Chapter 385: Clues Found


Ignoring how Knight Yaoblade and the other two felt as they began cultivating themselves, Chen Feng’s figure sped through the sky, covering a distance of over 500 kilometres.

Is this really the interior of an Immortal artefact? How could it be so big? This is practically a world in its own right. Chen Feng could not stop the thought from emerging from his mind.

“Humph! What is there to feel surprised about? Immortal artefacts have always been capable of creating a world of their own.” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out within Chen Feng’s mind.

Chen Feng was not surprised to hear Tower’s voice. Although Chen Feng had yet to fully refine the Longevity Tower, it was Chen Feng’s true lifebound magic treasure. The Longevity Tower had been hanging on Chen Feng’s chest since his younger days. It was the only thing and the most important thing on his person. It could no longer be described as merely a magic treasure for him.

“If so, can you create your own world?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Tower suddenly laughed. At the same time, Chen Feng could feel the Longevity Tower shaking lightly.

“Forget just one world. Even 100 cultivation worlds can easily be placed inside the Longevity Tower,” Tower said, laughing.

“On the condition that you can restore your strength?” Chen Feng said with a grin.

“Ha ha ha! Kid, seize this opportunity to cultivate as much as possible. You fellows cannot continue to stay here for long,” Tower suddenly said.

“Why?” Chen Feng felt curious.

“Did you forget? I want to use this broken Immortal artefact to restore my strength,” Tower said happily.

“You can do so?” Chen Feng was surprised. At the same time, he was also feeling excited.

“But of course,” Tower said.

“A pity, I did not bring Lu Ta and the others with me this time, otherwise they might be able to break through a few levels by cultivating here.” Chen Feng shook his head and he continued flying ahead. He could already sense Lin Shaokun’s aura.

“Brother Lin.” Chen Feng quickly found Lin Shaokun.

At that moment, Lin Shaokun’s aura was constantly erupting about. Any cultivator would be able to sense the formidable power contained within Lin Shaokun’s body.

Seeing Chen Feng, Lin Shaokun’s eyes lit up. Next, he swung and a staff silhouette smashed towards Chen Feng.

“Try this staff blow from me!”

In the face of Lin Shaokun’s attack, Chen Feng did not retreat. Instead, he stretched one hand out and the Force acupoint within his body surged. Surprisingly, he planned on using his bare hand to accept Lin Shaokun’s staff blow.


The staff slammed heavily against Chen Feng’s palm and a formidable force surged through Chen Feng’s arm to move towards his body.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Chen Feng was unharmed. However, large cracks began spreading out from the ground beneath him. Next, the ground itself erupted and soil swirled upwards. It was as though there were several massive dragons swirling out from the ground. After that, circular waves of energy shot out from Chen Feng into his surroundings. As for Chen Feng, his figure kept falling until he was deep within a crater.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Lin Shaokun kept backing away, watching the massive crater that he had created with his blow earlier. He could not stop himself from staring blankly at the spectacle. Chen Feng remained standing in the middle of the deep crater.

“What happened?” Jian Xiaotian flew over. When he saw the crater, he too, was taken aback.

“It’s nothing. We were exchanging pointers.” Chen Feng flew out and landed before them. He appeared utterly unharmed.

“Brother Chen, you are truly a monster,” Lin Shaokun finally said.

“Looks like we gained quite the harvest this time,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Ha ha! If we can continue cultivating here, it won’t take long before I undergo my next Lightning Tribulation. However, I wonder if there are any Lightning Tribulations here,” Jian Xiaotian said with a laugh.

“Yes. If we can continue cultivating here, I will be able to undergo my next Lightning Tribulation as well. That way, my cultivation base will improve again. However, Brother Chen, the power within you is very formidable. Why haven’t you broken through yet?” Lin Shaokun looked at Chen Feng and asked with a puzzled tone.

“He he. This is due to the cultivation technique that I am practicing.” Chen Feng merely smiled. Naturally, he could not disclose the existence of the Longevity Scripture.

“Brother Chen is only at level 8 of the Concealed stage, but he can already kill off Sky Human stage cultivators. After overcoming his Lightning Tribulation, how much more powerful will he become?” Jian Xiaotian praised, tutting.

“He he! By the way, did you find anything?” Chen Feng shifted the topic of discussion.

“With the exception of the spiritual energy here, the other places seem no different from the outside world. However, it is strange. Other than some vegetation, there are no living creatures here,” said a puzzled Jian Xiaotian.

“Yes, it is strange. I have not seen a single spirit animal,” Lin Shaokun said.

According to Tower, this is a damaged Immortal artefact. If so, it must be damaged in a battle. The creatures inside it must have been affected by the battle. Chen Feng speculated.

“Let’s check around. Since this is an Immortal artefact, it should have some good items inside,” Chen Feng said.

Outside Pot Mountain, the two elders from Nine Firmaments Palace had once again received a new piece of information from the sect.

“He is still in Pot Mountain? What is going on here? Surely there isn’t any mistake with this information?” the black-robed elder could not stop himself from blurting out.

“Definitely not! The elders performing the divination technique are far more powerful compared to us. They are just divining the whereabouts of three minor cultivators. How could they be mistaken?” the white-robed elder said, shaking his head.

“However, we have practically turned Pot Mountain upside down. We couldn’t find anything special about it,” the black-robed elder said with a puzzled tone.

“That’s right! Upside down! We should just turn it upside down for real!” The white-robed elder’s eyes lit up.

Next, the two elders combined their powers to perform a magic technique. They hovered above Pot Mountain, one on the left and one on the right. They stretched their palms and four massive palm silhouettes appeared to grab the central part of the mountain.

Both elders had overcome 7 Lightning Tribulations. Forget this Pot Mountain, they could even rip out a bigger 1,000-zhang-tall mountain.

“Hurry up and back away. The elders want to rip the entire Pot Mountain up!” Seeing the two elders’ actions, the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace quickly dispersed far away.

What happened next left their eyes wide open.

Pot Mountain did not budge, not one smidge. Seeing that, the two elders felt embarrassed. Thus, they channelled their magic powers once again. In the end, a series of rumbling sounds could be heard coming from their bodies. It was as though there was an erupting volcano within each of them. This was the result of them using their magic powers. However, no dice. Pot Mountain remained immobile.

“What is going on here?” It was at that moment that the two elders realized that there was something special about Pot Mountain.

Even if the mountain was ten times larger, even if they could not rip it up, they should have been able to budge it slightly. Thus, the two of them came to realize that there were some unknown issues with the mountain.

There were many cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace gathered at Pot Mountain. This had long since attracted the attention of other cultivators. Naturally, seeing the men from Nine Firmaments Palace there, the other cultivators came to the conclusion that Chen Feng and the other two fugitives were hiding in Pot Mountain. Due to that, many loose cultivators were gathered up around Pot Mountain. 

Watching the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace search around Pot Mountain without respite, that had assumed that it would not take them long to find Chen Feng and the other two. However, as the days went by, the loose cultivators slowly grew bored. When they saw the two elders attempt to rip out the entire Pot Mountain, they grew curious.

Eventually though, they realized that the two elders could not pull Pot Mountain up and many of them secretly laughed.

Seeing Pot Mountain not budge at all, the men from Nine Firmaments Palace felt embarrassed. Next, they sensed the ridiculing gazes aimed at them.

“What are the two elders doing?” Some of the core disciples felt puzzled.

The two elders felt troubled, but were unable to voice it out. They had clearly used all their powers for it. And yet, they were still incapable of budging the small mountain standing before their eyes. Feeling vexed, the white-robed elder swung his palm to send a mighty palm silhouette forward, smashing into Pot Mountain.


A booming sound rang out and a stream of light shot out from Pot Mountain at a breakneck speed. It was even faster than a bolt of lightning, so fast that the white-robed elder was completely incapable of dodging it.


The stream of light struck the white-robed elder. It was as though a meteor had slammed into an ordinary human and the white-robed elder was instantly sent flying, blood spraying out from his mouth.

“Oh no!”

The black-robed elder’s face immediately sank. He hastily rushed forward to catch the white-robed elder. Sensing the wounds on the white-robed elder, the black-robed elder grew astounded.

“Something has happened to the elder!”

Some of the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace cried out in shock and they rushed forward to gather around the two elders.

“Notify the sect immediately!” said the white-robed elder, who quickly brought out a medicinal pill and shoved it into his mouth.

The black-robed elder nodded and he swiftly used Nine Firmaments Palace’s special communication magic to give a brief account of what just happened to the sect.

After some time, the white-robed elder struggled to stand up. Observing Pot Mountain, which stood before him, a look of surprise and excitement appeared on his face. He seemingly did not care about the wounds he had taken earlier.


A few core disciples stepped forward.

“You fellows, hurry up and spread out. Make a perimeter around Pot Mountain and do not let anyone approach. Kill anyone who dares come near,” the white-robed elder said with a solemn tone.


The core disciples did not understand what was happening. However, seeing the serious expressions on the two elders’ faces, they instinctively determined that they should just do what they were told.

“Earlier…” the black-robed elder whispered.

“That stream of light earlier is more powerful than my attack. Additionally, it is extremely fast. I believe this is the same situation as Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.” Although the white-robed elder’s face was still pale, his body was continuously recovering. They were cultivators with 7 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. Their formidable strength aside, their fleshly bodies were also thoroughly tempered. As long as it was not a life-threatening wound, they would be capable of healing any wounds quickly.

“In other words, we found a treasure hoard!” The black-robed elder’s eyes lit up.

“Most likely. Think about the Driftcloud Immortal Light from Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and think about what happened earlier. We have truly come across immortal serendipity,” the white-robed elder said joyfully.

“Yes, yes. Chen Feng and the other two must have entered Pot Mountain. Hopefully, the sect can quickly send more men over. It will be troublesome if other cultivators get lured over,” the black-robed elder said.

“Humph! In the Northern Plains, which sect dares challenge our Nine Firmaments Palace?” the white-robed elder said with a sneer.

However, there were many cultivators near Pot Mountain. Some were openly hanging around while some were lurking about. They had witnessed what happened earlier. As they were not fools, it was only natural for them to realize something. Add the fact that Nine Firmaments Palace’s cultivators were establishing a perimeter around Pot Mountain, everyone quickly understood that there was something going on there.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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