A strange and wondrous ripple emanated out from the innermost area of Azuremist Mountain. Next, golden light illuminated the sky as a gigantic golden armour suddenly appeared high up in the sky. Wielding a massive mace, it swung an attack towards Lei Ming’s team.

“Human Immortal stage puppet! And it’s a mid-level Human Immortal to boot!” Lei Ming exclaimed loudly.


The bronze mace exploded with a dazzling display of golden light and Lei Ming’s team of three were instantly sent flying from the impact.

“Great!” This time, Chen Feng had been able to observe the exchange between the two sides. Thus, he had reflexively clapped his hands and shouted.

“Heavenly Immortal Technique! Peerless Summon!”

Lei Ming’s team of three were in a dishevelled state and they cut quite the miserable sight. However, they forced themselves to unleash another attack. Once again, their attacks combined and transformed. Next, the silhouette of a giant appeared up in the sky. The giant appeared to be of the exact same size as the gigantic armour. However, the giant was just a holographic projection and it did not possess a real, tangible body.

And yet, this holographic projection emanated an overpowering atmosphere. Every move it made since emerging seemed capable of burning down Heaven and ripping apart the Earth.

“Hey, hey! A mid-level Human Immortal puppet and a holographic projection of a high-level Human Immortal. This is something worth watching,” Tower said with a chuckle, seemingly not anxious to take action.

The hologram and the puppet began fighting one another while the cultivators from the two sides swiftly got up to heal their wounds.

“A good opportunity!” Sage Enigma Flame’s eyes lit up. With a flash, his figure then drew a line of light through the sky as he charged towards Lei Ming.

“Ha ha ha! What an excellent opportunity! Today, the three of you will die here!” Sage Enigma Flame stretched his hand out to grab Lei Ming.

However, a transparent energy shield suddenly appeared from Lei Ming’s body to block Sage Enigma Flame’s move.

“A defensive shield from a Sacred artefact!” Sage Enigma Flame cried out in shock.

Simultaneously, energy shields also appeared over Kuang Feng and Ling Kong’s bodies to defend them from any attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sage Enigma Flame unleashed a stream of constant attacks against Lei Ming. However, his tens of formidable attacks could only shake the energy shield protecting Lei Ming. Breaking the energy shield was something that could not be accomplished anytime soon.

“Ha ha ha! This defensive shield of mine is capable of stopping you for two hours. By then, that puppet you fellows summoned will be beaten up into pieces.” Lei Ming laughed, pointing at Sage Enigma Flame as he did.

“Try me! I don’t believe your defensive shield is that powerful!” Chen Feng shouted, arriving before Lei Ming all of a sudden. Wielding the Demon Sealing Sword, he hacked down furiously against Lei Ming.


With a booming sound, the defensive shield around Lei Ming burst apart, leaving Lei Ming exposed.

The Demon Sealing Sword was a grade 6 Sacred artefact. Breaking this energy shield was well within its abilities.

“Enigma Fire Palm!”

With lightning-like speed, Sage Enigma Flame unleashed a palm strike at Lei Ming. Next, Lei Ming’s body expanded like a balloon before abruptly bursting apart into countless motes of flames.

Thus, a Human Immortal had died.

“Oh!” Chen Feng jumped. Sage Enigma Flame was too quick. Before Chen Feng could stop him, he had already killed Lei Ming, destroying his corpse in the process.

Chen Feng then linked up with the Longevity Tower to absorb whatever remained of the Human Immortal’s essence energy. Next, it began concocting more power-enhancing medicinal pills.

Seeing Lei Ming killed, Kuang Feng and Ling Kong were terrified. Immediately, they attempted to flee from the place. However, Sage Enigma Flame had quickly rushed out to stop them.

“Sage Enigma Flame, you should know the consequences for this! The consequence of killing us is not something that you fellows can afford!” Ling Kong said icily.

“Ha ha ha ha! Killing one is an act of killing. Killing 100 also counts as an act of killing. When you fellows came here today to trouble us, you should have prepared yourselves for death. All right! My dear apprentice, attack!” Sage Enigma Flame laughed.

“Yes! However, master, you must leave their corpses intact. I have use for them,” Chen Feng said.

“Not a problem. For the sake of my apprentice, I will let you fellows die with a whole corpse.” Sage Enigma Flame appeared very pleased with himself.

“All right, watch me!” Chen Feng said, the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand hacking down heavily against Kuang Feng’s energy shield.


Kuang Feng became exposed. However, just as Sage Enigma Flame was about to make his move, a loud booming sound reverberated across the sky. The gigantic armour had been smashed into pieces and countless streams of energy and armour fragments scattered about.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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