Chapter 371: Beat Them Back


This guy! It is as the rumours say. These talismans are all good items. To think that he would throw them all out like this! Feng Lang thought. However, in the face of the attacks, he dared not be careless. Every single one of the talismans flying towards him could take his life.

Feng Lang’s body kicked out to fly backwards. At the same time, he used both his hands to shoot out wind blades at the talismans flying towards him.

However, the talismans suddenly moved around to form a magic array. The magic array quickly operated and formidable streams of restrictive powers descended upon Feng Lang.


Ming Tianfeng snickered. One of the talismans exploded. Like a spark, it triggered the other talismans and they began exploding, one after another.

Jian Kongming and Ming Tianfeng began engaging in a fierce battle with their opponents, leaving Chen Feng free. He observed the two figures who had executed a sneak attack against him and was secretly shocked. Feng Lang was not too shocking of an opponent and he could deal with him. However, the one known as Yan Luo was not to be underestimated. The moment Yan Luo casually ripped open his domain, Chen Feng had known that he was not to be trifled with. Chen Feng figured that he was likely no match for this Yan Luo. However, seeing someone appear to stop Yan Luo, Chen Feng felt happy.

“Nine Firmaments Palace is actually taking action. Not to mention, they are openly doing so within Extreme Celestial Sect. What arrogance!” Chen Feng said.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng suddenly turned and charged towards another spot within the valley, going towards Lei Sha. Lei Sha, who was besieged by so many people, was already badly wounded. Chen Feng’s involvement immediately led to Lei Sha’s defeat.


A large palm silhouette from Chen Feng smashed against Lei Sha, sending him flying. Even before his figure could fall to the ground, the Longevity Chains that Chen Feng condensed out had bound him tightly.

Lei Sha’s body pulsed and the power of lightning surged to shatter the Longevity Chains binding him. At that moment, however, Lin Shaokun’s staff arrived to smash heavily against Lei Sha’s body.

This staff swing from Lin Shaokun contained a force of over 5,000 kilogrammes and everyone there could hear a series of bone-breaking sounds coming from Lei Sha’s body. Next, Lei Sha opened his mouth as blood and shattered organs sprayed out.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Once again, Chen Feng tied Lei Sha up using the Longevity Chains. This time, the grievously wounded Lei Sha no longer had the strength to break free. He fell weakly on the ground. However, his eyes continued to reveal a look of fury.

“Humph! Beating me with numbers, what kind of ability is this? If you have guts, then fight me in a one-on-one!” Lei Sha said scornfully.


Right after that, Jian Xiaotian kicked Lei Sha, sending his figure tumbling a few times before smashing miserably against the ground.

“All right. Get up. I will fight you in a one-on-one right now,” Jian Xiaotian said with a sneer.

“Pei!” Lei Sha coughed out another mouthful of blood and kept his mouth shut.

“Brother Chen, just kill him.” Jian Xiaotian suggested.

“All right.” Chen Feng then made a grasping motion and a Longevity Lance appeared in his grasp. With a hurl, the Longevity Lance transformed into beam of light, which shot towards Lei Sha’s forehead.


Shui Yan had quickly taken action. He swiftly grasped the Longevity Lance that Chen Feng had hurled out. The power behind the collision caused the Longevity Lance to shatter apart.

“Brother Chen, what are you doing? They are from Nine Firmaments Palace!” Shui Yan asked in shock. With the exception of Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun, the others grew shocked after seeing Chen Feng’s actions.

“Naturally, I am aware that they are from Nine Firmaments Palace. However, since they came here to kill me, it is only normal for me to kill them,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“No! If we kill him like this, it will definitely bring about a serious storm. In Nine Firmaments Palace, Lei Sha is a genius amongst the core disciples. If we kill him, our sect will have to face Nine Firmaments Palace,” Shui Yan said.

“That is right. Brother Chen, calm down. Do not be impulsive,” Zhou You said.

“He he! Don’t you fellows want to know why these people came to kill me?” Chen Feng said, his hand shooting forward to grab Lei Sha, who was on the ground. As Chen Feng’s actions were too fast, Shui Yan and the others failed to stop him.

“Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian, you two killed six of our Nine Firmaments Palace’s core disciples. Even if you run to the ends of the world, you will not be able to escape the murderous pursuit of our Nine Firmaments Palace!” Lei Sha, who was caught in Chen Feng’s grip, suddenly said.


Hearing those words, Shui Yan and the others were instantly stunned. They stared blankly at Chen Feng, wanting to ask him whether or not that was true. If it were true, then a serious storm would befall the Northern Plains.

“Yes. Lei Sha’s words are true,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“This is a problem.” Shui Yan exchanged glances with the others and a concerned look appeared on their faces. Although there were conflicts between the immortal dao sects in the Northern Plains, the killing of six core disciples was an extremely rare occurrence. Forget Nine Firmaments Palace, not even Extreme Celestial Sect would let such an incident slide.

“On my way here, I encountered many assassination attempts by your Nine Firmaments Palace and had nearly died. Unexpectedly, you fellows would fall under my hands this time around. Fine. Let me be the one to kill him,” Jian Xiaotian said, raising his great sword as he hacked down on Lei Sha.


Suddenly, a flower of blood blossomed out from Lei Sha’s chest. Next, Chen Feng felt a sudden burst of formidable power from Lei Sha’s body. His grasp slackened slightly and Lei Sha instantly got away.


A sword beam flashed out and Lei Sha’s left arm was cut. Next, Lei Sha uttered out a peculiar-sounding cry as he sprayed out a mist of blood from his mouth. After that, his movement speed soared to an incredible degree. In the blink of an eye, he flew up into the sky and disappeared.

“A blood flight technique executed by stimulating his blood energy. He went all out for it.” Jian Xiaotian watched as Lei Sha escaped, a disappointed look on his face.

“Hey, if he didn’t go all out, he would have died under your hands,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“There are two more here. We cannot let such a good opportunity slip away. Brother Chen, let’s attack,” Jian Xiaotian then said, his killing intent rising.

“Fine. However, I don’t think we’ll be able to kill them,” Chen Feng said as he joined up with Jian Xiaotian. They then charged towards Feng Lang, one from the left and one from the right.

The two of them had the same idea, take care of the weaker opponent before dealing with Yan Luo.

“Looks like your Extreme Celestial Sect wants to start a war with our Nine Firmaments Palace.” By then, Yan Luo had seen what happened to Lei Sha. His face sank and he swung both hands to send a stream of black flames forward. The flames transformed into a roaring fire dragon, which blocked Jian Kongming. Next, his figure dashed forward to attack Ming Tianfeng.

“What is this? You want to use a sneak attack again?” Ming Tianfeng, who was in the middle of engaging Feng Lang, sensed movements behind him. He quickly sent a palm strike out in response.

The palm strike from Ming Tianfeng caused even space to collapse on itself. That was Ming Tianfeng’s true power.

In the face of the attack, Yan Luo did not dodge. He sent his palm forward as well, wreathed in flames. The two palms collided and a thunderous boom erupted from within the valley. A powerful shockwave spread out as a result, causing the various trees and vegetation within the valley to fall.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were also affected. By the time they arrived, they saw that Yan Luo and Feng Lang had charged high up into the sky. They then quickly disappeared from sight.

Jian Kongming and Ming Tianfeng did not give chase. They had only wanted to fight against those two and not to kill them.

“Forget it. Don’t give chase. Even if we catch up to them, we will not be able to kill them. That black-clad cultivator is very strong,” Chen Feng said.

“Chen Feng.” It was then that Jian Kongming turned his attention towards Chen Feng. Chen Feng could feel the sharp sword intent within his gaze.

“Thank you for the assistance,” Chen Feng said with a smile, ignoring the suppressive atmosphere from Jian Kongming.

“You have a conflict with those fellows?” Ming Tianfeng asked smilingly.

After approaching Chen Feng, the two of them could clearly sense the ocean-like power within Chen Feng’s body.

This fellow is truly powerful. If he can cultivate up to the Sky Human stage, he will probably be stronger than me. The same thought flashed across Jian Kongming and Ming Tianfeng’s mind.

“It is not just that. I killed a few core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace,” Chen Feng said nonchalantly.


“That actually happened?”

Both Jian Kongming and Ming Tianfeng exclaimed. They did not expect Chen Feng to utter out something like that. At the same time, they understood why the geniuses from Nine Firmaments Palace would come to Extreme Celestial Sect and make such a move.

“Can you tell me about those three earlier?” Chen Feng suddenly asked, wanting to know more about those fellows.

“They are the core disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace. Yan Luo, Feng Lang and Lei Sha, formidable characters from Nine Firmaments Palace. That is especially true of Yan Luo. In a one-on-one fight, I am no match for him,” Jian Kongming said.

“All right. I didn’t think something like this would happen. Chen Feng, what do you plan on doing next?” Jian Kongming asked.

“That would depend on what our sect decides.” Chen Feng suddenly broke into a smile.

Jian Kongming considered the issue for a moment before saying, “Chen Feng, Nine Firmaments Palace is very powerful, even more so compared to our Extreme Celestial Sect. Additionally, they have the assistance of Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace. I am in no place to guess what our sect will decide. However, you should exercise caution. I would suggest that you find a place to hide first.”

“Kid, you’ve got guts. Killing off the core disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace is not something that anyone would dare do.” Ming Tianfeng gave Chen Feng the thumbs up.

The two of them did not stay to continue chatting with Chen Feng and left quickly. It was unknown if they would report this matter to the sect.

“Brother Chen, what will you do?” Shui Yan and the others stepped forward and asked as well.

“What can I do? I’ll just have to deal with it when the time comes. Surely, no matter how arrogant Nine Firmaments Palace may be, they won’t be sending out a Human Immortal to capture me,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Sigh! We heard what Jian Kongming said earlier. We also think that you should go find a place outside to hide. After all that has happened, staying in the sect is no longer a safe option,” Shui Yan said, frowning.

“Oh? You mean the sect will take action against their own disciples?” Chen Feng said.

“Sigh! This is hard to predict.” Shui Yan sighed.

“Fellows, I am not even worried. Why are you fellows even more worried than me?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.

“Brother Chen. You simply do not know how powerful Nine Firmaments Palace is. Actually, if it is just Nine Firmaments Palace, our Extreme Celestial Sect can stop them. However, when you add Transcendent Firmaments Palace and Purple Firmaments Palace into the equation, they are practically an invincible existence within the Northern Plains,” Shui Yan said.

“Enough. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s head back,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head.

Seeing the display of indifference from Chen Feng, they secretly sighed to themselves as they felt worried for him.

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