Chapter 405: Firecaller Bow


“We need to carve a path out as soon as possible. If the others can form an encirclement around us, we’ll truly be incapable of running away,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“I’ll take the lead!” Lin Shaokun said, striding forward. Like a mountain, the staff in his hand smashed down against Sage Profound Yang.

This staff strike can smash apart normal level 3 Sky Human stage cultivators, Chen Feng thought.

However, Sage Profound Yang simply shook the Profound Yang Shield in his hand slightly. Instantly, light flared out. It was as though the sun itself had suddenly appeared there, bursting forward with light. Lin Shaokun was sent flying as a result. However, that was not all. Intense flames raged towards Lin Shaokun, looking like a surging wyrm as they did.

“Attack! This fellow is strong!” Jian Xiaotian swiftly sent out over 100 sword beams to crush all the streams of fire coming at Lin Shaokun.

“Someone is fighting over there! It must be Chen Feng!”

“Everyone, hurry over there! Capture Chen Feng!”

“Chen Feng is there, I see him! Ha ha ha! So, Senior Brother Yang has stopped him! This kid will not be able to escape now!”

By then, the distant cultivators had begun rushing over, bellowing loudly as they did.

“We are running out of time. Demon Sealing Sword, kill!” Chen Feng quickly summoned out the Demon Sealing Sword. Next, a beam of sword light flashed across the air as the Demon Sealing Sword slashed towards Sage Profound Yang.

“Sacred artefact!” The dishevelled-looking Sage Profound Yang’s eyes turned grim. Clearly, he had sensed the aura radiating from the Demon Sealing Sword.

“Profound Yang Shield, block!” Sage Profound Yang shouted.

Instantly, the Profound Yang Shield in his hand shone with a dazzling golden light and heat waves billowed outwards.

Speaking of which, the shield in Sage Profound Yang’s hand was not only capable of defending. It also possessed a formidable offensive power.

The attack from a Sacred artefact was something that even a Human Immortal would have to dodge. Naturally, it would also depend on who the user was.

The Demon Sealing Sword unleashed a swift and forceful blow upon the Profound Yang Shield. It looked as though the sun itself was struck. Then, it was cleaved into two.

Sage Profound Yang cried out wretchedly as he flew backwards. Clumps of flames scattered around in an explosion of fire and even the ground beneath them was burned to the point of melting.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng took the lead. The Demon Sealing Sword flitted forward, cleaving three cultivators into two each. Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to kill Sage Profound Yang. However, he suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion overcoming his body and the Demon Sealing Sword began faltering. Thus, he had to let Sage Profound Yang go.


Lin Shaokun and Jian Xiaotian furiously dashed forward to swiftly kill off one of the cultivators as they followed Chen Feng, charging out from the encirclement.

Wounded, Sage Profound Yang fell to the ground while another cultivator was shocked into retreating after witnessing Chen Feng’s prowess. The terror he felt caused his entire body to go numb. He dared not make a move; he simply watched as Chen Feng’s team of three charged out.

It was thanks to his decision to not obstruct them that Chen Feng’s team could escape. On the other hand, the cultivator himself benefitted from his decision. He managed to keep his life intact.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Chen Feng’s team had not managed to escape far when streams of light streaked through the sky behind them. The men from Nine Firmaments Palace had arrived.

So fast! Chen Feng was shocked.

“Limitless Lightning Array!” One of the pursuing cultivators waved his hand and densely packed star motes swept their way across the sky to envelop Chen Feng’s team of three.

“Humph! Break!” The staff in Lin Shaokun’s hand transformed into a stretch of staff silhouettes. Next, clashing sounds could be heard as every one of the star motes were swept aside.

“Mighty Blast of Thousand Poisons!”

Over 100 chilling beams of light sped through the air in pursuit of Chen Feng’s team.

“There’s no end to this.” Lin Shaokun felt irritated. The staff in his hand spun rapidly as he swept the chilling beams of light away.

Suddenly, a pillar of fire, as thick as a human arm and 10 metres long, appeared. Like a meteor, it lunged towards Lin Shaokun’s arm.

“Brother Lin, be careful!” Chen Feng shouted.

“Don’t worry!” After saying that, Lin Shaokun positioned his staff in a vertical position to block the pillar of fire.


Flames erupted outwards and Lin Shaokun’s figure tumbled backwards due to the explosion. Next, fiery heatwaves swept towards both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“Sacred artefact!” Jian Xiaotian cried out in shock.

“Careful!” Chen Feng shouted. Another pillar of flames was shooting towards them. Due to its extreme velocity, they were incapable of dodging the attack.

Chen Feng was quick to bring out the Fire Wyrm Sword. Gathering all the power within him, he slashed out with it.


Chen Feng felt as though a mountain had smashed against him. Additionally, heatwaves swept forward to accompany the attack. As Chen Feng had forced himself to utilize the Demon Sealing Sword earlier, he had exhausted too much of his power. Thus, he no longer had enough strength to block this massive blow. His figure smashed through several great trees before smashing into the ground, creating a huge crater as a result.


Chen Feng swiftly flew out from the crater only to see Jian Xiaotian’s plummeting figure. If it were not for Lin Shaokun, who had rushed forward to catch him, Jian Xiaotian would likely have ended up in a far worse state compared to Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha! I want to see how you fellows plan on escaping my Firecaller Bow!” A young cultivator hovered in the sky above them, a fiery-red longbow in his hand.

There was no bowstring on the bow. However, when the young cultivator held the longbow aloft, a suction force appeared within the space around him and the power of fire rapidly gathered. Instantly, a fire arrow appeared on the longbow. 


Like a meteor, the fire arrow sped forward. As it flew, he kept absorbing and gathering the surrounding power of fire, causing it to grow even bigger. By the time it was upon Chen Feng’s team of three, it had become a long pillar of fire.

“What a formidable longbow!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from giving it praise.

Lin Shaokun hurriedly stepped forward, the staff in his hand spinning rapidly to form a vortex, which pulled the pillar of fire in. With a swing, he redirected the pillar of fire to shoot towards a spot that was a hundred plus metres away from their position. The pillar of fire erupted and several great trees were instantly incinerated, transforming the place into a sea of flames. 

Lin Shaokun had utilized his mighty staff to unleash a power of softness, surprising Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“Eh? You’ve got skills. However, how many of them can you handle?” The young cultivator who was hovering up in the sky abruptly performed a pulling motion with his longbow and two fire arrows were condensed.

By then, the other cultivators had arrived to surround Chen Feng’s team from the other directions, making it very difficult for them to escape.

“Another four junior brothers were killed!” shouted a cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace, his voice wretched.

“Despicable! You three scumbags! You have killed so many of our disciples! Today, even death will be a luxury for you three!”

“Yes! Capture them. Cut them up with a thousand swords and put their souls into a furnace! Let them suffer a fate worse than death!”

“Death is too good for them! Drag them back to the sect and have the Sect Master transform them into animals! Have them live with pigs for the rest of their lives!” 

The cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace fired the most vicious of words at Chen Feng’s team of three.

Suddenly, Sage Profound Yang walked over, his cut Profound Yang Shield in his hand. The shield had become two pieces of scrap metal. Forget flames, they couldn’t even radiate light.

“Give all three to me! I want to burn them with blazing fire every day!” Sage Profound Yang shouted.


As Chen Feng’s team was surrounded, Ye Tian, following a group of cultivators, had also entered Azuremist Mountain. Coincidentally, they were moving towards Chen Feng and the others.

“Eh? Why do I hear the sounds of battle coming from up ahead?”

“I hear it as well. Let’s speed up. We may be able to fish in troubled waters and reap some benefits!” 

Ye Tian calmly followed them. He thought to himself, I wonder if it is Senior Brother Chen.

“Looks like we can’t escape,” Jian Xiaotian said with a bitter smile.

The cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace had encircled them. More importantly, there was the young cultivator wielding the Firecaller Bow staring at them with predatory eyes. That was the biggest threat to Chen Feng’s team of three.

“He he he! Kiddo, do you want me to do it? I’ll obliterate all of them into bits.” Tower snickered.

“If you take action and kill them all in one go, the higher-ups of Nine Firmaments Palace will surely be roused. Then, they’ll send their Human Immortals out. When that happens, we’ll have a serious problem on our hands,” Chen Feng said.

“Hey! I am not afraid of Human Immortals. However, it would be different if existences that are stronger than Human Immortals appear,” Tower said.

“Stronger than Human Immortals? Will Nine Firmaments Palace send someone like that out?” Chen Feng replied in shock. 

“Hey, hey! We’ll talk about that in the future. You should get ready to retreat. Even if I don’t take action, someone will,” Tower said with a snicker.

“Someone will? Who? The Beast King?” Chen Feng wondered.

“Humph! Why aren’t you fellows saying anything? Have you fellows gone silly out of fear?” a cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace shouted.

“Hurry up and get on your knees! You have killed several of our disciples. Although it is the ultimate crime, if you fellows kneel and abolish your cultivation bases, I can allow you fellows to die with intact bodies!” A cultivator from Purple Firmaments Palace walked out, pointing at Chen Feng’s team of three as he spoke. His face was filled with haughtiness. He was simply looking down on the three of them.

“Die with intact bodies? As if! Senior Brother Zhang, you are being too lenient! Whatever, I will go capture them now. After returning to the sect, I will thoroughly refine them.” A large cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace stepped forward. His shoulders shook and two indistinct palm silhouettes moved out to grab Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

Get ready to charge out. Chen Feng secretly informed Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

Suddenly, a mighty gale appeared out of nowhere. The young cultivator hovering in the sky was the first to be swept away by the gale.

At about the same time, a massive hurricane drilled down from the sky to smash the ground. The palm silhouettes charging towards Chen Feng’s team of three were immediately dispersed. As for the cultivators encircling them, they were all blown backwards.

One by one, the surrounding great trees exploded as a huge hole appeared on the ground. At the same time, large cracks began spreading into their surroundings.

The sky abruptly darkened as a massive bird-type yao beast appeared, hovering in the sky. With a flap from one of its broad wings, it created a whirlwind, which swept Chen Feng’s team of three up. Its other wing flapped and a mighty gale blasted the ground, causing the lands to cracks and thick dust clouds to rise. As for the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace’s side, they had all tumbled to who knows where.

Chen Feng’s team saw an everchanging scenery flashing before their eyes. Next, the power restraining their bodies disappeared all of a sudden and they found themselves standing safely on the ground.

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