Chapter 401: Beast King


“You fellows are from Nine Firmaments Palace?” Chen Feng asked grimly. At the same time, he did his best to secretly restore his strength.

“Yes. Enough, I won’t be exchanging nonsense with you fellows. Be obedient and just let us capture you fellows.” A huge palm silhouette flew forward, grasping at Chen Feng and the others.

I’ll have to summon the Longevity Tower and quake them to their deaths. At that moment, Chen Feng and the others no longer possessed the ability to resist. Utilizing the Longevity Tower was the final card in Chen Feng’s arsenal.

Just as he was about to send out the Longevity Tower, however, a loud laughter reverberated down from the sky above. “Ha ha ha ha ha! Who dares come to Azuremist Mountain and show off?” 


Following the sounds of laughter, the palm silhouette grasping at Chen Feng and the others dissipated into nothingness. It was unknown what kind of power had unravelled it.

A rough and muscular-looking cultivator, wearing a fur coat, appeared before them.

“Who are you?” The Four Old Phenoms were incapable of determining this person’s cultivation base. Sensing that something was amiss, they quickly asked with a cautious tone. 

“And who are you fellows? Don’t you know that this is Azuremist Mountain?” The muscular cultivator had the appearance of a middle-aged man and he sported a beard which grew all over his face. It was a very coarse look.

“We are elders from Nine Firmaments Palace. We came here to capture three wanted criminals and inadvertently broke into this mountain. I hope that senior can forgive us,” Big Phenom Bro said.

“The guys from Nine Firmaments Palace? So, that’s what it is.” The muscular cultivator turned to look at Chen Feng and the others. Then he laughed.

“So, it’s just some minor fellows. Hurry up and leave. Don’t cause a havoc here.”

“Thank you, senior. We will capture these criminals and leave immediately after.” After saying that, the Four Old Phenoms sent another huge, grasping palm silhouette towards Chen Feng and the others.

This time, the muscular cultivator did not do anything to stop them. He simply allowed the palm silhouette to move towards Chen Feng and the others.

“We’re here to find Old Freak Ming!” Chen Feng suddenly shouted.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, light immediately flashed out from the muscular cultivator’s eyes. His hand abruptly grasped out and a potent burst of energy, shaped like a dragon, shot out to shatter the palm silhouette that the Four Old Phenoms had sent out.

“Senior, what do you mean by this?” The Four Old Phenoms were shocked. Instinctively, they sensed that things were not going to go smoothly.

“Enough! You fellows can leave. These fellows will be staying here,” the muscular cultivator said coolly.

“Senior, this…” The Four Old Phenoms wavered.

“What is it? Did you fellows not hear me? Or do you fellows also want to stay?” The muscular cultivator then waved a hand and a white tiger leapt out from his palm to hover in the sky. With a roar, the white tiger caused the entire forest to shake.

“Humph! We are from Nine Firmaments Palace. Nine Firmaments Palace controls a territory spanning a radius of over half a million kilometres. Even this Azuremist Mountain falls under its jurisdiction. Just because we were being courteous earlier, did you think we are afraid of you?” The Four Old Phenoms revealed looks of fury.

“In other words, you fellows want to attack? Fine, show me the unique skills from Nine Firmaments Palace,” the muscular man said with a smirk.

“Attack!” The Four Old Phenoms quickly dispersed to occupy different positions in four different directions. Simultaneously, their palms shot out and a square-shaped talisman fell into existence and it began spinning. As the talisman spun, Chen Feng was immediately beset by a feeling that the space within the four directions of east, south, west and north were becoming more viscous.

“Let’s put some distance between us and the fight,” Chen Feng said, propping up Lin Shaokun, who was the most injured amongst them, and moved to the side.

“So, it is the Magic Seal of Four Imagery. No wonder you fellows are so arrogant. You fellows must be the Four Old Phenoms who chose to join Nine Firmaments Palace,” the muscular cultivator said with a smile.

“Yes. Since you already know that, it is still not too late to stop this,” Big Phenom Bro said.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! If you fellows can go another step further and overcome your 9th Lightning Tribulation, you fellows would be able to fight me. Right now, though, you fellows are simply no match for me,” the muscular cultivator said.

“Whether or not we are a match for you is something that we can only find out after duking it out!”

The Four Old Phenoms shouted coldly. Immediately, the rotating Magic Seal of Four Imagery transformed into a stream of light before charging towards the muscular cultivator.

“Seriously, you fellows don’t understand the meaning of death.” The muscular cultivator waved one hand and the white tiger, which had been roaring non-stop, charged forward. With a slap, it smashed the Magic Seal of Four Imagery apart. Next, it leapt forward to arrive before the Four Old Phenoms. Opening its mouth, it attempted to bite them.

“Beast, scram!” The four old men attacked simultaneously to instantly break the white tiger into fragments. The fragments rapidly disintegrated before transforming into streams of spiritual energy, which then disappeared into the air.


The muscular cultivator covered a distance of over tens of zhang with just a single step. Next, he unleashed a punch. As a result, the winds blew forth from every direction, seemingly capable of splitting mountains and cracking the earth. When the muscular cultivator unleashed the punch, his arm seemingly transformed into a wyrm, his fist the head of the wyrm.

“Not good! It’s the Fist of the Beast King! Retreat!”

The Four Old Phenoms exclaimed simultaneously. However, it was too late to back away. All they could do was to push out all their power to block the attack.


The wyrm smashed against the four of them. It was as though a boulder had crashed into the surface of a lake. The four old men were instantly sent flying.

The muscular cultivator did not attack again. Even so, the four old men kept coughing out blood.

Impressive. He defeated four level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators with just one punch. What stage is he at? Could he be a Human Immortal? Chen Feng was shocked.

“He is not a Human Immortal. However, he is already very close to reaching it. His cultivation base is about the same as your master,” Tower said.

“You are the Beast King!” Big Phenom Bro said, shock colouring his voice.

“Humph! At least you fellows know your stuff. Since you already know that, hurry up and scram. Or do you want to die here?” The Beast King sneered.

The Four Old Phenoms exchanged glances, looks of unwillingness within their eyes. Next, they turned to look at Chen Feng and the others. After that, they cupped their fists. Without saying anything, they turned and left Azuremist Mountain.

“Senior, thank you for the assistance.” After the Four Old Phenoms had left, Chen Feng stepped forward to convey his thanks.

“Earlier, you mentioned that you fellows are here to look for Old Freak Ming. What is this about?” The Beast King stared intently at Chen Feng. It gave Chen Feng the feeling that everything about him was laid bare before his eyes.

“Yes, my master is Sage Enigma Flame. This is the token he gave me.” After saying that, Chen Feng brought out a white piece of jade token.

After accepting the token, the Beast King was quickly able to sense the soul imprint left by Sage Enigma Flame within the token.

“It really is that old bugger. I didn’t think that Enigma Flame would accept an apprentice. All right! Since you managed to make it here, you fellows are safe now. Follow me then,” the Beast King said and waved his hand. Instantly, a formidable force enveloped Chen Feng and the others as the Beast King brought them deep into the dense forest, disappearing from sight.


Outside Azuremist Mountain, the Four Old Phenoms were healing their wounds. After some time, they finally released a sigh.

“What do we do now? I didn’t think that those inside Azuremist Mountain would actually intervene. Not to mention, it is the Beast King. This fellow is not to be trifled with,” Second Phenom Bro said.

“Humph! The Beast King is indeed very powerful. However, he has yet to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage. Does he possess the guts to fight our Nine Firmaments Palace? We’ll head back to the sect right away and get some more experts to come. We’ll capture this Beast King as well!” Big Phenom Bro said.

“Yes. Big Bro is right. The past is already the past. We are certainly fearful of the Beast King. However, we now have Nine Firmaments Palace as our backer. There is no need for us to fear the Beast King!” Third Phenom Bro said.

“Regardless, our combined might could not defeat the Beast King. He is likely already very close to rising to the Human Immortal stage. Let’s not delay this. Third Bro, Fourth Bro, you two keep guard here. Second Bro and I will return to the sect,” Big Phenom Bro said.

“Very well, we’ll do that.” The other three nodded in agreement.

“Alright! We’re here!”

Chen Feng and the others, who were getting moved by the Beast King, felt as though they were treading on clouds. It did not take them long to arrive at their destination.

Giving their surroundings a casual glance, Chen Feng saw that they were within a valley. The valley appeared to be overgrown with vegetation and rocks were scattered about haphazardly. It looked like a very normal valley.

“You fellows stay here first. I will go find Old Freak Ming,” the Beast King said before turning to leave. 

“Err,” Chen Feng was about to say something but the Beast King was already gone.

“Well, then. Guys, let’s focus on healing ourselves first.” After saying that, Chen Feng sent out a sword beam to first clear out the weeds around them. Next, he crushed the rocks into pieces. Everyone worked together and it did not take them long to tidy up the valley. Finally, Chen Feng even dug out several caves on the side of the mountain wall.

After that, Chen Feng brought out a high number of spirit stones and medicinal pills and everyone began focusing on recuperation.

For one whole day, the Beast King did not show up. However, the place was very tranquil, allowing Chen Feng and the others to relax.

Chen Feng’s body did not suffer from any injuries. He was mainly too exhausted due to his usage of the Demon Sealing Sword. As they were no longer in danger, it did not take him more than half a day to fully recover his energy.

“I didn’t think that Azuremist Mountain would look like this,” Chen Feng said, his heart stirring.

“What did you think it would look like?” Tower asked with an amused tone.

“Although it may not have spiritual herbs and medicines everywhere, it should at least have a higher level of spiritual energy. Look here. The thickness of the spiritual energy here is not even as high as that of Black Origin City,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying.

“He he! That is because this is the peripheral area of Azuremist Mountain,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“How do you know that?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Because I can sense the thick spiritual energy up ahead. It is just 250 kilometres ahead. The thickness of the spiritual energy there is in no way inferior to the thickness of the spiritual energy within Extreme Celestial Mountain,” Tower said in amusement.

On the second day, the Beast King finally appeared. Seeing Chen Feng, he was taken aback. Clearly, he was surprised to see Chen Feng recover so quickly.

“Senior Beast King,” Chen Feng said with a respectful bow.

“Hmm, kiddo, you are quite polite. You say you are Enigma Flame’s apprentice?” the Beast King asked.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“However, why are you not practicing Enigma Flame’s fire techniques?” The Beast King felt puzzled.

“He he, I was forced to run away before I could learn it,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Oh? Right! I forgot to ask. Why are the elders from Nine Firmaments Palace hunting you fellows?” the Beast King asked.

“I killed some disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. Thus, master told me to come to Azuremist Mountain to take refuge here,” Chen Feng replied.

“Incredible! Kid, you’ve got guts. You dare to kill even the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace? However, for Nine Firmaments Palace to send out those four old men to capture you fellows is indeed a bullying act,” the Beast King said.

“All right, let’s not chat so much. Old Freak Ming is currently in cultivation retreat and cannot meet anyone for now. I will arrange a place for you fellows to stay first. Don’t worry! This place is safe. You do not need to worry that the men from Nine Firmaments Palace will break in.” After saying that, the Beast King waved his hand and several suction forces pulled up Chen Feng and the others, who were in the midst of recuperating. Next, he displayed a spiritwalking technique to travel past a mountain. 

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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