Chapter 362: Sage Enigma Flame Takes Action


The distance between Chen Feng and Zhao Hai decreased. As Chen Feng was about to attack, however, he suddenly noticed that Zhao Hai was not panicking. Instead, the corners of his lips were curling up to form an insidious smile.

Not good!

Chen Feng quickly stopped himself. However, it was already too late. A middle-aged cultivator suddenly appeared before Zhao Hai. Chen Feng had failed to notice how the middle-aged cultivator appeared. Next, however, the middle-aged cultivator arrived before Chen Feng, stretched out his palm and seized the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand.

Too fast!

He was so fast that Chen Feng could not even react to it.

After just one confrontation, the Demon Sealing Sword had been snatched away. At the same time, Chen Feng felt his chest quaking as this opponent unleashed a palm strike against his chest.

Next, Chen Feng’s figure was seemingly struck by a bolt of lightning as it rapidly tumbled backwards.

“Brother Chen!” Shui Yan and the others swiftly rushed forward in an attempt to assist Chen Feng.

“Don’t touch me!” Chen Feng shouted.

However, it was too late. Shui Yan and Luo Kong were the fastest amongst the group. Their hands stretched out and made contact with Chen Feng’s body. Next, they too, appeared as though they were struck by bolts of lightning as their figures were sent flying backwards, blood spraying out from their mouths.

By the time Chen Feng managed to steady himself, there was a new gully on the ground. Chen Feng was not particularly wounded. There was only the slight feeling of suffocation when he was initially struck. However, the formidable impact had caused his blood to flow haphazardly just now. The internal organs of a normal human would have exploded from that strike.

Vicious! That blow was meant to kill. Chen Feng was speechless. Without the protection of his body armour, that palm strike could have killed him.

However, the middle-aged cultivator who attacked Chen Feng was in no better shape. When his palm struck Chen Feng just now, the body armour Chen Feng wore had retaliated with the power of ice and fire, flowing through the cultivator’s palm to attack him.

By the time the middle-aged cultivator managed to unravel the power of ice and fire from his arm, his whole arm had become terribly damaged. White bones were exposed on certain areas, a terrifying sight to behold.

“You have another Sacred artefact!” The middle-aged cultivator’s eyes seemed on the verge of shooting fire.

He was an expert with 6 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. Would someone like him suffer from such a loss when fighting a minor Concealed stage cultivator?

“Who are you? Why did you attack me?” Chen Feng instead asked him. At the same time, he went forward to prop Shui Yan and Luo Kong up. They had yet to recover from the injuries they received during the competition. At that moment, however, they had suffered from even more wounds. Seeing his friends getting wounded for his sake made Chen Feng feel infuriated.

“Chen Feng, this is a cultivator from the Zhao Family. His name is Zhao Zhen. He has already overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations. We are absolutely no match for him,” Shui Yan said swiftly.

“Yet another member of the Zhao Family. They are actually sending out a senior with 6 Lightning Tribulations to deal with a minor Concealed stage cultivator like me. Are they not afraid of losing their reputation when word of this gets out?” Chen Feng said derisively.

Although the Demon Sealing Sword had been snatched away, Chen Feng did not appear worried.

“Originally, I was just thinking of taking away this Demon Sealing Sword. However, since you have wounded me, there is no longer any possibility of you leaving here safely.” After saying that, Zhao Zhen dashed forward. Arriving before Chen Feng, he swung his other intact palm and a bolt of lightning slashed towards Chen Feng’s arm.

Chen Feng did not attempt to dodge. He also did not reveal a concerned expression. It was as though he simply did not see the attack coming.

“I will cut one of your arms!” Zhao Zhen said with a sneer.

“Scram!” Suddenly, Sage Enigma Flame’s voice descended from the sky. Next, a spark exploded upon Zhao Zhen’s chest. Immediately after that, Zhao Zhen’s figure became engulfed in flames as he was sent flying backwards.

Zhao Zhen quickly rolled a few times on the ground. Next, a stream of flowing water erupted out from his body to extinguish the flames ravaging his body.

“Heh! Looks like you came prepared. You actually have high-grade Fledgling Water on you. No wonder you can extinguish my flames.” Sage Enigma Flame sneered at Zhao Zhen. Next, he waved his hand and the Demon Sealing Sword returned to Chen Feng’s hand.

“Master, why are you so late? I was almost killed just now,” Chen Feng said with a cheeky smile.

“Humph! You are wearing a high-grade Prized-tier armour while this fellow is just a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. How can he harm you?” Sage Enigma Flame said with a chuckle.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had notified Sage Enigma Flame using the Messaging Talisman he left him the moment he found out that there were experts hiding within the valley. As for Sage Enigma Flame, he had long since arrived above the valley. However, he had chosen not to reveal himself.

Although Zhao Zhen managed to extinguish the flames on his body, there were still scorched patches on his body. There was no way to avoid getting some parts of his flesh barbequed.

“What? Do you have nothing to say? You dare set up an ambush for my apprentice here? Am I a joke to you?” Sage Enigma Flame performed a grasping motion to bring the distant Zhao Zhen towards him. Next, he slammed Zhao Zhen heavily against the ground.

A cultivator with 6 Lightning Tribulations under his belt was incapable of putting up any form of resistance against Sage Enigma Flame.

“Sage Enigma Flame, junior did not know that Chen Feng is your apprentice. Please forgive me!” Zhao Zhen hastily said.

“I don’t care if you know or not. The fact that you ambushed my apprentice alone is enough for me to kill off all of you. Besides, you fellows also colluded with outsiders. Hey, hey! It is not a problem for me to kill off a few fellows.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame performed another grasping motion and the distant group of cultivators, Zhao Hai and the others, were all pulled across the air towards him.

“Sage Enigma Flame! Others might be fearful of you, but our Zhao Family is not! Our Human Immortal has come out! One finger from him is enough to kill you!” Zhao Quan shouted.

“Is that so?” The smile on Sage Enigma Flame’s face suddenly turned icy.

“Darn right! It is the truth! Hurry up and let us go, otherwise our Zhao Family ancestor will come! He is not someone you can offend!” Zhao Quan thought that Sage Enigma Flame was afraid and he began shouting louder.


Sage Enigma Flame flicked a finger and a spark slipped into Zhao Quan’s body. At first, Zhao Quan’s face contorted. Then, incapable of enduring it, he began rolling on the ground. His cries filled the entire valley.

“My younger brother was spouting nonsense and ended up offending senior. Senior, please show mercy!” Zhao Hai quickly rushed forward to beg for mercy.

“Humph!” Sage Enigma Flame waved his hand and the spark flew out from Zhao Quan’s body to fall on his palm before disappearing.

“Right now, all the meridians inside your body are burnt. Even your sea of wisdom has dried up. Go get your Human Immortal ancestor to heal you,” Sage Enigma Flame said with a sneer.

At that very moment, Zhao Quan’s eyes were wide open as his whole body kept twitching. He opened his mouth, but was incapable of uttering a single word. All he could do was to cast hateful stares at Sage Enigma Flame and Chen Feng.

“Senior, please let us go!” Seeing Zhao Quan, Zhao Hai secretly felt anxious. However, he forced himself to step forward and beg once again.

“Heh! No one has ever dared to act arrogantly in front of me. Attacking you fellows will indeed damage my reputation. However, you fellows bullied by apprentice. This cannot go unpunished.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame snapped his fingers and a small fireball the size of a finger suddenly appeared on his palm.

“Senior! Please show mercy!” Seeing that, Zhao Hai and the others were dreadfully terrified. Everyone knew that getting hit by the small fireball would likely mean death. Thus, Zhao Hai and the others knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

Sage Enigma Flame considered for a moment before hurling the fireball at Zhao Zhen. However, as the fireball was about to land on Zhao Zhen’s body, it suddenly turned back, returning to Sage Enigma Flame’s palm.

Sage Enigma Flame was momentarily stunned. Next, he kept the fireball and waved his hand before saying, “I am in a good mood today. You fellows can scram. If you dare mess with my apprentice again, I won’t care if your Zhao Family has a Human Immortal or not, I will kill all of you!”

“Yes! Yes!” Zhao Hai and the others did not understand why Sage Enigma Flame would suddenly let them off. However, it gave them the feeling of escaping a calamity. At that very moment, they all realized that Sage Enigma Flame was truly as terrifying as the rumours.

“Scram!” Sage Enigma Flame appeared irritated.

Zhao Hai and the others quickly fled, cutting quite the wretched sight as they did. They did not even bother with the corpses left on the ground and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Amongst them, Zhao Zhen was the most terrified. Seeing the fireball on the verge of landing on him earlier, he was filled with absolute regret. Unexpectedly, Sage Enigma Flame had let him off at the last instant. When he finally made it back to his mountain, he found that his whole body was soaked with cold sweat.

“Tower, did something happen just now?” Seeing the expression on Sage Enigma Flame’s face, Chen Feng was able to quickly notice that something was wrong.

“Yes. A Human Immortal took action earlier,” Tower replied.

“Human Immortal!” Chen Feng was taken aback. No wonder Sage Enigma Flame would be so kind as to let them off. It turned out there was a Human Immortal lurking around.

“Hey, he’s just a starter-level Human Immortal. I really wanted to suck him in and refine him up, but doing so could alarm the other experts within Extreme Celestial Sect.” Tower sounded very disappointed.

“What? Are you displeased that I let them off?” Seeing Chen Feng spacing out, Sage Enigma Flame assumed that Chen Feng disagreed with his actions.

“He he! It is not that. I was just considering some things. I can handle these fellows. Having master take action is indeed something of a bullying act,” Chen Feng said smilingly. He did not mention the matter about the Human Immortal. Given how Sage Enigma Flame was obstructed earlier, he was likely feeling upset.

Sage Enigma Flame waved a hand and several bolts of light flashed out to enter the bodies of Shui Yan and the others. Chen Feng quickly noticed the wounds on their bodies stabilizing. Even the auras radiating from their bodies were slowly rising.

“Those are the bolts of Sky Lightning that I refined. Not only can they heal your injuries, they can also strengthen your meridians. Make sure to cultivate yourselves properly.” After saying that, Sage Enigma Flame flew off. He did not even say a word to Chen Feng.

“Thank you, senior!” Shui Yan and the others were overjoyed and they saluted at the sky.

The old man is probably feeling vexed. Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing inwardly.

After Shui Yan and the others had more or less recovered, Chen Feng said, “All right. Let’s go. We have already gotten our revenge. It is time to return to the competition grounds.”

After returning to the stands, Chen Feng, who had yet to settle himself down, saw a young cultivator in fiery-red armour walk into the arena.

“It’s Liu Zhihuo!” Chen Feng recognized the young cultivator. There were five Concealed stage cultivators within the ranks of core disciples, Chen Feng included. As for Liu Zhihuo, he was one of the five.

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