Chapter 399: Smashing Forward


“I don’t care if there is a second Heart of Seven Apertures or not. I just want the sect to give me and my apprentice an explanation.” Sage Enigma Flame then laughed.

“Oh? What kind of explanation do you want?” Wan Jiecheng spoke up.

“The Zhao Family colluded with outsiders, taking private actions to capture a disciple from our sect. Sect Master must be strict in dealing with this issue. Additionally, the sect must quickly find my apprentice and ensure his safety,” Sage Enigma Flame said with a smile.

“I will deal with this issue. If there is nothing else, head back first,” Wan Jiecheng said with the same cool tone.

“Sect Master…” Sage Enigma Flame wanted to continue.

“Enough. You head back first. I’ve already said that I will take care of this issue.” Wan Jiecheng raised his voice.

Sage Enigma Flame felt helpless. He knew that the Sect Master would grow furious if he continued. Thus, all he could do was to bow and leave.

After Sage Enigma Flame’s departure, Wan Jiecheng said, “Jin Lin, Shui Rou!”

“Yes!” Jin Lin and Shui Rou showed more respect when facing Wan Jiecheng.

“You two, leave Extreme Celestial Mountain immediately and bring Chen Feng back,” Wan Jiecheng said.

“Disciples obey!”

“However, what if other cultivators attempt to stop us?” Jin Lin asked after a moment’s consideration.

“Deal with it yourselves. All that matters is that you bring Chen Feng back,” Wan Jiecheng said.

“Understood! We’ll set forth now!” Both Jin Lin and Shui Rou bowed, then turned and left.

After everyone had left, Wan Jiecheng continued to stand there, a thoughtful expression on his face. It was unknown what was going on within his mind.

Next, his figure slowly grew faint. Finally, it disappeared entirely. The figure was actually just a manifestation from Wan Jiecheng. His main body was still in cultivation retreat.

At the same time, Sage Enigma Flame was flying swiftly. It did not take him long to fly out from Extreme Celestial Mountain.

Humph! Since the Sect Master refuses to take action, I will go find him myself. I’m not going to care about it! I will kill anyone who dares hunt my apprentice! Sage Enigma Flame thought.

Not long after leaving Extreme Celestial Mountain, however, Sage Enigma Flame quickly received some news about Chen Feng.

“What? He killed another eight disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace? What a savage kid! Looks like Nine Firmaments Palace will be dispatching their experts this time. Humph! As long as they are not Human Immortals, master can help you deal with them. My dear apprentice, you must hold on until master arrives,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

At that moment, Chen Feng and the others were still seated inside the Skysoar Shuttle, flying forward with it. So far, their journey had been quite uneventful. Although they had encountered some cultivators, none of them took the initiative to attack the Skysoar Shuttle. At any rate, the grade of this Skysoar Shuttle was not low. Any attempts by ordinary cultivators to approach it was the equivalent of suicide.

However, when there were still tens of thousands of li between them and Azuremist Mountain, they finally encountered trouble.

Tens of cultivators were hovering up ahead, blocking the Skysoar Shuttle’s path forward.

“Eh? There are actually people blocking our way!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

Lin Shaokun’s Skysoar Shuttle was a top-grade Prized artefact. Additionally, it possessed a high flight speed. Generally speaking, even cultivators with 5 or 6 Lightning Tribulations under their belts wouldn’t dare block its path.

At that moment, however, there was a whole group of cultivators blocking its path. This meant that something was about to go down.

“Fellow friends in the Skysoar Shuttle, we are disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace and Purple Firmaments Palace. Please stop. We have some matters to inquire.” A voice travelled from afar to enter the Skysoar Shuttle.

“What? They are from Nine Firmaments Palace and Purple Firmaments Palace? They must be here for us,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“What do we do? Should we smash ahead?” Lin Shaokun asked.

“Slow down first,” Chen Feng said. 

Next, Chen Feng said loudly, “Is there anything? We are in a hurry. We will not be able to stop!”

“We are trying to capture some criminals. This will not take long. I ask for your cooperation,” the voice quickly replied.

“Hey, screw it! Just smash forward!” After saying that, Chen Feng brought out another pile of Prized crystals.

“Very well. These fellows do not have high cultivation bases. They will definitely be incapable of stopping us,” Lin Shaokun said as he began using all his strength to operate the Skysoar Shuttle. The Prized crystals disappeared rapidly while the velocity of the Skysoar Shuttle abruptly rose. Booming sounds were left in its wake.

“Not good! Stop them!” Seeing that, the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace and Purple Firmaments Palace panicked. A group of them had only just moved forward when the Skysoar Shuttle charged. Immediately, around five of them were smashed into pieces while several more were swept away by the strong winds created by the Skysoar Shuttle. It was unknown if they were still alive or not.

By the time the cultivators could respond, the Skysoar Shuttle had long since disappeared.

“Damn it! We lost eight men and six others are wounded. It must be Chen Feng and the others. Hurry, inform the sect!” the unharmed cultivators roared, their eyes bloodshot. They wanted nothing more than to find Chen Feng and tear him into pieces.

“Ha ha ha ha! This feels great! I didn’t think that this magic treasure could possess such power.” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

“We killed a bunch of them in just an instant. How brutal.” Knight Yaoblade was tutting. He had never thought of using the shuttle to smash the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace to their deaths before.

“I didn’t think that Purple Firmaments Palace would intervene as well. However, in the earlier collision, we also killed the disciples from Purple Firmaments Palace. Looks like we have another enemy now,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! Too many lice and it no longer itches, too many debts and it is no longer concerning. We have already offended Nine Firmaments Palace, anyways. Offending another Purple Firmaments Palace is nothing.” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

“It’s not that simple. One Nine Firmaments Palace alone is already enough to ensure that we would have no place to hide within the Northern Plains, let alone another Purple Firmaments Palace. I fear that Transcendent Firmaments Palace will also send out their cultivators next,” Sage Beastdrive said anxiously.

“What is there to fear? We can just leave the Northern Plains.” Jian Xiaotian continued laughing.

“This is bad,” Lin Shaokun suddenly said.

“What happened?” Chen Feng quickly asked.

“Someone has locked down our position,” Lin Shaokun said.

“It seems they have caught up to us. To think that they could catch up to a Skysoar Shuttle. This proves that their cultivation bases are extraordinary,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng asked, “How much farther to Azuremist Mountain?”

“Still 10,000 kilometres to go,” Lin Shaokun said.

“Hopefully, our pursuers will not be able to catch up to us. Additionally, even if we make it to Azuremist Mountain, we might not be safe. We should make preparations,” Chen Feng said.

“I have already locked down their auras. Unexpectedly, these minor fellows possess a decent Skysoar Shuttle. No wonder we had to chase them for so long.” The Big Phenom Bro of the Four Old Phenoms spoke up.

At that moment, the four of them were seated cross-legged on a massive sword. The sword cleaved the winds, creating billowing waves in its wake as it swiftly sped through the sky. Its velocity had exceeded that of Lin Shaokun’s Skysoar Shuttle.

“Skysoar Shuttle? Looks like we’ll need to speed up a little in order to mitigate any unwanted incidents,” Second Phenom Bro said. 

“What can go wrong? With us four brothers taking action, capturing this kid will be as easy as turning our palms,” Third Phenom Bro said with a displeased tone.

“Guys, don’t be careless. Not far ahead is Azuremist Mountain. I hear that there are some experts staying there. These kids are clearly rushing towards Azuremist Mountain,” Big Phenom Bro said.

“If so, let’s speed up,” Fourth Phenom Bro said seriously.

“All right! Let’s do it together!” Next, the four of them pressed their palms down against the sword at the same time. Instantly, dazzling light radiated out from the sword that the four of them were seated upon and its velocity abruptly soared.

“Our pursuers are speeding up,” Lin Shaokun said.

“I can feel it too.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Kid, you fellows sure are lucky. The four fellows pursuing you have 8 Lightning Tribulations under their belt each.” Tower cackled.

“What? Eight Lightning Tribulations?” Chen Feng was astounded. He speculated that those four must be the experts sent out by Nine Firmaments Palace.

“Brother Lin, is it possible to speed up more?” Chen Feng asked.

“I still have more spirit stones on me.” Chen Feng then pulled out another pile of Prized crystals.

“I am already doing my best. This is as fast as it can go. It is not about the amount of spirit stones.” Lin Shaokun looked somewhat pale. Clearly, this was a sign of mental exhaustion.

“However, judging from our present flight speed, we should reach Azuremist Mountain before our pursuers reach us,” said Lin Shaokun, who suddenly brought his palm up to press his forehead. Immediately, Chen Feng could feel the Skysoar Shuttle going slightly faster.

Hopefully, nothing unexpected happens, Chen Feng thought.

Suddenly, a sense of danger surged into his heart and every single one of his hairs stood on end.

“This is bad! There is danger!” Chen Feng said grimly.

As Chen Feng spoke up, Lin Shaokun, too, sensed it. He steered the Skysoar Shuttle, quickly changing its flight trajectory.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even so, the Skysoar Shuttle was still hit. Although the attacks did not pierce through the Skysoar Shuttle, the forceful power shook the shuttle, causing it to vibrate loudly. As the Pot Brothers possessed the lowest cultivation bases amongst those inside, they felt their blood coursing backwards. It was so unbearable; it gave them the urge to puke blood.

“Someone is attacking us!” Lin Shaokun said, gnashing his teeth as he drove the Skysoar Shuttle forward, smashing ahead. Immediately, a cultivator was smashed to bits.

Bang! Bang!

However, two more attacks struck the Skysoar Shuttle, causing its speed to falter.

“The other party is very powerful. The grade of their magic treasures is also very high,” Lin Shaokun said as he steered the Skysoar Shuttle to rampage about in an attempt to charge out.

Through the Skysoar Shuttle’s magic arrays, they were able to clearly view what was happening outside. There were tens of cultivators blocking their path. They wielded magic treasures and launched an unending barrage of attacks at the Skysoar Shuttle. With a quick glance, Chen Feng saw that several of those cultivators had 6 Lightning Tribulations under their belts.

“Who are these fellows? How could they figure out our position so quickly?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Who cares about that now? Right now, the most important thing is to charge out. If we allow these fellows to entangle us, those pursuers coming after us will quickly be upon us,” Lin Shaokun said.

“Chen Feng! I know you’re in there! Hurry up and come die!” a sword cultivator bellowed, hovering in the sky as he did.

“Chen Feng! Hurry up and come out! Hiding inside a tortoise shell? You call this an ability?”

“Chen Feng, you thief! Hurry up and come receive death!”

Hearing the shouts coming from outside the shuttle, Chen Feng subconsciously revealed a wry smile. “Unexpectedly, I am now a thief.”

“When you look at it that way, these people should be loose cultivators. Still, these loose cultivators’ information network is just too fast, no?” Jian Xiaotian said.


1 li = 0.5 km

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