Chapter 393: Savage


A total of 13 cultivators succeeded in charging into Pot Mountain earlier. After entering, they sensed the streams of immortal energy around them and their faces immediately revealed looks of shock and joy.

“Ha ha ha! I didn’t think I would be able to enter an immortal mountain! There is immortal energy everywhere! If I can stay here and cultivate, I will have a chance of advancing to the Human Immortal stage!” The one shouting joyfully was a cultivator from Sword Hall.

“No. Something is amiss. Guys, do not feel happy just yet. I sense something amiss here,” a cultivator from Skypond Faction said warily.

“I do not sense anything amiss. This place is filled with immortal energy. This is a good place to cultivate.” Next, a cultivator spread open his arms and began absorbing the surrounding streams of immortal energy to begin cultivating himself.

He was a very powerful loose cultivator. Earlier, he had been the first to charge in. His success in charging into Pot Mountain gave him a smug feeling.

“The immortal energy here is quickly draining away. It seems to be converging upon a certain spot,” said another cultivator. He was a member of Star Assembly Sect [1].

“Come. Let’s go see what is happening up ahead!”

“Humph! It really is a broken Immortal artefact!” Tower said with a scoff. When he was refining Pot Mountain earlier, a crack appeared on Pot Mountain, causing immortal energy to leak out. Although Tower was able to patch it up, it made him feel displeased.

“Someone came in.” Chen Feng heard Tower saying.

“What? Someone else came in? Who is it this time?” Chen Feng said, frowning.

“Thirteen Sky Human stage cultivators. The weakest amongst them has 6 Lightning Tribulations under his belt,” Tower said.

“What?! So many experts?” Chen Feng was flabbergasted.

“What is there to be feeling shocked about? They must have been lured over due to the changes in Pot Mountain,” Tower said.

“To think that so many experts would be lured over. Troublesome! How troublesome!” Chen Feng muttered.

“What is so troublesome about it? We just need to kill them!” Tower said with a chuckle.

Next, Chen Feng felt the Longevity Tower shook before it rapidly flew through the sky. Instantly, it arrived before a group of cultivators.

Through the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was able to clearly observe everything that was occurring outside the tower. As expected, he could see 12 cultivators flying swiftly through the sky.

“These fellows should be the elders of the various great sects, no?” Chen Feng guessed.

“Who cares about that? Just kill them!” Tower said. Next, the Longevity Tower smashed its way towards the cultivators.

“Not good! Retreat!” The 12 cultivators immediately sensed the incoming danger. However, it was already too late. A massive power had enveloped the surrounding space, rendering them all immobile.


The Longevity Tower simply released a pulse, which instantly transformed the 12 cultivators into a mist of blood. Next, the Longevity Tower exerted a formidable suction force to suck in every last drop of the mist of blood.

Not long after that, Chen Feng noticed one medicinal pill after another appearing to hover before him. One glance was all Chen Feng needed to identify them as Pure Essence Pills at the Earthen-tier.

Additionally, there were also various magic treasures floating inside the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng knew without asking, those were the belongings of the cultivators.

“You used those cultivators to concoct Pure Essence Pills?” Chen Feng was surprised. Then, he brought out a medicinal bottle to collect the medicinal pills. There was a total of 12 Pure Essence Pills. Chen Feng could sense the surging power within each of the pills. He understood that each of the pills contained all the essence of one of the 12 cultivators.

“That’s right! My power is constantly on the rise right now. Concocting a bit of medicinal pills is just a simple matter for me.” Tower was feeling pleased with himself.

“There is one more up front.” Quickly, the Longevity Tower appeared before the loose cultivator who chose to stay behind earlier. The loose cultivator was greedily absorbing the surrounding immortal energy. By the time he realized there was danger, the Longevity Tower was already directly above him. 


One wretched cry was all the loose cultivator could utter out before the Longevity Tower obliterated him into a mist of blood. Once again, Tower transformed the mist of blood into another Pure Essence Pill, which flew into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Tower, you should be about done with this, right?” Chen Feng asked.

“One joss stick’s worth of time,” Tower replied succinctly.

After Tower said that, Chen Feng immediately felt the Longevity Tower shaking. At the same time, loud noises could be heard from various corners of the Longevity Tower. It was shaking fiercely. In fact, it was so fierce that Chen Feng began feeling dizzy.

He looked at the others and found that they were unaffected at all. Seeing that, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling puzzled.

Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

What happened next shocked Chen Feng. All of the thick immortal energy within the Longevity Tower disappeared in just one breath’s worth of time, all of it. Even the various spiritual herbs that Chen Feng had planted inside began withering. The spiritual energy and medicinal power within them were getting drained away.

“Tower! What happened?” Chen Feng blurted.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I am finally restored to the Sacred artefact tier! Ha ha ha! How unexpected! After spending so long slumbering, I can finally see hope!” Tower laughed out wildly, his voice echoing ceaselessly throughout the first floor of the Longevity Tower. Due to that, Jian Xiaotian and the others, who were in the midst of cultivating themselves, were aroused.

“Eh? Who is the one talking? How strange! Even the immortal energy has disappeared.” Jian Xiaotian looked around in confusion.

“That might be an artefact spirit,” Lin Shaokun suddenly whispered.

“What? An artefact spirit?!” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes widened in shock.

“Tower, are you all right?” Hearing the maddening laughter from Tower, Chen Feng asked, concern in his voice.

“Can I not be all right? I am very much all right at this moment. Thankfully, there is this bit of immortal energy here, otherwise I don’t even know how long it would take for me to return to the Sacred artefact tier.” Tower’s voice continued to exhibit excitement.

“However, you have sucked away all the immortal energy inside this tower. What do I do for my cultivation now?” Chen Feng said, a slight displeasure in his tone.

“No worries. There is still enough immortal energy for you bunch to cultivate.” After Tower said that, Chen Feng instantly noticed streams of thick immortal energy spilling down from above. In the blink of an eye, the immortal energy inundated them all again.

“What is going on? What do we do now? We cannot enter!”

“Everyone, join forces! Break our way into Pot Mountain through sheer force!”

“It’s not that easy. Those fellows got a bargain. They must have snatched away all the good items inside.”

“Eh? Hurry, look at that! Pot Mountain is shrinking!” a cultivator suddenly shouted.

“It really is shrinking. Pot Mountain is actually shrinking. Just what is going on here?” all of them cried out in shock.

In the beginning, Pot Mountain was only slowly shrinking. Later, however, the shrinking process sped up. In less than one joss stick’s worth of time, the mountain had shrunk to the size of a palm. Moreover, it was enveloped by a sphere of light, making it impossible for others to determine just what was going on within the sphere.

“Not good! Pot Mountain is about to disappear!”

“My Junior Brother is still inside! What should be done?”

“Just what is going on here? How could this happen?”


Finally, Pot Mountain exploded and an overpowering shockwave spread out. The cultivators who were leading the charge to rush into Pot Mountain earlier were the closest to it. Thus, the shockwaves sent them tumbling through the sky.

A small, quaint-looking, nine-storey pagoda tower suddenly appeared in mid-air. As for Pot Mountain, which had been standing tall just moments ago, it had disappeared. 

“A pagoda tower!” someone cried out in shock.

“Immortal artefact! This must be an Immortal artefact!”

“Mine! This Immortal artefact is mine!” When the Longevity Tower appeared, everyone there grew stunned. Subsequently, however, looks of greed appeared on the faces of each and every one of them. They all flailed about as their figures dashed towards the Longevity Tower. An Immortal artefact! If they could refine it, they would be capable of going about unchallenged within Eternal World. It would not even be an impossibility for them to break space to ascend to the Immortal Plane. 


Suddenly, an overpowering, tyrannical, majestic and ephemeral voice boomed out from the Longevity Tower. It was just one word, but the tens of cultivators leading the charge were all torn to pieces. Next, a suction force appeared to suck in all of the remnant bits of the cultivators’ corpses that were left hovering in the sky.

“Hold it right there!” Sun Wenxuan bellowed, the Bloody Shura Blade in his hand creating blade silhouettes the colour of blood. The blade silhouettes encompassed the sky before hacking down against the Longevity Tower.

“This weapon looks good,” said Chen Feng, who was inside the Longevity Tower.

“In that case, let’s take it.” Tower laughed.

The sky-encompassing blade silhouettes suddenly disappeared before it could even make contact with the Longevity Tower. Even the Bloody Shura Blade disappeared in the end.

“My Bloody Shura Blade! Where is my Bloody Shura Blade?!” Sun Wenxuan cried out frantically. He could no longer sense his Bloody Shura Blade.


The Longevity Tower smashed its way towards Sun Wenxuan. With a banging sound, Sun Wenxuan, a cultivator with 8 Lightning Tribulations under his belt, was instantly reduced into a mist of blood.

Next, the Longevity Tower suddenly expanded, growing to a height of at least several hundred zhang. Like a mountain, it then smashed towards the crowd of cultivators.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the face of the Longevity Tower’s charge, cultivators kept bursting apart, transforming into a mist of blood. After that, all their essence would be absorbed into the Longevity Tower.

Regardless of how formidable the cultivators may be, they were all ants in the face of the Longevity Tower. None could put up even the slightest bit of resistance against it.


Simply too savage.

“Retreat! Hurry up and retreat!” Both Hua Zhuliu and Lei Batian paled. They kept howling for their men to retreat far away. At the same time, they felt thankful for the fact that they had been hovering far away and had not approached Pot Mountain earlier. Had they done so, they would have been shredded to pieces just by making contact with this tower.

At that moment, Chen Feng, who was inside the Longevity Tower, was testing out the Bloody Shura Blade. Every part of the blade was blood-red in colour, seemingly forged entirely using blood. A bloodthirsty and tyrannical atmosphere radiated from it, causing even Chen Feng’s steadfast heart to shake.

“So, it is a Sacred artefact. No wonder it is so powerful,” praised Chen Feng.

One by one, Blood Pills and Pure Essence Pills filled with vigorous medicinal power kept appearing before Chen Feng. Although Chen Feng was overjoyed, he was also feeling shocked. He didn’t think that Tower would kill so many cultivators. The cultivators outside were all the veteran elites of the various great sects. This murderous charge from Tower had killed a considerable number of cultivators. If the great sects were to find out that Chen Feng was behind this incident, he would truly have nowhere to go. Should that happen, he would not simply be facing the murderous pursuit of Nine Firmaments Palace. Rather, it would be the entire Northern Plains.

“Tower, it’s about time. We should leave,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! Soon, soon! It’s been a long time since I could have so much fun. Ha ha ha ha!” Tower laughed.

“Didn’t you say that not even Immortal artefacts are worthy of your attention? Why would you care about these minor cultivators? Won’t this be a smear to your reputation?” Chen Feng ridiculed him. 

“Humph, you ingrate! I am doing this to help you! Fine, I’ve killed enough. It is time to leave,” Tower said with a displeased tone.

 1 I made a mistake in the earlier translation for Star Assembly Sect. It was previously translated as Starfall Sect. I will be going back to the earlier chapters to change it once I have the time… might take a while… *whistles*


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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