Chapter 412: A Human Immortal’s Heavenly Tribulation


As expected of a Yao King. A simple wave of his hand is enough to block the attack of a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. Seeing the nonchalant display by Mu Sheng, Chen Feng could not stop the thought from rising up to his mind.

The two cultivators had tall and mighty statures and they radiated a grand atmosphere of majesty. Their actions were overbearing and without parallel. One glance was sufficient for them to tell that these two cultivators were experts from one of the great sects.

“A Yao King! So, you are actually a Yao King. Humph! Does Azuremist Mountain want to make an enemy of the entire Northern Plains?!” one of them, garbed in purple robes, shouted. 

“You fellows do not have what it takes to represent the entire Northern Plains!” A voice came from afar. At the same time, a dragon – made from fire – charged through the sky, roaring as it rushed forward to smash the two cultivators in the sky.

My master has come! Chen Feng thought. He recognized the voice.

“Who is it? You want to die?” In the face of the incoming fire dragon, the purple-robed cultivator stretched out a hand and made a grasping move. Next, a huge palm silhouette swung out to grab the fire dragon. However, the power contained within the fire dragon was too strong. Not only did the fire dragon break the palm silhouette that the purple-robed cultivator had sent out, it even managed to arrive before the two cultivators to unleash a talon swipe at them.

Bang! Bang!

Two booming sounds rang out and the two cultivators were struck down. Next, the fire dragon quickly dispersed, transforming into a sea of flames, which surrounded the two cultivators. It left them no room for escape.

All Chen Feng saw was a flash before a chubby old man appeared before him. It was none other than his master, Sage Enigma Flame.

“Master, why did you come?” asked Chen Feng, who felt pleasantly surprised.

“Ha ha ha! Someone is bullying my apprentice. Of course I must come over!” Sage Enigma Flame laughed out.

“Mu Sheng, it’s been a long time. Your cultivation base has improved again, eh?” Sage Enigma Flame greeted Mu Sheng.

“Enigma Flame, at present, there is only half a step between you and the Human Immortal stage. Perhaps you will be able to become a Human Immortal tomorrow,” Mu Sheng said smilingly.

“Humph! Truth is, I had a stroke of enlightenment recently. However, I was besieged and almost killed,” Sage Enigma Flame said with a scoff.

“Something like that happened?” A look of surprise appeared on Mu Sheng’s face.

“Ha ha ha ha! Enigma Flame, why are you here?” Suddenly, the Beast King descended as well, laughing as he landed before Enigma Flame.

“I have only just arrived. I am here to check up on my apprentice and fellow friends. Also, I was besieged back in Extreme Celestial Sect. It’s almost to the point where I can no longer stay there,” Sage Enigma Flame said angrily.

“Which fellows are so audacious? Give me their names and I’ll help you teach them a lesson!” the Beast King shouted.

“Liu Mulin! Tie Shaofeng! You didn’t think you’d end up meeting me again here, did you? Back then, you fellows joined forces with those from the Zhao Family to besiege me within Extreme Celestial Mountain! Did you ever think that you would die here?” Sage Enigma Flame then turned around and stared intently at the two cultivators surrounded by the sea of flames.

“Tsk, tsk! Isn’t this the idiotic cultivator, Kuang Batian? How did you end up in such a wretched state?” Sage Enigma Flame then turned to look at Kuang Batian, who was lying limply on the ground, before laughing out.

“You are Sage Enigma Flame! What is this? Is Extreme Celestial Sect so daring that it’ll start a fight with our Purple Firmaments Palace? If you know what is good for you, hurry up and let me go! I may yet let you live!” Kuang Batian shouted.


Sage Enigma Flame waved his hand and a stream of fire flowed into Kuang Batian’s body. Instantly, it burned the meridians within his body until they broke, turning Kuang Batian into a cultivation cripple.

“Argh! You two, hurry up and save me!” Kuang Batian bellowed his lungs out.


“You have a death wish!”

Liu Mulin and Tie Shaofeng, who were hovering up in the sky, hollered. They swept the sea of flames around them aside and hastily flew away.

After getting a grasp of their situation, they decided against continuing the fight. They wanted to flee as fast as they can. 

“It’s already too late to flee,” Mu Sheng said with a scornful smile.

After Liu Mulin and Tie Shaofeng successfully rushed through the flames that Sage Enigma Flame set up just now, they found that their path was obstructed by a net of branches. Mu Sheng had secretly made his move.

“Charge out!”

Rays of sword light shot out from their hands. In the end, however, all they could do was to leave marks on the surface of the branches. It would be very difficult for them to break through this obstruction quickly.

“Hey, hey! Time for you fellows to suffer!” said Sage Enigma Flame, who leapt up into the sky. Crackling sounds echoed out from his body, like a volcano on the verge of erupting. Intense heatwaves kept spreading out from him while a fiery-red spear appeared in his hand.

“Old bugger, leave one for me! Don’t hog them all for yourself!” The Beast King charged upwards as well. Each of them picked one of the cultivators and they began fighting.

“Nothing to see here. The result is already determined,” Mu Sheng said coolly. He continued to pay little care to what was happening before him.

As Chen Feng was watching the ongoing battle up in the sky, he waved his hand to collect Kuang Batian into the Longevity Tower. Next, he utilized the Longevity Tower’s power to extract every drop of essence and power from Kuang Batian’s body before using them to concoct several medicinal pills. After Kuang Batian’s figure disappeared, a new bottle of medicinal pill could be seen inside the Longevity Tower.

The battle between the four figures up in the sky grew more intense and the sky there had transformed into a sea of flames. That was the result of Sage Enigma Flame’s actions of condensing out the power of fire from his surroundings.

“Brother Chen, your master is truly powerful. The way I see it, he will be able to rise to the Human Immortal stage soon, no?” Jian Xiaotian, who was beside Chen Feng, was finally left speechless.


The flaming spear in Sage Enigma Flame’s hand stabbed into Liu Mulin’s body several times. On the other side, Tie Shaofeng kept getting pounded by the Beast King’s fists that he ended up puking blood again and again.

“Sage Enigma Flame! Are you actually thinking of killing us all?” Liu Mulin and Tie Shaofeng grew terrified. Next, they attempted to negotiate. Their combat powers began dropping even further.

“Yes, die!” said Sage Enigma Flame, who sent a stream of flames out, blasting Liu Mulin away.

“Sage Enigma Flame! No matter how powerful you may be, you have yet to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage! If the two of us die here, the Human Immortals from our sect will definitely take action. When that moment comes, you will not even get the opportunity to run!” Liu Mulin threatened.

“Is that right? However, before that happens, I can still kill off the two of you!” Sage Enigma Flame said and billowing flames abruptly surged out from his body to engulf Liu Mulin. The flaming spear in his hand pierced Liu Mulin again. With a vicious tug, Liu Mulin’s body burst into pieces. Even the soul power in his sea of wisdom was incinerated by the surrounding flames.

“Ha ha ha! Beast King, looks like you are slightly slower. Do you want my help?” Sage Enigma Flame laughed.

Sage Enigma Flame had already killed off Liu Mulin. However, the Beast King was still battling Tie Shaofeng.

“Humph, no need! Behold, my Tiger Dragon Seal!” The Beast King was provoked and his figure shone brightly. He swung his fist out and the silhouette of a tiger and a dragon swirled around one another before coming together to form a seal, which then bombarded Tie Shaofeng’s body, pulverizing him in the process.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Sage Enigma Flame and the Beast King laughed loudly as they flew down into the valley.

“Sigh! You two still love to kill so much. Those two are high-level elders from Nine Firmaments Palace. Even that Kuang Batian is an elder from Purple Firmaments Palace. With this, they will certainly not let this slide. These sects have a history spanning who knows how many tens of thousands of years. They will surely have more than just Human Immortals,” Mu Sheng said, shaking his head.

“Naturally, I know that. However, they are hunting my apprentice before my very eyes. Am I supposed to do nothing?” Sage Enigma Flame replied as he continued laughing.

“As long as it is not a Human Immortal, I will kill however many they send over,” the Beast King, who was beside them, said with a smile.

“Don’t worry. The experts of these sects will not take action unless there is something big going on. They will be incapable of doing something like bullying a junior, otherwise I would not have killed them,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

As they were chatting, the sky suddenly darkened. Next, cracks began appearing in the sky. Streams of formidable aura flowed out from beyond the cracks, sending involuntary shivers down the souls of Chen Feng and the others.

“Lightning Tribulation!” Sage Enigma Flame cried out in shock.

“This Lightning Tribulation seems to be on a much bigger scale,” Chen Feng blurted.

“No! This is not it. This is not a Lightning Tribulation. This is a Heavenly Tribulation! This is the Heavenly Tribulation that a cultivator must undergo to rise up to the Human Immortal stage!” Sage Enigma Flame said solemnly.

“It’s Old Freak Ming. It must be Old Freak Ming. Unexpectedly, he is already starting to assail this stage,” the Beast King said enviously.

“Humph! He ended up taking the lead!” Sage Enigma Flame said with a snort.

“Hopefully, he can succeed. That way, Azuremist Mountain will have another Human Immortal.” Mu Sheng was also feeling excited.


The cracks in the sky exploded and a power of lightning poured down, seemingly desirous of obliterating the lands below. Chen Feng and the others, who were far away, could clearly sense the power of lightning within the sky.

Incredible! This is truly not an ordinary Lightning Tribulation. There is so much power of lightning involved. This is over 100 times stronger compared to Brother Lin’s Lightning Tribulation! Chen Feng thought.


The power of lightning cascaded down the sky furiously and the lands, covering a radius of over 500 kilometres, quaked. Waves of lightning power hovered in the sky, flashing with light.

“This place doesn’t seem safe.” Jian Xiaotian could not help but speak up.

“Don’t worry. This place is very safe.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame, the Beast King and Mu Sheng flew up together. They were flying towards the Heavenly Tribulation, wanting to get a closer look.

Chen Feng and the others were not as courageous.

“The Heavenly Tribulation for reaching the Human Immortal stage! Excellent! Fantastic! This is the best!” Tower suddenly whooped with joy.

Next, the Longevity Tower shook slightly before slipping out from Chen Feng’s body. By the time Chen Feng was able to respond, the Longevity Tower was already over 50 kilometres away from him.

“Tower, what are you doing?” Shocked, Chen Feng quickly used his soul to communicate with Tower.

“Absorb the power of this Heavenly Tribulation! How can I miss out on such a good opportunity?” Tower replied.

Chen Feng and the Longevity Tower were closely connected. His soul linked up with the Longevity Tower and he was able to clearly observe what was happening. Soon enough, Chen Feng watched as the Longevity Tower flew high up into the sky to flash in and out of the cracks in the sky. Next, Chen Feng could sense vast amounts of power of lightning surging vigorously into the Longevity Tower.

The Longevity Tower was absorbing the Heavenly Tribulation's power of lightning!

“Tower, will this affect the Heavenly Tribulation process?” asked Chen Feng, who was feeling concerned.

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