Chapter 369: Breaking Through


“Ming Tianfeng, do not underestimate him. This Chen Feng is already so strong now. After overcoming Lightning Tribulation and reaching our level, how much stronger would he become?” Jian Kongming said smilingly.

Hearing that, the smile on Ming Tianfeng’s face instantly disappeared and he began turning his attention towards Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa!

Two loud sounds rang out from Chen Feng’s body. The Wind Trigram and Lightning Trigram acupoints were opened and Chen Feng’s strength rose once again. Formidable energy ripples spread into his surroundings and more cultivators noticed Chen Feng’s actions.

“Someone is levelling up!”

“It’s Chen Feng! That guy actually made a breakthrough!”

“No way! He has just defeated Liu Feifei. And now, he’s breaking through? Is he going to succeed in going all the way to the top 10?” Fu Yue jumped to her feet.

Not far away, Liu Feifei was standing beside a stately middle-aged man. They too, had noticed Chen Feng’s situation.

“It seems your loss was not unjustified,” the middle-aged man said with a smile.

“It seems Chen Feng is unwilling to join our Liu Family. If he would join us, with the proper attention, he could surely surpass Jian Kongming,” Liu Feifei said solemnly.

“Oh? You think so highly of him?” The middle-aged man grew curious.

Liu Feifei contemplated for a moment before saying, “Yes. I have this faint feeling. When Chen Feng was fighting me, he still has some cards hidden up his sleeves.”

“For real?” The middle-aged man was truly shocked by that.

“I am unable to clarify it. It is just a feeling. And now, it seems he will be breaking through. Additionally, he has Sage Enigma Flame backing him up. It is only normal for him to not join our Liu Family. Even so, I still want to try.” A look of determination appeared on Liu Feifei’s face.

“Very well. Since you think so, do your best to recruit him. As long as you can recruit him, no matter how high the conditions are, our Liu Family will agree,” the middle-aged man suddenly said.

“Any conditions?” Liu Feifei was taken aback, but she quickly understood.

“For the sake of Sage Enigma Flame,” Liu Feifei whispered.

“Yes. I have never heard of Sage Enigma Flame accepting an apprentice. Now, it seems he has only accepted this Chen Feng as his apprentice. If we can recruit Chen Feng over, it would be the equivalent of recruiting Sage Enigma Flame to our Liu Family’s side. You fellows of the younger generation may not know of Sage Enigma Flame’s prowess, but I can say this with certainty. Our sect’s next Human Immortal will be Sage Enigma Flame.” As he spoke, the middle-aged man’s eyes shone brightly.

By then, Chen Feng was already aware that his actions were attracting the attention of others. Thus, he quickly flew far away.

“Come! Brother Chen is facing a critical juncture in his cultivation efforts. He must not be disrupted. Let’s hurry over and help protect him.” Jian Xiaotian was the first to react. Next, Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun flew after Chen Feng.

“Let’s go as well,” Luo Kong said.

“Very well.” Shui Yan nodded. Next, their group flew after Chen Feng as well.

Chen Feng flew quickly and finally arrived atop a valley. It was none other than the place that Zhao Hai had used to trap him back then.


Chen Feng continued moving and he quickly landed on a piece of rock in the centre of the valley.

By then, the Wind Trigram and Lightning Trigram acupoints had been opened. The power of wind and lightning intersected, growing even stronger. Chen Feng could feel his strength and speed rising without respite.

Next, his Mountain Trigram and Lake Trigram acupoints began stirring as well. At that moment, a formidable suction force began appearing from Chen Feng’s body and the surrounding streams of spiritual energy were utterly sucked into his body in the blink of an eye. The valley immediately suffered from a dearth of spiritual energy.

When Lin Shaokun and Jian Xiaotian arrived, they sensed the worldly spiritual energy flowing rapidly towards Chen Feng’s position. The streams of spiritual energy were moving like gusts of wind.

“All right. We’ll wait outside this valley. Brother Chen is in the midst of breaking through,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Strange. The act of breaking through to level 8 of the Concealed stage shouldn’t cause such a big commotion. Additionally, the amount of spiritual energy needed here is too much, no?” By then, Luo Kong and the others had also arrived.

This time, the rate at which Chen Feng was breaking through was very fast. It did not take long for the Mountain Trigram and Lake Trigram acupoints to open up. Once again, his power began rising.

The spiritual energy within a radius of over 50 kilometres were affected and a rapidly spinning vortex of spiritual energy appeared above the valley where Chen Feng was breaking through. 

Only two more insight acupoints left. The atmosphere radiating out from Chen Feng’s body was becoming increasingly powerful and he found it harder and harder to suppress the clashing powers within his body. However, Chen Feng knew that he could not stop. This was an opportunity for him. Failing to charge all the way up to level 8 of the Concealed stage would probably mean having to spend more time on it in the future.

However, the worldly spiritual energy around Chen Feng could no longer keep up with the requirements needed for him to open up the Heaven Trigram and Earth Trigram acupoints. Thus, Chen Feng brought out a high number of spirit stones from the Longevity Tower and began absorbing their energy.

“Incredible! So much spiritual energy and it is still not enough for him?” Even Jian Xiaotian felt shocked.

“The cultivation technique that Chen Feng is cultivating is likely not an ordinary one. If he can successfully break through to the condensed domain realm, his cultivation base will likely reach an unimaginable level,” Lin Shaokun said.

The Heaven Trigram and Earth Trigram acupoints took two whole hours to open. And thus, the Eight Trigram acupoints were all opened. The eight powers swiftly circulated within Chen Feng’s body to finally condense out his domain power.

As the domain power kept circulating, Chen Feng’s domain slowly spread out in a circle around him.

Chen Feng’s domain was finally complete. Lightning and thunder raged, water and fire flowed, mountains towered above galloping rivers, Heaven and Earth spread out; a grand atmosphere surged and various imagery flashed out. Observing the scene from afar would give one feelings of shock. It looked like a whole new world.

Chen Feng’s domain continued spreading out to finally envelop the entire valley. Even after the valley had disappeared into his domain, the domain did not stop expanding. A seemingly unending power surged out from Chen Feng’s body.

“Hurry, move back!” Jian Xiaotian and the others quickly backed away, fearful of getting enveloped by Chen Feng’s domain.

The domain continued expanding, covering several more li beyond the valley before finally coming to a halt. Next, it slowly shrank back. After half an hour, the domain had completely shrunk back into Chen Feng’s body.

“The domain is complete. Brother Chen should have levelled up to level 8 of the Concealed stage, right? Tsk, tsk. Honestly, I feel ashamed. Brother Chen hasn’t even overcome Lightning Tribulation, but he is already stronger than me. I have always considered myself as a pretty decent talent, but compared to Brother Chen, I am far inferior,” Jian Xiaotian said, shaking his head as he sighed.

“No, Chen Feng hasn’t broken through to level 8 of the Concealed stage,” Lin Shaokun suddenly said.

“What? He hasn’t? How is that possible? How can he fully condense his domain without breaking through?” Jian Xiaotian was shocked.


Suddenly, another formidable power erupted from Chen Feng’s body. Earlier, his domain had spread out around him. This time, the power he erupted charged into the sky, stirring the clouds up in the sky.

“Opening the 8th sea of wisdom layer. Now, he is levelling up to level 8 of the Concealed stage,” Lin Shaokun said solemnly.

“What kind of power is this? This is neither primary energy nor soul power. How can it be so strong?” It wasn’t just Jian Xiaotian, even Luo Kong and the others, who were standing guard around the valley, secretly felt shocked.

“I have never seen this power before. However, it is of a very high grade. If I am not mistaken, this power must have been hiding within Chen Feng’s body,” said Lin Shaokun after a moment’s consideration.

“I think so too. Looks like Brother Chen has quite the background.” Jian Xiaotian nodded his head in agreement.

After opening his 8th sea of wisdom layer, streams of longevity primary spirit surged like a great river, roaring as it flowed throughout Chen Feng’s body.

The newly-opened Eight Trigram acupoints immediately created eight maelstroms, which began devouring the energy streams.

During this critical moment of Chen Feng’s cultivation process, Lin Shaokun’s eyes suddenly flashed and his body disappeared as he dashed forward.


Lin Shaokun’s figure re-appeared somewhere over 100 metres away, the gilded staff slung across his back suddenly appearing in his grasp. Next, he swung it out fiercely, giving rise to a strong gust of wind.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

A lightning bolt flashed out and Lin Shaokun’s gilded staff was repelled. A cultivator, his entire body flashing with lightning bolts, stepped out from the void.

“Who is it?” By then, Jian Xiaotian, too, had taken action. He wielded his great sword. Together with Lin Shaokun, he stopped the cultivator from reaching the valley.

The cultivator appeared young and fear-inducing Sky Lightning flashed across his whole body. That was not all. Even his pupils were flashing with spinning bolts of lightning.

He is strong. The thought came to Jian Xiaotian’s mind. All else aside, his ability to block Lin Shaokun’s attack alone informed Jian Xiaotian that this cultivator was stronger than him.

“You two are not from Extreme Celestial Sect.” The cultivator spoke up and the bolts of lightning on his body grew more violent.

“You are also not from Extreme Celestial Sect.” Lin Shaokun kept a close eye on the cultivator, not daring to let his guard down. It was obvious that this cultivator was after Chen Feng.

“Level 4 of the Sky Human stage.” Lin Shaokun swiftly determined the cultivator’s cultivation base.

“Fellow friends, give me some face and just allow me to pass. There is no grudge between us. There is no need for us to fight,” the lightning-clad cultivator said smilingly.

“You should step back. This is Extreme Celestial Sect. If you keep attacking, there will be trouble,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“He he, is that so?” After saying that, the bolts of lightning on the lightning-clad cultivator abruptly spread out. It was like an explosion of lightning and Jian Xiaotian felt a stinging pain in his eyes.

“Not good!” Jian Xiaotian was quick to realize that things were not looking good. However, he did not panic. Instead, he displayed his unity of man and sword and slashed at the cultivator with lightning-like speed.


Sword beam and lightning bolt clashed, releasing an even more dazzling radiance. As a result of the clash, Jian Xiaotian felt his whole body going numb and his body was thrown backwards.

Next, Lin Shaokun rushed forward to block the cultivator, engaging in a fight against him.

After steadying himself, Jian Xiaotian shouted, “Powerful! You are from Nine Firmaments Palace!”

“Correct. Nine Firmaments Palace’s Lei Sha, here to capture Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian,” the lightning-clad cultivator said as he fought Lin Shaokun.

“As expected, he is from Nine Firmaments Palace. Brother Lin, do not let him get away!” Jian Xiaotian hurriedly rushed forward to attack Lei Sha.

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