Chapter 390: Soul Search


“What happened?” Many of the cultivators there were seriously wounded as a result. Even for some of the elders there, they could feel their blood energy churning madly. Some of the disciples with inferior cultivation bases began coughing out blood non-stop.

The place fell into a state of chaos and it took quite some time for them to calm down. However, none of them dared to land on Pot Mountain again. That was especially so for those who were badly wounded earlier. They placed a great distance between themselves and Pot Mountain, where they simply observed Pot Mountain while working on quickly healing their wounds.

“There is really more to Pot Mountain than meets the eye. Looks like we are in luck. It would appear that Pot Mountain is similar to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. There must be various treasures inside!”

“That is right! The stone stele is the entrance. We must go in and see what is inside. Perhaps, we could obtain some immortal pills or even an Immortal artefact!”

“Come, let’s ask the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. We must get them to cough out the method to enter this immortal mountain!”

The earlier chaos only caused the eyes of all present to grow more enflamed. After a brief discussion, they flew forward to surround the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace once again. Seeing the predatory eyes on all the cultivators hovering around them, the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace knew that things were not looking good for them.

Earlier, Yan Luo had utilized a secret vocal transmission to inform the two elders that Pot Mountain contained immortal energy. Hearing that, the two elders grew shocked. At the same time, they also knew that this matter cannot be divulged. More importantly, they cannot allow the other cultivators to figure out how to enter Pot Mountain.

“What are you fellows planning?” the white-robed elder shouted.

“Do it!” After that, the other cultivators did not waste any more time chatting. Instead, they took action. The cultivator from Sword Hall was the first to take action and the other elders followed suit.

Four of the elders moved forward to surround the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace while another two elders charged towards Yan Luo. Their roles were clear. Their objective was simple, capture Yan Luo. No matter what, Nine Firmaments Palace was not to be casually offended. Although they possessed the upper hand, they could at most, only wound the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. Killing the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace was something that would require a thorough amount of consideration.

“You fellows are courting death!” the white-robed elder bellowed. Although the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace were high-level cultivators with 7 Lightning Tribulations under their belts, they were outnumbered. How could they defeat the other elders?

The moment the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace attempted to rush forward, they were surrounded and could not display any moves to stop the Skypond Faction elder from capturing Yan Luo.

“If you fellows dare harm our disciple, Nine Firmaments Palace will never let you go, ever!” the black-robed elder shouted as well.

“Relax! We just want to ask him some questions.”

“Kid, hurry up and tell us. How did you enter Pot Mountain? Also, how is it like inside Pot Mountain?” Elder Xue asked the captured Yan Luo loudly.

Yan Luo was feeling terribly vexed. He was someone with an astounding cultivation talent and one of the top characters amongst the core disciples in Nine Firmaments Palace. With his cultivation base and the backing afforded by Nine Firmaments Palace, the cultivators from the world of cultivation would normally show him respect. At that moment however, he was getting carried like a dead mutt. His attempts to struggle could not even do anything.

If he were not injured, he would have gone all out to resist. However, he was already beaten to a near-death state by Chen Feng’s gang earlier. The fact that he was still alive was something to be thankful for. Thus, in the face of these elders, there was nothing he could do to resist.

“Kid, stop pretending. Hurry up and give us a detailed explanation.” As Yan Luo was already captured, there was no longer any need for them to attack.

“There is nothing to say. I had only entered by accident,” Yan Luo said grimly.

“Is that so? Then, tell us what is inside.” Elder Xue sneered.

“The spiritual energy inside is very thick. As for the other details, I do not know. I was wounded by Chen Feng and the other two fellows not long after entering,” Yan Luo said.

“In other words, Chen Feng and the other two fellows are inside?” asked Yu Qingshan.

“Yes.” Yan Luo was incapable of moving himself. Although he felt furious, he also understood that he had no say about the current situation. All he could do was to think about how to fool these people.

“But if you were injured by them, how did you come out? Pot Mountain is an ancient immortal mountain. And yet, you could freely enter and exit it? Tsk, tsk! What a load of bull! Do you take us for fools?” Elder Xue berated him.

“Why go through all this trouble? Just soul search his sea of wisdom!” The Sword Hall elder sneered.

“You dare?!” The white-robed elder’s face sank sharply.

“Since this kid doesn’t want to tell us, we have no choice but to do so. Who will do it?” Elder Xue said smilingly.

“Yan Luo is a core disciple of our Nine Firmaments Palace. If you dare take action, you will be starting a war against our Nine Firmaments Palace!” the white-robed elder said angrily.

“It’s just one disciple. I don’t think your Nine Firmaments Palace will start a war with us over one disciple. Besides, this is not just one or two sects you are talking about. We represent five great sects here,” Elder Xue said scornfully. 

There was a livid expression on the white-robed elder’s face. He wanted to charge forward only to be stopped by the elders surrounding him. Their cultivation bases were about the same. Should a fight break out, he would be the one to suffer. He had never suffered from such a loss before. Thus, he felt the rage in his heart burning with such intensity, it felt as though his heart would become charred from rage.

“Let me.” After saying that, Yu Qingshan’s eyes flashed and his soul power flowed into Yan Luo’s sea of wisdom.

In the beginning, Yan Luo revealed a struggling look. However, his expression quickly turned blank. Clearly, his mind was already under Yu Qingshan’s control.


The two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace simultaneously rushed forward and potent streams of energy surged out from their bodies. They wanted to save Yan Luo.

Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

Elder Xue and the other elders attacked simultaneously. Primary energy, sword energy, magic techniques, palm silhouettes and talismans bombarded the two elders.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The overpowering explosion of energy erupted and a power capable of rearranging mountains and overturning the seas spread into their surroundings. The space within a radius of over 1,000 zhang shook. Despite their unwillingness, the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace were thrown backwards, their faces pale. The earlier confrontation had left the two of them with internal injuries.

“You fellows!” The white-robed elder pointed his finger at the other cultivators, at a loss for words.

“If you two try anything again, don’t blame us for giving you two fatal wounds,” Elder Xue said with a sneer.

Suddenly, Yu Qingshan’s eyes lit up and he retracted his soul power.

“How is it? Did you find anything?” The others were quick to ask.

“Pot Mountain is indeed an immortal mountain. In fact, it might be at an even higher grade compared to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain!” Yu Qingshan said excitedly.

“What? It is really an immortal mountain?”

“Of a higher grade than Driftcloud Immortal Mountain?” The eyes of all present grew wide. The expressions on the two nearby elders from Nine Firmaments Palace turned ashen.

“There is immortal energy inside Pot Mountain,” Yu Qingshan said, his voice containing clear excitement.

“What? Immortal energy? The spiritual energy within the Immortal Plane! Is it true?”

“It is said that only by cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage can a cultivator establish a link with the immortal energy from the Immortal Plane. For the average cultivator, using immortal energy to cultivate for one day is the equivalent of cultivating for several months!”

“How do we enter?”

Everyone asked at the same time. That was the most important issue. So what if they had to offend Nine Firmaments Palace if it meant that they could enter Pot Mountain and cultivate inside?

With a wave of Yu Qingshan’s hand, the spatial magic treasure on Yan Luo’s finger flew into Yu Qingshan’s hand. Next, he erased the soul imprint left on the magic treasure and brought out a small and unassuming iron plate.


Despite having his sea of wisdom searched earlier, Yan Luo had been able to maintain his composure. However, seeing what was happening, he finally could not hold on and coughed out a mouthful of blood as a result.

“Yan Luo is one of the best amongst our Nine Firmaments Palace’s core disciples! You fellows have wounded him to such an extent! Our Nine Firmaments Palace will be sure to settle this account with you fellows!” The white-robed elder’s eyes were practically on the brink of spouting flames.

“He he! It is this iron plate. It allows one to freely enter Pot Mountain. Ha ha ha! To think that a disciple from your Nine Firmaments Palace could possess such a treasure. Looks like we ended up reaping the benefits here.” Yu Qingshan could not stop himself from chortling.

“Hurry! Let’s enter Pot Mountain right this instant,” someone suggested.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

However, the cultivators soon encountered an issue. Pot Mountain was still emanating waves of formidable ripples and none of the cultivators dared land on Pot Mountain.

“Let me give it a try.” The elder from Sword Hall could not hold back anymore and he slowly approached Pot Mountain.

Everyone there watched with widened eyes, hoping that the Sword Hall elder could safely land on Pot Mountain.

However, they were quickly disappointed. Before the Sword Hall elder could land on Pot Mountain, several waves of energy shook his figure, causing him to tumble chaotically through the sky. The energy waves caused even the blood energy within him to fall into a state of chaos.

Seeing no other options, the elder flew back up, his face flushed.

“I can’t. It’s too hard to even get close.” The elder sighed.

“What should we do now?” Everyone grew anxious.

“Humph!” The two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace could not stop themselves from releasing a harrumph.

Within Pot Mountain, Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were flying swiftly. It did not take them long to catch sight of a massive vortex. It was due to the Longevity Tower’s actions of devouring the immortal energy within Pot Mountain. Compared to when Chen Feng had first laid eyes on the vortex, it had become far larger and more ferocious than before. It now had a diameter of 1,000 zhang. Observing the vortex from the sky above, the three of them could not stop the feelings of fear from rising within their hearts.

“What is going on here?” Both Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were shocked.

Chen Feng made contact with the Longevity Tower and a spatial power immediately enveloped the three of them. Next, light flashed before their eyes and they arrived within the interior of the Longevity Tower.

“What is this place?” asked a shocked Jian Xiaotian.

“We are inside my magic treasure,” Chen Feng said.

“Your magic treasure? Is it a Sacred artefact? Or a Dao artefact?” Jian Xiaotian asked, feeling incredibly shocked.

“He he! Truth is, I am uncertain about that myself.” Chen Feng revealed a wry smile.

The three of them saw the five Pot Brothers, who were quietly healing themselves up inside. Even Knight Yaoblade and the other two fellows had been brought back into the tower.

“The thickness of the immortal energy here is even higher. Everyone, you can cultivate here with peace of mind,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Looking at the piles of rare ores nearby and the blocks of herbal fields, filled with spiritual herbs, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun exchanged glances. There were looks of shock on their faces.

The same thought rose unbidden within their minds. This magic treasure must be above the Sacred artefact tier!

“Tower, when can you finish it?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“I’ll still need some time. Sigh! In my prime, this crappy piece of broken Immortal artefact cannot even catch my attention. To think that I would fall to such a state. Like a divine dragon devolving into a water snake. No! Even a divine dragon is no more than a little reptile in my eyes back then!” Tower said with a dismal tone.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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