Chapter 416: Display of Might


Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng was communicating with Lin Shaokun, three sword beams shot towards Lin Shaokun. Two of the sword beams were blocked by Lin Shaokun, but one of them landed heavily against Lin Shaokun’s back. Instantly, flesh was rent and blood scattered about. Lin Shaokun staggered, nearly fainting from the attack.

“Lin Shaokun, where are you running off to? Hurry up and stop!”

“Ha ha ha! This fellow will not be able to run anymore. Watch as I capture him!”

“Don’t snatch this from me! This is mine! After reaching Nine Firmaments Palace, this fellow will become huge blocks of spirit stones!”

Three cultivators, the fastest amongst the group of pursuers, rushed forward to capture Lin Shaokun.


Chen Feng descended diagonally, his palm flying out with lightning-like speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three banging sounds rang out and the three cultivators were sent flying. These attacks from Chen Feng were different compared to his previous attacks. After his palm struck the three cultivators’ bodies, it did not cause their bones to crack. Instead, strands of black energy appeared upon their faces. Immediately after that, all three fell to the ground. After struggling for a moment, the life force within them faded completely.

The moment his attack landed, Chen Feng had sent in a stream of deathly aura into their respective bodies to instantly decimate the life forces within their bodies.

“Brother Lin, you should return to the valley first. I’ll cover you.” Chen Feng sent another secret vocal transmission to Lin Shaokun. Next, his figure transformed into a stream of light to charge towards the other pursuing cultivators.

“What? Who killed the three cultivators in an instant?” Chen Feng had been too quick with his actions. Only then were the pursuers able to react to it. Thus, all of them flew into a fit of rage. Over ten of them were already launching their attacks at Chen Feng from afar.

Amongst the three cultivators that Chen Feng killed earlier, one was a loose cultivator, one was from Nine Firmaments Palace and the last was from Purple Firmaments Palace. Thus, the cultivators from the two sects revealed ferocious killing intent on their faces.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Riding the Lightstream Shield, Chen Feng displayed his movement techniques to its limits, avoiding the attacks from the pursuers again and again. Then, like a bolt of lightning, he zoomed into the crowd of pursuers and unleashed a swift punch, ripping a cultivator apart.

This punch from Chen Feng did not utilize deathly powers. Rather, Chen Feng had displayed the pure physical might of his fleshly body. Chen Feng’s physical might had exceeded that of the average Sky Human stage cultivator. As such, one swing was all it took for him to smash someone to pieces.

“Die, animal!” One of them unleashed his killer move against Chen Feng and three sword beams moved to form a triangle before flying towards Chen Feng. Everywhere it went, space itself would be torn.

This was an attack from a cultivator with 3 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. The sword beams were powerful enough to cleave an entire mountain. Additionally, the three sword beams had locked down Chen Feng’s position, leaving no place for Chen Feng to hide.


Chen Feng threw out a punch with lightning-like speed. As heavy as a mountain, as steady as the earth, the punch shattered the three sword beams and they dissipated away. Next, a red light flashed out and a see-through hole appeared on the cultivator’s chest. The force behind the attack ripped his heart into bits.

After killing the cultivator, Bloody Soul – held tightly in Chen Feng’s hand – shot forward in another direction.

Puchi! Puchi!

Two stabbing sounds rang out as two more cultivators were killed by Chen Feng.


Finally, a sword beam managed to land on Chen Feng’s body. However, as Chen Feng was wearing the body armour, the attack failed to leave even a mark.


Chen Feng swung Bloody Soul forward and the cultivator sprayed out blood as his figure flew backwards.


Chen Feng’s figure darted quickly to avoid several attacks aimed at him. Next, he unleashed his domain, sucking in the surrounding cultivators into it.

Since opening the Life and Death acupoints, Chen Feng’s cultivation base had risen several fold. His primary energy, his rate of reaction, his soul power. All of them had improved considerably. At that moment, these improvements were all laid bare. His figure rampaged about, killing one cultivator after another in but the blink of an eye.

“Chen Feng! He is Chen Feng! He is the main wanted person!” By then, some of the cultivators had recognized Chen Feng and they began shouting loudly.

“Chen Feng! Hurry up and surrender!” A mighty-looking cultivator appeared, radiating a formidable, ferocious and majestic atmosphere as he dove at Chen Feng. With a wave of his hand, a gold-coloured, square-shaped ding expanded before falling down from the sky to envelop Chen Feng.

Next, the cultivator beckoned and the square-shaped ding quickly shrank before flying into his grasp.

“Ha ha ha ha! And here I was, wondering just how powerful he is. In the end, he ended up getting captured by me!” The cultivator laughed loudly.

“Senior Brother Liu is truly strong! You are capable of capturing Chen Feng with just one move. This is a great contribution. You will surely receive generous rewards from the sect and your cultivation base will soar. In the future, you will surely be qualified to compete for the position of Sect Master,” one of Purple Firmaments Palace’s cultivator said enviously.

“Congratulations, Senior Brother Liu! In the future, please think of us when there is anything good.” Some of them began to butter him up.

“Ha ha ha! Don’t worry! I will not mistreat you fellows in the future!” Senior Brother Liu grew even more pleased with himself.


Suddenly, the square-shaped ding exploded into countless fragments, which shot out in every direction. The cultivators gathering around Senior Brother Liu screamed wretchedly as they backed away. As for Senior Brother Liu, the fragments sliced him so badly, he no longer looked like a human.

It's about time I leave, Chen Feng thought. Although Chen Feng had gained an incredible upper hand here, it was all due to him taking them by surprise. Prolonging this fight would mean getting surrounded and ripped to bits.

Thus, Chen Feng sporadically unleashed his domain as he swiftly carved a bloody path out.

“Where do you think you are going? True Dragon Roar!”

A cultivator covered in surging streams of potent energy opened his mouth and a black dragon, formed using unknown energy, swirled out from his mouth. It soared through the sky and pounced at Chen Feng. Next, it unleashed a roar and a formidable soundwave shot towards Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng did not dodge the attack. Instead, he allowed the soundwave to land. The soundwave tore apart the energy shield Chen Feng had put up around himself. It even caused minute cracks to appear on the body armour that Chen Feng was wearing.

As for Chen Feng, the force behind the soundwave sent him flying, his figure streaking like a meteor into the distance.

Impressive! What technique was that? He could actually send out a giant dragon from his mouth! The attack left Chen Feng greatly shocked. Thankfully, due to the protection from the body armour, he was not wounded. Once wounded, it would be very difficult for Chen Feng to escape their encirclement.

“Goodbye, fellows!” Chen Feng waved them goodbye as he rode the Lightstream Shield and sped away.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two fire arrows pierced through space to arrive before Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng was quick to react. He swiftly brandished Bloody Soul to break one of the fire arrows, but the other fire arrow managed to make its way to Chen Feng’s chest.


The body armour, forged using the scales of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm, displayed its abilities, absorbing every part of the fire arrow into itself.

Although the attack landed, it failed to inflict much harm to Chen Feng. On the contrary, the massive force behind the attack pushed him even farther away from the pursuing cultivators.

Yan Huo wielded the Firecaller Bow in hand. His pair of eyes shone brightly as he set his sights on Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng take his attack, a look of shock appeared on his face. However, he was quick to pull the Firecaller Bow again. Next, another fire arrow was fired. This fire arrow was bigger and more powerful than the previous ones and it moved towards Chen Feng from a different angle, arriving before him in the blink of an eye.

Chen Feng crossed his arms defensively and the formidable impact exploded against his arms, blowing him backwards. Yet again, the fire arrow was completely absorbed by the body armour that he was wearing.

Although Chen Feng managed to black Yan Huo’s attack, the attack had successfully delayed him this time. The delay allowed the other cultivators to catch up to him. Tens of attacks flew towards Chen Feng in a flash.

Sword beams, astral blades, flying swords, light blasts, wondrous magics and magic treasures. The various dazzling attacks immediately inundated Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Yan Huo pulled the Firecaller Bow again and three fire arrows joined the attacks.


All the attacks exploded almost simultaneously and the space within a five-kilometre radius shook. By the time everything subsided, Chen Feng was nowhere to be found.

“This fellow must have been blasted into shreds!” The same thought appeared in everyone’s mind.

However, after carefully searching around, they realized that Chen Feng had escaped. There was not a single bit of Chen Feng’s aura left.

By then, Chen Feng was tens of li away from them. After circling around, he sped in the opposite direction of the pursuing cultivators. Next up, Chen Feng wanted to go rescue Jian Xiaotian and Ye Tian.

Huh! These fellows sure are going all out. If I hadn’t utilized the Longevity Tower earlier, I would have been incapable of blocking all those attacks, Chen Feng thought.

Thankfully, no experts appeared, otherwise it would not be easy to escape. Hopefully, the two of them are still alive. If they are, I must save them, even if I have to put my life on the line!

Chen Feng was moving as fast as he possibly could and it did not take long for him to discover a group of cultivators gathering within the forest up ahead. Sensing for a bit, Chen Feng found the auras of Jian Xiaotian and Ye Tian.

Good! They’re here! Noticing that the two of them were still alive, Chen Feng grew overjoyed.

Next, Chen Feng sent out the Longevity Tower. Rather, he swung it through the sky. Then, the Longevity Tower rapidly expanded in size before slowly descending, suppressing the forest area beneath.

As the Longevity Tower descended, an invisible wave of potent energy spread out to reduce the trees below into nothingness.

Sou! Sou!

Two figures flew up. They were Jian Xiaotian and Ye Tian. The Longevity Tower had pulled them into the tower.

The Longevity Tower continued its descent, falling faster as it did. By then, the cultivators beneath had begun reacting to its descent. Knowing that a great calamity was about to descend upon them, they unleashed their strongest attacks at the Longevity Tower above them.

However, due to the suppressive power of the Longevity Tower, all of their attacks were decimated. Finally, one of the cultivators exploded into a mist of blood. His death seemingly triggered a chain reaction and – one after another – the other cultivators began exploding as well. In the face of the Longevity Tower’s attack, all of them were killed and nothing was left of their souls. Not even the strongest Immortal Human from the Immortal Plane could bring them back to life.


Chen Feng swiftly collected the Longevity Tower back into his body. Looking down, Chen Feng could see a circle with a radius of 100 zhang on the forest beneath him. There had been tens of cultivators staying within that circle earlier. At that moment, however, the Longevity Tower’s colossal power had utterly erased them all from existence.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m


Reminder: A ding is a three-legged cauldron. Further description of the ding is available in wiki.

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