Chapter 404: Ye Tian Comes Out


Lin Shaokun had easily killed off the three disciples from Purple Firmaments Palace. Next, his figure darted forward as he went after Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian worked out in the open while Lin Shaokun acted in secrecy. Like ghosts, the three of them kept harvesting the lives of the cultivators there. 

“Argh! Who killed the disciples from our Purple Firmaments Palace?!” Not long after Lin Shaokun’s departure, a raging voice spread through the forest.

One by one, the cultivators from Purple Firmaments Palace appeared at the spot where Lin Shaokun had fought them earlier. Observing the three corpses belonging to their fellow sect members, looks of sadness appeared on their faces. Some gnashed their teeth and swore.

It did not take long for the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace to arrive as well. Seeing the scene, they were all surprised.

“What happened here?”

“No matter who the other party may be, our Purple Firmaments Palace will never let them off!” a cultivator from Purple Firmaments Palace bellowed.

“Chen Feng must have come out. Everyone, hurry up and utilize tracking magic to search around!”

At that moment, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were hiding within a hidden cave at the foot of a mountain. The two of them were trying to quickly recover their strength.

It did not take long for Lin Shaokun to enter the cave as well.

“I killed three cultivators from Purple Firmaments Palace just now,” Lin Shaokun said coolly.


Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian reacted to the news in a fairly calm manner. At any rate, they had killed many cultivators so far. Adding a few cultivators from Purple Firmaments Palace into the mix was no big deal. 

After staying in the cave for two hours, they moved out once more. This time, they did not continue hunting the cultivators. Instead, they quickly headed towards the valley where the others were staying in.

A high number of cultivators had entered Azuremist Mountain. There was no way to ensure that none of them would find their way into the valley where Chen Feng and the others were residing.

Although the Pot Brothers, Knight Yaoblade and the others were also Sky Human stage cultivators, they were the lowest existences within the stage. If any of the cultivators could find the valley, Knight Yaoblade and the others would most likely be incapable of fending off the attackers.

However, before Chen Feng’s team of three returned to the valley, they stopped. The Beast King’s voice had travelled into their ears. “Don’t worry and just kill them. There will be no problems in the valley.”

After hearing the Beast King’s words, Chen Feng’s team of three were taken aback. Next, they exchanged glances. A smile broke out on each of their faces.

“Looks like the experts of Azuremist Mountain are not afraid of escalating the issue. In that case, there is no need for us to worry,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Yes. If we want to improve our cultivation bases, we will need to keep fighting deadly battles,” Jian Xiaotian said, his will to fight bursting upwards.

“Hopefully, a few experts would come forward. I will be able to break through soon,” Lin Shaokun said coolly.

“Come, let’s go back and have a good fight with those cultivators. They must pay a terrible price for wanting to capture us,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. 

Somewhere 50,000 kilometres away from Azuremist Mountain was a medium-sized city. The movements of the people there resembled that of a moving dragon and cultivators were constantly flying back and forth in the sky above the city.

At that moment, the liveliest place within the city was neither the restaurants nor the inns. Instead, it was the one and only teleportation array within the city.

Normally, the teleportation array there would be rarely used. At that moment, however, it was surrounded by a high number of cultivators, which filled the place. Over 100 cultivators could be seen lining up for the teleportation array.

The teleportation array kept operating and one batch of cultivators after another were teleported off. Surprisingly, all the cultivators were headed to the same place: Mad Sword City.

“Next batch, Mad Sword City!”

Another batch of cultivators were teleported off. Likewise, they were also headed for Mad Sword City.

“So many people are heading to Mad Sword City today. What is going on?” a young cultivator asked curiously.

“What? You don’t know?” the cultivator beside the youngster looked at him with a gaze that one would use on an idiot.

“He he! I have been in cultivation retreat all this time. I had only just come out today. Fellow seniors, can you tell me what is going on?”

“Let me tell you. All of us are going to Azuremist Mountain!”

“Azuremist Mountain? I know of the place. I have heard that it is very dangerous!”

“Of course it is. It is said to play host to a high number of high-level Great Yaos. There is even a Yao King there!”

“If so, why head to Azuremist Mountain? Isn’t it the equivalent of suicide?” asked the young cultivator, who felt puzzled.

“Hey, hey! What do you know? We are heading to Azuremist Mountain because Chen Feng is in Azuremist Mountain,” the cultivator said with a snicker.

“Chen Feng?” At that moment, the eyes of a white-clad youngster standing not far away from them lit up. However, the light within his eyes quickly faded. Putting on a façade of indifference, he took a few steps forward.

“Chen Feng? Who is Chen Feng?” the young cultivator grew more puzzled.

“You don’t even know Chen Feng? If you ask who is the most famous figure within our Northern Plains right now, it would be Chen Feng. I’ll tell you about it. It’s like this…” Clearly, the cultivator was the talkative sort and he quickly informed the young cultivator what he knew about Chen Feng.

“Mad Sword City is the closest one to Azuremist Mountain. Since we want to head to Azuremist Mountain, we will have to teleport to Mad Sword City first,” the cultivator said.

I finally found some news about Brother Chen. The white-clad youngster’s eyes glinted with light once again.

The white-clad youngster was Ye Tian, who had only just emerged from his cultivation retreat. After obtaining a great opportunity within Black Origin Mountain Range, Ye Tian had entered cultivation retreat deep beneath the mountain. After coming out, the first thing he thought of was to find Chen Feng. Originally, he had been planning on using the teleportation array to head to Extreme Celestial Sect to find Chen Feng. To suddenly hear about Chen Feng now secretly shocked him.

“He he. Senior, is Chen Feng very powerful? There are so many cultivators going to capture him,” asked Ye Tian, who approached them, and asked.

“I do not know just how powerful Chen Feng is. All I know is that many of Nine Firmaments Palace’s disciples had died under his hands. Additionally, since the day Nine Firmaments Palace issued out the wanted declaration for Chen Feng, no one had been able to capture him. This proves that Chen Feng possesses quite the ability,” the cultivator said.

“He he. Fellow seniors, junior here also wants to head to Azuremist Mountain to get more experience. Fellow seniors, can you bring me along?” Ye Tian said with a smile.

“A minor cultivator like you also want to capture Chen Feng?” the cultivator replied. He felt amused.

“Junior’s ability is low. I am just there to watch the show,” Ye Tian said.

“Hmm. Despite your young age, you have already cultivated up to level 2 of the Sky Human stage. You can already be considered a genius. Fine. Come with us, then,” the cultivator said after assessing Ye Tian.

“Thank you, fellow seniors,” Ye Tian hastily said.

“Domain!” Chen Feng unleashed his domain power to envelop an area with a radius of 100 zhang.

Instantly, three cultivators were caught in Chen Feng’s domain and their cultivation bases were suppressed.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Jian Xiaotian kept darting about within the domain with extreme speed. He appeared completely unaffected by the domain. In merely one breath’s worth of time, a cultivator with 3 Lightning Tribulations under his belt had died to Jian Xiaotian.

Realizing that the situation did not bode well for them, the other two radiated formidable sword energies from their bodies. They wanted to charge out. However, two palms of wind and lightning slapped towards them both. At the same time, Jian Xiaotian charged at them.

Puchi! Puchi!

After just a few clashes, the two cultivators were killed by Jian Xiaotian’s sword beams as well.


Chen Feng retracted his domain.

“Ha ha ha! Truly enjoyable. Brother Chen, I didn’t think that your domain power could be so formidable. With our combined might, we are practically invincible!” Feeling self-satisfied, Jian Xiaotian laughed out

“Careful!” Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly flashed and he dashed forward. Suddenly, Bloody Soul appeared within his grasp to furiously stab the spot above Jian Xiaotian’s head.


A booming sound rang out and a circular geomantic compass was shattered by the lance. A black-clad cultivator who was up in the sky, stumbled slightly before disappearing from sight.

“Skywheel Shattersword!” Countless sword beams merged to form a curtain of swords before sweeping the sky.

An arm was cut off, eventually getting minced into bits by the curtain of swords. However, the other party managed to escape.

“Humph! This fellow is quite slippery,” Jian Xiaotian said, feeling dissatisfied.

“The other party’s stealth technique is very good. I was nearly incapable of discovering him,” Chen Feng said.

“Come, let’s go hunt the others,” Jian Xiaotian said.


Lin Shaokun suddenly descended from the sky to land before them.

“Brother Lin, how is it?” Chen Feng asked.

“Not good. There are at least 100 cultivators surrounding our position. They are from Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace. There are even some loose cultivators amongst them,” Lin Shaokun said.

“What? Something like this is happening?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Yes. They are continuously converging towards the central point of their encirclement. Looks like they have figured out our whereabouts,” Lin Shaokun said.

“We’ll just charge out in one direction,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Yes. We cannot fight them all head on. We should charge out first. Looks like there are some experts here as well. To think that they would be able to figure out our whereabouts,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng’s team of three discussed the issue and quickly came to a decision. Then, they chose a direction and charged forward.

As expected, after charging through a distance of several thousand zhang, they had to confront five cultivators.

“What a coincidence! They are men from Nine Firmaments Palace. Kill them!” said Jian Xiaotian, who dashed forward to unleash a curtain of swords at them.

“Profound Yang Shield!”

Suddenly, golden light flared out before them. Chen Feng’s team of three felt stabbing pain from their eyes while waves of heat kept smashing towards them, reducing the surrounding trees and rocks into ash. As for the curtain of swords that Jian Xiaotian sent forward, they disappeared without leaving even a single ripple.

“Not good, it’s an expert!” Chen Feng and the others immediately realized that things were not looking good.

“Ha ha ha! How fortunate! I didn’t think that the three of you would come to us.” A cultivator with dishevelled hair laughed loudly. In his hand was a circular shield, which dazzled with golden light. It was constantly emitting heat waves outwards and it seemed as though he was holding a miniature sun in his hand.

Thinking of something, Chen Feng then blurted out, “Sage Profound Yang!”

“You know your stuff. Since you know our Senior Brother Profound Yang, hurry up and surrender!” the other cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace quickly shouted.

“Guys, be careful. This Sage Profound Yang has overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations. The Profound Yang Shield in his hand should be a Sacred artefact. He is a very tough opponent,” Chen Feng quickly informed Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

Note: Ye Tian is Chen Feng's fellow sect disciple from Iron Sword Sect, introduced way back in Chapter 2. In Chapter 312 , it was revealed that he was in the process of accepting the legacy of a Human Immortal, but was incapable of moving until it was done.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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