Chapter 373: Leaving Extreme Celestial Sect


After hearing Lin Shaokun’s words, Chen Feng knew that Lin Shaokun had been dragged into the matter as well.

“Brother Lin, looks like we have caused you trouble this time around,” Chen Feng said with a bitter smile.

“Ha ha! If you say that again, you’ll be looking down on me.” Lin Shaokun laughed.

“Yes, I was being unreasonable. Come, let’s go!” Chen Feng said smilingly. Next, they sped up, leaving three streams of light in their wake.

“That mountain up ahead is my master’s grotto-mansion.” Chen Feng pointed at a distant mountain.

There were around 25 more kilometres left between them and the mountain. It was a distance that would only take them a few breaths’ worth of time to cover.

As they were about to reach the mountain, however, they were obstructed.

There was a total of ten cultivators, all lined up neatly before Chen Feng’s team of three.

Seeing the cultivators obstructing their path, Chen Feng immediately felt a foreboding sensation. He could already see that some of them were from the Zhao Family.

“They are all Sky Human stage cultivators. Everyone, be careful,” Lin Shaokun said.

“You three, hold it.” One of the cultivators obstructing them spoke up.

“Fellow elders, what are you trying to do here?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. Chen Feng had already recognized them. All of them were from the Department of Elders. 

“The Great Elder has given the order. Chen Feng, please come with us,” the cultivator said.

“Oh? I wonder what could cause so many elders to come?” Chen Feng asked, maintaining the smile on his face. 

“You don’t need to know that. Just follow us.” This time, the one to speak up was the cultivator from the Zhao Family.

“And if I say no?” Chen Feng sneered.

“Then don’t blame us for being rude. Everyone, attack! Capture these three fellows!” shouted the cultivator from the Zhao Family.


Before the cultivators even started attacking, Chen Feng’s team of three had already made their move.

Chen Feng had instantly unleashed his domain to engulf the cultivators before him. As for Lin Shaokun and Jian Xiaotian, they simply displayed their strongest moves.


A cultivator was struck by Lin Shaokun’s staff and his body burst apart.


Another cultivator was cleaved into two by Jian Xiaotian’s attack.

During that time, the others tore Chen Feng’s domain apart and several sword beams shot towards Chen Feng.

With a grasping motion, Chen Feng brought the Demon Sealing Sword out. Next, a dimensional power quickly enveloped him.

“Chen Feng, you are rebelling!” shouted the cultivator from the Zhao Family.

“You guys are the ones rebelling.” The Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand pulsed out and sword beams shot towards them.


Another cultivator was cleaved into two from his waist down.

“Everyone, be careful! That is a Sacred artefact!”

“Chen Feng, you traitor! You dare show such ruthlessness?!”

Bolt after bolt of Sky Lightning erupted and the resulting shockwaves forced Chen Feng’s team of three to back away. Their attacks were stopped as a result of that.

“An expert!”

“At least 5 Lightning Tribulations!”

Next, Chen Feng’s team did their best, but in the end, they were bogged down by the enforcement elders.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, more cultivators rushed over. Without saying a word, they quickly attacked Chen Feng’s team of three.

“They are from Nine Firmaments Palace!” Chen Feng said.

“Brother Chen, look. I am right. Extreme Celestial Sect will not go against Nine Firmaments Palace for your sake,” Jian Xiaotian shouted.

“Ha ha ha! That is right! In the Northern Plains, there isn’t a single sect with the courage to defy our Nine Firmaments Palace,” one of the attacking cultivators said smugly. He was a disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace.

 “Is that so? Unfortunately, you will die here,” Chen Feng said, brandishing the Demon Sealing Sword as he charged at the cultivator.

“Courting death! Everyone, attack together!”

One attack after another landed on Chen Feng’s body. However, Chen Feng did not dodge them and simply endured the attacks.

A sword beam flashed out. It was a result of Chen Feng stirring forth the astral lighting power within the Demon Sealing Sword. Thus, the sword beam shot out with an unparalleled level of speed. The smug cultivator did not even get the chance to cry out before dying to the beam.

“Notify the other elders! This disciple has a Sacred artefact in his possession. He is difficult to handle!” someone cried.

“Brother Chen, do you think we’ll end up getting caught here?” Jian Xiaotian said with a laugh. By then, there were already two bone-revealing wounds on Jian Xiaotian’s body. Strands of sword energy kept stirring within Jian Xiaotian’s body.

“Never. Kill them all and we’ll be able to leave,” Chen Feng said, gritting his teeth.

“Chen Feng, are you dreaming? You still think you can escape?” one of the attackers said with a sneer.

“Of course he can!” Suddenly, Sage Enigma Flame’s voice swept towards them. At the same time, a sea of flames charged towards them all.

Seeing the charging sea of flames, the attacking cultivators were immediately terrified. One of the enforcement elders quickly shouted, “Senior Enigma Flame! Chen Feng killed disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. The Great Elder has given the order for us to capture Chen Feng back. Do you want to violate the rules of the sect?!”

“Horseshit! Even if Tie Liuxian is right here, he would not be so presumptuous! Who do you think you fellows are? You dare try capture my apprentice before my eyes? All of you must die!!!” After that, the sea of flames grew even stronger and it rapidly enveloped all of them.

“Not good! These are Enigma Flames! Hurry, flee!”

However, it was too late. After getting engulfed by the sea of flames, none of them could escape. After a few breaths’ worth of time, Sage Enigma Flame descended from the sky and collected the flames with a beckoning hand. Not even ash remained of the attacking cultivators.


Chen Feng’s team of three sucked in a cold breath. This move was too terrifying. Those cultivators earlier had all overcome Lightning Tribulations, after all. Unexpectedly, they were utterly burned away.

“Old man, you sure are ruthless,” Chen Feng blurted out.

“Humph! Enough nonsense. Hurry, come with me.” Sage Enigma Flame simply gave Chen Feng a glare.

Chen Feng’s team of three quickly arrived at Sage Enigma Flame’s grotto-mansion.

This grotto-mansion sure is crude. The same thought emerged within both Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun’s mind.

“Several powerful characters from Nine Firmaments Palace have come. They want to capture the three of you. Thankfully, I obtained news of this in advance,” Sage Enigma Flame said.

“What do we do? Are we to hide here forever?” Chen Feng asked.

“Heh! It is not just the guys from Nine Firmaments Palace. More importantly, those from the Zhao Family are getting involved. If it were not for them, the elders would not have come to capture you fellows.” Sage Enigma Flame’s face turned ugly to behold.

“Dear apprentice, I am not afraid of these people. However, I won’t have the ability to protect you when I am fighting them,” Sage Enigma Flame said, gritting his teeth.

“Master, I understand. Just tell me what to do,” Chen Feng said.

“Leave Extreme Celestial Sect.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame immediately released a sigh. He seemed to have aged greatly.

“All right.” Chen Feng nodded.

“So fast! They are already here!” Sage Enigma Flame’s face sank. Chen Feng’s team of three immediately sensed a formidable aura outside the grotto-mansion.

“Sage Enigma Flame, hand over your apprentice.” A voice made its way into the grotto-mansion.

“Humph! Who dares cause trouble here? Do you have a death wish?!” Sage Enigma Flame said with a harrumph.

“I have already set up a small teleportation array within my grotto. It can send you fellows tens of thousands of li away from here. A pity, there isn’t enough time, otherwise I can directly teleport you fellows hundreds of thousands of li away. That way, I can feel at ease. After leaving Extreme Celestial Sect, head straight for Azuremist Mountain and find Old Freak Ming. Give out my name and he will take care of you fellows,” Sage Enigma Flame quickly said.

“Sage Enigma Flame, if you won’t hand over your apprentice, do not blame us for taking action!” the voice coming from outside the grotto-mansion continued.

“Hey, hey! If you dare take action, I will burn up every member of your Zhao Family that I meet in the future! I won’t spare even those in the Concealed stage!” Sage Enigma Flame shouted back as he waved at Chen Feng, signalling them to leave.

“Old man, what will happen to you after we leave?” Chen Feng asked, feeling worried.

“Humph! The sect will not do anything to me. After you fellows make it out, don’t worry. You just need to lie low until this whole thing blows over. Once I advance to the Human Immortal stage, no one will dare say anything when you fellows return,” Sage Enigma Flame said.


A booming sound came from outside the grotto-mansion. The other side had taken action.

“Hurry, go!” Sage Enigma Flame said grimly.

“All right. Old man, you take care of yourself. We’re leaving now.” Chen Feng knew that he could not hesitate anymore. Thus, he nodded his head and moved away.

“Here!” Chen Feng quickly found the teleportation array.

“Let’s hurry up and leave. We’ll settle this account with them in the future,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Yes. Let’s go.” Chen Feng nodded his head. Next, the three of them entered the teleportation array.

“Ha ha ha ha! Let me see who is causing trouble outside. Today, I will kill off every single one of you!” Sage Enigma Flame swiftly charged out of his grotto-mansion. Next, the sounds of battle made its way into the grotto-mansion.


The teleportation array activated and a spatial power enveloped the three of them. Immediately after that, space was torn to reveal a passageway.

“Not good! There is a teleportation array inside the grotto! Hurry, block it!” someone shouted.

“Ha ha ha! It is too late!” Sage Enigma Flame laughed.

“If anything happens to the old man, I swear, the day will come when I kill off every single one of them!” Chen Feng hissed through clenched teeth.

“Don’t forget us,” Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun said as well.


The teleportation array suddenly flashed and Chen Feng’s team of three was sucked into the spatial passageway. They began jumping through space.

In the darkness, the three of them remained silent despite their feelings of apprehension. None of them knew where the teleportation array would send them.

Finally, light flashed out before them. When they finally emerged from the void, they immediately found themselves falling down at a rapid pace.

The three of them had re-appeared high up in the sky. Additionally, there were strong, blade-like winds blowing at them. The winds were a testament to how high up in the sky they were.

Jian Xiaotian waved his hand and the great sword on his back expanded before hovering in the sky. Next, the three of them jumped on top of the sword.


With a thought from Jian Xiaotian, the great sword swiftly made its way forward. They watched as the occasional clouds zoomed beneath them and the view of the ground became barely discernible.

“Incredible. We are at least 20 kilometres up in the sky,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

1 li = 0.5 km

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