Chapter 378: Beating Back Lei Zhentian


“In that case, let us decide who lives and who dies today.” Chen Feng felt somewhat vexed. The power inside him began surging as he kept mobilizing the power of the Demon Sealing Sword.

Since he could not make peace with Lei Zhentian, he would have to fight him to the bitter end.

A formidable aura radiated out from the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand. Sensing that, Lei Zhentian felt a sense of alarm.

I had assumed that it is just an ordinary Sacred artefact. Unexpectedly, it is a high-grade Sacred artefact. Looks like this kid will be hard to deal with, Lei Zhentian thought.

Although Chen Feng was able to push out a great deal of the Demon Sealing Sword’s overpowering might, he was also rapidly losing his strength. He knew that he could not drag this on. Thus, he quickly rushed forward and unleashed one of the Longevity Sword Techniques against Lei Zhentian.

Bolts of lightning kept flashing upon the surface of the Skyquake Hammer in Lei Zhentian’s hand. Comparatively speaking, the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand was not as dazzling. However, the atmosphere of might that it was radiating sent shock into the depths of Lei Zhentian’s heart.

This time, Lei Zhentian chose not to take Chen Feng’s attack head on. The Sacred artefact in Chen Feng’s hand was already of a higher grade than the Skyquake Hammer. Not to mention, Chen Feng was pushing out the power within the Sacred artefact. If Lei Zhentian were to take the attack head on, he would end up suffering.

Dimensional power.

Instantly, Lei Zhentian felt his surrounding space getting locked. At the same time, a restraining power was pressing down against him.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Lei Zhentian kept swinging his Skyquake Hammer. When he finally succeeded in breaking apart the dimension, another power descended upon him. Immediately, he felt his body going stiff, incapable of moving in the slightest.

Sealing power.


Suddenly, Jian Xiaotian descended upon Lei Zhentian, the great sword in his hand hacking down against Lei Zhentian’s head.


Pu! Pu! Pu!

During that critical moment, the muscles on Lei Zhentian’s face twitched and he suddenly opened his mouth to release a howl. Next, blood blossomed out from three spots on his chest.

Instantly, Chen Feng could feel the sealing power binding Lei Zhentian’s body getting quaked apart. In a flash, the strength of Lei Zhentian’s aura multiplied.

“Careful!” Chen Feng quickly shouted.


Jian Xiaotian’s figure tumbled as he was sent flying backwards. As for Lei Zhentian, there was a deep wound on his chest and blood kept flowing out from it.

As Lei Zhentian was backing away due to his wounds, a staff silhouette suddenly descended from the sky to smash him down into the ground. Next, Lin Shaokun – his body soaked with blood – descended. The staff in his hand swung down against the crater that was created earlier.


The ground erupted furiously as a tempestuous power charged out from the ground. Lin Shaokun backed away while Lei Zhentian charged forward, the Skyquake Hammer in his hand.

“A good opportunity! Let’s join hands to kill him!” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian rushed forward.


Suddenly, Lei Zhentian swung the Skyquake Hammer viciously against his own chest, causing a mouthful of blood to spray onto the surface of the hammer.


After receiving the nourishment from his blood essence, the Skyquake Hammer expanded once again. At the same time, a tyrannical power radiated outwards, seemingly in an attempt to break free.

Next, Lei Zhentian gave a ferocious swing and Chen Feng’s team of three felt as though space had become water as ripples appeared. Those ripples moved quickly, arriving before Chen Feng and the others in the blink of an eye.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng and the others were swept away by the shockwaves.

“I’ll leave!”

As he was already grievously wounded, Lei Zhentian knew that he could no longer linger. Thus, he waved his hand to bring the Skyquake Hammer upwards. As it did, it kept expanding in size to finally become as big as a building.

Lei Zhentian stepped on the Skyquake Hammer and quickly flew away. The Skyquake Hammer was seemingly capable of breaking space itself. In just a flash, Lei Zhentian had disappeared from sight.

“Well done, fellows. To think that you could wound me so badly. However, don’t get too happy about it. After I recover, I will surely find you fellows!” Lei Zhentian’s voice rang out from afar.

“Forget it. Don’t give chase.”

By the time Chen Feng and the others managed to steady themselves, Lei Zhentian had already disappeared. Additionally, that fight had taken a considerable toll on the three of them.

“This Lei Zhentian is truly powerful. However, he is already injured. It is likely impossible for him to pursue us again,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Hurry up and leave this place. By the way, Brother Lin, are you all right?” Chen Feng quickly asked.

“I’m fine. We’ll talk as we move,” Lin Shaokun said.

“Wait. There are two more here,” Jian Xiaotian said, swinging his great sword. Immediately, two cultivators in black screamed wretchedly as they fell down from the sky. One of them had lost his arms to Jian Xiaotian’s attack earlier. As for the other one, his skin kept cracking before he finally exploded into smithereens.

The one with the cut arms revealed a look of fear. He turned and attempted to flee, but a sword beam suddenly flashed forward to pierce him. Countless smaller sword beams charged through his body and he finally blew up into smithereens as well.

“Ha ha! How laughable. These two fellows were using Invisibility Talismans to lurk around. It seems they wanted to launch a sneak attack against us,” Jian Xiaotian said with a sneer. 

After that, Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun left the place. As they were flying away, Chen Feng asked curiously, “Brother Jian, it seems your cultivation state has improved!”

“Yes. Let’s find a quiet place. I want to undergo Lightning Tribulation,” Jian Xiaotian said solemnly.

“You want to undergo Lightning Tribulation?” Both Chen Feng and Lin Shaokun cried out in shock.

“Yes, my power is continuously growing thanks to all the recent battles we’ve had to face. I won’t be able to suppress it anymore.” As Jian Xiaotian was speaking, his body abruptly released a chaotic wave of primary energy.

This is really not the best time for this. The same thought came to all three. At that very moment, the three of them were trying to escape from the murderous pursuit of countless cultivators. Trying to find a place to smoothly undergo Lightning Tribulation would not be easy.

“Let’s see if there is a more secluded place nearby.” Chen Feng brought out a map and checked the surrounding areas.

“We’ll be leaving this forest soon,” Lin Shaokun said. Only then did the three of them notice that they had reached the end of the forest.

“After leaving this forest, we’ll be in open ground. It’ll be easier for our pursuers to find us,” Chen Feng said.

The three of them quickly landed and entered the thick forest once more.

“I won’t be able to suppress it much longer,” Jian Xiaotian suddenly said.

“In that case, do it now. Brother Lin and I will protect you,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“All right. I’ll leave it to you two.” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian stopped suppressing his aura.

After his aura was released, Heaven and Earth instantly sensed his aura and clouds began appearing high up in the sky. Thunder rumbled as the clouds began gathering their power.

Chen Feng and Lin Shaokun exchanged glances before moving into the surrounding areas, one to the left and one to the right. They cautiously assessed their surroundings.

They were not worried that Jian Xiaotian would be disturbed when undergoing the Lightning Tribulation. Should someone attempt to go near Jian Xiaotian during his tribulation process, that person would be attacked by Sky Lightning. There were two obstacles during a Lightning Tribulation. The first obstacle was whether or not the cultivator could succeed in overcoming the Lightning Tribulation. Failure to overcome it generally meant that the cultivator would be reduced to ash, eradicated both in form and spirit. The second obstacle was from external factors. Generally speaking, after overcoming a Lightning Tribulation, the cultivator would be left in a weakened state and would require some time to recover. If enemies were to appear during that period, that cultivator would suffer. 

Chen Feng and Lin Shaokun could not assist Jian Xiaotian with overcoming the Lightning Tribulation. Success or failure would depend solely on Jian Xiaotian himself. However, his action of undergoing Lightning Tribulation would certainly cause quite a scene. There was no telling how many cultivators would be attracted over. Jian Xiaotian, who had become abnormally weakened due to the Lightning Tribulation, would need Chen Feng and Lin Shaokun’s assistance if he were to overcome the second obstacle.

Undergoing Lightning Tribulation. Every Lightning Tribulation was an unavoidable calamity. It was also a form of baptism from Heaven and Earth. Success in overcoming it would allow the cultivator’s cultivation base to soar while failure to do so usually meant death. Everything would depend on the cultivator’s strength. It was quite the fair process.


Chen Feng landed on a thick tree trunk. Then, he carefully sensed the terrifying atmosphere that was descending from the sky.

This is the power of Heaven and Earth. It is truly majestic and inviolable, capable of striking fear into the depths of one’s heart, Chen Feng thought.

“Humph!” Tower snorted.

“Kid, let me tell you this. You can feel respect for Heaven and Earth. However, you cannot fear them, otherwise it will leave the seed of fear in you, fear towards Heaven and Earth. When that happens, your future will become limited. Only with an unrestrained and fearless heart can you break through Heaven and Earth and walk towards the highest dao.” Tower’s voice suddenly took on a strict tone.

“That makes sense. I wonder, how many Lightning Tribulations did the Longevity Tower overcome in the past?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Humph! Lightning Tribulation is nothing. It is worth fart before me. The tempering process that the Longevity Tower had to undergo in the past is not something that you can imagine,” Tower said arrogantly.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The clouds did not grow in size. However, the sounds of thunder grew increasingly loud. It was as though they would descend at any moment. The atmosphere of majesty grew increasingly strong and Chen Feng watched as countless living beings within the forest ran as far away as possible. Some simply lay on the ground, trembling in fear.

Watching what was happening, Lin Shaokun did not feel much. At any rate, he had overcome a few Lightning Tribulations himself. Only Chen Feng was new to this spectacle of someone undergoing Lightning Tribulation.

The might of Heaven! Tsk, tsk. This will be my first time witnessing a cultivator undergo Lightning Tribulation. This can be considered a new experience for me. Chen Feng smiled.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, lightning bolts began flashing up in the sky and the power of Heaven and Earth grew even stronger. Those watching from afar would feel shocked.

Finally, the first clump of lightning bolts descended against Jian Xiaotian’s head. The sphere of lightning was not fast. However, it had locked down Jian Xiaotian’s aura, making it impossible for him to dodge. He could only take it on head on. 

“Bring it!” Jian Xiaotian raised his great sword up high and brandished it against the incoming sphere of lightning.


Chen Feng watched as the sphere of lightning collided against the great sword in Jian Xiaotian’s hand. Next, light flashed out and the nearby trees and vegetation were all reduced to ash. Even some that were slightly farther away were still scorched black as a result.

After the light had faded, Jian Xiaotian was revealed to be unharmed. However, the ground around him had collapsed.


After three breaths’ worth of time, the second sphere of lightning descended, seemingly tearing through space in its wake.


This time, Jian Xiaotian did not wait for the sphere of lightning to reach him. Instead, he sent a sword beam out to hack the combined bolts of lightning apart.

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