Chapter 372: Crisis Comes


When Chen Feng returned to the competition grounds, he found that there were many gazes aimed at him. Seeing that, Chen Feng figured that news of his fight against those cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace must have spread.

Chen Feng wondered when the news of him killing disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace would spread out and what the sect would do in response.

“Brother Chen, must you continue participating in the Grand Competition?” Luo Kong could not stop himself from asking.

“Of course.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

Truth be told, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were also secretly discussing the matter. They knew that cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace were likely waiting for them outside the sect. Thus, the two of them had no intentions of going out now. However, seeing Chen Feng stay behind to continue participating in the Grand Competition, Jian Xiaotian felt puzzled. He did not understand why Chen Feng was not worried about what might happen next.

In fact, Chen Feng was not feeling as calm as he was letting on. However, panicking could not change the situation at all. Thus, he could only remain calm in facing whatever threats might come.

Additionally, Chen Feng had his own reasoning for continuing onwards with the Grand Competition. Firstly, he wanted to test and hone his recently improved strength. Secondly, Chen Feng wanted the rewards! Forget the Heart of Seven Apertures, even one Sky-tier medicinal pill was a good item. After refining and absorbing the pill, Chen Feng’s strength could rise again somewhat. 

Finally, it was Chen Feng's turn again.

Chen Feng, Fu Yue.

When the two names appeared on the jade stone hovering in the sky, all the cultivators there began discussing amongst themselves, their voices rising.

“Ha ha! Brother Chen, you have a female opponent again!” Luo Kong reflexively laughed out.

Chen Feng, too, was secretly frowning. Previously, it had been Liu Feifei. Now, it was Fu Yue. His luck was too good.

Fu Yue was a member of Five Elemental Hall, possessing a high cultivation base at level 3 of the Sky Human stage and also the older sister of Fu Ming, a core disciple.

That was what Chen Feng knew about Fu Yue.

“He he! What a coincidence! Looks like Junior Sister Fu is about to lose.” Mu Lingfeng spontaneously let out a chortle.

“Humph! Senior Brother Mu, you think I will lose?” Fu Yue grew displeased.

“How much stronger do you think you are compared to Liu Feifei?” Mu Lingfeng retorted.

Fu Yue said nothing in response. She simply got up and walked into the arena. Mu Lingfeng’s words made sense. Her strength was almost on par with Liu Feifei. Since Liu Feifei had lost to Chen Feng, she too, was likely no match for Chen Feng.

That was especially true after she entered the arena. Sensing the aura radiating from Chen Feng, Fu Yue grew even less confident.

“You made a breakthrough?” Fu Yue was surprised. 

“Just level 8 of the Concealed stage. This is far from comparable with Senior Sister Fu’s level 3 of the Sky Human stage,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I heard you addressing Liu Feifei as ‘junior sister’, but now you are addressing me as ‘senior sister’. Do you think you will lose?” Fu Yue asked with a smile. 

“You are no match for me,” Chen Feng said frankly.

“Oh, is that so?” Fu Yue’s eyes lit up and she cast an interested look at Chen Feng.

“This little chick has a Minor Five Elemental Constitution,” Tower suddenly said.

Minor Five Elemental Constitution? No wonder. I have heard that she practices the Five Elemental Formula, Chen Feng thought.

Without saying anything else, the two of them started their fight.

Fu Yue immediately unleashed a Five Elemental Sword Beam against Chen Feng. In the face of the attack, Chen Feng simply stretched his hand out to grasp and casually shatter the Five Elemental Sword Beam.

Next, Chen Feng’s body pulsed and his domain spread out furiously. A world-encompassing atmosphere engulfed Fu Yue.

“What a powerful domain!” With a thought, Fu Yue deployed her own domain to block off Chen Feng’s domain.

The domain Fu Yue deployed was a fusion of the Five Elemental Domain and her own domain. In terms of grade and level, Fu Yue’s domain was better than Chen Feng’s domain. However, when the two domains clashed, Fu Yue was forced to retreat again and again.

The confrontation between their domains had left Fu Yue in a disadvantageous position.

“How is this possible? You are just at the Concealed stage. How can you have such a powerful domain?” Fu Yue grew shocked.

In the earlier confrontation, she had sensed the overpowering force contained within Chen Feng’s domain. Surprisingly, it contained even a trace of the power of destruction. As a result, Fu Yue reflexively felt dread within her heart.

“Impressive! How did this Chen Feng suddenly become so powerful?” It wasn’t just Fu Yue. Even Mu Lingfeng had nearly jumped to his feet from surprise.

“Even though he has condensed out his domain power, he shouldn’t be this strong. He has not even overcome Lightning Tribulation. How could he possess such a mighty fleshly body?” Mu Lingfeng felt puzzled.

“Looks like Junior Sister Fu will not be able to hold on for much longer.”

During Chen Feng’s fight with Liu Feifei, Liu Feifei had suppressed Chen Feng right from the start. This time, however, Fu Yue was the one occupying the weaker position.

Fu Yue concentrated her powers and her domain doubled in strength. Within her domain, sword beams rampaged about as various types of sharp swords kept flying about. This was the domain of swords.

I don’t believe my 3 Lightning Tribulations domain can be weaker than his Concealed stage domain! Fu Yue refused to accept it and she unleashed her full might.

“Sigh? How can you take it head on?” Mu Lingfeng sighed. He knew that Fu Yue had used the wrong strategy for the fight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After just three collisions, Fu Yue’s domain began unravelling. Next, two palm silhouettes, formed using the power of wind and lightning, swiftly grasped at Fu Yue.

“Five Elemental Flight!” Fu Yue’s figure disappeared and Chen Feng’s move grasped thin air.

Invisibility? No, this is a five elemental flight technique. She slipped underground! Chen Feng then raised his foot and stamped down heavily. Waves of power rippled their way into the ground, causing the entire mountain to quake.

“Are you still not coming out?” Chen Feng whispered. He stomped down once more. This time, he unleashed his full strength. The power of earth of his Five Elemental acupoints and the power of mountain and lake within him resonated with the earthen power under the ground.

Fu Yue, who was hiding underground, finally could not endure anymore. The ground erupted and Fu Yue charged out, looking miserable as she did.

A giant palm silhouette whistled forward to grip Fu Yue tightly.


Channelling all her powers, Fu Yue shattered the palm silhouette with a pulse. However, Chen Feng appeared before her in a flash and his sword came to rest on her neck.

“I’ve lost.” Fu Yue felt a terrible taste of bitterness in her mouth as she said that. She didn’t think that she would lose so quickly. She had been aiming to reach the top 10 in this Grand Competition. Unexpectedly, she would end up losing to Chen Feng.

“Fu Ming. Didn’t you say you wanted to fight Chen Feng? Look, he has even defeated your older sister.” Beside Mu Lingfeng was Fu Ming. Both of them had witnessed the fight between Chen Feng and Fu Yue clearly.

“Humph!” Fu Ming’s face was slightly contorted. His older sister was ten times stronger than him. And yet, she was still no match for Chen Feng. That being the case, he would certainly be no match for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had defeated Fu Yue. Should no one step forward to challenge Chen Feng after this, he could be considered to have reached the top 20. Although everyone knew that Chen Feng was a dark horse in this competition, in this match, Chen Feng had defeated Fu Yue without even using his Sacred artefact. Seeing that shocked them.

More importantly, the level of strength that Chen Feng displayed far surpassed that of his previous fights. The other cultivators that weren’t in the know began wondering if Chen Feng had been hiding his true strength.

“Brother Chen, this is truly unexpected. Looks like Brother Chen is strong enough to get to the top three in this competition.” When Chen Feng walked over, Luo Kong was the first to speak up.

“He he!” Chen Feng merely chortled. He did not comment on it.

Suddenly, two overpowering auras surged forward to immediately engulf the entire competition grounds. Sensing the dominant auras, everyone there felt their bodies going stiff and icy. The only thought to come to their minds was that they could not resist this power.

Next, two rainbow-coloured beams of light swept through the sky and disappeared.

Only after the two rainbow-coloured beams disappear did everyone recollect themselves. Some with lesser cultivation bases felt cold sweat breaking out from their backs.

“Who are those two from earlier?” 

“Such a formidable atmosphere of coercion. They are most likely Human Immortals. Strange. They are probably not the Human Immortals from our sect. Would our sect’s Human Immortals casually release such an atmosphere of coercion? Are they outsiders?”

The cultivators there began discussing the matter.

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt several sets of gazes falling upon him. He secretly observed his surroundings and found that there were several figures amongst the crowd of spectators sneering at him.

They must be from Nine Firmaments Palace. Chen Feng guessed.

“Tower, are those fellows earlier Human Immortals?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“No. However, there is only half a step between them and the Human Immortal stage. They are at about the same level as your master,” Tower said solemnly.

In other words, they have overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations. Could they be from Nine Firmaments Palace? If they are, they must surely be here for me. I wonder, how will the sect handle this? Chen Feng kept trying to analyse what would happen next.

After that, the competition proceeded as usual. However, Chen Feng, who was watching the matches, suddenly received a vocal transmission from Sage Enigma Flame.

“Kid. Hurry over to my grotto-mansion.” It was unknown just where Sage Enigma Flame’s voice had come from, but it directly made its way into Chen Feng’s mind.

“There is trouble?” Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump and he asked. 

“Yes. Hurry over. Do not dawdle!” There was urgency in Sage Enigma Flame’s voice.

“All right.” Chen Feng frowned as he sent a secret vocal transmission to Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

“Something is happening. Hurry, follow me!” After those brief words, he turned and left the competition grounds.

Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun did not falter. They quickly followed Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen, what happened? Did the guys from Nine Firmaments Palace come again?” Jian Xiaotian whispered.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before replying, “Maybe. Brother Lin. This time, Brother Jian and I might be in trouble. You should leave.”

“Ha ha! On the way here, I had killed off three disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. Do you think Nine Firmaments Palace will let me go?” Lin Shaokun suddenly laughed out.

“For real?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Yes. I have said it before. If it were not for Brother Lin’s help, I might not even make it to Extreme Celestial Sect,” Jian Xiaotian said with a bitter smile.

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