Chapter 376: Fighting All the Way


Amongst the three of them, Chen Feng appeared to be the least wounded. That was mainly due to Chen Feng’s rate of recovery, which was the fastest amongst them. The same wound which would have taken Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun one whole day to recover from would only take Chen Feng less than two hours to fully recover from. 

At that moment, however, Chen Feng was also in an exhausted state. He had been forced to utilize the Demon Sealing Sword again during those fights and was presently trying to recover the lost energy, albeit slowly.

“He he! These loose cultivators are a bunch of daredevils. However, we have not seen a single fellow from Nine Firmaments Palace at all. This is not a good sign,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

“This is the insidiousness of the great sects. They will not step forward to deal with the issue. Instead, by simply bringing out a few items, they can spur countless cultivators to put their lives on the line. When the situation is more or less nearing the end though… hey, hey! It is not just Nine Firmaments Palace. Even in the Central Plains, this kind of occurrence happens all the time. These loose cultivators are simply incapable of resisting the temptation,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“I am now feeling worried about this. In the Northern Plains, the number of Sky Human stage cultivators could go up to the billions. If even 1 % of them come after us, it would be easy for them to handle us,” Chen Feng said.

As Chen Feng spoke, he waved his hand and hundreds of Prized crystals appeared before them. The three of them began absorbing the spiritual energy within the crystals.

“Sigh! Only now do I realize that Prized crystals are so important. Unfortunately, we do not have many Earthen-tier medicinal pills,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“I have quite a bit of medicinal pills and spirit stones. However, I only have two types of Earthen-tier medicinal pills.” After saying that, Chen Feng brought out two Pure Essence Pills and tossed one of them towards Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun each.

“This is a Pure Essence Pill at the Earthen-tier! It is a top-grade medicinal pill!” Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were somewhat shocked.

“Grade 8,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“This is a good item. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to refine it now,” Jian Xiaotian said with a bitter smile.

Next, however, Jian Xiaotian’s eyes widened. He had just witnessed Chen Feng gulp down a Pure Essence Pill. Next, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun watched as Chen Feng’s aura grew stronger. His fatigued-looking face gradually grew more energetic.

“You refined it just like that?” Jian Xiaotian was astounded.

“Some of its medicinal powers are still hidden within my body. However, there is not enough time to fully refine them.” After saying that, Chen Feng stood up. He had recovered 60 % of his strength. Given just a little more time, Chen Feng was certain he could fully recover his strength.

The three of them stopped their healing process and began moving through the forest. They kept moving around within the forest, only stopping after covering a distance of 50 kilometres. Next, they found a hidden spot to continue healing themselves and recover their strength.

Finally, Chen Feng was able to fully refine all the medicinal powers within his body. With his strength fully restored, Chen Feng finally felt relieved.

Only after seeing Chen Feng make a full recovery did Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun close their eyes and focus fully on their recovery.

Chen Feng took a few steps away and unfolded a map. He began considering where to go next.

According to Sage Enigma Flame, they should head to Azuremist Mountain and find a cultivator known as Old Freak Ming. They would be able to receive some kind of protection by doing so. However, Azuremist Mountain was within Transcendent Firmaments Palace’s territory. Additionally, they were presently facing the pursuit from an endless number of cultivators. It would be very difficult for them to get to Azuremist Mountain.

Fighting and running is not the way to go. Although nothing has happened so far, there is no telling how many loose cultivators would come after us. More importantly, there has not been any cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. Additionally, there are no movements from Extreme Celestial Sect. I wonder what is going on there? Chen Feng contemplated.


As Chen Feng was contemplating the issue, a black silhouette suddenly rushed out from a large, nearby tree. Light flashed before Chen Feng and a beam of light arrived before him.

Two more cultivators appeared beside Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun at the same time. Like ghosts, the two cultivators slowly emerged from the void, their hands holding short swords that were bereft of any lustre. They then slashed at Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun, who were focused on healing themselves.


A formidable atmosphere erupted from Chen Feng’s body as his domain instantly spread open to engulf the three cultivators who were executing a sneak attack on Chen Feng’s team.

Chen Feng ignored the cultivator attacking him. Instead, he attacked the two cultivators beside Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

Two palms of wind and lightning swiftly emerged to slap the two cultivators away. At the same time, a thud rang out from Chen Feng’s chest. A sword had struck him there.

However, the sword failed to even puncture Chen Feng’s skin.


With just one punch, the cultivator ambushing Chen Feng was blown into pieces.

With a thought from Chen Feng, two bolts of lightning then flashed out rapidly and the two cultivators who had only just gotten up, flinched. Next, their bodies fell to the ground.

After carefully assessing his surroundings, Chen Feng finally retracted his domain. Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun opened their eyes and looked around for awhile before continuing with their healing efforts. It was as though they had not noticed what happened earlier.

This time, they reopened their eyes in less than one hour.

“Come. Let’s change our location,” Chen Feng said.

One hour later, the three of them could be found hiding inside a naturally-formed cave. They had covered a distance of over 250 kilometres.

As they were changing their location, they were beset by two more waves of assassins. Finally, all of them were dealt with by Chen Feng.

“Huh! Looks like this place should be safer,” said Jian Xiaotian, who laid down on the ground. He stretched his body and his rate of breathing grew lengthier.

“He he! Brother Jian, you possess the Absolute Combat Constitution. No matter how injured you may be, your will to fight should be unparalleled. Why do you look exhausted now?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Ha ha! Aren’t you two here? I will have to relax myself a bit. Besides, how do you know I have the Absolute Combat Constitution?” Jian Xiaotian cast an odd look at Chen Feng. 

“He he. Obviously, I was able to recognize it,” Chen Feng replied with a chuckle. He did not tell him how he truly knew about it.

All this time, Chen Feng had not made contact with Tower at all. He did not utilize the Longevity Tower to fight as well. Firstly, a magic treasure like the Longevity Tower must not be used recklessly. Secondly, and most importantly, Chen Feng wanted to hone himself.

They stayed in the cave for three whole days. Finally, the wounds on Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun were almost fully healed.

“Finally recovered. It is time to go out and start a bloodbath,” Jian Xiaotian said, gripping his fist to release popping sounds.

“Don’t be careless. Let me head out and check it out first,” Lin Shaokun said.

“Very well. Brother Lin, be careful.” Chen Feng nodded.

After Lin Shaokun left, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian sat quietly within the cave, waiting for him. After two hours, however, Lin Shaokun had yet to return and the two of them instinctively sensed that something was amiss.

“Come, let’s go out and check it out.” Jian Xiaotian could not hold on anymore.

They had only just stood up when a tremor rocked the mountain. Next, the entire mountain began shaking.

“As expected, some more people have come again. How persistent!” Chen Feng swiftly waved his hand and several of the falling stones were casually swept away.

The great sword in Jian Xiaotian’s hand spun furiously and the stones falling down on him were all shattered.

“Come, let’s kill our way out!” Chen Feng said.

However, they quickly discovered that the entrance of the cave had been blocked. Next, rocks started falling, not just from above them, but from all around. It would appear that the other party wanted to bury Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian alive. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of loud booming sounds made their way into the cave, causing their blood energy to churn and their ears to ring. Chen Feng knew that it was the result of someone utilizing magic power or some magic treasure to bombard the mountain.

“Soundwave attack.” Jian Xiaotian abruptly hacked forward with his great sword. Rocks flew about as a passageway, tens of metres long, was hacked open through the mountain.

However, before the two of them could enter, the passageway swiftly closed up.

“The other party must be proficient in the power of mountain and lake. We are actually trapped within this mountain,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“It could also be the power of earth,” Chen Feng said, stamping his foot. A large crack spread out from the ground and Chen Feng’s figure slowly slipped underground.

After entering the ground, Chen Feng could immediately sense chaotic streams of earthen power. The countless streams of earthen power also assailed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not dodge. After making contact with Chen Feng, the streams of earthen power instantly turned docile and they flowed into Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng’s figure continued sinking, only stopping after a depth of over 100 metres. Finally, an earthen-yellow light radiated out from Chen Feng’s body and he began walking through the soil. Be it the soft soil or hard rocks, anything making contact with the earthen-yellow light from Chen Feng’s body would immediately move away, leaving a passageway big enough for one person. As Chen Feng made his way forward, the opened space behind him would close up.

Chen Feng was not utilizing an Earthslip Talisman. This was done entirely using his own power.

Carefully sensing the energy fluctuations from his surroundings, Chen Feng then began rising. It did not take him long to emerge from the ground.

After emerging, Chen Feng saw a tall and muscular man. He was hovering up in the sky, a large and circular hammer in his hand as he smashed the mountain from high above.

Every time he swung his large hammer, a stream of light would flow out from the large hammer to strike the top of the mountain, causing the entire mountain to shake intensely. At the same time, a loud shockwave would be created.

“Is there only one cultivator?” Chen Feng quickly checked his surroundings.

Next, he vaulted up into the sky. With a hurl, Bloody Soul transformed into a bloody beam of light, which shot towards the muscular cultivator.

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the muscular cultivator used the large hammer in his hand to unleash a pulse, sending soundwaves forward. The soundwaves immediately bounced Bloody Soul backwards.

Chen Feng’s figure flitted swiftly through the sky. Reaching out with his hand, he grabbed Bloody Soul before rushing forward to stab at the muscular cultivator.

The muscular cultivator displayed the same move, swinging his large hammer to release another pulse. Immediately, Chen Feng felt the air vibrate as layer after layer of formidable power descended upon him.

“Hey!” Bloody Soul rapidly spun to drill a hole through the many layers of power descending upon Chen Feng. Next, Chen Feng rushed forward and swung his hand to send a drilling blast – formed using the power of water and fire – at the muscular cultivator.


Suddenly, the bottom part of the mountain exploded to reveal a large hole. Jian Xiaotian, displaying his unity of man and sword move, charged out from the mountain. Then, his aura locked down the muscular cultivator and he seemingly transformed into a huge sword as he pierced through the sky to attack the muscular cultivator.

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