Chapter 386: Found the Pot Brothers


“Did Chen Feng and the other two appear?” a cultivator who had only recently arrived asked inquisitively.

“No. Did you fellows see that? Just now, the elder from Nine Firmaments Palace attacked Pot Mountain, but was wounded by a stream of light instead,” said another loose cultivator.

“Wounded by a stream of light? Isn’t that the same thing going on with Driftcloud Immortal Mountain? In other words, Pot Mountain is also an immortal mountain?!”

“Impossible. Pot Mountain has existed for a long time. I have never heard of anything special about it.”

“This matter is not as simple as it seems. Let’s go check it out!”

Thus, a few loose cultivators flew towards Pot Mountain in threes and fives. However, they were quickly stopped by the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace.

“Hold it!” a core disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace moved forward and shouted.

Seeing the core disciple blocking their way, the loose cultivators stopped. At any rate, there were very few loose cultivators within the Northern Plains who would dare offend Nine Firmaments Palace.

“This place is not Nine Firmaments Palace’s territory, no?” Suddenly, a peculiar voice rang out. However, the voice was too fleeting and they were incapable of figuring out where the voice had come from.

“That is right! Your Nine Firmaments Palace is being overly oppressive. We just want to go forward and look around!”

The number of loose cultivators began growing. Soon, there were more than 30 of them there. As their numbers rose, so too did their bravery. They all shouted loudly, wanting to go forward.

“If you move forward, do not blame me for not holding back!” The core disciple stopping them had 3 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. There was a haughty expression on his face and he did not feel anxious at all despite facing all the loose cultivators. 

Seeing the conflict arising there, the core disciples stationed at other locations began moving to surround the loose cultivators.

Without saying anything, a loose cultivator suddenly rushed forward. Seeing him rush forward, the other loose cultivators beside him followed suit.

“Courting death!”

Killing intent glinted across the eyes of the core disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace. Instantly, he attacked. With a sword beam, the cultivator leading the rush was split into two.

“Nine Firmaments Palace is being too arrogant! Everyone, charge together!” Suddenly, someone shouted, his voice spreading far into the distance to alarm even more loose cultivators who were far away.

“You fellows have a death wish!”

Another sword beam sliced through the sky. This time, however, it failed to do anything. A thick shield had blocked it. Next, a tall and mighty cultivator – radiating a formidable atmosphere – charged forward.

The mighty cultivator had a highly ferocious momentum behind him. With a slam, he sent the core disciple blocking his path flying.

“Great! Everyone, let’s charge! Pot Mountain contains a treasure hoard left behind by Immortal Humans! Don’t let Nine Firmaments Palace snatch them all away!” someone suddenly bellowed.

“Lei Shihu, you dare oppose our Nine Firmaments Palace?” By then, the other core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace had arrived. With just a glance, they were able to recognize the mighty cultivator.

“What a joke! You fellows are the ones going overboard. This Pot Mountain is not your territory!” Lei Shihu wielded the giant, building-like shield and smashed his way forward. He simply did not view the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace as a threat.

“Lei Shihu, you are begging for death here. By offending our Nine Firmaments Palace, there will be no more place for you in the Northern Plains,” shouted one of the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace.

“Is that so? Don’t try to scare me with those words. Others might fear your Nine Firmaments Palace, but I don’t. You should ask around. Am I, Lei Shihu, someone who will fear others?!” Lei Shihu did not stop to fight them. Instead, holding his giant shield up high, he continued charging forward.

“Fellow brothers and sisters, attack together! Kill off every single one of these intruders!” One of the core disciples waved his hand and tens of chilling beams shot towards Lei Shihu.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Lei Shihu blocked the attacks using the shield in his hand. Immediately, clumps of light erupted against the shield. The clumps of light were not to be underestimated. Each of them contained a formidable power and their combined might was actually capable of slowing down Lei Shihu’s momentum.

Even so, the words from the core disciple earlier had infuriated the loose cultivators there. The disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace were too arrogant! They wanted to kill off every single one of them? Due to that, even those who had no intentions of attacking finally decided to attack as well.

“Everyone, did you hear that? Nine Firmaments Palace wants to kill off every single loose cultivator here!” a loose cultivator bellowed.

“What is there to fear? There are only 20 of them. With so many of us, if we charge forward together, we can kill them all!”

At that moment, Lei Shihu, who was leading the charge, was in the midst of fighting two core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. The giant shield in his hand had already shrunk by two notches. Even so, it was still one zhang long. In his other hand was a staff. Surprisingly, the staff appeared to be made from stone. 

Fighting with a shield in one hand and a staff in the other hand, Lei Shihu was able to force the two core disciples to retreat.

“Lei Shihu, are you seriously going to interfere?!” the core disciple shouted angrily.

“I just want to see what is inside Pot Mountain. You fellows are the ones who insist on stopping me. You shouldn’t blame me for attacking,” Lei Shihu said with a scornful smile. The stone staff in his hand swung, causing space to vibrate. Shockingly, the move managed to send the two core disciples flying. 

“He he!” Lei Shihu snickered and quickly rushed forward. However, a cultivator wreathed in bolts of lightning suddenly appeared to stop him. It was none other than Lei Sha.

“Lei Sha, it’s you. What is this? Do you want to stop me as well?” Lei Shihu laughed out.

However, Lei Sha did not attack Lei Shihu. Instead, he said, “Lei Shihu, your brother is already heavily wounded. At present, we do not know if he will make it. Yet, you dare come interfere with our Nine Firmaments Palace’s matters? Looks like you are really tired of living!” 

“What? Are you telling the truth?” Hearing those words, Lei Shihu’s face immediately sank.

“Of course. Will I lie to you? Lei Zhentian was wounded by Chen Feng and the other two fugitives,” Lei Sha said.

“I don’t buy it. My bro will soon reach level 6 of the Sky Human stage. How can he be wounded by a few minor cultivators?” Lei Shihu said. Lei Zhentian was actually Lei Shihu’s older brother.

“Heh! I won’t hold this from you. Not too long ago, Feng Lang and I were wounded by Chen Feng. The two fugitives with Chen Feng are also very powerful. Using certain methods, it would not be impossible for them to wound Lei Zhentian. Besides, if Chen Feng and the two fugitives did not possess some skills, they would have died to you fellows long ago, no?” Lei Sha said with a chuckle.

“You better be telling the truth. If you dare lie to me, I will not let you go.” Lei Shihu gave Lei Sha a glance before flying upwards. He no longer cared about what was happening here.

“This fellow is even more arrogant than us. We should have joined forces to finish him off just now.” Feng Lang arrived.

“The Lei Brothers are not to be casually provoked. Although they are just loose cultivators, they do possess some backing. Forget them. We should deal with our present situation.” After saying that, Lei Sha charged into the crowd of loose cultivators and two bolts of lightning erupted. Instantly, two loose cultivators were sent flying.

As for Feng Lang, his whole body spun to form a fierce hurricane, which swept forward to suck several of the loose cultivators in.

Lei Sha and Feng Lang were the cream of the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. Their participation immediately stopped the loose cultivators’ advance. However, the two of them did not lower their guard as there were more loose cultivators making their way over.

All the loose cultivators originally came in order to pursue and kill Chen Feng’s team of three. It was for the sake of obtaining benefits. At that moment, however, they will be opposing the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace for the sake of a different set of benefits.

It was true that Nine Firmaments Palace was a very tyrannical existence within the Northern Plains and most loose cultivators were generally fearful of offending them. However, there was a time and place for everything. With such a colossal benefit lying right before their eyes, even if a Heavenly God had descended to obstruct them, these loose cultivators – eyes red with greed – would charge forward nonetheless.

“Where did Brother Yan go to? Why hasn’t he shown himself?” Seeing the increasing number of loose cultivators, Lei Sha could not stop himself from asking.

“I don’t know either. I haven’t seen him since we came to Pot Mountain,” Feng Lang said.

Even though the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace were very strong, there were too few of them there. Time went by and the number of loose cultivators kept growing. Finally, some loose cultivators succeeded in breaking through the perimeter.

“How troublesome! I didn’t think there would be so many loose cultivators.” The black-robed elder frowned.

“Sigh! They are all lured over thanks to Chen Feng’s group. At the end of the day, this is all due to the rewards offered by our sect. Still, there is no need to fear these loose cultivators. Right now, I am more worried that some old, monstrous characters might appear,” said the white-robed elder, who was still healing his wounds.

Chaos reigned outside Pot Mountain and cultivators kept butchering one another. Inside Pot Mountain, however, Chen Feng’s team of three spent their time alternating between cultivating and searching around.

Earlier, Chen Feng had received a secret vocal transmission from Tower, informing him that he had discovered the whereabouts of the Pot Brothers. At that moment, Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were on their way to find the Pot Brothers.

Although they did not understand why Chen Feng was headed in this direction, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun did not question him. At any rate, there was no danger around and every part of this place had the immortal energy. It did not matter where they choose to cultivate themselves.

“Tsk, tsk! Kid, someone outside has discovered Pot Mountain’s secret.” Once again, Tower’s voice spoke within Chen Feng’s mind.

“Who?” Chen Feng quickly asked.

“He he, I don’t know that,” Tower replied with a chuckle.

“Will they come in?” That was Chen Feng’s biggest concern.

“It’s not that easy. This is an Immortal artefact. Not just anybody can come in. Don’t worry about it.” Tower sounded very nonchalant.

“There are people up ahead.” Lin Shaokun suddenly spoke up.

“There really are people ahead.” Jian Xiaotian swiftly wielded his great sword.

“Don’t worry. It’s the Pot Brothers,” Chen Feng said.

By then, the Pot Brothers had also noticed Chen Feng’s team of three. Instantly, the five of them formed the minor Five Elements battle array. They put their guards up, fearing that something might happen.

“It’s me!” Chen Feng’s voice flowed forward like a surging wave. The Pot Brothers were first taken aback. Then, they revealed looks of surprise and joy.

“Greetings, Young Master!” When Chen Feng arrived before them, the five Pot Brothers stepped forward and bowed.

“Ha ha! It really is you fellows!” Chen Feng said with a laugh.

Big Pot Bro was the calmest amongst the five. After suppressing his feelings of excitement, he asked, “Young Master, how did you end up inside as well?”

“I came in by accident. Hmm, it’s been a few years since our last meeting. Your cultivation bases have improved greatly.” With a quick glance, Chen Feng could clearly sense the cultivation bases of all five brothers.

Back when they went their separate ways, Big Pot Bro was at level 5 of the Concealed stage while the other four were at level 4 of the Concealed stage. At that moment, however, all five of them had reached level 9 of the Concealed stage. Chen Feng could faintly sense from their auras that they were close to undergoing their Lightning Tribulations. That left Chen Feng with feelings of shock.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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