Chapter 407: Continuing the Hunt


As the two sides were fighting, Third Senior Brother finally spoke up. After the earlier battle, he had realized how extraordinary Chen Feng’s team of three was. Thus, he called for a momentary pause.

“And who are you fellows?” Chen Feng said coolly.

“I get it. You fellows must be the ones that Nine Firmaments Palace is after. Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun, right?” Third Senior Brother said, smiling.

“Yes.” Chen Feng admitted to it. At the same time, he secretly made ready to fight.

“As expected, it is you fellows.” Light flashed across Third Senior Brother’s eyes and several thoughts flowed through his mind.

This Third Senior Brother’s cultivation base is not to be underestimated. He has 6 Lightning Tribulations under his belt and the aura he exudes is strong. He looks to be even stronger than Nine Firmaments Palace’s Yan Luo. I wonder where he is from? Chen Feng wondered.

“Ha ha ha! There is no need for you three to feel anxious. We did not enter Azuremist Mountain for the task that Nine Firmaments Palace put up. We are just here for an adventure,” Third Senior Brother said smilingly.

“In that case, goodbye,” Chen Feng said, turning to leave.

“Wait,” Third Senior Brother said again.

“Oh? Is there anything else?” Chen Feng asked nonchalantly.

“He he! It seems you three can move freely within Azuremist Mountain. You should be familiar with this place, right?” Third Senior Brother asked cordially.

“We came to Azuremist Mountain as we were fleeing our pursuers. We are not familiar with this place.” Chen Feng gave a very simple reply.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

After that, Chen Feng’s team of three did not tarry. They turned and swiftly left.

“Third Senior Brother, why didn’t you attack? There are so many of us. Wouldn’t it be easy for us to kill them off?” the other cultivators came forward and asked.

“No hurry. Do you fellows still remember the killed cultivators we found?” A cunning look flashed across Third Senior Brother’s eyes.

“Third Senior Brother is talking about the loose cultivators who were killed by unknown figures?” 

“Yes. If I am not mistaken, Chen Feng’s gang must have killed those loose cultivators,” Third Senior Brother said with a smirk.

“However, what does that mean?” The cultivator beside him did not understand.

“It means those three fellows are very familiar with Azuremist Mountain. How else could they succeed in killing those guys again and again? Don’t forget how many cultivators are here to capture them. We would likely be incapable of enduring for long if we have to face so many cultivators. So, since they are so familiar with Azuremist Mountain, they must surely know where the spirit stone mine is. By secretly follow them, won’t we find the location of the spirit stone mine?” After saying that, Third Senior Brother revealed a self-satisfied smile. It was as though his plan would certainly come to fruition.

“However, why not just capture them? Under our harsh ministrations, would they not spill it out?” another cultivator said.

“Fools! Didn’t you fellows attack them earlier? Didn’t you fail to handle them? Those three are quite capable. There is no need for us to take action. Besides, it would be bad if we end up attracting the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. Enough! Junior Brother Zhang, you are the best in stealth and tracking. I’ll entrust the matter of tailing Chen Feng’s gang to you,” Third Senior Brother said, turning towards a cultivator in black-coloured armour.

“Don’t worry. Just leave it to me.” Even as he was speaking, Junior Brother Zhang’s figure had begun growing faint. Finally, it disappeared into thin air.

By then, Chen Feng’s team of three was already tens of li away. Additionally, the three of them did not stop at all. They kept changing their directions, occasionally flying up the trees, occasionally slipping underground, occasionally moving into caves, occasionally using stealth techniques to avoid some cultivators.

“Say, where do you think those fellows from earlier had come from? Also, the final words that cultivator said, what did it mean?” said a curious Jian Xiaotian.

They are probably not affiliated to any one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains. They are probably from some major hidden sect, or perhaps they are from some other places. However, judging from what their leader said, it seems they are not here to hunt us. They are most likely here to find treasures.” Chen Feng analysed the issue.

“In that case, they will likely send someone to tail us,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“No one is following us,” Lin Shaokun said.

Chen Feng released waves of his soul power to scan their surroundings.

“Nothing.” In the end, Chen Feng shook his head.

“Ke ke! Kiddo, your soul power is still insufficient. You cannot even find your tail. Still, this fellow is quite proficient in stealth,” Tower suddenly said with a snicker.

“What? We really have a tail? Where? Why am I unable to find him?” Chen Feng was shocked. His soul power swept out once again.

“Useless. He is just 100 metres behind you. He possesses the Stealth Constitution to begin with. Additionally, he is also practicing a decent stealth technique. It is only normal that you fellows would fail to discover him,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Looks like my speculation is correct. These fellows came here to find something.” Chen Feng laughed inwardly. He began planning his next steps.


Suddenly, an animalistic roar reverberated out from afar. It was like the sound of thunder, erupting so abruptly that Chen Feng could feel the trees shaking as a result. Forget the surrounding space and trees, even their souls could feel a formidable pressure bearing down on them.

“The sound came from the valley that we are staying in. A Great Yao from Azuremist Mountain must have taken action,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Not a Great Yao. A Yao King,” Lin Shaokun said solemnly.

“Yes, it should be a Yao King, otherwise we wouldn’t feel so much pressure on our souls. Looks like someone has found the valley, but the Yao King stopped them. If so, I can rest easy,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! I didn’t think that Azuremist Mountain would actually have a Yao King. Additionally, they are willing to take action. Brother Chen, it seems your master has quite the influence.” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

“Come, let’s continue hunting.” The strength of Chen Feng’s body had more or less recovered.

“Fine. How can we miss out on such a good opportunity to hone ourselves?” Jian Xiaotian said, laughing.

Somewhere 100 kilometres away from Chen Feng’s team of three, two groups of cultivators were fighting one another to the death. They were all loose cultivators. The reason they were killing each other was simple. Kill and plunder.

They had found several rare spiritual herbs. Thus, without a word, the two sides started fighting one another.

Both sides had the same number of men and were equal in strength. After fighting for an extended period of time, there were wounds and casualties on both sides.

Ye Tian was fighting alongside one of the two groups. Since the fight began, however, Ye Tian had not given his all in the fight. Rather, he had been casually entangling his opponent. 

Finally, a third group appeared. It did not take long for them to join the fight. Thus, the scene descended into further chaos. Some people were even trying to take advantage of the situation to snatch the spiritual herbs.

Looks like I will have to give it my all. I can no longer hold back. Next, over 100 sword beams discharged out from Ye Tian’s body. Every single one of the sword beams were strangely profound in quality. It felt as though they contained the power of Heaven and Earth and the ability to track destiny itself. Additionally, the sword beams kept intersecting one another to form an entangling atmosphere of slaughter.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Immediately, three fellows were killed and Ye Tian hurriedly moved to collect a few of the spiritual herbs.

Seeing Ye Tian’s prowess, the cultivators who were in the same group as him shouted, “Brother Ye, kill them all!”

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The atmosphere of swords emanating from Ye Tian spread out and cultivators continued to fall under his might. The present Ye Tian was a level 2 Sky Human stage cultivator. In this battle, however, he was killing even level 3 Sky Human stage cultivators. Rather, he had even managed to kill one level 4 Sky Human stage cultivator.

Ten cultivators fell under Ye Tian’s might. Finally, the other cultivators broke out in cold sweat and they all fled, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye.

 “Ha ha ha ha! Brother Ye, I didn’t think that you are so powerful! Looks like we were mistaken back then.”

“That’s right, Brother Ye. What sword technique did you use earlier? To think that you could even kill someone at a higher level than you. Originally, I had assumed that Brother Ye is just a loose cultivator, but now, it seems you must have quite the background, right?” The cultivators who came together with Ye Tian approached him and said ingratiatingly.

In the beginning, none of them had taken an interest in Ye Tian. Unexpectedly, he was actually this powerful. It had secretly shocked them all.


Suddenly, a world-shaking roar came from afar, causing the blood energies within all of them to roil about ceaselessly.

“What a formidable yao beast! Could it be a Yao King?” someone said.

“I’ll go check it out.” Ye Tian’s figure darted forward, covering a distance of tens of metres instantly.

“Brother Ye, where are you going?”

“Split up the spiritual herbs here amongst yourselves. Don’t follow me.” By then, Ye Tian had disappeared from sight. Only his voice remained.

All the cultivators present looked at each other, wondering why Ye Tian would suddenly leave.

“Forget it! Don’t think too much about it. Hurry up and collect the spiritual herbs. I didn’t think that this place could be so dangerous. If it were not for Brother Ye’s sudden display of might, we would have suffered from a high number of wounds and casualties. We won’t even be able to get the spiritual herbs!”

“Yes. Brother Ye must have his own reasons for entering Azuremist Mountain. We shouldn’t follow him.”

By then, Chen Feng’s team of three had killed several cultivators again. After that, however, they encountered an expert, one with 5 Lightning Tribulations under his belt.

Additionally, he was a cultivator from Transcendent Firmaments Palace.

“Transcendent Palm of Heavenly Origin!”

“Pellucid Snowplume Formula!”

The cultivator from Transcendent Firmaments Palace kept unleashing one profound attack after another. He fought against Chen Feng’s team of three alone with extreme ferocity. Furthermore, he was highly experienced in battle. Although he was in a disadvantageous position due to the encirclement from Chen Feng’s team of three, his all-out attacks made it so they were hesitant to get too close to him.

“Longevity Sword Technique!”

Finally, Chen Feng found an opportunity to unleash his sword technique, leaving several sword wounds on the cultivator. However, this opponent was incredibly tough. Enduring the wounds, he landed a palm strike on Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng’s figure smashed through three great trees in a row.


Lin Shaokun struck the cultivator with his staff to send him flying. However, even as the cultivator’s figure was hurtling through the air, he sent out a void ripple, which smashed its way towards Jian Xiaotian.

“Damn it! This fellow is very hard to deal with.” Chen Feng swore as he got up. Without the body armour he wore, his fleshly body would have been incapable of taking on the attack.

“Hurry up and finish this fellow or we’ll end up attracting the others here,” said Lin Shaokun, who swiftly slammed his staff against the ground. The ground erupted and his staff began expanding in size. Even Lin Shaokun’s figure was suddenly growing bigger and more muscular.

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