Chapter 387: Inside and Outside the Mountain


“How long have you guys been staying inside?” Chen Feng asked.

“It’s been about half a year now,” Big Pot Bro said.

Chen Feng nodded his head, not pursuing it any longer. However, he continued pondering the matter. In half a year’s time, they were able to advance through four to five levels to finally reach level 9 of the Concealed stage. If news of this were to spread, it would cause a serious shock to spread through the world of cultivation.

However, Chen Feng understood that this was only normal. By cultivating here, they could absorb and refine immortal energy. Although the thickness of the immortal energy here may be lacking compared to the real Immortal Plane, it was already enough for cultivators at the Concealed stage like the Pot Brothers.

Cultivating arduously for one day within Pot Mountain was the equivalent of cultivating for one year outside. Thus, the half a year they spent here was the equivalent of over 100 years of cultivation outside. Additionally, they were absorbing immortal energy. Quality wise, it was not something that the spiritual energy outside could hope to match up against.

“Everyone, hurry up and cultivate yourselves. We may not be able to stay here for long,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“Why?” It was not just the five Pot Brothers, even Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were puzzled by Chen Feng’s words.

“That is right. This is a very good environment for cultivation. This is not something that one can easily find,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Because a change will be coming to Pot Mountain soon,” Chen Feng said. Chen Feng had received a message from Tower the moment the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace began attacking Pot Mountain.

“The guys from Nine Firmaments Palace have come!” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes lit up.

“Yes. Although I do not know if they can enter this place or not, we should be prepared,” Chen Feng said.

“In that case, I will not be flying around anymore. Let’s focus completely on cultivation!” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“As it so happens, the five of us need to assail the Sky Human stage,” Big Pot Bro said.

“There is a fluctuation in the surrounding streams of immortal energy,” Lin Shaokun suddenly said.

Chen Feng nodded. He knew that Tower had begun making his move.

By then, the slaughter fest outside had become bloody and intense. In the face of the charging loose cultivators, the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace unleashed their killer moves right from the start. They killed off several of the loose cultivators. However, not only did this heavy-handed approach from Nine Firmaments Palace fail to deter the loose cultivators, it instead infuriated them. Due to the increasing number of loose cultivators, the loose cultivators’ side finally breached in, charging towards Pot Mountain.

“What a bother.” The black-robed elder waved his hand. Five streams of light flew out and five of the incoming loose cultivators were immediately killed off.

Seeing the two elders standing guard over Pot Mountain, the loose cultivators finally revealed looks of hesitation. If it were just the core disciples, they could go all out against them. In the face of the formidable elders, however, the loose cultivators had to retreat.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The black-robed elder then displayed his spiritwalking technique, leaving rainbow-coloured images behind him. In but a flash, he had killed off several more of the loose cultivators. Seeing that, the remaining loose cultivators dispersed, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“These minor characters are easy to handle. However, I fear some powerful characters might appear,” the black-robed elder said.

“He he! I have already recovered 80 % of my strength. Even if some old, monstrous characters appear, there is no need to worry,” the white-robed elder said with a smile.

“Truth be told, I am not worried about these loose cultivators. I am just worried that some cultivators from the other sects would come and cause trouble,” the black-robed elder said, shaking his head.

As the two of them were discussing the matter, several cultivators were having a discussion of their own somewhere near Pot Mountain. Every single one of these cultivators possessed a formidable cultivation base. A few of them were in no way inferior to the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace.

If the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace were there, they would recognize these cultivators. They were all the elders from other immortal dao sects of the Northern Plains.

“Looks like Nine Firmaments Palace have found something good,” said a fair-faced cultivator with a long beard.

He was Yu Qingshan from Jade Talisman Sect, a cultivator with 6 Lightning Tribulations under his belt.

“Hey, hey! I have a piece of information that I believe everyone here will be interested in,” a thin old man suddenly said.

“Oh? Elder Xue, what information do you have?” asked the cultivator beside him.

“Naturally, it is about Pot Mountain. Surely, you fellows did not think that we came here to pursue Chen Feng? That would be an embarrassing act,” Elder Xue said with a smile.

“Yes. I was originally heading out for some other matters. However, on my way there, I received a message from my sect’s disciples. That is why I came here,” Yu Qingshan said.

“Naturally. Given our status, why would we go hunt a minor disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect? We’d become a laughingstock if we do. Surprisingly, though, Nine Firmaments Palace have not managed to capture Chen Feng after all this time. This is quite amusing,” a tall and muscular cultivator said with a chuckle.

“Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace, Transcendent Firmaments Palace. The three sects share the same roots and have always been arrogant. Unexpectedly, a minor disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect managed to kill off several of their core disciples, smearing their reputation. And now, they are actually dispatching elders to hunt this disciple down. What a disgrace!” said another cultivator.

“However, Extreme Celestial Sect has not responded to this whole thing at all. Is Extreme Celestial Sect afraid of Nine Firmaments Palace?”

“Humph! Their disciple is being hunted, but they are actually doing nothing about it. Rumour has it that they had even sent out their own men to secretly capture Chen Feng. How disappointing. I was wrong to think so highly about them in the past,” said a cultivator from Sword Hall.

“You can’t say that. From what I can gather, this Chen Feng is not to be underestimated. He offended quite a number of people from Extreme Celestial Sect and even got into many conflicts with the Zhao Family. It is the Zhao Family that had secretly dispatched men to capture Chen Feng. However, I hear that Extreme Celestial Sect’s Sect Master is still in cultivation retreat. That is the reason behind Extreme Celestial Sect’s current behaviour,” Yu Qingshan said.

“I have heard that the Zhao Family is scheming to snatch the Sacred artefact that Chen Feng possesses. I wonder if that is true?”

“It has to be true. However, Chen Feng has two companions. One of them is said to hail from the Heavenly Sword Faction from the Central Plains. He he! Looks like this is related to your Sword Hall,” said a cultivator from Skypond Faction.

With the exception of Extreme Celestial Sect, Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace, the cultivators from the other sects were all there.

“By the way, Elder Xue, what was that information you mentioned earlier?” Yu Qingshan then said.

“Right, right! We ended up going off-topic.” Everyone returned their attention to the matter at hand.

“He he! Does everyone here think that Pot Mountain is just an ordinary mountain?” Elder Xue asked, a smile on his face.

“Yes. I have never heard of any stories about Pot Mountain. However, the guys from Nine Firmaments Palace are surrounding the mountain. Additionally, they would rather kill than allow other cultivators to enter. This proves that there is something afoot,” said the cultivator from Skypond Faction.

“According to the information I obtained, Pot Mountain is an ancient immortal mountain. It has existed for countless years,” Elder Xue said, looking at them all.

“What, an immortal mountain? Did I mishear you?”

“Elder Xue, you aren’t pulling my leg, are you?”

“The way I see it, this information might be true. However, if it is true, we must not let this slip away from our grasp. Heh! With our combined forces, there is no need for us to be considerate towards Nine Firmaments Palace!”

Hearing Elder Xue’s words, everyone grew excited.

“Eh? What is happening? Why is the spiritual energy here rapidly disappearing?” Jian Xiaotian and the others suddenly sensed something amiss and they began panicking. Chen Feng was the only one who remained indifferent to the situation.

“I will explain this to you fellows later on. Right now, you need to hurry up and cultivate!” After saying that, Chen Feng swiftly soared upwards as he flew towards the Longevity Tower.

Watching Chen Feng leave all of a sudden, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun felt curious. They did not understand what Chen Feng was going to do. The Pot Brothers, however, revealed contemplative looks. At any rate, they knew about the Longevity Tower. 

“Set up the array!”

Big Pot Bro suddenly shouted. Next, the five Pot Brothers moved swiftly to create an array. In but moments, the surrounding streams of immortal energy quickly converged. The rate at which they were converging towards the Pot Brothers was over ten times faster than before.

“So, it is a minor Five Elements array.” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes lit up. He was able to identify the array that the five Pot Brothers had set up with just one glance.

When Chen Feng reached the Longevity Tower, thunder rumbled above the Pot Brothers. Shockingly, they were in the process of undergoing Lightning Tribulation.

“It is possible to undergo Lightning Tribulation here!” Next, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun quickly moved far away.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The Lightning Tribulation came quickly and five bolts of lightning descended upon the Pot Brothers in the blink of an eye.

“Incredible! The five of them are actually undergoing Lightning Tribulation at the same time. By doing so, however, their Lightning Tribulation will double in intensity!” Jian Xiaotian was shocked.

“No. There is something peculiar about their Five Elements array. It should be capable of reducing the power of the Lightning Tribulation,” Lin Shaokun said.

Chen Feng, who was far away from them, was observing a massive vortex formed entirely from streams of immortal energy. The vortex had a diameter of at least 100 zhang. As the vortex continued to absorb the surrounding immortal energy, the space within Pot Mountain shook.

There was no need for Chen Feng to even consider it. He already knew that the Longevity Tower was in the middle of the vortex.

Even before he could get close to the vortex, Chen Feng could already feel a formidable suction force sucking him forward, making it hard for him to steady himself. Chen Feng then smiled. He did not resist the suction force and allowed his body to be pulled up alongside the surrounding streams of immortal energy and into the Longevity Tower.

“Kid? Why did you come in?” He had only just entered the Longevity Tower when Tower spoke up.

Only then did Chen Feng notice that the interior of the Longevity Tower was filled with a thick amount of immortal energy. From what Chen Feng could sense, it was tens of times thicker than the immortal energy outside.

“What a thick immortal energy! It should be comparable to the one in the Immortal Plane, right?” Chen Feng said.

“Far from it.” There was excitement in Tower’s voice.

“Tower, you aren’t planning on sucking up all the immortal energy inside Pot Mountain, are you?” Chen Feng asked.

“Not just that. I want to refine this whole Pot Mountain. Although it is just a broken Immortal artefact, it will still be of some use to me,” Tower said.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng asked, “How much time will it take?”

“Soon, very soon. Don’t worry!” Tower replied with a joyful tone.

“Can I not worry? What if someone breaks in?” Chen Feng blurted out.

“He he! It would be great if someone breaks in. I will suck in however many enters. It would be even better if a few Human Immortals come in.” Tower cackled.

Chen Feng shook his head. Then, he noticed the various spiritual herbs growing inside the Longevity Tower. One glance at the herbal field caused Chen Feng to jump.

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