Chapter 368: Level Up


“Liu Feifei has practiced the Void Sword Technique to the point where she can jump through the void! Looks like Chen Feng will lose this time,” Fu Yue blurted.

“He he!” Mu Lingfeng merely chuckled, saying nothing in response.

In the face of the tempestuous attacks, Chen Feng did not dodge. Instead, he allowed the sword beams to descend upon him.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng was completely enveloped by the beautiful, flower-like sword beams.


A bolt of astral lightning punched outwards, rising up into the sky. However, it struck thin air. Liu Feifei had slipped back into the void, disappearing from sight.

Impressive! That move exhausted 30 % of my primary energy. Chen Feng was secretly shocked. If it were not for the high amount of energy stored within his various insight acupoints, he would not have enough energy to utilize the Demon Sealing Sword.

However, Chen Feng knew that he could not allow the fight to continue. It was time to end the fight.

“Void Sword Technique and Nine Cycles Phantom Movement Technique. Humph! As expected of a member of the Liu Family. She can actually afford to practice those two secret techniques. Furthermore, it would appear that she has been practicing them for quite some time now,” Luo Kong said with a displeased tone.

“What of it? We can only blame ourselves for not having any backers,” Zhou You said coldly.

Wherever it may be, there was no such thing as fairness. That was especially true in Extreme Celestial Sect, a place filled with fierce competition. Those with talents but no backers might end up not getting enough cultivation resources.

“Hopefully, Brother Chen can defeat her and help us relieve this vexing feeling,” Luo Kong said.

Luo Kong’s team of three could already be considered above average amongst the core disciples. However, even if they were to add up their contribution points, they would still not have enough to practice these two secret techniques. It was no surprise that Luo Kong would feel displeased.

Next, Liu Feifei appeared behind Chen Feng once more to unleash another attack. Chen Feng gritted his teeth and mobilized all his powers to utilize the Demon Sealing Sword.

A dimensional power, one unlike any he had ever unleashed, suddenly expanded out from Chen Feng’s hand to encompass a radius of ten zhang around him. Naturally, Liu Feifei was incapable of escaping from the dimension.

Before Liu Feifei’s attacks could reach Chen Feng, an overpowering force unravelled all of them. Sensing the spatial ripples around her, Liu Feifei’s face sank and she swiftly attempted to slip back into the void. This time, however, she failed.

“Useless, I created this dimension. I make the rules here,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Dimensional power? This Sacred artefact of yours is quite good,” Liu Feifei said grimly.

“It’s all right. However, I am not as good as Junior Sister Liu. You can actually use the full power of your Sacred artefact.” Chen Feng smiled as he stretched a finger out to flick the blade of his sword. Next, bolts of astral lightning shot out towards Liu Feifei.

“Did you think you could defeat me just by trapping me inside this dimension?” Liu Feifei drew a circle using the sword in her hand and Chen Feng’s attacks were shattered.


Another bolt of astral lightning shot forward. This time, despite successfully blocking it, Liu Feifei felt as though there were streams of lightning coursing throughout her body, forcing her to back away. Finally, her body struck the barrier of the dimension.


The corners of Chen Feng’s lips suddenly curled to revealed a smile. When Liu Feifei’s body made contact with the dimension’s barrier, a stream of power shot out from the barrier to strike Liu Feifei.

Liu Feifei’s body flinched, pausing for a moment. That one moment gave Chen Feng the opportunity he needed. By the time Liu Feifei managed to regain her faculties, the Demon Sealing Sword that Chen Feng was wielding was already resting against her neck.

Earlier, Chen Feng had resorted to a trick. He had hidden a stream of sealing power within the dimension’s barrier. If it were not for that, he would not have been able to win so easily.

Liu Feifei had originally considered utilizing her Void Sword Technique to duck away. However, feeling the terrifying aura radiating out from the Demon Sealing Sword in front of her, Liu Feifei lost the courage to move.

“Well?” Chen Feng asked, smiling.

“You win.” Liu Feifei blinked, but she maintained a calm expression. She did not appear depressed at her loss.

After hearing that, Chen Feng kept the Demon Sealing Sword. The dimension around them disappeared as well.

“The medicinal pill I owe you will be given in the future. Naturally, if you choose to join our Liu Family, you will get more than one Sky-tier medicinal pill,” Liu Feifei said smilingly. Even now, she was still trying to recruit Chen Feng.

“He he, I will consider it,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

Once again, Chen Feng won. This came as a surprise for many. When the match began, many people had believed that Liu Feifei would win. In the end, however, Chen Feng managed to turn the tables and obtain victory. Many people were unable to accept the result.

That was especially true of Fu Yue. Her eyes were wide open as she stared ahead, seemingly incapable of believing what she had seen. However, she possessed quite the steady heart and was able to quickly recollect herself.

“Unexpectedly, I was mistaken. Senior Brother Mu’s vision is still better.” Fu Yue sighed.

“He he! I have already said earlier, it is just a hunch. I didn’t actually think he could win.” Mu Lingfeng smiled.

Truth be told, all the spectating cultivators found Chen Feng’s victory to be too sudden. He had been on the losing end since the match began, after all. When he finally turned things around, though, he had not displayed a spectacular battle like the other matches.

“Brother Chen has now made it to the top 50. You will surely get at least one Sky-tier medicinal pill,” Shui Yan said smilingly.

“Brother Chen, I saw you talking with Liu Feifei in the arena for quite some time. What is it? Is Liu Feifei interested in you?” Luo Kong said, grinning cheekily.

“Brother Luo, you jest. Liu Feifei was simply trying to recruit me into the Liu Family,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“Join the Liu Family? You didn’t agree, did you? However, that is not a bad decision. The Liu Family has a considerable amount of power. They are in no way inferior to the Sun Family. Besides, they also have a Human Immortal. Additionally, Junior Sister Liu is recognized as a beauty by all within the sect. A beauty wants you? In your shoes, I would have just said yes!” Luo Kong laughed.

“Naturally, I did not agree to it. I have some troubles going on. I fear that I may not be able to stay in Extreme Celestial Sect for long,” Chen Feng said, frowning.

“Troubles? What kind of troubles? Brother Chen, tell us about it. In the Northern Plains, there are very few troubles that our Extreme Celestial Sect cannot handle,” Luo Kong said.

“Yes. Brother Chen, if you are really in trouble, just tell us about it. We can figure out a way to deal with it together,” Shui Yan said.

“He he! You will find out about it in the future. Right now, the next match is more important. The number of experts is growing higher and higher. I do not know how much longer I can hold on.” Chen Feng smiled as he changed the topic of conversation. 

Next up, nearly every match would conclude with an elimination. Watching the core disciples reveal their strengths, Luo Kong and the others revealed serious expressions on their faces.

“Looks like we have been thinking too highly of ourselves. I didn’t think we have so many hidden experts within our sect,” Zhou You said solemnly.

“These fellows don’t even make up all of them. There are many more who are focusing on their cultivation retreats or outside the sect, adventuring about. Those fellows simply couldn’t be bothered with the sect’s Grand Competition,” Shui Yan said.

“These fellows exist as well?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course. Our Extreme Celestial Sect is one of the more ancient sects within Eternal World. The sect has a history of who knows how many tens of thousands of years behind it. It has countless disciples. Almost every year, some peerless geniuses will stand out. Generally speaking, the true geniuses will not participate in the sect’s Grand Competition,” Shui Yan said. 

“Yes. Truth be told, for some cultivators, our sect’s Grand Competition is just an overblown event. It is less exciting compared to going out on an adventure,” Zhou You said.

The following matches were all very exciting and Chen Feng, who watched the matches, felt himself benefiting a lot from them. Occasionally, he felt inspired by the fights.


Suddenly, Chen Feng stood up. Then, his figure floated 100 zhang up into the air. The opened insight acupoints inside him kept stirring as streams of unique energy crashed against each other within him.

“What is wrong with Brother Chen?” Luo Kong was surprised.

“He probably had an epiphany,” Shui Yan said.

“Impressive! Looks like Chen Feng is about to break through!” Jian Xiaotian was surprised as well.

“Whether or not he can break through is still a question. However, his cultivation base will definitely improve,” Lin Shaokun said.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

It began from the first-opened Heavenly Origin acupoint, followed by the Two Magnetic acupoints, then the Tristar acupoints, continuing all the way until the Seven Aperture acupoints. The energies from the insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body began circulating. Various profound marks, lines and energy streams kept interweaving into each other.

That was not all. After the Seven Aperture acupoints began operating, the momentum did not stop. Instead, it moved towards the Eight Trigram acupoints and the acupoints began operating.

Amongst the Eight Trigram acupoints, the Fire Trigram acupoint was already opened. The remaining seven acupoints stirred. Chen Feng could clearly feel it. He was about to break through to level 8 of the Concealed stage.

Unexpectedly, I am breaking through at a time like this. Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Kid, you are quite lucky. After watching so many matches, you could actually obtain a stroke of realization,” Tower said with a chuckle. Clearly, he was feeling happy with Chen Feng’s increase in strength.

“Hey, this is not luck. This is the result of my cultivation efforts,” Chen Feng replied with a dissatisfied tone.

Water and fire aid each other without seeping away. Feeling the various occurrences within his body, Chen Feng suddenly realized something. He immediately mobilized his Fire Trigram acupoint to assail his Water Trigram acupoint.

Water and fire exist in the cycle of harmony, mutually generating and subduing one another within the Five Elements. The same holds true for the Eight Trigrams.

Without even absorbing spiritual energy from the world, Chen Feng managed to open up the Water Trigram acupoint. With the Water Trigram acupoint opened, the power within Chen Feng grew more complex and powerful.

Chen Feng could not stop himself from flying higher up into the sky. The opening of the Water Trigram acupoint had seemingly caused a chain reaction and his Wind and Lightning Trigram acupoints linked up as a result. The powers of wind and lightning seemed easier to integrate. It did not take long for formidable wind and lightning powers to surge within Chen Feng’s body.

“Eh? What is up with him?”

Chen Feng’s actions immediately attracted the attention of some cultivators. The first to notice him were Ming Tianfeng and Jian Kongming, who were chatting with one another up in the sky.

“Heh! Not bad. It looks like this kid is about to break through,” Ming Tianfeng said with a chuckle.

“As expected of someone that Sage Enigma Flame accepted as a disciple. Looks like he has a bit of talent, after all. He could fight his way to the top 50 at level 7 of the Concealed stage. Now, he will be breaking through to level 8 of the Concealed stage. His domain power will finally be complete and his cultivation base will rise several times. Tsk, tsk. Looks like we have an actual dark horse this time around.” Despite the distance between them, Jian Kongming stared at Chen Feng, his eyes glinting.

“What? Surely, you are not considering this kid as a worthwhile opponent, are you?” Ming Tianfeng asked with a smile.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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