Chapter 391: Nine Grand Acupoints


Chen Feng ignored Tower’s ramblings. After knowing that it would take a while, Chen Feng stayed inside the Longevity Tower and quietly cultivated himself.

After a moment’s shock, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun, too, followed suit and began cultivating themselves. At any rate, the amount of immortal energy inside was simply too thick. The environment inside was several times better than the environment outside the tower. Moreover, the two of them could also sense this feeling of profundity inside. It was something they could not quite grasp. However, its existence was beneficial towards their cultivation efforts. They knew that it must be the aura of Chen Feng’s magic treasure.

As the Longevity Tower continued recovering, its power rose and various streams of profound aura began emerging.

All things aside, the streams of aura from such a high-grade magic treasure alone were infinitely beneficial towards cultivators.

For level 9 of the Concealed stage, I need to open the Nine Grand acupoints. The nine are the Soul, Anima, Yin, Yang, Life, Death, Void, Actual and Return acupoints. Amongst the insight acupoints within the Concealed stage, these nine acupoints are the most mysterious, the most powerful and the hardest to open up. Strength is not the only thing required to open up these nine insight acupoints. Comprehension of this level is more important. With a high enough comprehension, once my strength is high enough, these insight acupoints will open up on their own. After browsing through the cultivation method recorded within the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng felt himself gaining more knowledge about cultivation. However, to truly cultivate the insight acupoints was something that still gave him a confusing feeling. It was as though there wasn’t any starting point for him.

The old me used to think that by possessing and cultivating a high-grade cultivation technique, my cultivation base would soar. However, I did not know that to gain power, I must also fork out the corresponding amount of effort. This high-grade cultivation technique is not so easy to cultivate. If it were not for Tower’s assistance and the fact that the Longevity Scripture had melded with my sea of wisdom, I would probably be incapable of understanding even the beginning portion of this scripture!

“Heh! It’s good that you are aware of it. Kid, to be honest, your cultivation talent is truly nothing special. These Nine Grand acupoints, the final insight acupoints for the Concealed stage, will take quite some time to cultivate,” Tower interrupted his thoughts.

Chen Feng shook his head, not replying to Tower. Instead, he focused and began studying the issue.

Everyone there was quietly cultivating within the Longevity Tower. The only one making a move was the Longevity Tower, which kept devouring everything within Pot Mountain. Meanwhile, every single one of the cultivators outside Pot Mountain revealed contorted expressions.

Those from Nine Firmaments Palace had always been arrogant. Due to the loss they incurred this time, the rage within their hearts burst all the way up to the firmament. On the other side, Elder Xue and the other cultivators were also feeling displeased. After offending Nine Firmaments Palace, something that was not easy for them to do, they finally acquired the key to enter Pot Mountain. In the end, however, they were incapable of entering. This result caused them to feel exasperated.

“What do we do? There is a treasure mountain standing right before our eyes, but we cannot enter. Seriously!” Yu Qingshan said with a bitter smile.

“It’s strange. Pot Mountain has never exhibited such a behaviour in the past. There must be a reason why it is making such a move now. Did Chen Feng’s gang trigger something after entering?” Elder Xue said.

“Why don’t we join hands and try to break our way in?” The Sword Hall elder suggested.

“This method will not work. This is an immortal mountain. Our cultivation bases are not high enough. No matter how many of us try, it will be useless.” The elder from Skypond Faction rejected the idea.

As they were having a dispute about the issue, wave after wave of formidable auras spread skywards from afar. It did not take long for some cultivators to appear.

One by one, experts from the various sects and some powerful loose cultivators began appearing. If it were not for Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, even more cultivators would be attracted towards Pot Mountain.

Seeing the appearance of the cultivators, the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace immediately revealed looks of shock and joy.

“Ha ha ha ha! How unexpected! First, the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and now, Pot Mountain! In the past, there were some rumours about it. Now, though, it would seem that the rumours are true. However, I wonder who was the one who triggered it?” Suddenly, a cultivator whose entire body radiated an atmosphere of tyranny laughed.

“This person is Bai Jianlei, from Sword Hall. The Jadebolt Enigma Sword Technique he practises is very powerful. It is said that he has already overcome 7 Lightning Tribulations,” whispered a nearby loose cultivator.

“It is not just Sword Hall. There are many experts from the other sects as well. Looks like we loose cultivators no longer have a chance.” A tall loose cultivator sighed.

“Humph! With those fellows there, we cannot even approach Pot Mountain! What chances do we have?”

“We can’t get near Pot Mountain, but the same holds true for those experts from the various sects, no? The way I see it, it would be for the best if Pot Mountain disintegrates away and no one gets anything!”

Regardless of what the loose cultivators were saying, all hell broke loose the moment the newcomers from the various sects gathered together.

“What is going on here?” A very decorous-looking middle-aged cultivator asked with a stern voice. He was standing beside the gravely wounded Yan Luo.

“Senior Brother Sun, it is all because of our incompetence. We’d had to suffer from a serious loss earlier!” the white-robed elder stepped forward and said.

The decorous-looking middle-aged cultivator was actually a very powerful elder from Nine Firmaments Palace. His name was Sun Wenxuan. While his name sounded decorous, his character was anything but that. Rather, he was an abnormally temperamental character. Additionally, he was someone with a serious tendency to protect his own people. Yan Luo and Sun Wenxuan shared the same master. Seeing his Junior Brother wounded to such an extent, the rage within Sun Wenxuan instantly peaked [1].

Hearing the details from the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace, Sun Wenxuan’s figure shot forward to arrive before Elder Xue and the other cultivators. Next, he raised his hand and attacked Elder Xue.

It was a simple slap. And yet, it caused lightning and thunder to erupt. Sky Lightning surged out and Elder Xue was sent flying before he could even respond.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

After that, Sun Wenxuan kept flying around, unleashing attacks casually as he did and three more cultivators were sent flying as a result. The four cultivators who were sent flying, Elder Xue included, had all overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations. Even so, they could not resist Sun Wenxuan’s attacks at all.

Sun Wenxuan had wanted to continue attacking when the Upright Five Lightning Talisman within Yu Qingshan’s hand shone. Five bolts of Sky Lightning swirled out from the talisman to envelop Sun Wenxuan from above.

The five bolts of Sky Lightning were not ordinary Sky Lightning. Rather, the lightning power within them had been accumulated and refined within the Sacred artefact for an immeasurable amount of time. Forget a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator, even a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator that was on the verge of reaching the Human Immortal stage wouldn’t dare take the attack barehanded. 

At the same time, the thin old cultivator from Pill Ding Sect had also brought out his Mountainguard Ding, a Sacred artefact as well. Transforming into a small mountain, the Mountainguard Ding then smashed towards Sun Wenxuan.

The Mountainguard Ding was incredibly powerful. Not only could it be used to concoct medicinal pills and forge magic treasures, its offensive power was astonishing. It could easily shatter even a 1,000-zhang-tall mountain, let alone the flesh of a cultivator.


As the two Sacred artefacts were on the verge of suppressing Sun Wenxuan, a dazzling blood-coloured light suddenly radiated from Sun Wenxuan’s figure. Next, a blood-coloured blade flew out from Sun Wenxuan’s body before transforming into layer after layer of blade silhouettes. Instantly, the blade silhouettes smashed against the Mountainguard Ding to send it flying. The blade silhouettes also easily shattered the five bolts of lightning.

“Not good! That is the Bloody Shura Blade!” Yu Qingshan cried out in shock.

“Humph! Do you fellows think that you are the only ones with Sacred artefacts?” Sun Wenxuan said, wielding the bloody blade with a coercive atmosphere as he charged forward once more.


A golden sword beam shot out diagonally at Sun Wenxuan. Despite its weak appearance, the sword beam caused Sun Wenxuan to hastily retreat. The Bloody Shura Blade in his hand had to unleash an entire stretch of blade beams in order to unravel that sword beam.

“Mo Xuan! Do you want to start a fight as well?” Sun Wenxuan’s eyes burned.

“Humph! Earlier, you wounded an elder from my Sword Hall. Hey, hey! And you ask me if I want to start a fight? If you want a fight, I’ll be happy to play with you!” The cultivator known as Mo Xuan sneered. Sword energy flashed around him and he exuded a formidable and lofty demeanour. He simply did not view Sun Wenxuan as a threat. 

Both Sun Wenxuan and Mo Xuan had overcome 8 Lightning Tribulations. Additionally, Mo Xuan was a pure sword cultivator. Amongst all the cultivators, sword cultivators possessed the strongest offensive power. For Mo Xuan, he practically need not fear anyone who was on the same cultivation level as him.

“If you want a fight, then we’ll have a fight! You think I am scared of you?” The atmosphere radiating from the Bloody Shura Blade in Sun Wenxuan’s hand grew even more savage. Furthermore, countless roars could be heard coming from the blade. The roars had seemingly come from the depths of Hell. Hearing that, everyone felt as though there was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood before their eyes.

“Remarkable! Just how many people have died to that Sacred artefact!” The surrounding cultivators dispersed.

“He he he he he! Great! I didn’t think I would get to stretch myself a bit for this trip,” Mo Xuan said. Next, golden light began spinning within his eyes. A detailed observation would reveal that there were two small golden swords spinning within his eyes. It was a very peculiar sight.

“Cut it out. We are all from the Northern Plains. If you two want to fight, you will have plenty of chances for that in the future. However, now is not the time for that.” Suddenly, a dashing-looking youngster spoke up.

“Ha ha ha! I didn’t think that even cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect would come. What is this? Are you fellows also here to capture Chen Feng?” An elusive voice suddenly rang out. It was unknown just where the voice had come from.

Surprisingly, the dashing-looking youngster was an elder from Extreme Celestial Sect, Hua Zhuliu. Beside him was Lei Batian.

“You’re farting! Which son of a tortoise said that? If you have balls, then come on out! Secretly talking about others behind their backs, what kind of ability is that?!” Lei Batian’s rage immediately erupted.

“Humph! Nine Firmaments Palace’s forces are going everywhere to capture Extreme Celestial Sect’s disciple, Chen Feng. And yet, Extreme Celestial Sect doesn’t even have the guts to fart in response. To think that you would dare brag about shamelessly here. Don’t you know shame?” The same elusive voice rang out.

Sou! Sou!

Both Lei Batian and Hua Zhuliu moved simultaneously. Two streams of light slipped into the crowd of cultivators, one from the left and one from the right. Next, a series of fighting sounds rang out from within the crowd.

The sounds quickly subsided. Carrying a thin cultivator in black, Lei Batian then flew out from the crowd, Hua Zhuliu behind him.

“That is Yang Xuanzong, a loose cultivator. He has already overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations, a very famous figure amongst the loose cultivators. Surprisingly, they caught him so quickly,” said someone nearby, shock evident in his voice.

“Hey! No matter how you cut it, Extreme Celestial Sect is one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects from the Northern Plains. As a loose cultivator, he decided to speak so sarcastically about them to their face. It is only natural that he would end up suffering!”


A booming sound rang out as Yang Xuanzong, who was in Lei Batian’s grasp, suddenly blew up into smithereens. Even his soul was blown up. Yan Xuanzong had died.

“Humph! Just a minor loose cultivator. He was just courting death!” Lei Batian said with a scoff.

“Extreme Celestial Sect is truly domineering. However, your disciple was getting pursued recently. Why have you not responded at all to that?” Jade Talisman Sect’s Yu Qingshan said with a derisive smile. 

 1 Sun Wenxuan. Putting his surname Sun aside, the characters that form the name Wenxuan, ‘’ (wen) and ‘’ (xuan) means ‘cultured’ and ‘lofty’. Hence, the ‘decorous’ name.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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