Chapter 417: Three Human Immortals


“Let’s go!” 

Chen Feng spurred the Longevity Tower’s power to break open space. When he finally re-appeared, he was already within the valley.

Sou! Sou!

After falling out from the Longevity Tower, Ye Tian and Jian Xiaotian sat on the ground. Next, Chen Feng helped them with their recovery. Only after two hours of work did Chen Feng breath a sigh of relief.

Jian Xiaotian’s injuries were the most serious amongst them all. His whole body was covered with wounds. Most importantly, there were countless streams of sword energy coursing through his body. Due to that, any energy Jian Xiaotian recovered would be sliced apart by the streams of sword energy. This issue kept Chen Feng busy for a very long time. Even now, Jian Xiaotian was still struggling to suppress and refine the streams of sword energy within him.

Although Ye Tian was also seriously wounded, his essence was not wounded. Additionally, his cultivation base was deep and there was a high amount of immortal energy around them. It did not take long to keep his situation under control.

As for Lin Shaokun, who had already returned, he had his own unique cultivation technique. He absorbed the surrounding immortal energy and the wounds on his body healed at a much faster rate.

Three days later, Chen Feng left the valley on his own and began hunting on his own. In the next 10 days, tens of loose cultivator and 10 cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace were killed by Chen Feng.

On this very day, Chen Feng had only just returned to the valley when he sensed a massive, soul-shocking, world-encompassing aura descending upon the valley. 

“This is Heavenly Tribulation! What is going on? Is someone undergoing tribulation again?” Chen Feng was shocked.


Sage Enigma Flame flew swiftly, drawing a line of light through the sky as he left the valley to go deep into Azuremist Mountain.

The dark clouds roiling about in the sky followed suit. Seeing that, it was clear that this was Sage Enigma Flame’s Heavenly Tribulation.

“Master is going to undergo tribulation!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“Well done! This fellow is going to do it before me as well!” The Beast King quickly flew up to follow Sage Enigma Flame. After knowing about it, Mu Sheng and Old Freak Ming, too, followed.

The entire Azuremist Mountain entered a state of turmoil before quickly becoming even quieter than before.

Hopefully, master can successfully overcome his tribulation. Chen Feng knew that he was incapable of helping with anything. Thus, he simply stood on a mountaintop and watched the tribulation from afar.

Sage Enigma Flame’s Heavenly Tribulation was different from Old Freak Ming’s Heavenly Tribulation.

The first wave of Sage Enigma Flame’s Heavenly Tribulation was the Water Tribulation. Vast amounts of water, in the shape of pillars, descended from the sky to crash into Sage Enigma Flame.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt concerned. Sage Enigma Flame was cultivating a fire-type cultivation technique. And yet, the first wave was the Water Tribulation. It would appear that Sage Enigma Flame’s Heavenly Tribulation was much stronger compared to Old Freak Ming’s Heavenly Tribulation. 

“Powerful! Water counters fire. Old friend, you must endure!” the Beast King shouted.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Sage Enigma Flame hovered quietly above a great tree, astral flames surging around his body. No matter how hard the tribulation waters hammered him, he did not budge.

It did not take long for the great tree beneath Sage Enigma Flame – with a height of 100 zhang – to be reduced to ash. As for Sage Enigma Flame, he stood on the ground as he continued to endure the tribulation waters.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Soon enough, explosive sounds rang out from Sage Enigma Flame’s body. The sounds were the results of the collisions between the tribulation waters and the astral flames around Sage Enigma Flame’s body. Water and fire could support one another. However, they could also become intolerant of each other. The two completely opposing forces kept smashing against each other. This was a form of generation and subduing of the two elemental forces. 

Thus, despite Sage Enigma Flame’s profound amount of powers, he began trembling after a short amount of time. Clearly, he was already bringing out all his strength for this.

“Tower, you’re up,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! I’ve been growing impatient!” The Longevity Tower then transformed into a stream of light and slipped into the cracks created by the Heavenly Tribulation. Then, it began absorbing the tribulation waters.

Just like last time, due to the interference from the Longevity Tower, the might of the Heavenly Tribulation grew stronger. However, the ocean-like amount of tribulation waters was all absorbed by Tower.

The Heavenly Tribulation’s Water Tribulation was finally over. On Sage Enigma Flame’s side, he was covered in wounds. He quickly brought out and took some medicinal pills, wanting to use whatever time he had to recover his strength so that he could better face the next wave of Heavenly Tribulation.

Unexpectedly, time ticked by, but the Heavenly Tribulation did not continue. Neither did it disappear. It was the same situation as Old Freak Ming’s Heavenly Tribulation.

Once again, everyone was stunned. Well, Old Freak Ming was stunned. Mu Sheng, however, was shaken. Finally, he howled, “Is there anymore justice in this world?! Last time, this happened for Old Freak Ming, and now, the same thing is happening for Enigma Flame! So, why did I nearly get killed by mine?! This is simply outrageous! Injustice!”

Mu Sheng had only just howled out when a pillar of flames descended upon him. Shocked, Mu Sheng backed away. The pillar of flames scorched everything in its path, even space. As for the trees, they were all incinerated.

“Sigh! Truly, injustice. All I did was mutter a little and it blasted me.” Mu Sheng was so scared, cold sweat broke out from his body.

“Mu Sheng, don’t mutter nonsense. The laws of Heaven and Earth are closely connected and capable of sense. If you keep spouting nonsense, it might just send a Heavenly Tribulation your way,” Old Freak Ming said.

There was no need for anyone else to tell him about it. Mu Sheng wouldn’t dare say anything else.

Next up was the Fire Tribulation. As Sage Enigma Flame cultivated a fire-type cultivation technique, enduring the tribulation was easier for him. However, after he had overcome the Fire Tribulation, the Heavenly Tribulation paused once more for quite some time.

After the Fire Tribulation was the Devastation Lightning Tribulation. After that was the Astroyang Metal Tribulation. A thick power of Astroyang Metal descended and changed continuously, assuming the forms of blades, swords, spears, lances and various other weapons before shooting towards Sage Enigma Flame.

“It’s Astroyang Metal power! Enigma Flame is truly strong!” They were all shocked.

“Blazing fire burns Heaven!”

Recognizing the Heavenly Tribulation he faced, Sage Enigma Flame’s face contorted as well. Thick flames flowed out from his body to burn the incoming weapons. 

“Hya ha ha ha ha ha!”

At that very moment, however, Tower was bursting with laughter. In the beginning, he was only laughing loudly. Later, however, his laughs turned into howls of joy, seemingly having gone crazy.

“Tower, you didn’t go crazy, did you?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking.

“You’re the one who’s crazy! I’m not crazy! Do you see this? This is the power of Astroyang Metal, from Metal Tribulation. Ha ha ha! This is exactly the type of energy I need!” said Tower, who absorbed the power of Astroyang Metal from the Heavenly Tribulation with a maddening fervour. As Tower was too excited, he even absorbed the power of Astroyang Metal that were charging towards Sage Enigma Flame, every single one of it.

“Err.” This time, even Sage Enigma Flame was astounded. He had barely taken on the tribulation for a few breaths’ worth of time when the sky-encompassing power of Astroyang Metal utterly disappeared. The pressure bearing down on him lessened and Sage Enigma Flame grew bewildered.

“Is this even possible?!” Even Old Freak Ming had nearly fallen headfirst to the ground.

“Tower, what are you doing? My master is undergoing Heavenly Tribulation. Don’t mess around here!” Chen Feng swiftly sent a secret vocal transmission to Tower.

“Ha ha ha! Don’t worry! It will definitely be all right!” Tower continued laughing.

Chen Feng sensed carefully and found that, as the Astroyang Metal powers were continuously getting absorbed into the Longevity Tower, the cracks and dents on the tower were slowly getting repaired, becoming smooth.

Remarkable! Last time, he devoured so many ores only to repair one crack. This time, however, so many of the cracks are getting repaired! To think that this Heavenly Tribulation could possess such power! Chen Feng felt both shocked and joyful.

After the Longevity Tower had absorbed enough of the Astroyang Metal powers, the Heavenly Tribulation slowly disappeared.

“The Heavenly Tribulation has disappeared. What does this mean for me? I feel like I didn’t undergo a Heavenly Tribulation to become a Human Immortal.” Sensing the condition of his body, Sage Enigma Flame felt somewhat disheartened.

Suddenly, a law of Heaven and Earth descended upon Sage Enigma Flame to fuse with his body. 

“Immortal dao law! I have become a Human Immortal!” Sage Enigma Flame cried out in shock. Next, he sat down cross-legged to comprehend it.

“Seriously now?!” Mu Sheng and the others staggered somewhat, nearly falling to the ground.

“I want to undergo tribulation right now,” the Beast King mumbled.

“Phew! My master has finally cultivated up to the Human Immortal stage.” Seeing that, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. He was sincerely happy for Sage Enigma Flame.

“He he! Some fellows have come. Human Immortals. They are surely here to cause trouble.” Tower suddenly snickered.

“What, some people came? And they’re Human Immortals to boot? Are they from Nine Firmaments Palace?” Once again, Chen Feng was beset by a foreboding sensation.


Just as Chen Feng was about to warn the others, a voice charged down from the sky, quaking and causing the entire valley to shake. 

“Not good!”

Chen Feng swiftly waved his hand to create several energy currents. Lin Shaokun and the others were all pulled and kept inside the Longevity Tower.

As for Chen Feng, with the assistance of the Longevity Tower, he was able to endure the soundwaves that were capable of shattering mountains.

“Eh?” A plain-looking, middle-aged cultivator cast a surprised look at Chen Feng.

“Who is it?” Mu Sheng and Old Freak Ming were quick to react. In the blink of an eye, they were already hovering above the valley. With a wave from Mu Sheng, the trees within the valley rose up. Every great tree grew to a height of 1,000 metres and a thick aura of life spread outwards to fend off the grim aura descending upon the valley.

Old Freak Ming waved his hand to place Chen Feng behind him for protection.

There was a total of three cultivators hovering in mid-air. The one in the middle was the one with the plain face. As for the two cultivators beside him, one was tall while the other one was short. All three wore robes and sported high coronets on their well-combed hair. They exuded an extraordinary atmosphere. 

At the same time, waves of formidable aura kept charging into their surroundings. In the face of the three cultivators’ auras, the valley beneath shook ceaselessly. All of the birds within Azuremist Mountain had to crouch on the ground. Some of the yao beasts with high cultivation bases were constantly releasing low growls.

Clearly, these three fellows were Human Immortals. Moreover, they were very powerful Human Immortals.

“Three Human Immortals have come to my Azuremist Mountain. Why are you fellows here?” Mu Sheng asked solemnly. Old Freak Ming was also secretly preparing himself to attack at a moment’s notice.

“It’s nothing serious. We are just here to flatten Azuremist Mountain,” the cultivator in the centre said calmly. His voice was steady and cool, as though he was simply stating facts.

“Insolence! With the strength that you three possess? You’ve got a death wish!” Old Freak Ming sneered.

“The three of us are enough.” The auras radiating from the three cultivators grew stronger and rocks began rolling down the mountain beneath them.

“Who are you fellows? Tell us your names. It is not too late to fight after that,” Mu Sheng suddenly said.

“Lei Ming from Nine Firmaments Palace!”

“Kuang Feng from Purple Firmaments Palace!”

“Ling Kong from Transcendent Firmaments Palace!”

“Here to flatten Azuremist Mountain!”

Their thunderous voice spread through Azuremist Mountain and three formidable auras, resembling a great river, surged towards Mu Sheng and Old Freak Ming, who were hovering up in the sky.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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