Chapter 394: Caught a Human Immortal


Just as the Longevity Tower was about to jump through space, a sword light suddenly descended from the sky. The sword light dazzled with a riot of colours, seemingly having originated from the Nine Heavens. Additionally, it was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, the sword light struck the Longevity Tower.


After striking the Longevity Tower, however, the sword light failed to leave a single mark on the tower. Even so, the resulting vibrations made Chen Feng dizzy and he felt his body going numb.

“So powerful! Who did that?” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“A Human Immortal!” Tower said, sounding happy.

“Human Immortal!” Chen Feng sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Heh! He’s just a starter-level Human Immortal. Watch as I capture him!” Tower sneered.

“Don’t waste any more time. If more Human Immortals appear, it will be difficult to get away,” Chen Feng said.

“Don’t worry.” The Longevity Tower shook violently to break space. In a flash, it shot to an altitude of 10,000 metres up in the sky. Next, it released a pulse and a cultivator in white was shaken out from within the folds of space.

“What a formidable magic treasure!” The cultivator in white wiped the bloodstains on the corner of his mouth and turned to leave. He did not attempt to fight the Longevity Tower. Earlier, he had displayed 80 % of his full power in unleashing the sword light attack. However, his attack had failed to leave even a mark on the Longevity Tower. Seeing that, the cultivator in white knew that he was seriously outmatched. After that, however, this nine-storey tower had suddenly appeared before him, shaking him out from hiding and causing him to suffer from internal injuries. Thus, the cultivator in white ended up feeling terrified.

“You want to flee after attacking me? You wish! Get over here!” Tower’s voice rang out and countless chains shot out from the Longevity Tower. The chains swiftly formed a cage, imprisoning the cultivator in white.

“Cycle of Myriad Swords!” Facing this crisis, the cultivator in white unleashed his strongest move and countless sword beams shot out from every pore on his body. The sword beams rampaged about, slashing ferociously, wanting to cut apart the chains around him.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of snapping sounds rang out from the cage. It sounded like an unending burst of thunder claps. However, despite having unleashed his strongest move, he was still incapable of breaking the cage of chains imprisoning him.

“Useless. You are just a starter-level Human Immortal. Even if you are already a mid-level Human Immortal, it will still be useless,” Tower said with a sneer.

Next, regardless of how hard the cultivator in white struggled, he could not stop himself from being dragged into the Longevity Tower.


The cultivator in white fell heavily against the floor of the Longevity Tower. He had landed on the second floor of the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng’s figure flashed and re-appeared within the second floor as well.

Before the cultivator in white could get up, however, a mountain descended to press his body down. Next, chains shot forward to continuously bind him.

“You want to tie me up? You are dreaming!” The cultivator in white fought back. The mountain pressing down on him shook uncontrollably, and it appeared that the cultivator in white would break free at any moment. Suddenly, a talisman emerged upon the summit of the 100-metre-tall mountain, causing the mountain to stabilize. No matter how hard the cultivator in white struggled, no matter how loudly he roared, the mountain simply would not budge.

“Tsk, tsk. We caught a big fish.” Chen Feng smiled, walking to stand before the cultivator in white.

“Who are you?” The cultivator in white turned his gaze towards Chen Feng. His eyes shone and two sword beams shot out from his eyes, speeding towards Chen Feng.

Before the two sword beams could make contact with Chen Feng, a stream of light suddenly appeared to break them.

Next, the chains tying the cultivator in white tightened. At the same time, spikes extended out from the chains to pierce the cultivator’s body to seal his power.

“Are those Longevity Chains?” Chen Feng asked, observing the chains binding the cultivator in white.

“Yes.” Tower’s voice had regained its calm tone. Next, the Longevity Tower tore space open and jumped through space.

Speaking of which, this was the first time Chen Feng had stepped foot on the second floor of the Longevity Tower. At that moment, Chen Feng had a feeling. The space within the second floor was even bigger compared to the space within the first floor. Although Chen Feng was incapable of seeing the edges of the second floor, it was an instinctive feeling that he felt by being there.

Truth be told, this gave Chen Feng a peculiar sensation. Looking at the tower from the outside, the first floor of the Longevity Tower appeared to be the biggest floor. At present, however, Chen Feng could clearly feel that the second floor was bigger and more advanced compared to the first floor.

“The Longevity Tower has nine floors. The first floor is the basic floor, which is also the simplest. The higher up you go, the more profound it becomes. Although my body is severely damaged, there are still some items left inside. Since you have already refined the Longevity Tower, you can try to feel it now.” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out.

Chen Feng nodded his head and he began sensing his surroundings. After a brief moment, Chen Feng waved his hand and streams of grey-coloured energy streams flew forward, converging together as they did to form ribbons, which swirled around Chen Feng.

As Chen Feng was inspecting the grey-coloured energy streams, the suppressed cultivator in white revealed a look of shock.

“The first floor also has this grey-coloured energy streams. However, the energy streams on this floor is thicker.” After saying that, Chen Feng attempted to absorb some of the energy streams. Instantly, his eyes grew wide.

“This, this. Tower, what kind of spiritual energy is this?” asked a shocked Chen Feng.

“He he! You are only realizing the profundity of this spiritual energy now? Isn’t it a little too late for that?” Tower said with a chortle.

“The grade of this spiritual energy is comparable to that of the immortal energy I absorbed earlier! How is this possible?” Chen Feng was shocked. In the past, when Chen Feng was on the first floor, he had absorbed the grey-coloured energy streams before. Back then, he had not felt anything wondrous about the energy streams. At present, however, Chen Feng could clearly sense just how extraordinary this spiritual energy was. Thus, Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“It’s nothing surprising. Truth be told, the spiritual energies on the first and second floor are the same. However, I had done something so that you could not notice its extraordinary attributes. Still, you will understand if you think about it. It has been quite some time since you began practicing the Longevity Scripture. Your physique is constantly changing, constantly growing stronger. Did you never find it peculiar?” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Isn’t that the result of my cultivation efforts?” Chen Feng was puzzled.

“It is indeed the result of your cultivation efforts. However, don’t you think you are progressing too quickly?” Tower’s voice was filled with amusement.

Chen Feng pondered the matter for a moment before nodding his head. “Yes. The changes to my physique are quite considerable. I have always assumed that it was due to the longevity-type primary energy.”

“He he! The longevity-type primary energy is indeed wondrous, but how much time did you spend cultivating it? In just a few years, can you cultivate it to its current level? Naturally, your own efforts are an indispensable part of it. However, one of the most important factors is this grey-coloured energy streams you see before you,” Tower said with a chortle.

“Oh! So, that’s why. If so, what type of spiritual energy is this? Is it also immortal energy?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“It is not immortal energy. I cannot tell you about it right now. Only after you have cultivated up to the Sky Human stage will I tell you some of the things that you want to know. At present, you are still too weak,” Tower said.

Chen Feng nodded and stopped asking questions. Instead, he continued to sense the profound wonders of the Longevity Tower.

Not long after that, Chen Feng extended one hand and performed a grasp. The space before him, stretching through a distance of tens of li, shook and countless clouds emerged. Command flags fluttered, blade energy and sword energy intersected one another and various offensive and defensive magics could be seen within the space. Surprisingly, they were the magic arrays that Chen Feng had mobilized.

“So many magic arrays!” Chen Feng was surprised. Chen Feng was actually incapable of determining how many magic arrays there were.

“This place originally houses 100,000 magic arrays. At present, however, not a single one is intact. Still, they will be enough for you to study for a while,” Tower said. 

“What? 100,000? Are you serious?” Chen Feng was stunned. Study for a while? What do you mean by that? Assuming he could comprehend one magic array in one day, he would still need 100,000 days to study them all. Not to mention, as someone who knew jack about magic arrays, Chen Feng doubted he could comprehend one magic array in one day. Moreover, this was a magic array from the Longevity Tower. Any one of them could shock the world of cultivation.

Chen Feng shook his head and he began sensing the other parts of the Longevity Tower.

“Hey, there is no need to look around anymore. The second floor only have these broken arrays.” There were desolation and dejection in Tower’s voice.

“Looks like the one who could beat you up so badly is not to be underestimated,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Humph!” Tower gave a harrumph and fell silent.

“Kid, who exactly are you?” The cultivator in white asked in a strict voice. He could already see that Chen Feng was only at the Concealed stage. Thinking about how his suppressed and wretched appearance was laid bare before a minor cultivator like this, the cultivator in white felt his face flushing.

More importantly, this nine-storey pagoda that had captured and suppressed him appeared to be this little cultivator’s magic treasure.

“He he! And who are you?” Chen Feng chuckled, walking to stand before the cultivator in white before asking.

“You are just a minor Concealed stage cultivator, an insect-like existence. You dare put on airs before me? Hurry up and kneel!” the cultivator in white shouted.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Chen Feng suddenly laughed.

“I say, Mr Human Immortal. Can you not understand your present situation? Fine. Since you cannot understand, allow me to help you,” Chen Feng said. Extending his palm, Chen Feng then raised it, immediately causing the mountain suppressing the cultivator in white to float upwards.


Sensing the mountain that was pressing down on him rising up, the cultivator in white swiftly struggled, roaring non-stop with a highly contorted face. It was a very terrifying sight.


Chen Feng waved his palm down and the mountain abruptly smashed down against the cultivator in white. The impact nearly took the breath out of the cultivator.

“Bastard! Animal! An insect like you dare treat me in such a manner? When I escape, I will have you watch as I rip out your skin!” the cultivator in white threatened Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shook his head. No matter how you cut it, this was a Human Immortal. Unexpectedly, after getting captured, he would put up such a displeasing performance. Chen Feng found it hard to accept this unseemly display. 



The mountain rose and smashed down again, and again and again. It continued a few times and the constant collisions eventually knocked the cultivator out.

1 li = 0.5 km

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