Chapter 415: Absorbing the Bead of Life and Death


“That’s right, kid. With this Bead of Life and Death, there will be no problems with your Life and Death acupoints,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“I wonder, would my tribulation attract other cultivators? We should make preparations,” Old Freak Ming said.

“Humph, our Azuremist Mountain is not like those small sects! Even the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains must think carefully before fighting us,” the Beast King said with disdain.

“You are underestimating those immortal dao sects. If we offend them too deeply, anyone from those immortal dao sects can flatten our Azuremist Mountain,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

“You are talking about those above the Human Immortal stage?” Mu Sheng asked.

“Forget those fellows. Even if they only dispatch out mid-level and high-level Human Immortals, we will be incapable of handling them,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

After discussing the issue for a moment, everyone dispersed and went about on their own matters. As for Chen Feng, he continued to hide within the valley to cultivate himself. Finding the Life and Death acupoints had not been an easy feat. Chen Feng wanted to open the two insight acupoints in one go. 

“He he! Kid, I have already diluted this Devastation Lightning, weakening its power by 90 %. You should be able to absorb and refine it. Come, give it a shot,” Tower said. Next, a strand of black lightning flowed into Chen Feng’s body before coursing through his meridians.

“Circulate the Longevity Scripture.” Chen Feng was quick to channel the Longevity Scripture and his longevity-type primary energy swiftly moved forward to envelop the destructive powers. Next, Chen Feng could feel the powers charging towards his Death acupoint.


When the destructive powers struck the Death acupoint, a loud sound of collision rang out again. This time, however, Chen Feng was not wounded like last time. All he felt was shock running through his soul and he lost control over the situation. However, as the circulation technique continued, it did not take long for Chen Feng to recover. The strand of Devastation Lightning was dispersed and all of its dispersed fragments were absorbed by Chen Feng.

“I feel something. Again!”

Next, another strand of Devastation Lightning flowed into Chen Feng’s body to strike his Death acupoint.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

And thus, Chen Feng continued assailing the Death acupoint. Every assault brought with it a force of 5,000 kilogrammes. It was unknown just how long the assailing process went on, but Chen Feng’s body finally trembled. Cracks had started to appear on the Death acupoint and strands of deathly power seeped out from the cracks.

All right! Now to refine the Bead of Life and Death! Chen Feng held the Bead of Life and Death in his hand and strands of deathly power emerged from the Bead of Life and Death before flowing into Chen Feng’s body. Next, he circulated his cultivation technique to guide the deathly power through the cracks and into the Death acupoint.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The cracks on the Death acupoint kept growing bigger and the deathly aura grew thicker. At the same time, the Death acupoint was ceaselessly expanding.


Finally, the Death acupoint abruptly broke open and vast amounts of deathly powers swirled into the acupoint. 

Immediately, Chen Feng could sense the power within him rising. The deathly powers kept melding with his body’s aura, undulating about until the integration process was complete. Then, they were absorbed back into the Death acupoint, causing Chen Feng’s aura to become somewhat strange.

By then, the black energy within the Bead of Life and Death had lost one fifth of its power. Thus, the separation between black and white within the bead fell into a state of disharmony.

Remarkable! This Bead of Life and Death actually possesses so much deathly powers. Senior Ming is truly generous. This Bead of Life and Death is truly helpful for me, Chen Feng thought as he continued cultivating.

Next, Chen Feng continued to absorb the deathly powers within the Bead of Life and Death to expand his Death acupoint, causing his strength to grow without respite.

Day by day, time passed and he cultivated without the concept of time.

Chen Feng was constantly cultivating himself, immersing himself so deeply into it to the point where he no longer cared about what was happening outside. As for Jian Xiaotian, Lin Shaokun and Ye Tian, as part of their cultivation efforts, they would occasionally leave the valley to battle the cultivators who had entered Azuremist Mountain. The valley that they were all residing in seemingly became a safe barrier. Days went by and no cultivators were able to find the valley.

With Mu Sheng and Sage Enigma Flame protecting the valley, Chen Feng could cultivate with peace of mind.

After spending one whole month on it, Chen Feng’s Death acupoint finally stabilized. Chen Feng’s figure released a pulse and a deathly aura, thick to the extreme, spread out from his body, causing the surrounding spiritual energy to swirl outwards.

At that moment, Chen Feng’s power had increased by 200 %. Additionally, it was still slowly increasing.

After succeeding in opening the Death acupoint, Chen Feng did not stop. He began assailing the Life acupoint because there was a close connection between the Life and Death acupoints. Thus, Chen Feng could clearly sense the location of the Life acupoint.

Assailing the Life acupoint was easier compared to assailing the Death acupoint. That was because the longevity-type primary energy that Chen Feng cultivated was in itself a top-grade energy containing a high amount of life force. This energy was most suited for opening the Life acupoint. Even so, Chen Feng had taken one month’s time to open up and stabilize the Life acupoint.

By then, Chen Feng had utterly absorbed the powers of life and death within the Bead of Life and Death, reducing the round bead into a pile of ash.

After successfully opening the Life and Death acupoints, Chen Feng’s cultivation base grew several times stronger yet again. Chen Feng could feel the two acupoints devouring and absorbing power continuously. Two holes and two different powers undulated constantly. The power of life and death. These two profound powers gave Chen Feng an extremely peculiar sensation.

With the Life and Death acupoints opened, Chen Feng finally concluded his cultivation session. Slowly, he exhaled a stream of primary energy, which alternated between the colours black and white. Even his pair of eyes were flashing with the colours black and white.


Sage Enigma Flame instantly appeared before Chen Feng. He regarded Chen Feng from head to toe as he tutted with approval. A look of appreciation could be seen filling his eyes.

“Ha ha ha! As expected of my apprentice! You could so quickly open up the Life and Death acupoints. You should know, even now, I have yet to find the location of these two acupoints in my body,” Sage Enigma Flame said, laughing.

“Eh? Master, where is Jian Xiaotian, Lin Shaokun and Ye Tian?” Chen Feng asked. After he was done with his cultivation session, Chen Feng had utilized his soul power to quickly scan the entire valley. He discovered that his soul power had improved greatly. At the same time, he also realized that Jian Xiaotian, Lin Shaokun and Ye Tian were not inside the valley. 

“The three of them would always head out to kill the outside cultivators. This time, they had gone out for several days. They have yet to come back,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

“All right. I’ll go check it out,” Chen Feng said. Next, his body floated upwards. With a few forward bursts, he left the valley.

“He he! Enigma Flame, this apprentice of yours is quite good.” Mu Sheng came to stand before Sage Enigma Flame.

“Ha ha, but of course! Don’t you know how good my eyes are? What is it? Are you fellows envious?” Sage Enigma Flame said smugly.

“A little. However, from what I can see, the kid is not cultivating your Extreme Enigma Flame Formula,” Mu Sheng said with a smirk.

“Eh, about that… aha ha! I teach according to the abilities of my apprentice.” Sage Enigma Flame immediately burst into laughter.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng swiftly made his way through the forest while feeling the changes to the power within him. At the same time, he would occasionally absorb some spiritual energy from his surroundings.

After several hours, Chen Feng was still unable to find Jian Xiaotian, Lin Shaokun and Ye Tian. He did not even encounter a single cultivator. Thus, a foreboding sensation beset Chen Feng.

Did something happen to Brother Jian and the others? Chen Feng could not help but wonder.

After that, Chen Feng sped up. At the same time, he sent his soul power charging out to constantly scan his surroundings.

Finally, Chen Feng’s soul power sensed two cultivators. The two cultivators were talking to each other as they made their way through the forest.

As Chen Feng did not have the patience to waste anymore time, he simply stepped forward to stop the two of them.


The two fellows were quick to respond. Seeing someone obstructing their path, they immediately fired out two sword beams at Chen Feng.

The two of them were level 2 Sky Human stage cultivators. However, judging by the strength of their sword beams, they were only ordinary cultivators.

Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng moved quickly to shatter the two sword beams.

“Not good! It’s an expert!” Seeing Chen Feng casually shatter their attacks, the two cultivators were promptly terrified. Thus, they planned on releasing their flying swords to fight Chen Feng.

However, Chen Feng was too fast. Both his hands shot out with lightning-like speed to grab their necks.

“Mercy! Mercy!” The faces of the two cultivators turned red and they quickly begged for mercy.

“Who are you fellows?” Chen Feng released a strand of deathly aura, causing the dread within their eyes to grow stronger.

“We are loose cultivators from Cyan Dragon Mountain. My name is Zhao Qiang. His name is Li Tan,” one of them quickly said.

“Answer me, do you know anything about Jian Xiaotian, Lin Shaokun or anyone else?” Chen Feng asked bluntly. 

“Hey, hey! You two would do well to tell me the truth, otherwise I will just use a soul-searching technique on you fellows.” Chen Feng sneered.

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk! Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun are 250 kilometres up ahead. I have heard that they had entered a trap set up by Nine Firmaments Palace. They are probably dead by now,” one of them said.

“What?” Chen Feng’s heart grew tense and his hand exerted more strength, nearly strangling the two cultivators to their deaths.

“Cough! Cough! Stop! Mercy! We’re telling you the truth.” The two cultivators kept begging for mercy.

“Humph!” Chen Feng released a stream of primary energy to knock the two cultivators unconscious. Next, he flew forward.

Light shone beneath Chen Feng’s feet and he rode the Lightstream Shield, flying as fast as he could. He zoomed forward, shattering any leaves and vegetation within his path.

A distance of 250 kilometres was nothing to Chen Feng. Thus, it did not take him long to cover 225 kilometres.

Finally, Chen Feng was able to sense the auras of other cultivators. After sensing them for a bit, killing intent emerged from his eyes.

A group of cultivators were pursuing Lin Shaokun, whose entire body was stained with blood. The aura emanating from his body was in an extremely chaotic state and he swung his staff with all he had as he darted through the forest. A high number of cultivators was right behind him. There were those from Nine Firmaments Palace and strong loose cultivators amongst his pursuers.

However, Chen Feng was only able to sense Lin Shaokun. He could not find Jian Xiaotian and Ye Tian at all. Thus, the foreboding sensation appeared once again.

Chen Feng swiftly rushed forward. It did not take long before he finally caught sight of the fleeing Lin Shaokun.

“Brother Lin, don’t panic. I’m here!” Chen Feng rapidly sent a secret vocal transmission to Lin Shaokun.

Hearing Chen Feng’s voice, Lin Shaokun’s eyes lit up and looks of shock and joy appeared on his face. Next, he replied, “Jian Xiaotian and Ye Tian were wounded and captured by the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. Right now, I do not know if they are dead or alive.”

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