Chapter 397: Slay Them All


“There is too big of a difference between the two parties. It is simply not worth watching,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head.

It had to be said. Without using his magic treasures, even Chen Feng had no confidence in defeating Lin Shaokun. After getting to know him, Chen Feng realized that, although Lin Shaokun did not possess any special constitution, he possessed great fortitude. He was also born with an innate zeal for cultivation. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this kind of person was the most terrifying kind of person.

Although Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun’s cultivation levels were below that of their opponents, their combat prowess was too strong. Furthermore, they also possessed a peerless will to fight, allowing them to kill those at a higher level. It was just a matter of time before they finished off their opponents.

Observing the ensuing battles, Chen Feng slowly stretched out both his hands. Next, two energy spheres emerged from both his palms. One of the energy spheres was formed using the power of wind and lightning, while the other one was formed using the power of water and fire. The spheres spun rapidly, containing a power that could destroy a Sky Human stage cultivator.

Sou! Sou!

The two energy spheres shot out simultaneously, one shooting towards the combat array formed by the five Pot Brothers while the other one shot towards the Knight Yaoblade trio’s opponents.


The power of wind and lightning abruptly erupted, knocking Yuan Ye off his feet to send him tumbling. The Pot Brothers were quick to seize the opportunity and several sword beams struck Yuan Ye’s body at the same time. The body armour that Yuan Ye wore was torn to pieces as a result and sword wounds were left on his body. Some of the wounds had even exposed his bones. Yuan Ye opened his mouth and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

On the other side, the disciples engaging the Knight Yaoblade trio had such an upper hand in their fight that they were able to notice Chen Feng’s incoming attack and spare the time to unleash a sword beam to intercept it.


The sword beam cut the energy sphere of water and fire into two. Next, however, the two halves of the energy sphere suddenly sped up to furiously strike the disciple who had attacked. The resulting explosions battered the disciple’s body, tearing open the astral energy shield protecting him. Knight Yaoblade quickly used the opportunity to hack down heavily on the disciple, killing him.


Lin Shaokun’s staff strike smashed the body of a disciple into pieces. The other disciple’s arm was blown apart as well. It was just a matter of time before the disciple was killed. 

“Senior brothers and sisters! Help!” The disciple finally felt terrified. He began screaming his lungs out for help. However, the other disciples were also in a tough spot and were incapable of disengaging from their fights. How were they to come to this disciple’s aid?


Another staff strike. The disciple was killed.

It hadn’t been too long since their battle began. And yet, three core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace had been killed. Seeing that caused the eyes of the other five disciples to turn red. Fear filled their hearts. Some of the cultivators who were called over secretly regretted their decisions. If only they had known that Chen Feng’s group was so terrifyingly brutal, they would never have rushed to their own deaths. 

“You rebels! Do you want to get into an endless enmity with our Nine Firmaments Palace?” Yuan Ye howled furiously.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Chen Feng and the others could not stop themselves from bursting into a fit of laughter after hearing those words.

“Are you an idiot? We already have an endless enmity with Nine Firmaments Palace. It’s either you or us. This matter is already as clear as day. Is there even a need for you to say it?” Jian Xiaotian said, a vicious grin on his face.

“Now, take a few more sword moves from me.” Next, Jian Xiaotian’s figure seemingly transformed into a sharp, sky-soaring sword. Rays of sword energy kept condensing to form mighty astral swords, which then shot forward.

“Argh! I will fight you to the death!” The disciple pushed out all his strength in an attempt to block Jian Xiaotian’s attack.


After just three mighty astral swords, the disciple was cleaved into pieces.

Yet another disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace had fallen.

The two female disciples who were fighting against the Knight Yaoblade trio had gone pale due to terror. They wanted to charge out to flee for their lives. However, the yao beasts under Sage Beastdrive’s command surrounded them, stopping their attempts to flee.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Sword beams sliced through the sky towards them. Those were unleashed by Jian Xiaotian, who had rushed over after finishing off his opponent.

Jian Xiaotian was not someone who would hold back against beauties. After arriving, he unleashed sky-encompassing sword beams against the two female disciples, forcing them backwards, again and again.

“It’s about time to finish this.” After saying that, Chen Feng brought out Bloody Soul and hurled it forward. Transforming into a bloody beam of light, Bloody Soul then shot into the combat array set up by the Pot Brothers.


Bloody Soul pierced Yuan Ye’s chest and began vibrating the life out of him.

“Yuan Ye!” Hei Tian shouted out in panic.

“I’ll blow myself up! Hurry up and flee. Rush back to the sect! Avenge me!” Yuan Ye said, his body swelling up.

He wanted to utilize a self-destruct move.

“You want to blow yourself up? Not so easy!” Chen Feng sneered.

Bloody Soul, which was still stuck on Yuan Ye’s body, immediately exerted a formidable suction force and it began devouring Yuan Ye’s essence energy. Thus, Yuan Ye’s body, which had swell up, immediately deflated. 

“What is going on? My power is disappearing! Just what is going on here?” Yuan Ye screamed miserably.

His voice grew weaker and weaker. Finally, all that was left of him was a shrivelled-up corpse. With a beckoning wave, Chen Feng brought Bloody Soul back.

Having witnessed the scene, Hei Tian panicked to the point of not knowing what to do. Due to that, the attacks from the Pot Brothers kept striking his body.

“Argh! Chen Feng! Even if I become a ghost, it will never be over between us!” Hei Tian kept shouting as death claimed him.


A staff descended from the sky and one of the female disciples was smashed into meat paste.

“Argh! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I am willing to be your slave. Please! Please just don’t kill me!” The remaining female cultivator began begging for mercy. However, a sword beam from Jian Xiaotian blew her up. 

“We cannot stay here for long. Let’s go,” Chen Feng said.

Lin Shaokun brought out his Skysoar Shuttle and everyone got on board. Next, the Skysoar Shuttle transformed into a stream of light as it swiftly left the place.

“Ha ha ha! This feels great! I didn’t think the day would come when I could kill off the core disciples of a great sect!” Knight Yaoblade laughed loudly.

“However, Nine Firmaments Palace will not let this slide.” Sage Beastdrive was somewhat concerned.

“Humph! That is a certainty. In the beginning, we killed four disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. Due to that, Nine Firmaments Palace offered rewards for our deaths. Now that another eight core disciples have died under our hands, those in charge within Nine Firmaments Palace will probably throw a fit,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“A well-deserved death! These disciples from great sects have always been insufferably arrogant. Knocking down their arrogance by a peg is necessary,” Lin Shaokun said.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances. Then, they burst into laughter. Jian Xiaotian was from the Central Plains’ Heavenly Sword Faction while Chen Feng was from Extreme Celestial Sect. Looking at it that way, the two of them were also from the great sects.

“We are killing people within Nine Firmaments Palace’s territory. Not to mention, those were core disciples. Nine Firmaments Palace would surely send out some experts after us now. We should hurry,” Chen Feng said.

“There are still hundreds of thousands of li between us and Azuremist Mountain. Judging by our current flight speed, we should be able to reach the place in a few days,” Lin Shaokun said.

“These hundreds of thousands of li will not be an uneventful journey,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“There is nothing else we can do about it. Let’s increase our speed.” After saying that, Chen Feng brought out an entire stack of Prized crystals.

One by one, the Prized crystals disappeared and the Skysoar Shuttle’s flight speed began climbing.

Eight core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace had been killed. News of this spread through the Northern Plains at the fastest speed possible.

All of Nine Firmaments Palace was shaken, and enraged. The various experts from Nine Firmaments Palace began making their move, swearing to capture the killers and rip them to pieces. 

How many years had gone by since anyone dared to challenge their august position? At that moment, however, someone had taken the initiative to offend them. Furious, the higher-ups of Nine Firmaments Palace ordered that the killers must be captured, no matter the cost.

“Say, who do you think is behind this? Such balls! To think that they would possess the courage to kill off the core disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace. Not to mention, they had killed off eight of those core disciples! We’re talking about Sky Human stage cultivators, cultivators who have overcome Lightning Tribulation, the pillars of the sect. For eight of them to be killed off in one go, the higher-ups of Nine Firmaments Palace must be terribly infuriated.”

“Ha ha ha ha! Serves them right! These great sects have always acted arrogantly, considering themselves as unparalleled existences in this world. Now, they have finally met their match!”

“Shh! Keep it down! Don’t allow others to overhear us. Recently, the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace have seemingly lost their minds in their attempt to search for the killers. Let’s not bring a calamity down upon our heads.”

“Could it be Chen Feng?”

“Surely not. I hear than Chen Feng and his gang is in Pot Mountain. There is a distance of over tens of thousands of li between here and Pot Mountain.”

“The way I see it, it could be Chen Feng’s gang. According to the latest news, Pot Mountain has suddenly disappeared and a nine-storey pagoda flew out from it. It is said to be an Immortal artefact!”

“Immortal artefact? Is it true? We don’t see many Immortal artefacts in our Northern Plains!”

Everywhere within the Northern Plains’ world of cultivation, cultivators were discussing the deaths of the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. Additionally, the rumours kept escalating, becoming more exaggerated and outrageous. Finally, it was said that Nine Firmaments Palace wanted to start a war with the other great sects.

When Chen Feng’s group finally heard the news, they laughed out non-stop.

Hundreds of Nine Firmaments Palace’s disciples surrounded the site where Chen Feng’s group had killed off the eight disciples. Surprisingly, all of them were Sky Human stage cultivators. This display of strength alone proved that Nine Firmaments Palace’s power was not something that Extreme Celestial Sect could hope to match.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Light flashed before them and four old men suddenly appeared before their eyes. Generally speaking, cultivators with high cultivation bases were capable of changing their looks, maintaining their appearances. That was especially so for Sky Human stage cultivators. They could refine lightning into their bodies, tempering their bones and honing their flesh. Even after their deaths, their corpses could be preserved for hundreds of years or even over a thousand years.

Naturally, there were also many cultivators who ignored their external appearances. These four old men was such an example. Their faces were filled with wrinkles and their flesh hung loosely. They appeared no different from ordinary old men.

However, after they appeared, the hundreds of disciples around them bowed respectfully and said, “Greeting, elders!”

These four old men were the renowned Four Old Phenoms of the Northern Plains. Their names had been ringing loudly for several thousand years. They were once ferocious loose cultivators who had killed off countless number of people. Later, for some unknown reason, they chose to join Nine Firmaments Palace. Since then, the number of times they appeared within the world of cultivation had gradually decreased. 

Even so, many within the Northern Plains continued to deeply remember their terrifying names.

Seeing the appearance of the four old men, the surrounding disciples breathed a sigh of relief. With the appearance of these four fellows, they would surely be able to capture the killers.


1 li = 0.5 km

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