Chapter 379: Undergoing Lightning Tribulation



The sphere of lightning exploded and countless bolts of lightning streaked out into his surroundings. When all the bolts of lightning finally dissipated, the area around Jian Xiaotian, covering a radius of over 100 zhang, was filled with countless craters of varying sizes. All of them were created in the wake of the lightning bolts.

This is the might of a 2nd Lightning Tribulation. I wonder what would happen to me if I step forward now, Chen Feng thought.

“You can give it a try. If outsiders get close to someone else’s Lightning Tribulation, the power of the Lightning Tribulation will only double,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Double.” Chen Feng nodded his head. He was not surprised. He had known about this.

Next, spheres of lightning kept rolling down from the dark clouds. They were rising in both frequency and strength. After one joss stick’s worth of time, the area around Jian Xiaotian, covering a radius of over 1,000 zhang, had been reduced to blackened soil thanks to the bombardment of the lightning powers. As for the vegetation there, the Lightning Tribulation had long since incinerated them to ash.

Suddenly, Chen Feng furrowed his brows. He quickly glanced around. He knew that this Lightning Tribulation had attracted quite a number of cultivators.

“Chen Feng, there are some people on my end.” Chen Feng received the secret vocal transmission from Lin Shaokun.

“My end as well. Do you think Brother Jian can overcome this Lightning Tribulation?” Chen Feng then asked.

“It should not be an issue,” Lin Shaokun said.

After that, they stopped their communication. Chen Feng then brought out an Invisibility Talisman and pasted it on his body. His figure disappeared from sight.

After becoming invisible, Chen Feng immediately stopped breathing even as he adjusted the life signs emanating from him. Then, he slowly floated upwards and flew through the forest.

Deep within the forest, several cultivators were observing Jian Xiaotian’s Lightning Tribulation from afar. Some of them were loose cultivators who were pursuing Chen Feng’s team while the others were simply lured over by the resulting havoc from the Lightning Tribulation. Of course, there was no way to know if they had any other intentions.

“Brother Wang, are you certain that the one undergoing Lightning Tribulation is Jian Xiaotian?” a thin cultivator asked.

The thin cultivator and another cultivator, a chubby one, were hiding within a dense foliage of leaves. Their eyes shone and a trace of faint-yellow, glossy shine could be seen flashing from within their eyes.

Surprisingly, the two of them were displaying a very hard to practice eye technique. Their gazes could pierce through the many layers of leaves to reach Jian Xiaotian, who was undergoing Lightning Tribulation.

At that moment, Jian Xiaotian’s whole body was scorched black and it was not possible to make out his facial features.

“No mistaking it. Look at the great sword in his hand. He must be Jian Xiaotian. However, this is odd. Where are the other two fellows?” the chubby Brother Wang said.

“One of the other fellows is Lin Shaokun. His origins are unknown while the other one is Chen Feng, a member of Extreme Celestial Sect. All three are formidable characters. Brother Wang, let’s just watch from the side and not do anything,” the thin cultivator whispered.

“What are you afraid of? Did you forget what rewards Nine Firmaments Palace is offering? All things aside, the one million spirit stones are enough to last the two of us for a long time,” Brother Wang said.

“Rewards from Nine Firmaments Palace are not easy to obtain. If it is easy, Nine Firmaments Palace would have taken action themselves instead of making such an offer. This is a very shameful matter. Besides, so many loose cultivators have died along the way. We can see that these three are not to be trifled with. Besides, one of them is a member of Extreme Celestial Sect. At present, we still do not know what Extreme Celestial Sect thinks of this matter. It is better to not take action,” the thin cultivator said.

“Humph! You disappointing fellow! What are you afraid of? Extreme Celestial Sect has not responded at all even though so many people have been attacking these three fellows. Doesn’t that tell you what their position on this is? Besides, this is a good opportunity. After overcoming Lightning Tribulation, this Jian Xiaotian will surely be greatly weakened. After killing off Jian Xiaotian, we’ll run away and get the rewards from Nine Firmaments Palace,” Brother Wang said.


Suddenly, another sphere of lightning crashed down to engulf Jian Xiaotian. The earth shook and Jian Xiaotian’s figure disappeared from sight.

The thin cultivator’s eyes suddenly radiated with dazzling light. “Something is not right. Careful!”

But it was too late. The chubby Brother Wang’s figure flinched, a look of dread and unwillingness within his eyes. Next, his body trembled a few times before falling down from the tree to smash heavily against the ground.

The thin cultivator was quick to react. He decided to flee the instant he felt something amiss. However, the surrounding space rippled and the thin cultivator immediately felt his body getting wrapped up.

Then, a palm silhouette emerged from space to furiously slap down on the thin cultivator. The thin cultivator’s body shook and a look of dread appeared within his eyes. After that, blood began trickling out from every one of his orifices.

After killing off the two fellows, Chen Feng’s figure flickered slightly in mid-air before disappearing again. He then moved to find his next target.

Unlike Chen Feng, who utilized stealth, Lin Shaokun used the fastest speed he could muster to arrive before a cultivator to kill him with a staff strike.

The both of them shared the same idea: Kill off as many of the surrounding cultivators before Jian Xiaotian was done with his Lightning Tribulation.

After killing off four cultivators, the Invisibility Talisman that Chen Feng was using lost its power. Meanwhile, Chen Feng had encountered a formidable opponent. 

There were two cultivators, both having overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations each. Chen Feng’s figure was exposed the instant he attacked. Thankfully, one of them was struck by Chen Feng’s attack first.

“It’s Chen Feng! Good, you’ve come!”

“A good opportunity! Kill this kid!”

As Chen Feng was fighting the two cultivators, Lin Shaokun had already killed five cultivators and was rushing towards the sixth.

As for Jian Xiaotian, he had reached a critical moment in his Lightning Tribulation process.

Bang! Bang!

The fight between Chen Feng and the two cultivators grew increasingly intense. Taking two attacks from his opponents, Chen Feng then unleashed two lightning-fast punches of his own, one against each of the two cultivators.

The attacks from Chen Feng were hardly easy to endure. Even though the two cultivators were at level 3 of the Sky Human stage, the attacks had still left them coughing out blood non-stop. Several parts of their skeletal structure were broken and even their meridians and internal organs were shattered.

Shua! Shua!

Two Longevity Swords pierced their bodies simultaneously before abruptly exploding to utterly destroy their vitality.

The moment Chen Feng finished off the two cultivators, Jian Xiaotian concluded his Lightning Tribulation process. The dark clouds disappeared and the sky returned to its normal state.

Chen Feng turned around and made his way back. However, several sword beams suddenly shot skywards. The sword beams did not attack Chen Feng. Instead, they simply surrounded Chen Feng.

Surprisingly, it was a sword array. Seeing Chen Feng trapped within the array, three cultivators emerged from hiding. 

“Humph! And here I was wondering what kind of character it might be. Turns out, it is just a minor Concealed stage cultivator. If it were not for the fact that I am lacking a Sacred artefact, I would not be attacking such a minor character,” said a dark-faced old man.

Three cultivators. One has overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations while the other two has overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations each. They are easy to handle. Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he simply brought out the Demon Sealing Sword. Next, his figure dashed forward to attack the three cultivators.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng had only just made his move when tens of sword beams shot towards him. The Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand swung about quickly to shatter the sword beams. However, even more sword beams appeared from his surroundings.

“Ha ha ha ha! You are already trapped inside the Flood Sword Array we set up. There are endless sword beams inside this array. Just be obedient and let the array sap away your strength. Now, let’s go deal with the kid who was undergoing Lightning Tribulation,” the dark-faced old man said.

Only one of the three cultivators remained behind to look after the array. The other two quickly made their way towards Jian Xiaotian’s position.

Hopefully, Brother Lin can get back quickly. Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling apprehensive.

The sword beams around him shot forward without end. For Chen Feng, however, they were not a threat to his life. They could not even pierce the body armour that he was wearing. However, its strength came from its sheer numbers and the fact that the beam attacks could continue without pause. 

Looks like the only way out is to find the array cores and break it. The Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand swung around to create a sphere of sword trails. Next, Chen Feng flew about within the sword array.

“Humph! Kid, just be obedient and stay inside. When we have dealt with the other two, we will come deal with you,” said the young cultivator who was left behind to watch over Chen Feng, a sneer on his face.

“Is that so? This magic array is quite good. However, you are dreaming if you think this can hold me,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Ha ha ha ha! What a joke! In that case, show me, come out!” The young cultivator laughed. 

The young cultivator was halfway though his laugh when his face suddenly sank. Chen Feng’s figure was continuously moving forward. His trajectory would lead him to one of the array cores of the Flood Sword Array.


With lightning-like speed, Chen Feng swung the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand. Next, a booming sound rang out as the array core there was destroyed.

With one of its array cores destroyed, the magic array’s power began falling. After that, Chen Feng charged towards the other array cores.

Bang! Bang!

Only after Chen Feng had destroyed another two array cores did the young cultivator recollect himself. His expression flickered for a moment. Then, both his hands moved to form several hand seals. Next, streams of light shot out from his hands to flow into the magic array. The streams of light began repairing the flaws within the Flood Sword Array.

“Taking action at this moment? Too late!” Chen Feng laughed and he swung the Demon Sealing Sword to send three sword beams out. Three more array cores were destroyed.


Chen Feng’s domain power abruptly spread out from his body and the already shaky sword array immediately fragmented. Following that, Chen Feng’s figure shot forward and the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand – flashing with a bolt of light – arrived before the young cultivator.

“Bring it! Watch as I kill you!” The young cultivator was looking down on Chen Feng. He could not even sense the power within the Demon Sealing Sword.

“Moron.” As Chen Feng only wanted to quickly finish the fight, he linked up with the Demon Sealing Sword and a bolt of astral lightning shot out to punch a see-through hole through the young cultivator’s chest.

Although it was only a small wound, the destructive power behind the move was very high. The power contained within the sword blow swiftly erupted from within the young cultivator’s body. Two streams of lightning surged into his mind. As a result, the young cultivator did not even have the time to utter a cry before falling to the ground.

After he had dealt with the young cultivator, the Lightstream Shield appeared beneath Chen Feng’s feet and he flew as fast as he could into the distance.

When Chen Feng arrived, he saw Lin Shaokun carrying Jian Xiaotian on his back, fending off against a bunch of besieging cultivators. There were countless wounds on Lin Shaokun’s body and he was completely soaked with blood. As for Jian Xiaotian, his whole body was black. From afar, he looked like a piece of charcoal.

There were eight cultivators besieging Lin Shaokun. Two of them were the ones who had utilized the magic array to entrap him.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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