Chapter 395: Pill Concoction


“So, this is an exalted Human Immortal. However, doesn’t he seem a little weak?” Chen Feng blurted.

“Hey, what do you know? I have already suppressed this fellow’s cultivation base, otherwise his glare alone would be enough to kill you. Human Immortal. Even through he is not yet a full-fledged immortal, he has made contact with immortal energy. Human Immortals have a special type of vitality that is one level higher compared to Sky Human stage cultivators,” Tower said.

It did not take long for the cultivator in white to wake up. After waking up, he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood. The blood was not due to the wounds Chen Feng inflicted on his body. Rather, it was purely due to rage.

“Little bastard!” The cultivator in white glared at Chen Feng with a gaze that could kill, his eyes going red.

“He he! I never thought that I would be able to deal with a Human Immortal. However, it appears you are very strong-willed. In that case, do not blame me for being rude,” Chen Feng said, stretching his palm forward. The end of one of the Longevity Chains binding the cultivator suddenly flew into Chen Feng’s grasp.

“Devour!” Chen Feng channelled the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and began devouring away the Human Immortal’s vital essence.

As expected, a formidable force was pulled out from the cultivator in white, travelling through the Longevity Chain before flowing into Chen Feng’s body.

“Such power! As expected of a Human Immortal!” After absorbing just a minute portion of his energy, Chen Feng felt his body swelling up. Continuing the absorption process would undoubtedly cause his body to blow up.

Chen Feng sighed to himself. He knew that there was too big of a difference between himself and a Human Immortal. Wanting to completely refine a Human Immortal would be a massive undertaking for him.

“What? You are actually trying to absorb my power? You have a death wish! Are you not afraid of blowing yourself up?” the cultivator in white shouted.

“Yes. If I continue to absorb your power, it will definitely blow me up. However, I do have another method.” After saying that, Chen Feng stretched out his palm and streams of energy emerged from his palm before condensing into a clump of energy.

It was the energy that Chen Feng had extracted from the Human Immortal.


The Longevity Tower shook and the space before Chen Feng vibrated. Next, an ancient and grand-looking pill furnace gradually appeared before Chen Feng.

A riot of colours spilled out from the pill furnace and various patterns involving Heaven and Earth could be seen engraved onto the surface of the pill furnace. Wondrous runes were also flashing in and out of sight from the surface.

This was the Longevity Furnace that Chen Feng had condensed by borrowing the power of the Longevity Tower. While Chen Feng could also condense out a Longevity Furnace with his own power, the furnace would not be anywhere near as wondrous as this one. He could forget about using it to refine this Human Immortal.

Waving his hand, Chen Feng tossed the clump of energy into the Longevity Furnace.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Longevity Furnace began operating on its own. As for Chen Feng, he did not stop, continuing to extract energy from the Human Immortal’s body.

As his energy began draining away, the cultivator in white finally felt fearful.

“Stop! Quick, stop it!” the cultivator in white howled, a look of fear flashing across his eyes.

Chen Feng ignored him and continued to extract his energy. Finally, the Longevity Furnace succeeded in concocting a medicinal pill.

A crystal-clear medicinal pill, radiating a glossy shine, fell into Chen Feng’s hand. After carefully feeling the strength of the medicinal power from the pill, Chen Feng smiled and said, “Just an Earthen-tier medicinal pill. And here I thought that it would be a Sky-tier medicinal pill. Looks like you are not much of a Human Immortal, huh?”

Next, Chen Feng brought out some spiritual herbs and tossed them all into the Longevity Furnace, mixing them with the essence energy of the Human Immortal.

As expected, it did not take long for the Longevity Furnace to concoct out another medicinal pill. This time, the pill was of a higher grade compared to the earlier pill. However, it was still an Earthen-tier medicinal pill.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

One by one, medicinal pills fell into Chen Feng’s hand. Seeing that, the cultivator in white grew increasingly dispirited. The medicinal pills were all concocted using his energy, after all.

“What a vicious little fellow,” the cultivator in white said, gnashing his teeth at Chen Feng.

“He he! Do you want me to turn you into a shrivelled-up husk?” Chen Feng said, accelerating the rate at which he was extracting the Human Immortal’s energy.

It did not take long for a few medicinal pills to land in Chen Feng’s hand again.

Chen Feng brought out a small bottle and used it to keep the newly-concocted medicinal pills. Although they were not Sky-tier medicinal pills, they were already grade 9 Earthen-tier medicinal pills. For Chen Feng, these were good items. It would take him some time to finish using and refining the pills.

“All right, kid. Enough. Just what is it you want?” The cultivator in white finally decided to compromise. The only killing intent evident from him was hidden deep within his eyes. There were no other options. Although the amount of energy he lost earlier was not considerable, he would definitely end up as a shrivelled-up husk if Chen Feng were to continue. He was a Human Immortal, after all. Dying by having his energy extracted by a minor Concealed stage cultivator to the point of becoming a shrivelled-up husk? If news of this were to spread, he would become the ultimate laughing stock. This was an outcome he could not accept, even after going to the underworld.

“Are you finally going to be obedient now? Fine! I will show mercy for now. I will deal with you when the time comes.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s figure disappeared to re-appear outside the tower.

The Longevity Tower had stopped jumping through space and had landed on a mountain. Holding the Longevity Tower in his hand, Chen Feng looked around, his eyes highly focused as he did.

Chen Feng shook his palm slightly. Next, Jian Xiaotian and the others flew out from the Longevity Tower to appear before him.

“Brother Chen!” Seeing the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng’s hand, everyone there revealed looks of shock.

Chen Feng nodded before keeping the Longevity Tower. Then, he said, “Now, let us discuss what to do next.”

Just what artefact tier is this nine-storey tower at? It shouldn’t be a Sacred artefact. Could it be a Dao artefact? Or perhaps, is it really an Immortal artefact? The moment he considered the possibility of the tower being an Immortal artefact, the cultivator in white sucked in a breath of cold air.

If this is really an Immortal artefact, I will definitely be incapable of escaping. I can only blame myself for being too greedy after seeing a treasure. This time, I fear I will die here. Having reached that line of thought, the cultivator in white grew even more unwilling. 

He had overcome countless dangers before, having experienced numerous life and death situations to finally cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage. He had assumed that he would eventually be capable of ascending to the Immortal Plane after his cultivation base advanced in the future. Unexpectedly, one random decision to take action today ended up with him, a Human Immortal, getting trapped here.

Is there any way I can escape? The cultivator in white racked his brains to ponder his situation.

At that moment, Chen Feng and the others had arrived at a small city. They were seated within the largest restaurant in the city.

In the beginning, in the face of the pursuing cultivators, there were only Chen Feng’s team of three. At present, there were also the five Pot Brothers and Knight Yaoblade’s team of three. Thus, their group now had a total number of 11 people. Chen Feng’s team had grown bigger now.

“I am currently being hunted. It would be inappropriate for you fellows to follow me,” Chen Feng suddenly said. 

“We swear to follow Young Master to the death!” the Pot Brothers said solemnly, their faces resolute.

Knight Yaoblade’s team of three looked at each other before saying, “Yes. If someone tries to kill us, we’ll just fight them to the death!”

“He he! It’s not that simple. You should know, this time, the one we offended is Nine Firmaments Palace. There is no need for me to tell you about how powerful Nine Firmaments Palace is. Unless we can leave the Northern Plains, we will surely face an unending series of dangers.”

“Young Master, let us follow you. Besides, now that Pot Mountain is gone, we brothers have nowhere else to go,” Big Pot Bro suddenly said.

Chen Feng frowned slightly. Truth be told, it was not impossible for Chen Feng to bring everyone along. At any rate, the Longevity Tower possessed a world of its own. It was big enough to keep them inside. However, Chen Feng had this feeling that the path ahead would not be smooth. Even by hiding inside the Longevity Tower, these fellows would not be safe.

It was at that moment that a group of cultivators walked into the restaurant. They headed directly to the floor that Chen Feng and the others were at. Chen Feng’s group was seated on the top floor of the restaurant, where its large windows made it very easy for them to see what was happening outside.

There was a total of 18 people within the group of cultivators; a dashing-looking young man, escorted by a group of cultivators.

“Our family’s Young Master has rented this whole restaurant. My Young Master will pay for whatever expenses are left. Everyone, please leave this place immediately,” shouted one of the escorting cultivators with a loud voice.

Immediately, the entire restaurant was thrown into an uproar. While some were dissatisfied, most of the customers were quick to leave. Clearly, they had recognized the cultivators.

“Who are you fellows? Such arrogance! What are you going to do if I do not want to leave?”

There were various types of people within a restaurant. Naturally, there were also those who were unafraid.

“Hey, to think that there are still those who dare oppose our Ironhand Sect. I think you must have grown tired of living!” the loud cultivator from earlier who was standing beside the Young Master continued shouting.

When he heard the name ‘Ironhand Sect’, the cultivator who had voiced out his dissatisfaction immediately shut his mouth up. It did not take long for all the other customers on the three floors of the restaurant, including the floor that Chen Feng’s group was at, to leave.

A cultivator in cyan clothes approached Chen Feng’s group, slammed the table and shouted loudly, “Eh, there are still people here? Why aren’t you leaving? Are you tired of living?”


Third Pot Bro gave a harrumph and the cyan-clad cultivator was forced to retreat. Finally, he fell on his buttocks. His face was pale and blood kept trickling down from the corners of his mouth. 

Before this group of cultivators entered the restaurant, Chen Feng had already determined their cultivation states. With the exception of the Young Master, who was a level 1 Sky Human stage cultivator, the others were just at the Concealed stage. The one that Third Pot Bro forced back using his voice, the cyan-clad cultivator, had only just condensed out his Soulflame.

However, Chen Feng did feel puzzled. This minor place has so many Concealed stage cultivators? And there is even a Sky Human stage cultivator to boot! How strange!

Back in Black Origin City, where Chen Feng had come from, seeing even one Concealed stage cultivator was an extremely rare occurrence.


Seeing one of their companions getting wounded, the cultivators escorting the Young Master rushed up to surround Chen Feng’s group. Killing intent radiated out from their eyes. The moment the Young Master gave the order, they would kill Chen Feng’s group.

Naturally, Chen Feng’s group did not view these cultivators as a threat. At any rate, they were too weak. A single person from Chen Feng’s group was enough to annihilate them all.

“All of you, get back here!” The Young Master finally spoke up. Although his voice sounded calm, Chen Feng was able to detect a note of surprise within it.

The Young Master went up and bowed to Chen Feng’s group. “Fellows, I am sorry. This lowly one had acted out of order. I humbly ask for your forgiveness.”

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