Chapter 410: Respectively Undergoing Lightning Tribulation


“Although I am pleased with your actions, the various great sects from the Northern Plains are still very powerful. You have killed so many cultivators. Nine Firmaments Palace and some other sects will surely send some of their more powerful cultivators forward. If they decide to be ruthless about it and send out their Human Immortals, even Azuremist Mountain will find it hard to deal with them,” the Beast King said.

“Sorry for causing you so much trouble, seniors,” Chen Feng said, feeling embarrassed.

“You are Enigma Flame’s apprentice. You are not an outsider to us. Looks like you still do not know. Enigma Flame used to be a member of Azuremist Mountain. Did you think that any cultivator could gain our protection?” the Beast King said with a smile.

So that’s how it is. No wonder, Chen Feng thought. Unexpectedly, his master also had this other identity.

“Presently, Old Freak Ming is attempting to assail the Human Immortal stage. Thus, he cannot emerge. You fellows should be safe here. However, just to prevent any unexpected incidents, Mu Sheng will be staying here as well. Consider this an act to ensure your safety,” the Beast King said.

“I’ll be troubling Senior Mu, then,” Chen Feng bowed yet again.

“No need to be so formal. If something happens to you while you are in Azuremist Mountain, we’ll be unable to face Enigma Flame,” Mu Sheng said jovially, giving off a very gentle atmosphere.

However, Chen Feng knew that Mu Sheng was a Yao King. He was even stronger than the Beast King. Tower had informed him about this just now. Mu Sheng was a great tree that had cultivated up to the Yao King stage.

After explaining the situation to them, the Beast King left again. As for Mu Sheng, he stayed within the valley.

“Tsk, tsk! I didn’t think that you fellows could manage to collect some immortal energy. Additionally, this immortal energy feels very ancient. This is quite the surprise.” Seeing Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun absorb immortal energy to heal their wounds shocked Mu Sheng. 

“He he! Senior Mu, I had obtained this immortal energy by chance from the remains of an ancient valley,” said Chen Feng, who linked up with the Longevity Tower to quickly bring out a vast amount of immortal energy. In the blink of an eye, the whole valley was enveloped by the immortal energy.

“Eh? This immortal energy is somewhat different from the immortal energy obtained by linking up to the Immortal Plane.” Mu Sheng felt puzzled.

“This immortal energy was acquired from within an Immortal artefact,” Chen Feng said.

“Immortal artefact?” Mu Sheng grew excited. Next, he closed his eyes to focus wholeheartedly on perceiving the energy.

“As expected, there are immortal dao laws!” Mu Sheng grew even more excited. Thus, he simply sat down cross-legged within the valley and began cultivating himself.

“He he!”

Chen Feng chuckled and continued to release streams of immortal energy outwards. Thankfully, the Longevity Tower did not absorb all the immortal energy away back then. This Yao King’s rate of absorption was staggering.

As Mu Sheng cultivated himself, the grasses, trees and spiritual herbs within the valley began growing wildly. Not only that, grasses, flowers and trees even began growing within the places that Chen Feng and the others had cleaned up earlier. Furthermore, they were growing at an extremely fast pace. Chen Feng could see with his naked eyes plants budding out from their seeds before growing high up. Small saplings grew to become great sky-reaching trees with a height of over 100 metres in just half a day.

In just half a day’s time, grasses, flowers and trees had covered the entire valley. The fresh aroma from the various flowers and grasses came together, permeating the air within the valley and the life force within the air grew by tens of times.

“As expected of a great magic wielder!” The Pot Brothers praised, looks of admiration within their eyes.

While it is true that Senior Mu possesses a great magic power, the biggest reason for this is his body. Compared to ordinary cultivators, it is only natural for a wood spirit to be more capable in stimulating forth the vitality of plants, Chen Feng thought.

The valley already had a high level of spiritual energy to begin with. After Chen Feng released the immortal energy into the valley, the thickness of the spiritual energy there rose tens of times higher. And now, thanks to Senior Mu’s cultivation efforts, the thickness had risen yet again.

Everyone there was able to benefit from this. That was especially so for Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun. The wounds that would have taken them one month to recover from only took 10 days. Additionally, their strength had also improved.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The sky suddenly darkened and a massive clump of dark clouds appeared high above. The rumbling sound of thunders could be heard and the majesty of both Heaven and Earth engulfed everything to bear down upon them all, striking shock and fear into their hearts.

“Eh? Brother Lin is about to undergo Lightning Tribulation!” said a shocked Chen Feng.

At that moment, Lin Shaokun was standing straight, his figure seemingly having transformed into a sky-propping staff. Every strand of aura from his body had been retracted to integrate with himself. Even so, Chen Feng could still see the constantly roiling streams of energy within Lin Shaokun’s body. Chen Feng was able to faintly sense that an overpowering aura had descended from the dark clouds above to lock on to Lin Shaokun.

“I am going to undergo Lightning Tribulation!” Lin Shaokun shouted loudly.

“Hurry, get away! Don’t get too close to him, or you will be sucked into the Lightning Tribulation as well. We’ll all be in trouble!” Jian Xiaotian was the first to fly to the outskirts of the valley.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The others did not tarry, even Mu Sheng. Everyone retreated from the valley, leaving Lin Shaokun alone within.

“This little fellow’s talent is quite good. Looks like he will be undergoing his 4th Lightning Tribulation,” Mu Sheng said.

“Senior, what do you think of Brother Lin’s chances against this Lightning Tribulation?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

Speaking of Lin Shaokun’s Lightning Tribulation, Chen Feng and the others did feel somewhat concerned. By successfully overcoming the Lightning Tribulation, his cultivation base would soar. However, failure to do so meant his soul would be obliterated. At any rate, only one in 10,000 could survive despite failing to overcome Lightning Tribulation. This was also the reason why Sage Enigma Flame was not afraid of other Sky Human stage cultivators despite failing to reach the Human Immortal stage.

“This little fellow has a highly tempered body and his aura is well integrated. Even the power within him has been accumulated to its limits. As for his Soulflame, it is strong enough. Overcoming the 4th Lightning Tribulation should not be an issue,” Mu Sheng slowly said.

“In that case, I can relax.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief.


The Lightning Tribulation that Lin Shaokun faced was different compared to the one that Jian Xiaotian faced. Back then, Jian Xiaotian’d had to face blasts of lightning spheres. At that moment, however, a long bolt of lightning streaked down to strike Lin Shaokun.

“Bring it!” Lin Shaokun sent a punch forward. However, a staff silhouette punched forward to break the bolt of lightning into fragments. As for Lin Shaokun, he remained unharmed.

“Great!” The Pot Brothers immediately cheered.

Kacha! Kacha!

After just a few breaths’ worth of time, two bolts of lightning shot towards Lin Shaokun in quick succession.

“Eh? The lightning bolts are so fast!” Chen Feng was shocked.

Bang! Bang!

Once again, Lin Shaokun shattered the two lightning bolts. The scattered power of lightning then surged into Lin Shaokun’s body to ceaselessly temper his fleshly body.

“Brother Lin’s Lightning Tribulation is much stronger compared to mine. Brother Lin’s accomplishments in the future will surely be far above mine,” Jian Xiaotian said with a sigh.

“Ha ha! Brother Jian, don’t sell yourself short. Lightning Tribulation is not something trivial.” Chen Feng laughed. 

“Yes. Many peerless geniuses had met their end because the Lightning Tribulations they had to face were simply too overpowered. In the end, they were obliterated by the lightning bolts,” said Mu Sheng, who was beside them.

Kacha! Kacha!

Lightning bolts bombarded Lin Shaokun again and again. In the beginning, Lin Shaokun had been able to calmly take them on. As time progressed, however, the lightning bolts grew faster and stronger and it did not take long before Lin Shaokun was enveloped by the lightning bolts.

After half a day, Lin Shaokun’s Lightning Tribulation finally ended. There in the valley was Lin Shaokun, who sat down with a wretched appearance. He absorbed the spiritual energy from his surroundings to begin healing his wounds and recover his strength.

Appearance wise, Lin Shaokun’s situation after overcoming his Lightning Tribulation was much better compared to Jian Xiaotian’s case. Back then, Jian Xiaotian’s Lightning Tribulation had turned him into a humanoid charcoal.

“Eh, that’s strange. Brother Lin has already overcome his Lightning Tribulation. Why aren’t the dark clouds dispersing?” Chen Feng said, looking at the rumbling clumps of clouds above with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Yes, what is going on here?” Jian Xiaotian, too, wondered.

“No, someone else is undergoing Lightning Tribulation,” Mu Sheng suddenly said.

“It’s me. I cannot suppress it any longer,” Knight Yaoblade suddenly said.

Surprisingly, Knight Yaoblade was going to undergo Lightning Tribulation as well. Speaking of Knight Yaoblade, he was quite the famous character within the ranks of loose cultivators. After following Chen Feng, he had absorbed a considerable amount of immortal energy. It was only natural that his cultivation base would grow stronger.

Grabbing Knight Yaoblade, Chen Feng flew into the valley. There, he tossed Knight Yaoblade down and grabbed Lin Shaokun, who was working on his recovery, and flew back out.

“Is anyone else going to undergo Lightning Tribulation?” Chen Feng turned around and asked.

“I won’t be able to hold mine back for long too!”

It had been a casual question from Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, Grotto Mistress Hypnosis replied, albeit with a look of embarrassment.

As expected, after carefully scanning her, Chen Feng sensed an aura locking down on Grotto Mistress Hypnosis.

“Huh! Everyone is getting stronger. This is a good thing,” said Chen Feng, who took in a deep breath before laughing.

“We must not let them undergo Lightning Tribulation at the same time, otherwise the power of the Lightning Tribulation could double,” Mu Sheng said.

“What do we do? Should we split them up? Let one undergo Lightning Tribulation inside the valley while the other one undergoes Lightning Tribulation outside the valley?” Chen Feng asked.

“No need to fret. This is simple,” said Mu Sheng, who waved his hand. A stream of light flew into Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ body. Next, the aura radiating from Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ body began stabilizing.

“I have suppressed the power inside her. We can let them undergo Lightning Tribulation one at a time,” Mu Sheng said smilingly.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Knight Yaoblade’s Lightning Tribulation began quickly. Watching him facing his Lightning Tribulation, Chen Feng felt himself smiling bitterly inside. One by one, his subordinates were undergoing Lightning Tribulation. And yet, as their master, he was still hovering about in the Concealed stage. What a loss of face!

This was Knight Yaoblade’s 2nd Lightning Tribulation. Although it was a difficult process and he was terribly wounded in the end, he managed to overcome it and level up to become a level 2 Sky Human stage cultivator.

After Knight Yaoblade was Grotto Mistress Hypnosis. However, Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ cultivation base was not as strong as Knight Yaoblade’s cultivation base. Her foundation was lacking. Even her fleshly body was not strong enough. After she was just halfway through her Lightning Tribulation, she was already on the verge of dying. Clearly, Grotto Mistress Hypnosis was about to fail her Lightning Tribulation. Judging by her situation, she would end up getting blasted to death by the lightning.

“What should be done?” Chen Feng felt anxious. However, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Kid, I have a method. Your soul imprint is inside this little chick’s sea of wisdom. You can utilize the soul link between you two to transfer your energy to her,” Tower secretly suggested.

“Will that work?” Chen Feng felt dubious.

“Of course!” Tower said confidently.

“All right!” Chen Feng nodded his head and prepared to make his move.

Just as Chen Feng was about to take action, however, Mu Sheng, who was beside him, said, “Don’t worry! With me here, this girl will successfully overcome her Lightning Tribulation.”

Immediately after that, Mu Sheng jabbed out with his finger and a stream of spiritual energy, containing a thick amount of vitality, flew into Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ body. Next, the wounds on Grotto Mistress Hypnosis’ body – inflicted by the Lightning Tribulation – began healing up at a rate visible to the naked eye. After just a short interval, before the next lightning sphere blasted down on her, her aura had recovered to its peak. 

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