Chapter 364: Fighting Liu Zhihuo


After making his move earlier, Jian Xiaotian had assumed that these people would back away. Unexpectedly, even more cultivators stepped forward to surround them.

“Where did these cultivators come from? They dare act wantonly within our Extreme Celestial Sect? Fellow brothers and sisters, let’s capture these two cultivators together!” A cultivator stepped forward and shouted.


The gilded staff in Lin Shaokun’s hand slammed heavily against the ground, causing it to tremble under the mighty impact.

“Ha ha! Is this one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains? Do you always swarm your opponents using numerical advantage?” Lin Shaokun laughed loudly.

“Even if you do swarm us, we will take you on.” Jian Xiaotian pulled out the great sword slung across his back.

“You guys, step back! I will teach these two kids a lesson.” A disciple with 1 Lightning Tribulation under his belt stepped out from the crowd. He was a core disciple within Extreme Celestial Sect.

When this disciple attacked, however, everyone instantly saw a staff silhouette flashing forward. Next, the disciple was sent flying.

“Huh?” Everyone there was left speechless. They did not expect these two fellows to be so powerful.

“Let me!” Another disciple stepped forward. He had 2 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. His finger jabbed out and a flying sword, gleaming with flashes of lightning, shot towards Lin Shaokun.


Yet another staff silhouette flashed out to smash the flying sword, smashing it all the way into the ground. That was despite Lin Shaokun holding back, otherwise the attack could have shattered the flying sword.

Lin Shaokun took a few steps forward and the disciple immediately felt a wave of pressure charging towards him. The disciple felt shocked and wanted to retreat. By then, however, Lin Shaokun’s gilded staff had arrived before him.

He was someone who had overcome 2 Lightning Tribulations. And yet, in the face of the incoming staff, he found himself incapable of dodging away. Rather, even the thought of resisting was rapidly falling.


Unsurprisingly, the staff strike sent the disciple flying as well. His body tumbled across the ground, smashing several rocks that were in his path.

Seeing him so casually send two cultivators flying, the other cultivators grew shocked. They regarded Lin Shaokun with looks of surprise.

“Who are you guys? Did you deliberately come to our Extreme Celestial Sect to cause trouble?” a core disciple said.

“Trouble? You fellows were the ones who attacked first, no?” Jian Xiaotian sneered.

“What is going on here?” An enforcement elder from Extreme Celestial Sect finally arrived. Observing the scene, the enforcement elder’s face immediately turned dark.

“Elder! These two fellows came here to cause trouble!” The disciples who were sent flying earlier quickly got up and rushed forward to complain.

“Which sect are you two from? Did you wound these two fellows?” the enforcement elder asked grimly.

“They attacked first,” Jian Xiaotian said with a smile.

“Oh? In other words, you were the ones who wounded them?” The expression on the enforcement elder’s face grew grimmer.

“Yes, I wounded them,” Lin Shaokun said coolly.

“Insolence! You dare act impudently within our Extreme Celestial Mountain? I will capture you two and interrogate out your backgrounds properly,” said the enforcement elder as he made ready to attack.

As the enforcement elder had only overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations, Lin Shaokun and Jian Xiaotian were not afraid of him. Who would win in a fight between the two sides was still up in the air.


Suddenly, Shui Yan and the others came over.

“Greetings, enforcement elder!” Shui Yan and the others came forward and said.

“Mm, why did you fellows come? Do you know these two fellows?” the enforcement elder said solemnly.

“Yes, they are our friends. They came here to cheer us on,” Shui Yan said.

“Oh! Well, who are they? Even though they can visit, they cannot simply attack others. Do they not respect our Extreme Celestial Sect?” Despite the harsh-sounding words, the expression on the enforcement elder’s face had turned lax.

Noticing that, Shui Yan quickly signalled to Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun.

“I am Jian Xiaotian, from the Heavenly Sword Faction of the Central Plains.” Jian Xiaotian swiftly stepped forward to introduce himself.

“Heavenly Sword Faction!” A look of surprise flashed across the eyes of the enforcement elder. Although the Northern Plains was located far away from the Central Plains, the famed Heavenly Sword Faction was something that the enforcement elder knew of.

“So, you are a guest from Heavenly Sword Faction! What about this little brother?” The enforcement elder’s face turned completely lax as he turned his attention towards Lin Shaokun. In the enforcement elder’s opinion, Lin Shaokun was even stronger than Jian Xiaotian. Thus, he began speculating his origins.

“Lin Shaokun. I am just a loose cultivator,” Lin Shaokun said with a monotonous tone.

“In that case, I will not be pursuing this matter anymore.” The enforcement elder nodded and made to leave.

“Elder! They wounded me and others!” The two wounded disciples swiftly stepped forward to speak up.

“Heh! Are you fellows not going to back off yet? If you don’t have the ability, can you just blame others? Focus on cultivating yourselves in the future,” the enforcement elder rebuked.

“Yes, yes!” Seeing the furious expression on the enforcement elder’s face, the two disciples dared not say anything else. Continue to step forward and trouble Shui Yan’s gang? They did not possess the ability nor the courage to do so.

After hearing that the two fellows were friends with Shui Yan’s gang, the enforcement elder had decided not to pursue the case.

He was someone who had overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations, possessing a higher cultivation base compared to Shui Yan’s gang. However, he was not as promising a figure as Shui Yan and the others.

Shui Yan’s gang composed of core disciples. They were all young, talented and promising. An old fogey like him cannot be compared with them.

For the sect, these young core disciples were more valuable compared to elders like him.

Seeing the enforcement elder leave, the disciples who had surrounded Jian Xiaotian and Lin Shaokun scattered. Likewise, the two disciples that Lin Shaokun wounded left as well.

“Greetings!” Jian Xiaotian stepped forward to salute Shui Yan and the others.

In terms of cultivation, Lin Shaokun was better than Jian Xiaotian. However, in terms of greeting others, Jian Xiaotian was better.

“I heard you talking earlier. Are you Chen Feng’s friends?” Shui Yan asked smilingly.

“Yes.” Jian Xiaotian nodded.

“I didn’t think Chen Feng would have friends as formidable as you two. We are Chen Feng’s senior and junior brothers. Why don’t you come with us?” Shui Yan cordially invited them.

“You are too kind. We came here to cheer Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, we ended up encountering this situation,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“I wonder when Chen Feng can end the fight? It’s been some time now,” Luo Kong said.

At that moment, the entire arena was still filled with raging flames. In the end, even the arena’s energy barrier was burned to the point of flickering. All the spectators could see were two figures confronting one another within the barrier while sounds of battle rang out from within.

“Looks like Chen Feng’s fire techniques are not to be underestimated,” said someone within the stands.

“Oh? Why do you say that?” asked the one beside him.

“Isn’t that simple? See how the flames cannot harm him at all? Isn’t that enough to deduce that?”

“Senior brother’s words are logical!”

Although the two figures were enveloped by flames, many of the high-level cultivators within the stands could clearly see what was happening within the flames.

“Fu Yue, who do you think will win?” Mu Lingfeng asked.

“Chen Feng.” Fu Yue was quick to answer.

“Oh? You think so highly of Chen Feng?” Mu Lingfeng asked smilingly.

“I just have this feeling. Truth be told, I cannot see the fight between them.” Fu Yue smiled, but her eyes were shining with an unusual brightness.

“If we are to judge by the energies and auras radiating from the two, Chen Feng is indeed stronger,” Mu Lingfeng said, nodding his head.

Chen Feng and Liu Zhihuo were continuously fighting each other within the flames. By then, they had exchanged over 1,000 moves, but were still incapable of determining the victor.

Liu Zhihuo swiftly formed a hand seal with both hands and fire snakes immediately shot out from his fingers before charging at Chen Feng from various directions, attempting to bite him.

“Useless,” Chen Feng said, his fists swinging about to shatter the fire snakes. The shattered fire snakes transformed into more flames, causing the flames around them to grow even stronger. 

“Chen Feng, we cannot determine a victor by fighting bare handed. Let’s use weapons!” Liu Zhihuo suddenly said, gritting his teeth.

During their fight, Liu Zhihuo had continuously unleashed fire attacks and was feeling highly drained. Chen Feng, on the other hand, appeared full of energy. It was as though there was nothing troubling him at all. Liu Zhihuo knew that he would lose if this were allowed to continue.

“Not a problem,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. He maintained a nonchalant expression on his face. It was as though he was not here to compete, but to simply learn.

Liu Zhihuo spread his hand out and a powerful and domineering-looking fire spear suddenly appeared in his grasp. With just a few casual swings of the spear, the surrounding flames flowed into the spear. Liu Zhihuo’s fighting spirit then rose by a notch.

“It’s a grade 6 Prized artefact!” Chen Feng was surprised. Next, he too, grasped to pull out the Eight Trigrams Fire Sword, which was also a grade 6 Prized artefact.

“Come on!” The fire spear in Liu Zhihuo’s hand pulsed outwards and Chen Feng could immediately feel the space around them quaking. Spear silhouettes, wreathed in flames, had surrounded him.

“Eight Trigrams Array, Fire Trigram!” Chen Feng immediately tossed the fire sword in his hand up. Next, the fire sword split up into eight fire swords, which swirled around Chen Feng. The fire swords laid out the fire-type Eight Trigrams Array in the blink of an eye.


Following Chen Feng’s actions, the Eight Trigram acupoints in his body began stirring. That was especially true of his Fire Trigram acupoint, which shone. It seemed as though it would break open at any moment.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Countless spear silhouettes charged into the Eight Trigrams domain that Chen Feng set up and they kept clashing against the sword beams shooting out from the Eight Trigrams domain.

“Humph! You are just at level 7 of the Concealed stage. You cannot fully unleash a domain. You are no match for me!” Liu Zhihuo shouted and his attacks grew in intensity. The fire spear in his hand seemingly became a dire dragon, becoming even more agile and formidable.

“Is that so? Then, I’ll have to see how you beat me.” Chen Feng laughed. He swung both hands and two fireballs swiftly flew out. Those were Five Elemental Flames that Chen Feng had condensed out.

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