Chapter 365: Top One Hundred Secured


Bang! Bang!

Two fireballs erupted and numerous streams of fire raged about chaotically. However, they were swiftly absorbed by the surrounding Eight Trigrams Array, causing it to become even more congealed. Likewise, its power became increasingly formidable.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One fireball after another shot out from Chen Feng’s palm. The Five Elemental Flames used to form the fireballs contained an uncountable number of fire essence. Those were the fire essence that Chen Feng had refined in the past.

In but one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng had unleashed over 100 fireballs. Seeing that, Liu Zhihuo was flabbergasted. In his eyes, Chen Feng, who was controlling the fire-type Eight Trigrams Array, had seemingly transformed into an erupting volcano. The formidable atmosphere and power that Chen Feng displayed brought about an overpowering sense of suppression.

How could he possess such a potent power of fire within him? This is simply outrageous! Seeing that, Liu Zhihuo was thoroughly shocked. Since their fight began, Chen Feng had shown zero fear towards the surrounding flames. Seeing that, Liu Zhihuo figured that Chen Feng’s fire techniques must be extremely high. At present, though, seeing such a formidable power of fire spraying out from Chen Feng’s body, Liu Zhihuo began feeling uneasy. He had seemingly sensed that their fight was about to come to an end.

Even after shooting out over 100 fireballs, Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, his body pulsed. Next, fire blades, fire swords, fire shields, fire spears, fire lances, fire spikes, fire chains and various other weapons formed using fire flew out from Chen Feng’s body to swirl within his domain.

Originally, Chen Feng had utilized the Eight Trigrams Fire Sword to form a domain of fire and swords. At present, however, with the addition of the countless weapons and treasures, the power of his domain soared further.

“Incredible! Is this the fire technique that Chen Feng practices? Why does it feel so different from others?” Fu Yue blurted out.

“Maybe this is what he learned from Sage Enigma Flame. Regardless, its power seems very good. Most importantly, the power of fire that Chen Feng has refined is not something that Liu Zhihuo could match up against. He is not even at the Sky Human stage, but can already refine so much power of fire. He he! He is definitely more than meets the eye,” Mu Lingfeng said smilingly, an interested look in his eyes.

“Senior Brother Mu. In the first few battles, Chen Feng utilized earth and water techniques. Now, he is using fire techniques. During his battles, he has also utilized the Palm of Five Elements technique. Does he also possess a Five Elemental Constitution?” Fu Yue whispered.

“No. He is probably just practicing a special cultivation formula. Unfortunately, we are too far away from the arena. Additionally, there is also a barrier between us. I simply cannot get a detailed look,” Mu Lingfeng said with a contemplative tone.

“Watch as I break your domain!” Liu Zhihuo knew he could not allow Chen Feng to continue. In terms of atmosphere radiated alone, he was already losing.


Liu Zhihuo swiftly rushed forward and the fire spear in his hand stabbed towards one of the fire swords. He wanted to break one of the array cores of the Eight Trigrams Array so that he can break the entire array.

However, when Liu Zhihuo approached the fire sword, the Eight Trigrams Array that Chen Feng set up suddenly moved to trap Liu Zhihuo within it.

Instantly, Liu Zhihuo found himself losing his balance. He lost his sense of direction. All he could see around him was sky-encompassing flames and rampaging sword beams. At the same time, the various weapons and treasures that flew out from Chen Feng’s body assailed him.

“Liu Zhihuo is about to lose.” Some of the more knowledgeable spectators, seeing Liu Zhihuo fall into the Eight Trigrams Array that Chen Feng set up, immediately knew how the fight would end.

As expected, it did not take long before Chen Feng beckoned and eight fire swords merged as one before falling into his grasp. As for the countless fire weapons and treasures, they flew back into Chen Feng’s body.

After the Eight Trigrams Array was removed, Liu Zhihuo could be seen seated in a wretched manner on the ground while weakly holding onto his fire spear. Seeing that, everyone knew that Chen Feng had won. 

“I’ve lost.” Liu Zhihuo weakly got up.

Liu Zhihuo slowly walked out from the arena. However, Chen Feng continued to stand quietly within the arena, both his eyes closed. It was unknown just what was on his mind.

“What is wrong with Brother Chen? Did he get injured during the fight?” Luo Kong felt concerned.

“Probably not. It looks like he had an epiphany,” Shui Yan said smilingly.


Suddenly, a formidable emanation rippled out from Chen Feng’s body. Next, flames burst out from every part of his body. The flames merely flashed out briefly before disappearing into Chen Feng’s body again.

Chen Feng snapped open his eyes and flames danced within his pupils. The aura Chen Feng radiated soared non-stop.

The Fire Trigram acupoint is open. Feeling the rising power within his body, Chen Feng grew more confident about his next match.

As his Fire Trigram acupoint was undulating, Chen Feng rapidly brought out some fire essences to refine and absorb. 

“Impressive! This kid actually achieved a breakthrough. However, it seems he is still at level 7 of the Concealed stage. He did not break through to level 8.”

“I didn’t think that Liu Zhihuo could lose to Chen Feng, a newcomer!”

Seeing Chen Feng achieve a breakthrough within the arena, some cultivators felt shocked, some felt envious and some felt hateful.

“Congratulations!” When Chen Feng walked out from the arena, Shui Yan and the others came forward to congratulate him.

“Oh? Brother Jian, Brother Lin! You two are here?” Chen Feng then saw Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

“Ha ha! I got to see you display your might once I arrived,” Jian Xiaotian said with a laugh.

“You jest.” Chen Feng laughed out as well.

Next up, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian used their divine senses to secretly communicate with each other.

“Brother Chen, we have a problem. Before coming here, I received news that Nine Firmaments Palace’s disciples, Liu Mu and He Fei managed to make it back. When I was making my way out of the Seven Kills Direlands, I encountered two assassination attempts. If it were not for Brother Lin’s assistance during one of the assassination attempts, I would have died.” Jian Xiaotian swiftly summarized what happened.

“What? The two of them did not die?” Chen Feng was startled.

“I was originally planning on finding a place to hide first. However, after considering it for a bit, I decided to come over and inform you first. That way, you’ll be able to prepare yourself,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“The various great sects have sent some of their men here to watch our sect’s Grand Competition. Nine Firmaments Palace have also sent their men here. I wonder if they will try to cause trouble?” Chen Feng frowned.

“Heh! Counter soldiers with arms and water with a dam. It won’t be easy for those fellows from Nine Firmaments Palace to capture us. Brother Chen, I don’t think Extreme Celestial Sect can protect you. You should leave with me. If we can make it back to the Central Plains, this Nine Firmaments Palace’s show of arrogance will mean nothing,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“It probably won’t escalate that badly, but if it comes down to it, we will not just sit by and do nothing. If Extreme Celestial Sect cannot protect me, you and I will just have to carve a bloody path out,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration.

“Very well. Since Brother Chen has decided, I will stay with Brother Chen for a while,” Jian Xiaotian said.

The following matches for the top 100 spots grew increasingly fierce. Some disciples who would normally keep themselves hidden began displaying their true strengths. Several dark horses emerged from the competition. Of course, Chen Feng was one of them. 

In less than a day, Chen Feng was challenged once again. Seeing that happen, Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Looks like everyone thinks I am an easy target,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Brother Chen, someone is challenging you again. I think you shouldn’t hold back this time. Give them a lesson so that the others know that you are not to be trifled with,” Luo Kong said.

This time, the disciple who challenged Chen Feng was someone who had overcome 2 Lightning Tribulations. He was booed the instant he stepped into the arena. A Sky Human stage disciple challenging a Concealed stage disciple? How embarrassing! Not to mention, he was doing it so openly.

Even so, the disciple who challenged Chen Feng maintained an expressionless face. He seemingly could not hear the boos directed at him. Cultivators who can overcome Lightning Tribulation would possess a strong heart, after all. Their hearts were not easily disturbed.

“Liu Tong. Junior Brother Chen, please.” His face was calm. However, when he saw Chen Feng, a fiery will to fight glinted across his eyes.

This time, Chen Feng was very direct in his approach. He did not say anything to his opponent at all. Instead, he utilized the Demon Sealing Sword the instant their match began. First, he used the sword’s sealing power to entrap his opponent. Next, he rushed forward to knock his opponent out of the arena.

That was the fastest match ever for Chen Feng since participating in the Grand Competition. A cultivator with 2 Lightning Tribulations under his belt could not put up any resistance before losing to him. Only then did they remember that Chen Feng possessed a very powerful Sacred artefact.

As expected, no one else dared to challenge Chen Feng after that. They had witnessed just how powerful a Sacred artefact can be. Although Chen Feng could not unleash the Sacred artefact’s full power, he was still not someone that the average cultivator can hope to defeat. Those with discerning eyes could determine that the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand was no ordinary Sacred artefact.

Next up, more disciples kept challenging those who had passed the fourth round. There were no other rules to check the challenges. Thus, Chen Feng had watched as a disciple who successfully made it past the fourth round get challenged three times in a row. Finally, that disciple lost his place due to over exhaustion.

Chen Feng also watched as some of the challenged disciples unleashed ruthless moves the instant their fight began to deter others from challenging them again.

The challenges took up to three days. The ferocity of the matches during the three days exceeded that of all the previous matches.

After the three days were over, the top 100 spots were more or less fixed. The number of challenges gradually reduced. Even when there were challengers, the challenger would end up losing.

Chen Feng knew that the coming match would be a true battle. Ranking these 100 disciples would require a series of ferocious battles.

“Brother Chen, all of us have lost. There is no longer any chance for us to get the rewards. Everything rests on your shoulders now, Brother Chen. All we can do now is to cheer you on,” Luo Kong said smilingly.

“There are many experts there. I might be eliminated in the next match,” Chen Feng replied with a wry smile.

“The Heart of Seven Apertures. Tsk, tsk. That is a good item. I didn’t think Extreme Celestial Sect would be willing to bring out something like this to be used as a reward for their disciples.” When Jian Xiaotian heard about the Heart of Seven Apertures, he tutted.

“Yes. Without this item, they wouldn’t be able to attract so many disciples for this competition,” Shui Yan said with a chuckle.

Next, they continued to draw lots. This time, Chen Feng’s opponent was a beautiful female cultivator. After a moment of surprise, Chen Feng said smilingly, “I got matched up with a female cultivator. I wonder, is this good or bad?”

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