Chapter 388: Yan Luo Has Entered


“What happened?” Chen Feng cried out in shock. His figure dashed forward and he arrived before the herbal field. His eyes were wide open as he stared at the spiritual herbs, each filled with spiritual energy.

“What else could have happened? Naturally, this is all due to the immortal energy,” Tower said coolly.

Chen Feng was the one who had picked up all the spiritual herbs within the Longevity Tower. Although the number of spiritual herbs was high, Chen Feng mind was capable of remembering all of the spiritual herbs, albeit roughly.

Chen Feng was shocked to find that – within such a short span of time – the spiritual attributes of all the spiritual herbs within the Longevity Tower had grown. Their rate of growth had surpassed his imagination.

Reaching his hand out, Chen Feng pulled up a Demonblood Ginseng. He could instantly sense that the spiritual herb was growing before his eyes. It was a slow process, but it was a process that he could clearly sense.

“Tsk, tsk! With this immortal energy, my spiritual herbs will be able to grow ten times, no, a hundred times faster. Great!” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

As Chen Feng was laughing happily, an Earthen Ginseng, which was several thousand years old, suddenly shook. Next, an indistinct silhouette emerged from the Earthen Ginseng. It did not take long for the indistinct silhouette to assume the form of a little child. The little child then jumped around the Earthen Ginseng joyfully.

“Eh? This ginseng has successfully formed its own spirit!” Chen Feng uttered out in shock.

After that, several more spiritual herbs that were over thousands of years old began changing. One by one, oddly-shaped herb spirits began emerging from their respective spiritual herb bodies. They moved about within the herbal fields, jumping and playing around. Most of the herb spirits assumed human forms. As the number of herb spirits increased, the spiritual energy within the herbal field rose.

Great! Great! After the Longevity Tower is filled with immortal energy, it has become more suitable for the growing of these spiritual herbs. At any rate, the Longevity Tower has a vast amount of space. Looks like I will not just have to plant spiritual herbs in the future, but also catch some spirit animals and put them here. Then, it will look like a world, Chen Feng thought.


As Chen Feng was about to head out, a crashing sound rang out and countless metals, ores and strange objects crashed down, stacking up before Chen Feng. In just the blink of an eye, the pile of metal objects had reached a height of tens of metres. Additionally, it was still rising.

Chen Feng hastily retreated. Then, he extended one hand to grab a fist-sized item. It was a black and shining piece of iron. Holding it, Chen Feng found it to be both heavy and cold. He then tightened his grip and found that it was not deforming at all.

“This is a piece of Mystic Stoutsteel!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and several pieces of ores flew into his hand. One of them weighed several hundred jin.

“1,000-year-old Mystic Frost Iron, 10,000-year-old Heavy Metalsand and Spiritsnaring Stone of Water and Fire. This heavy one is an Ironcore Substance. These items can be used to forge countless Prized artefacts!” Chen Feng said, feeling shocked and joyful.

“Prized artefacts? It is not impossible to forge even Sacred artefacts with these,” Tower said, sounding pleased.

“Tower, you aren’t planning on gulping down all of these rare ores, are you?” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“These things might be treasures for you, but for me, only a small number of them are worth my time,” Tower said arrogantly.

As the Longevity Tower was devouring Pot Mountain, something happened outside the mountain.

Hundreds of loose cultivators have made it all the way to Pot Mountain. Tens of them were surrounding the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace. Some of them were even strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the two elders. 

After reaching Pot Mountain, the loose cultivators immediately began searching around. In the end, however, they were incapable of finding anything.

“It seems you fellows are determined to oppose our Nine Firmaments Palace. Are you not afraid of dying without a place of burial?” the white-robed elder shouted.

“Forget about using Nine Firmaments Palace’s name to scare us. If you want to blame someone, blame your own Nine Firmaments Palace for being too greedy and overbearing. This Pot Mountain is an ownerless place. It is not something that your Nine Firmaments Palace can claim as their personal property,” a loose cultivator said with an insidious voice.

“That’s right! Did you fellows from Nine Firmaments Palace really think that you can dominate all of the Northern Plains? The number of loose cultivators far outnumber the number of cultivators from all the immortal dao sects combined. If it comes down to it, we’ll just fight to the death against you!” said an old man in all-black robes.

“It’s Old Monster Blackfiend! I heard that he was wounded. Why is he here?” The two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace exchanged glances, looks of concern appearing within their eyes. The number and strength of the loose cultivators were clearly above that of Nine Firmaments Palace’s forces. If the conflict were to continue, they would be the ones to suffer. Besides, even if they were strong enough, they still could not simply kill off all of the loose cultivators present. The resulting after-effects of such an action was too big.

As the two elders were feeling dispirited about the situation, Elder Xue and the others, who were hiding nearby, finally revealed themselves.

There were ten plus elders and over 100 disciples from their respective sects behind them. They formed a dense line, releasing a formidable atmosphere as they advanced. Despite not having reached Pot Mountain, their appearance alone deterred the loose cultivators there.

Seeing the new arrivals, the loose cultivators panicked. These newcomers, Elder Xue and the others, represented the other immortal dao sects of the Northern Plains. These loose cultivators were simply incapable of fighting back against them.

Seeing Elder Xue and the others, the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace frowned as well. They knew that Nine Firmaments Palace could no longer take Pot Mountain for themselves.

“He he! Greetings, fellow elders.” Elder Xue, who was still far away, called out to the two elders.

“Greetings!” The two elders forced themselves to smile.

“What is happening here? Why is it so lively?” Elder Xue said, a smile on his face as he continued moving forward.

The white-robed elder hesitated for a moment before saying, “Err, we are here to capture Chen Feng.” 

“Oh, so that is what is going on! I didn’t think that so many cultivators would come forward to capture Chen Feng. These days, if you ask me which name rings the loudest within the Northern Plains, I can certainly say it is Chen Feng, the disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect. “Looks like Chen Feng is trapped within Pot Mountain. It seems we are truly lucky today. We’ll be able to witness this disciple’s ability,” Yu Qingshan said smilingly.

“Heh! Maybe there is something else going on here!” The cultivator from Sword Hall was very direct, unlike the other cultivators who seemed to fear Nine Firmaments Palace.

Rage glinted across the eyes of the two black and white-robed elders. However, they did not say anything else. They simply ordered their disciples to gather up.

“Elders, we cannot find Senior Brother Yan,” Lei Sha whispered.

“Can’t find him? That kid seems to have disappeared since we came to Pot Mountain. Did something bad happen to him?” the black-robed elder wondered.

“Probably not. The way I see it, this Pot Mountain is somewhat similar to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Perhaps, Yan Luo has found a way to enter Pot Mountain,” the white-robed elder guessed.

The white-robed elder was correct. At that moment, Yan Luo was actually inside Pot Mountain.

“I didn’t think that the stone stele is actually an entrance. Even more so, I never expected the unassuming iron plate in my possession to be the key to entering Pot Mountain. What a pity! If only I had known, I would have cultivated in here long ago. That way, I could have reached the Human Immortal stage by now,” Yan Luo said, his heart stirring.

“However, it is still not too late. I will stay here from now on and cultivate here. Thanks to the immortal energy here, it will not take me long to overcome my 6th Lightning Tribulation.” After saying that, Yan Luo sat down cross-legged and began absorbing the immortal energy to cultivate himself.

“By the way, kid. There is someone else inside.” Suddenly, Chen Feng received Tower’s notification.

“Someone came in? Who?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“You fought him before, a disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace,” Tower said.

As expected, a cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace managed to enter. However, I wonder who? Let’s go check it out. With a thought, Chen Feng appeared outside the Longevity Tower. After that, he swiftly flew towards Jian Xiaotian and the others.

The five Pot Brothers had only just finished overcoming their Lightning Tribulations when Chen Feng found them. The bodies of all five were scorched black and they sat down cross-legged, forming their Five Elements array to absorb the surrounding immortal energy to recover from their wounds. Seeing them, Chen Feng felt puzzled. The wounds on the Pot Brothers were considerably lighter compared to the wounds on Jian Xiaotian when he last overcame his Lightning Tribulation.

Be it their cultivation talents or their cultivation bases, there was no way the Pot Brothers could be put on the same pedestal as Jian Xiaotian. However, after regarding the Five Elements array that the five of them created, Chen Feng understood.

I had simply assumed that this is an ordinary minor Five Elements array. Looks like I was mistaken. The Pot Brothers are also blessed by luck, otherwise they would not have been able to enter Pot Mountain, Chen Feng thought.

“Brother Chen!” Jian Xiaotian called out.

“An old acquaintance came in,” Chen Feng was quick to inform them.

“Nine Firmaments Palace?!” The eyes of both Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun lit up.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

Tower, keep the Pot Brothers inside the tower, Chen Feng secretly informed Tower.

“No problem.” No sooner did Tower said that than the space above the Pot Brothers rippled. Next, the five of them disappeared without a trace. Chen Feng knew that they were already inside the Longevity Tower. As the immortal energy within the Longevity Tower was tens of times thicker than the immortal energy here, it would be more suitable for healing and cultivation.

“This!” Both Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were thoroughly shocked. They did not understand how the five Pot Brothers could suddenly disappear.

“Don’t worry, brothers. I have moved them to a safe place,” Chen Feng said.

At that moment, Yan Luo, who was cultivating himself, suddenly opened his eyes. “There is a fluctuation in the surrounding streams of immortal energy. What is going on? Is it because Chen Feng and the other two have also entered Pot Mountain?”

The Longevity Tower was absorbing the surrounding immortal energy at an increasing pace. Thus, the amount of immortal energy stored within Pot Mountain began decreasingly rapidly. Finally, it affected the area that Yan Luo was in, despite him being at least 500 kilometres away from the Longevity Tower.

“Eh? There are some people coming over!” Yan Luo abruptly raised his head, a vigilant look flashing across his face.

“As expected, it is Chen Feng and the other two.” Yan Luo’s face sank.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were quick and they arrived before Yan Luo in the blink of an eye. They assumed the ‘’ formation to surround Yan Luo.

“Brother Yan, it has been quite some time. I didn’t think we would get to meet again here. What a surprise!” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“It really is the three of you. How did you fellows come in?” Yan Luo was feeling uneasy and alert, but he did not reveal any of it.

“Ha ha ha! That is our question. How did you enter?” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

Note: Yan Luo was one of the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace who attacked Chen Feng when he was levelling up to level 8 of the Concealed stage during Extreme Celestial Sect's Grand Competition. It was in Chapter 370.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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