Chapter 403: Hunt


“Come. Let’s go and have a look,” Chen Feng said, getting up.

“Let’s go together.” Everyone got up as well.

“You fellows stay behind first. I will go with Brother Jian and Brother Lin to check it out,” Chen Feng said.

The three of them possessed the highest cultivation bases amongst all present. Thus, it would be easier for them to handle it if something were to happen.

Chen Feng’s team of three moved quickly. After exiting the valley, it did not take them long to encounter three cultivators. Additionally, it would seem that the three cultivators were heading towards the valley that they were residing in.

“They actually managed to find this place. I wonder, is this a coincidence?” Jian Xiaotian whispered.

“These three fellows look to be loose cultivators. All three are at level 2 of the Sky Human stage. Generally speaking, Sky Human stage cultivators would only come together when performing a task or exploring a place. Additionally, they appear to be looking for something,” Chen Feng said.

“Should we capture all three and interrogate them?” Lin Shaokun suggested. 

“I believe we do not have the chance to do that anymore,” Chen Feng said smilingly.


Chen Feng had only just said that when a Clustercloud Tiger rushed out, landing right before the three cultivators. It did not make any overt moves. Just the atmosphere it emanated was enough to send the three cultivators tumbling backwards.

“A high-level Great Yao! It has 8 Lightning Tribulations under its belt!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

After getting up, the three cultivators quickly ran away, stumbling as they did. As for the Clustercloud Tiger, it did not give chase. It would appear that it only wanted to scare them off. However, before disappearing from their sight, the Clustercloud Tiger cast a gaze at Chen Feng’s team of three. Clearly, it had discovered them.

“If it were not for the Beast King’s action of taking us in, even if the guys from Nine Firmaments Palace did not capture us, the yao beasts here would have scared us away,” Jian Xiaotian said with a wry smile.

They ventured forward again and it did not take them long to find another cultivator. This time, they did not hesitate. They instantly rushed forward to easily capture the cultivator.

Their target was a level 1 Sky Human stage cultivator. He was simply incapable of offering any resistance against Chen Feng’s team of three. As Lin Shaokun possessed the highest cultivation base amongst them, he utilized a soul-searching technique and quickly found out what was going on.

“Nine Firmaments Palace! Well played,” Chen Feng said, gnashing his teeth.

After the Four Old Phenoms were wounded, they had reported the matter to Nine Firmaments Palace, informing them of what happened within Azuremist Mountain. After discussing the matter, the higher-ups of Nine Firmaments Palace came up with a plan. Firstly, they declared to the outside world that the rewards for Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun had been increased. No matter who, no matter what identity that person may possess, so long as he or she could capture or kill Chen Feng and the other two, they could go to Nine Firmaments Palace and be rewarded with three Sacred artefacts, three Sky-tier cultivation techniques from Nine Firmaments Palace and 10 million Prized crystals.

This reward shocked the entire world of cultivation. Even some of the old, reclusive monster-like characters were unable to hold themselves back. They emerged, all of them wanting to kill Chen Feng and go to Nine Firmaments Palace to receive the rewards.

The allure of Sacred artefacts and Sky-tier cultivation techniques was simply too great, after all. Those who had yet to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage would be tempted.

Thus, the eyes of the cultivators from the Northern Plains turned bloodshot. Even the cultivators from other regions had come to join in the hunt. Practically every cultivator from the Northern Plains was after Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

A few days after the declaration, Nine Firmaments Palace then spread out a piece of information. Chen Feng and the others had entered Azuremist Mountain.

And so, some of the courageous cultivators began entering Azuremist Mountain.

Not long after that, however, another piece of news spread out, claiming that there was a spirit stone mine within Azuremist Mountain. Additionally, it was supposed to contain a high number of Prized crystals. Some claimed that there were even Immortal crystals there. The news caused even more cultivators to go to Azuremist Mountain. Even some cultivators who were circling the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain had come to Azuremist Mountain.

“Truly despicable. This way, even if Azuremist Mountain is a highly dangerous place, many cultivators would continue to brave death to enter. Tens of cultivators, even hundreds of them would not be an issue. However, if 1,000 or 10,000 cultivators come, even if there is a Human Immortal here, that person would be incapable of protecting us. Not to mention, in the face of this many problems, whether or not he will continue to protect us is a question,” Jian Xiaotian said, clenching his teeth.

“It’s not just that. This time, loose cultivators are not necessarily the only ones who would come here. The cultivators from the other sects will surely be incapable of resisting the temptation. Think about it. If the cultivators from Sword Hall, Star Assembly Sect, Pill Ding Sect and the other sects die here, what will happen?” Chen Feng said.

“Azuremist Mountain will become the public enemy of the Northern Plains. All those great sects have Human Immortals standing guard over them. If they dispatch out their Human Immortals, all of Azuremist Mountain will be flattened,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“I didn’t think that Nine Firmaments Palace could be so insidious,” Chen Feng said.

“Not really. We have killed so many of their disciples, it is only natural for them to do something. Unexpectedly, their actions would be so incisive. What do we do now?” Jian Xiaotian said.

“What else can we do. Naturally, we’ll have to kill them all,” Lin Shaokun said, killing intent soaring out from him. Next, he unleashed a staff swing to send the captured cultivator flying. Every bone in his body broke, killing him in the process.

“Yes. Since these fellows are looking for death, we’ll have to grant them their wish,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Great! Great! We’ll start a massacre!” Jian Xiaotian laughed. 

Next up, the three of them began making their way through Azuremist Mountain. As they had spent quite some time here, they had gotten somewhat familiar with the layout of the place. It did not take long for them to find and stealthily keep an eye on two cultivators.


Jian Xiaotian seemingly transformed into a sword made of wind, flashing through the forest to instantly cleave each of the two cultivators into half.

“Humph! They are only at level 1 of the Sky Human stage. And yet, they dared come to their deaths,” Jian Xiaotian said, sneering.


Chen Feng unleashed a punch with lightning-like speed and the struck cultivator was left in a half-dead state. Chen Feng then swiftly rushed forward to absorb every last strand of his soul power.


Another cultivator was targeted by Chen Feng. However, this cultivator was very alert. He was actually capable of blocking Chen Feng’s punch. However, the punch sent him flying backwards.


A sword beam flashed out and the cultivator no longer had the strength to block it. The sword beam cut him into two and Chen Feng rushed forward to utilize the Demonic Heavengorging Art before the cultivator’s soul could disperse.

“Brother Chen, you are constantly devouring the soul power of others. You need to be careful of cultivation deviation,” Jian Xiaotian said with a concerned tone.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was not worried about any side effects from devouring and refining the soul power of others. He had already utilized the soul refining technique from the Soul Subduing Mantra to refine the devoured soul power into pure soul power. Naturally, there was no need for him to worry about cultivation deviation.

“Careful. There is a small team of cultivators up ahead. There is a total of eight of them,” Chen Feng whispered.

“Yes. Should we just charge at them?” Jian Xiaotian asked.

“Let’s first discuss how to kill them all off in one go,” Chen Feng said.

At that moment, eight cultivators were advancing cautiously while discussing something in hushed tones.

“Boss. What do you think? Is Chen Feng really here? Could the news be false?”

“So many cultivators have come to Azuremist Mountain. It is probably not false.”

“However, Azuremist Mountain has many Great Yaos. It is said that there are even Yao Kings here. Isn’t it too dangerous for us to be going so deep?”

“Yau Bro, why are you so cowardly? If you are so cowardly, you shouldn’t have followed us in the first place. Seriously! Earlier, you were also afraid of wolves and tigers. No wonder you cannot make any headways in your cultivation!”

“Shh, enough! Someone is coming.”

“Eh? Two cultivators.”

“Hold it! Who are you fellows?”

The two cultivators were Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. They were wearing voluminous robes, which covered even their faces.

“Humph! And who are you fellows?” Chen Feng deliberately shouted back.


All eight of them rapidly assumed defensive stances. They stirred the primary energies within their bodies. Two of them even brought out their magic treasures.

“We are the elders from Nine Firmaments Palace. Which sect are you fellows from?” Chen Feng said, arriving before them all.

“What? Elders from Nine Firmaments Palace?” All eight of them were stunned.

The leader of the eight cultivators stepped forward and said with a smile, “So, you two are the seniors from Nine Firmaments Palace. We juniors are a group of loose cultivators.” 

“Why did you fellows come here?” Chen Feng asked coldly.

“Err. Naturally, we are here to capture Chen Feng,” the leader said with a smile.

“Chen Feng? Then, look at me.” Chen Feng suddenly pulled back the hood covering his face.

“Ah! You are Chen Feng!” All eight of them exclaimed.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!”

Chen Feng shouted as he unleashed the Soul Subduing Mantra. An arc-shaped soul wave swept towards all eight of them.

As expected, after getting hit by Chen Feng’s Soul Subduing Mantra, the eyes of all eight cultivators turned disoriented and they simply stood there.

“Attack! Hegemon Sword Technique!”

Jian Xiaotian was quick to follow it up with his attacks. Layer after layer of sword net enveloped the eight cultivators. The cultivators were caught by the net and cut into pieces.

“Huh!” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian released a gasp at the same time. Earlier, the two of them had unleashed their full power for that move. Chen Feng immediately took a Pure Essence Pill. The blood energy within him was quickly diminishing to aid in recovering his weakened soul.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

After Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian left the place, three cultivators rushed over. Handsome in appearance, the auras they exuded were extraordinary. The essence, energy and soul of each were well integrated. They were clearly much stronger compared to the eight cultivators who had just died.

“There was a fight here earlier. Could it be Chen Feng and the others?”

“Come, let’s go chase them!”

“Should we notify the other sect members?”

“No. If it is Chen Feng, then this is our chance. This Chen Feng is too audacious. He dares to kill even the disciples of our Purple Firmaments Palace. If the three of us can capture Chen Feng, not only will we be able to receive the rewards from Nine Firmaments Palace, we can also strut around with pride within our sect!”

“Yes! Senior brother is right. Let’s hurry up and give chase!”

Just as the three of them were about to give chase, a staff silhouette descended from the sky to smash one of them to his death. Next, the staff swept out and the other two were sent flying.

“Who are you? Hurry! Notify the other sect members!”

One of them – his mouth coughing out blood – quickly brought out a jade talisman, wanting to crush it. By then, however, the staff had descended to smash the cultivator into pieces.

The remaining cultivator struggled to get up. However, Lin Shaokun moved forward and crushed him to death with his foot.


Note: Once again. Star Assembly Sect used to be translated as Starfall Sect, just in case anyone is confused. I messed that one up. Sorry.

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