Chapter 39: Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad

The moment Chen Feng entered the area illuminated by the light, he could feel spiritual energy surging forth like tidal waves, all converging upon the nine plants. Next, following the flow of the Nine Palaces formation, they were brewed and nourished, undergoing a series of transformation before being absorbed by the nine plants respectively.

“This is the reason those three from Purplecloud Sky Grotto came here. He he, how unexpected! I have actually found it,” said Chen Feng with a rather surprised tone.

Even an idiot could tell that the fruits born from the plants were Heavenly fruits. As for Chen Feng, he was a cultivator who was about to reach the Concealed stage.

As Chen Feng was about to step forward to pick the fruits, he suddenly stopped. Looking at the spiritual fruits that were so close to him, a trace of hesitation appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

The cultivators who died here obviously came to get these fruits. However, it would appear that none of them could succeed. All of them had died here. Every one of them had cultivation bases far superior to mine, yet all had died. In fact, they failed to even reach these fruits. Given how low my cultivation base is, could I be capable of picking these fruits? Chen Feng thought to himself.

However, to not pick a treasure of this magnitude when it is right in front of me, even Heaven will be displeased with me, no? Seeing the spiritual fruits that were right before his eyes, Chen Feng’s eyes flared with passion once more. He quickly looked around. Seeing no movements, he then cautiously reached out with his hand to pick one of the green-coloured fruits.


A clear sound rang out and the green-coloured fruit rested in Chen Feng’s palm. A fragrant aroma quickly rushed towards his nose and he immediately felt as though every pore on his body was opened. Turbid energy within his body was expelled, giving him a pleasant sensation. Additionally, his head felt clearer as well. He felt as though his body was on the verge of sweeping the fog protecting his sea of wisdom away. At the same time, Chen Feng could sense that some of his acupoints were pulsing with excitement.

It is so easy to pick the fruit? Looking at the green-coloured fruit in his hand, Chen Feng felt a sense of disbelief. Many experts had died after coming here. Yet, a little cultivator like him succeeded. Could his luck to so damned good? Chen Feng felt as though he was dreaming. However, the cool sensation on his palm and the waves of fragrance made Chen Feng recollect himself.

“If that is the case, I won’t hesitate anymore.” After saying that, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to pick another green-coloured fruit.

At that moment, Chen Feng was in a rather awkward state. His chest was stocked full with Water Prevention Pearls and Night Clarity Pearls. As for his arms, they were holding onto a bunch of weapons. Both his palms held onto two of the green-coloured fruits each. As Chen Feng was thinking about taking off his outer clothes to wrap them up, a wave of emanations came from behind him. At the same time, Fifth Senior Brother’s voice rang out from under the water.

“Kid! What are you doing? Have you found the item?”

Hearing the voice shocked Chen Feng, who hastily turned around to see an ocean-coloured flying sword floating not far away.

“Greenjade Magic Soulfruit!” Fifth Senior Brother’s shocked voice rang out from the flying sword.

“There are nine of them in total. Excellent! This time, my cultivation base will break through for certain. Kid, you have contributed well. Hurry and pick down the other fruits. Then, follow me up,” said Fifth Senior Brother.

“That…” Chen Feng was somewhat hesitant.

“What? You dare disobey my order? Do you want to die? If that is what you want, I can kill you right now,” said Fifth Senior Brother. Next, the flying sword shone with blue light, seemingly about to shoot towards Chen Feng.

As Chen Feng was about to make his decision, he suddenly saw a red line streak through before his eyes. The red line so fast, the flying sword floating before Chen Feng exploded before he could even react. The resulting shockwave created currents within the surrounding waters and countless undercurrents began flowing. Even Chen Feng, with the protection afforded by the Water Protection Pearls, was tossed around. For a short moment, he found himself incapable of steadying his body.


At the pavilion above the water surface, Fifth Senior Brother’s face turned pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. His face turned ugly to behold.

“Fifth Senior Brother, what happened to you? What happened down there?” the charming woman hastily asked.

“My lifebound flying sword was destroyed and my divine sense is heavily damaged. However, that kid managed to find the Greenjade Magic Soulfruit.” Having said that, Fifth Senior Brother’s eyes flared with passion.

“What? He actually found the Greenjade Magic Soulfruit?” Both the youngster in blue and the charming woman exclaimed.

“Not good! Someone is coming!” Fifth Senior Brother suddenly said. Despite his injured state, his perception was still above the other two.

“Ha ha ha! How unexpected! Someone arrived before us!” A wild voice rang out from deep within the fog. Next, three tall cultivators in strange attires and savage faces burst through the fog as they flew forward. There were outrageously shaped machetes on their shoulders and their faces were painted with strange pictures. One glance was sufficient to tell that there were heretical cultivators.

“They are from Evil Moon Grotto,” the youngster in blue hastily said.

“Ha ha ha, not just Evil Moon Grotto! Our Dark Light Island is here as well!” Suddenly, another voice rang out from within the thick fog.

“Not good! So many people have come. Hurry, go under water and get the Greenjade Magic Soulfruit!” After saying that, Fifth Senior Brother’s whole body shone with light. The light quickly formed a sphere of light, which protected him. Then, he immediately charged into the water.

The youngster in blue and the charming woman exchanged glances. Then, they released a flow of sword energy from between their eye brows, using them to wrap over themselves before following Fifth Senior Brother down the pool.

At that moment, Chen Feng, who was still under water, had finally steadied his body. His hands gripped the ground tightly as the undercurrents raged about.

Huh! That thing earlier should be the Fifth Senior Brother’s flying sword. To think that one red line could instantly blow it up. Could a yao beast have appeared? Chen Feng thought to himself before standing up.

After Chen Feng steadied himself, he suddenly realized that there was something before him. When he could finally get a clear view of that something, his heart thumped violently. He felt as though his heart had stopped. Next, Chen Feng uttered “Aiyah!” and jumped several steps backwards. Only then did he realize that his heart was furiously palpitating beyond his control.

A gigantic yao beast, the size of a building, was quietly crouching before Chen Feng. Two eyes, the size of a human face and the colour of green jade shone as they regarded Chen Feng.

Green jade eyes! Could this be the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad yao? This is a giant toad! Chen Feng shouted inwardly.

The yao beast before him was a gigantic toad with a height of around four metres. Its pair of eyes radiated green jade light and its whole body was covered with gold-coloured warts, which radiated a dim gold-coloured light. Its huge mouth was capable of swallowing a whole building in one gulp.

This is practically a small mountain! Such a big toad exists in this world? Chen Feng’s heart grew uneasy. This yao could probably gulp down even Concealed stage experts. Chen Feng was an existence that was insufficient to even fill the gaps between its teeth. Additionally, Chen Feng understood that those dead cultivators must have died to this yao beast.

Facing the gaze of the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad, Chen Feng felt his whole body becoming stiff and every hair on his body stood up. He was completely incapable of moving. This was the pressure exerted by a superior onto a lower being, like a dragon looking down on an ant.

“Umm, umm, Great Immortal! He he, are these yours?” Chen Feng revealed a smile that was uglier than a sobbing face and forced his hand outwards. In his palms were the two Greenjade Magic Soulfruits.

The Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad remained motionless. It simply looked at Chen Feng. It was unknown what thoughts it had.

“Umm, Great Immortal, I was forced down by others. Would I have the courage to come down here otherwise? You are a Great Immortal with a magnanimous nature. I will leave these here. Can you please just let me go?” Seeing that the other party was not immediately attacking him, Chen Feng’s mind raced quickly and he hurled his pride away and began to display his eloquent tongue. In face of such an existence, trying to put up a strong front will undoubtedly kill him. Having to wander about since young, Chen Feng had seen the many facets of humanity. He understood, in face of death, everything can be hurled to the wind.

“A minor cultivator who is not even at the Concealed stage dares to send himself to death’s door.” The yao beast finally spoke up using its divine sense. Although no sound came from it, Chen Feng could clearly hear those words.

“I did not come here to die! I was just forced down here by others! They are all on top! There are many experts on top! You saw as well just now, didn’t you? There was a flying sword here. If you have to kill someone, then go up and kill them. A minor cultivator like me is not even worth the time of a Great Immortal like you!” Seeing that the yao beast was seemingly on the verge of attacking, Chen Feng quickly blurted out.

“Sure enough, it is the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad!” By then, Fifth Senior Brother and his two companions had arrived under water. Seeing the large yao beast, they revealed cautious expressions.

“Another three cultivators sending themselves to death’s door. Coincidentally, I have not swallowed the souls of human cultivators in a long time.” As the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad spoke, its eyes shone and a sphere of light imprisoned Chen Feng. Although Chen Feng could still struggle with his hands and legs, he was incapable of breaking free from the surrounding sphere of light.

“Attack!” Fifth Senior Brother shouted and a sword appeared in his hand. Purple-coloured energy flashed upon its surface. One glance was enough to tell that this was no common item.


A sword beam cut open the waters before him, causing two great undercurrents to rush out into their surroundings.


A soft ringing sound could be heard as the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad remained immobile, allowing the sword beam to strike its body. Unfortunately, the sword beam, which had given off the image of incredible might, failed to cause even sparks to fly when it struck the body of the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad. Naturally, it had also failed to break through its defence.

At the same time that Fifth Senior Brother attacked, the youngster in blue and the charming woman unleashed their attacks as well. Two flying swords flew forward, one in front and one behind, and struck the dim gold-coloured skin of the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad.

Ding! Ding!

Another two soft ringing sounds rang out. Again, the attacks did nothing. Next, the two flying swords circled around to unleash sword energy under water, forming a canopy of luminescent sword beams. The canopy then moved forward, enveloping the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad.

Following the attacks unleashed by the three, the waters beneath the pool began roiling once more and Chen Feng was thrown off his feet once more. He could only hear clanging sounds coming from the darkness ahead.

“Not good! This yao beast is too powerful! It is probably on the verge of undergoing Lightning Tribulation, let’s leave!” There were traces of shock and dread in Fifth Senior Brother’s voice.


Suddenly, another red line streaked through. Following that, the youngster in blue uttered a wretched scream as a see-through hole appeared on his chest. The sphere of light enveloping him was shattered as well and the surrounding black waters quickly submerged the youngster in blue. The youngster in blue had only managed out two screams before going quiet.

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