Chapter 414: Finding the Death Acupoint


“Ahh, that hit the spot! Although it is just a minor Human Immortal’s tribulation, it did manage to let me recover some of my powers. A pity, still too weak. It would be better if the tribulation is a few levels higher,” said Tower with a chuckle.

“All right. Tower, tell me about the Heavenly Tribulation,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“He he, it can be quite simple if you think about it. The Sky Human stage is, after all, still within a stage within the mundane realm. All that is needed is to overcome Lightning Tribulation. That is just the lowest and most simplistic trial within space-time. However, rising up to the Human Immortal stage is a totally different matter. 

“No matter how you cut it, the Human Immortal stage has the word ‘Immortal’ in it. Reaching the Human Immortal stage meant that the cultivator would instantly be capable of comprehending some immortal dao laws. Truth is, Human Immortals can already be considered as Immortal Humans, albeit the lowest in rank. 

“Thus, in order to become Human Immortals, what cultivators need to face is not just ordinary Lightning Tribulation. Rather, it will be a genuine Heavenly Tribulation. This involves the various tribulations powers brought upon by space and time. For example, Fire Tribulation, Water Tribulation, Wind Tribulation, Lightning Tribulation, Earth Tribulation and Wood Tribulation. 

“Various types of powers would be condensed out to form tribulation powers. Who knows just how many cultivators – hoping to rise to the Human Immortal stage – had died in the face of these tribulation powers, blasted by them into bits,” Tower said. 

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng then pondered silently.

“By the way, are the Heavenly Tribulations for different cultivators different?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course they are. The Heavenly Tribulations for genius cultivators with high cultivation bases would be much stronger compared to the Heavenly Tribulations for ordinary cultivators. The same holds true for Lightning Tribulations,” Tower said. 

“I understand. We can determine the strength and potential of a cultivator by looking at the might of his or her Lightning Tribulation.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Yes, that is exactly it,” Tower said.

“Brother Chen, what is on your mind?” Jian Xiaotian approached Chen Feng.

“It’s nothing. I am just sensing the tribulation powers around us. Sigh! I wonder when I can reach the Human Immortal stage,” Chen Feng said, sighing.

The amount of time Chen Feng had spent on cultivation could no longer be considered short. And while Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation could be considered very fast when compared to the other cultivators, Chen Feng was still dissatisfied. No, he was very dissatisfied. There was a thorn sticking in his heart; his origins. However, Tower had said that he would only inform Chen Feng about it after he had cultivated up to the Human Immortal stage. Thus, all he could do was to give it his all to cultivate and reach the Human Immortal stage as fast as possible.

“He he! Brother Chen, you are being too anxious about it. Your rate of cultivation is already putting us to shame. I believe you will probably reach the Human Immortal stage before us all,” Jian Xiaotian said with a chuckle.

By then, Sage Enigma Flame, Mu Sheng and the Beast King had rushed over to Old Freak Ming’s side to protect the weakened Old Freak Ming. They wanted to prevent unexpected situations.

“After watching this Heavenly Tribulation, I feel a stroke of enlightenment as well,” said Lin Shaokun, who closed his eyes as he began delving into the feeling of enlightenment.

The Pot Brothers and the others were also revealing thoughtful looks on their faces. Although their cultivation bases were not high enough, the tribulation powers drifting about in the sky could still give them some harvest. It felt as though their souls had just taken a shower.


Suddenly, Chen Feng’s body gave a shudder and both his eyes widened as light shone from them. The aura from his body began fluctuating. Next, he inhaled and closed his eyes. One black hole appeared on each of his hands to begin absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy.

Earlier, Chen Feng has suddenly felt the locations of the Life and Death acupoints within his body. Although it had been just a flash, Chen Feng had been able to lock down the locations of the two insight acupoints.

Here it is! It’s this feeling! Chen Feng began his pursuit, following the sensations he felt earlier. Soon enough, he found the Death acupoint. A strange, dark, deathly, withered, solitary and chaotic aura emanated from the Death acupoint. Although it was a very tepid feeling, Chen Feng was able to deeply sense them all.


Chen Feng mobilized the power within him to assail the Death acupoint.


A loud sound rang out from Chen Feng’s body. Immediately after that, everyone there could feel an aura of death spreading out from Chen Feng.

“What is happening?!” Sensing the aura, Jian Xiaotian and the others were startled. Reflexively, they backed away, looks of panic etched on their faces.

Lin Shaokun was in the midst of cultivating himself with his eyes closed when his sea of wisdom was thrown into a state of chaos due to the aura of death.

“Such a thick aura of death! What is happening?” Lin Shaokun cast a shocked look at Chen Feng.


Every part of Chen Feng’s flesh shook. It was as though there were countless agile snakes moving beneath his skin. Chen Feng’s face contorted. Finally, he could not stop himself from coughing out a mouthful of blood.

“Brother Chen!”

As Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were the fastest there, they simultaneously rushed over to support the staggering Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. However, after making contact with Chen Feng’s body, they instantly felt a feeling of numbness in their palms. A black stream of energy flowed through their palms before moving along their arms. Everywhere it went, vital signs would be cut down. They could not even feel their flesh as a result of that.

“Get back!” 

The two of them were greatly shocked and they instantly released their grip on Chen Feng. Next, they began channelling their cultivation techniques to push out the black energy from their arms.

“What a formidable power of death. What is going on here?” Jian Xiaotian said, shocked.

“I have heard that every cultivator has a Death acupoint. Did Brother Chen open up this insight acupoint?” Lin Shaokun said solemnly.

“The Death acupoint? I know about that insight acupoint. However, these wondrous acupoints are very difficult to locate. It is said that the Human Immortal stage is required before one can comprehend some of the concealed acupoints. Could it be? Has Brother Chen found the location of these insight acupoints already? So fast?” Jian Xiaotian blurted out in shock.

“Ha ha ha! You fool! How can one be as reckless as you?” Seeing Chen Feng’s wounded state, Tower laughed.

Chen Feng could feel the power of death invading every part of his body, damaging his flesh.

“Heavengulping Absorption Technique!” Chen Feng utilized the formidable cultivation technique to swiftly devour the power of death. It did not take long for him to absorb all of them. Next, his longevity-type primary energy circulated to heal the wounds on his body.

“I was too impatient?” Chen Feng asked.

“Naturally, just think about it. Do you think that the Life and Death acupoints are as easy to open as the other insight acupoints? Don’t worry. Right now, I have tribulation powers stored up within the tower. Amongst those powers, the Devastation Lightning contains formidable powers of death. They will help you with opening the insight acupoint,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Devastation Lightning. Yes, yes.” Chen Feng nodded. By then, he had mostly recovered from his injuries.

“Brother Chen, are you all right? What happened just now?” Jian Xiaotian stepped forward and asked.

“It’s nothing. I was just practicing a cultivation technique,” Chen Feng said with a faint smile.


Suddenly, Sage Enigma Flame appeared before Chen Feng.

“Dear apprentice, what happened just now? It looks like you are injured?” Sage Enigma Flame asked, concern in his voice.

Seeing the anxious expression on Sage Enigma Flame’s face, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling moved. This cheap master of his really cared about him.

“What a thick aura of death! Hey, hey! Kiddo, you are something. Did you find the location of your Death acupoint?” Mu Sheng, too, swiftly appeared before Chen Feng.

Finally, the Beast King and another figure appeared. It was an old man clad in black. Killing intent surged within the old man’s eyes and he seemed like a heretical cultivator. He gave off the impression of a bad person and anyone looking at him would end up feeling frightened.

“Enigma Flame, this apprentice of yours is quite good. He has actually found the location of his Death acupoint,” the black-clad cultivator said, chortling. Both his eyes stared at Chen Feng, giving Chen Feng goose bumps.

“What? The Death acupoint? Impossible! Let me have a look.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame’s eyes focused and he stared at Chen Feng.

“Eh? This aura of death, it should be correct. My dear apprentice, did you actually find the location of your Death acupoint?” Sage Enigma Flame asked, his eyes wide open.

“Yes. I sensed it just now. It should be it,” Chen Feng replied.

“Really? Good, my apprentice! Ha ha ha! As expected of my apprentice! Tsk, tsk. How about it, guys? Are your eyes bloodshot with envy?” Sage Enigma Flame said, his face radiating with delight.

“Humph! Just look at you. What is so special about it?” the Beast King said in dissatisfaction.

“Greetings, seniors.” Chen Feng bowed respectfully towards them.

“See? See? Enigma Flame, your apprentice is much better than you. He is so unlike you. You are completely lacking in manners,” the Beast King said in a ridiculing tone.

“Come, come! My dear apprentice, let me do the introductions. You have met these two before. However, you still don’t know this old man, right? This fellow here is Old Freak Ming, a friend who has gone through life and death with me,” said Sage Enigma Flame, who pulled Chen Feng over to stand before the black-clad old man.

“Junior Chen Feng greets senior,” Chen Feng said, bowing respectfully.

“Ha ha ha! Old bro, this apprentice of mine is good, right?” Sage Enigma Flame grew more pleased with himself.

“To possess this level of strength at this young age, he is indeed good. He is much stronger compared to us back then,” Old Freak Ming said with a somewhat hoarse voice.

“Ha ha ha! If that is the case, hurry up and bring out a greeting gift. This is your junior. Surely, you aren’t going to just say some words and not give anything?” Sage Enigma Flame stretched his palm out.

“You old bugger.” Old Freak Ming looked at Sage Enigma Flame, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Whatever. Since this is our first meeting, there is indeed a need for a greeting gift. Since you have already found the location of your Death acupoint, your future must be immeasurably bright. I have a bead here which I had inadvertently acquired when I was travelling around. It should be of use to you,” said Old Freak Ming, who brought his hand out. In his palm was a round bead the size of a thumb. 

Half of the round bead was black while the other half was white. Black and white were connected together. And yet, the two colours were also clearly separated. It had a very unique appearance.

“Ha ha, a good item! This is the Bead of Life and Death.” Sage Enigma Flame was first taken aback. Next, he quickly made his move, grabbing the bead.

“To think it would be the Bead of Life and Death. Old Freak Ming, you sure are generous. This is a worldly spiritual object.” Mu Sheng was surprised.

“He he. It is just a worldly possession.” Old Freak Ming waved his hand, seemingly not feeling too concerned about it.

“Come, my dear apprentice. Hurry up and keep it. This is a good thing. As it so happens, it will be helpful towards your cultivation,” Sage Enigma Flame said, shoving the Bead of Life and Death into Chen Feng’s hands.

Cold to the touch, Chen Feng could also sense two unique powers constantly entangling one another to form a state of harmony. Instantly, Chen Feng knew that those two were the powers of life and death.

After finding out that this was a spiritual object, Chen Feng thanked Old Freak Ming again. At any rate, he could see from the attitudes of the others that this Bead of Life and Death was extraordinarily valuable. It was not something that just anyone would use as a gift.

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